How to possess communication skills? How to build a strong relationship?

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    I'm the type of introverted technical (engineering degree and position until now), my soft skills are not good. My live threw myself to ocean of sales. I learnt cold calling a little bit (thanks to that forum as well) as this is the way I create connection with leads, getting more customers which are interested wanting to talk with me even for the first time they hear about company I work for. But now, I need to start building relationship with customers by follow ups. I know their business and my service, they match each other, but I will not get the job from them as long as they do not trust me.

    Can you recommend any free videos (youtube?), podcasts or articles to learn how to become more communicative, build strong, long term relationship with new customers prior to doing service for them and how to become natural, much-loved man in business? Seeing other people like they would be born with these skills, making people smiling and liking them makes my mind so addled.

    Please do not tell me to instruct somebody else to do that, I have to stand-up, learn and possess these skills myself, it will be necessary to know how to sell your service in the future for my own business purpose.
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    JEREMY HAWKE UKBF Legend Full Member

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    No I cant recommend any video tapes but I can help :)

    You cannot address the audience as lads . The usual suspects on here are women and men and a round table You have only just asked half of us for the advice and somebody from the side you alienated may have the best answer and you have missed your opportunity.
    Naturally you would take this mindset into your sales environment and you would only be firing on half power
    Hope this helps
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    One of the best skills a salesperson can possess is the ability to ask questions and listen to the answers. This should also suit your temperament quite well

    There is so much sales training stuff out there I really don’t know where to start. But I would say to avoid the pushy, shouty ‘clever’ stuff with ‘killer lines’

    good selling is about understanding and solving problems not getting people to agree to things they don’t want
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    If you search you'll find free copies of "How to Win Friends and Influence People".
    Best sales manual ever... ;)
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    I told you I'm not good at this stuff :) Thanks, you are right

    What else except ability to ask questions and listen to the answers in your opinion are worth skills to possess in order to become good salesperson?

    Downloaded while ago, starting reading right now!
    Do you have anything else to recommend?
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    learn one skill at a time
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    One piece of advice I would offer is to stay genuine. Don't think you have to become an extrovert to succeed in business.

    I will never be a wise-cracking alpha. I learned to accept this years ago and I feel that my relationship with my clients and new leads has benefited ever since. People quickly see I'm not an extrovert, but what they see instead is sincerity, commitment and competence.

    By all means learn techniques to communicate more effectively and perhaps grow your confidence, but don't think you need to become any kind of personality type that doesn't feel natural to you. People are generally good at spotting when it's not genuine, and you'll be in constant fear of being found out.

    If you've not read it, Susan Cain's book 'Quiet' might be of interest.
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    I'm just doing mind map with paths of personal development, it is very important to keep myself on the right track. I will be learning one skill at a time, but knowing what is next is very helpful for me to visualize.

    Very interesting and helpful, thank you!
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    Put very simply, just be honest and make every effort to do your best for your potential client, even if that means being honest and pointing them to a different solution.

    Your clients will soon see what kind of person you are, but don’t be afraid to also be direct if required. I sealed a nice deal last week simply asking a client were we going to keep talking or actually do some business.

    You never get everything right in sales, so most importantly, realise you don’t win them all, but find out what your clients really wants and you will win a few.
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    I've been told I'm a 'natural' salesperson, face-to-face. However, I'm not. I'm a British, chess championship prizewinner and a chess player's natural state isn't an outgoing extrovert.

    What I've done is to pick up some tricks along the way and one of them is to replace the bits I'm really bad at. For example, I'm absolutely rubbish at saying my product is good. For me, I just can't do this bit. So instead, I have videos of my customers saying my product (and me) are 'fantastic' (their words) and they 'love' what we do (again, they seem to say this on camera). I have references all over my Linkedin profile and this is huge because I'm rubbish at telling people my product is good so let my customers do the talking.

    Bizarrely, I'm not good at expressing benefits so again, I just leave it to my customers (in videos) to say all that stuff.

    This allows me to focus on the stuff I am good at which is asking questions and listening to what the prospect's problems are and coming up with a solution. I let the 'this is how good we are' bit and generic benefits come from my customers.
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    I have worked with so many sales people over the years who relied on being the life and soul of the party. They would often try and befriend customers. Most of them were hopeless. The old "people buy from people they like" nonsense. This is a cliche and so are the people who spout it.

    Be genuine. Tell the truth. Always, and I mean always make sure you deliver on promises. Don't make promises you know that you cannot keep.

    None of these things rely on being smart or a "fast talking, great guy" etc. Quite the opposite.

    You might be surprised to know that many genuinely successful sales people probably more like you than you might at first think.
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    JEREMY HAWKE UKBF Legend Full Member

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    When you really know what you are on about and you are confident on that subject .You also have the right contacts that you wont find on google.
    You wont need any of that sales training BS that you get with David Brent :)
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