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    I am looking at starting my own business selling fabrics online. As most things, the most cost effective way to source my products is through China or India, however how do i go about finding these companies? I have looked on Alibaba and i cannot find a suitable supplier. I am looking to buy a variety of fabrics, however the suppliers i have see so far specialise in just one area E.G cottons or faux leather whereas i want a supplier who can offer all types of fabric as then i can just have them put in 1 pallet and sent over via sea freight - if i buy of several suppliers it will cost a fortune to have them sent individually. The other problem i have when looking on Alibaba is that the MOQ are sometime quite large and as i am a startup business i will be looking to make a smaller size purchase (still around £500 worth of stock) but this is small fry to some of the suppliers on Alibaba. Can anyone help?
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    Google for other companies. You sound like you want to deal with a middleman rather than a factory due to the MOQ.
    May be worth looking around outside those countries, leaving them until you can do the MOQ.

    For multiple suppliers, have you considered a freight forwarder (they receive delivery then at an agreed time / volume they ship to you in one go) or have the same shipping agent handle multiple supplier deliveries to get the items shipped to you in one go?
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    Given the value of your order, you're probably best advised to buy the fabric from a stockist in the UK.

    You will save on freight as well as any other charges and can check the stock before you buy.
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    Which means you will have to have stock available at all times. You will need to place more orders on your supplier before you have sold the first lot of stock. Investment in stock will be required, much more than £500.

    £500 is a very small order. The freight cost could be £250 for one pallet - is that worthwhile? As a start up you may have to accept that you have to buy locally (Leicester?) and make no money, or even make a loss, until you have built enough volume to justify buying in bigger quantities from Asian factories.

    If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.
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    For MOQ,you can try buy goods in stock.
    For a variety of fabrics,a middleman will will do.
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    iam from india , if your palnning to start a venture with me , may be i can help,im 27 based out of mumbai in india ,would be happy to start off something new
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    When I started my first real business, in order to buy from one of the main wholesalers, my first order had to be (in today's money) £10,000. And that was just for a shop, not direct from any manufacturer.

    £500 - that less than I spent on getting the clutch plate and bearing fixed on my car. £500 doesn't fill the tank on a small truck. This sounds more like a hobby than a business.
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    Things are a bit different today.
    The smallest minimum order in any of my internet suppliers is £50. And some of the suppliers have no minimum applied at all.
    Did talk to one jewellery company when we first started years ago, £30k was their minimum initial order though £10k was their regular minimum.

    For a £500 order most of my suppliers will send carriage paid anywhere in the British Isles. Can get a decent amount of stuff for that.
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    Any new business has to start with a certain scale. A major car plant needs a few billion, a window cleaner needs a few thousand (van, ladders, equipment) and so on. Importing goods for retail also requires a certain scale if it is to get off to a good start.

    In today's world, you can start with very, very little, by importing a selling on eBay just one niche item.

    But a range of fabrics for £500???? (Import duties, shipping, VAT, forwarding?)
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    Even a Chinese will find it difficult to a small quantity products from a factory. Factories require MOQ is because they need many workers, machines and procedures to produce only 10 or 20 items, so they will definitely lose money in the deal. But with the same labor and time, they can produce 2000 units or 5000 units, so the cost for each unit is very small.
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    Fabric is normally sold my factories in Bolts and most bolts are 100 metres except very heavy thick fabrics which may be half that

    There are plenty of fabric wholesalers in the UK who will sell part bolts which is what I imagine you would require or end of runs

    If you are looking to buy childrens fabric for nightwear then consider you must have proof they meet the UK safety certification on Fire resistant, not always the case overseas
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    Depends on the company.
    Some UK companies have smaller machines for doing samples and small runs on - higher per unit cost of course than a large machine production run but much easier for samples to customer specifications and variations of that item.

    A couple of the samples I've had from China in last few years have been small run stuff, the kind of products that its a waste of time trying to produce in bulk until knowing it meets customer expectation.
    Either they produced machine quality by hand or someone used a smaller machine to create the item. Maybe even subcontracted to a smaller factory.
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  14. Chris Ashdown

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    That's now been superseded by direct to fabric printing, where plain fabric is now put through ink jet type printers to have them printed directly onto the fabric
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    For small order, I think you can find a fabric buyer to buy them from the existing fabric market. In China, there are lots of market that sell the stock fabric.
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    Hi, usually the fabric need moq 1 roll,about 25kg.
    If u can't find all kinds of fabric from one supplier, you can find a shipping agent to gather your fabric together from different supplier and then sent by sea freight.
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    Hi Laura
    <removed> I orginally started looking for fabrics as you are but found there's a load of 5**4 going on out there - clothing is made in the Philippines, exported to Thailand where a "Made in Thailand" label is attached and then re-imported into the Philippines - smacks of some sort of tax scam going on. Good luck anyway
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    Hi, I have some contacts that may be useful to you. If you would like to PM me your fabric requirements I’ll see if they can provide you with what you need within your budget.
    Worth a try!
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    you may well have to start from some wholesaler, then later buy from factories when your order is bigger. Most factories are not small friendly.
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    You can find a sourcing agent to help you do this.
    You also can find to China fabrics wholesaler ( not manufactorer)
    Good luck!
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