How to open a yoga studio?? Help

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    Hi my name is Noa and I am thinking of starting a business but I am a bit lost and I need help
    I want to open a yoga studio in London
    Does anyone know all the steps to get it started?
    I know I need to find the space and make sure it can hold d1 licence
    What else? What are all the cost that I need to think of??
    Business rate
    And if I buy the business the cost of the business at front
    Anything else?
    I have to make sure everyone that comes to the studio is liable for their practice - who can help to write the legal part terms and conditions
    If anyone could help to give me steps it will be great
    Thank you
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  2. Robert Meredith

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    Why not ask a competitor?! People love talking about their businesses. I would find 5 other yoga studios. Maybe not too near where you are. And get in contact with them!
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    If the studio wants to operate under a single name, I do not think you could make the teachers individually responsible for their own practice. More to the point, even if you could come up with terms and conditions of a contract which would make them responsible, I doubt if any would want to operate under those conditions.
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