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    Hi all,

    I'm new to these UKBF forums, so I'm hoping to get some sound advice from those who know.

    I work in commerce but am a would-be entrepreneur. In short, I have an idea that I believe will fill a gap in the student recruitment market, however having been out of education for a few years, I am looking to undertake market research to test whether the idea has legs.

    I have what I believe to be an appropriate set of questions, contained within a survey, however I am struggling to find ways of circulating it, short of buying responses from survey websites.

    The user group that I am wanting to seek feedback from is Students (or anyone within education) and small-medium size business owners. Can anyone think of a way that would enable me to gather responses from a wide range of people from within these two groups? I have been on several student forums but have received very few responses.

    Thanks in advance and appreciated,
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  2. obscure

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    Well the first question to answer is why would anyone want to provide this information? What is in it for them?

    Unless you are paying me or the concept being researched is something that appeals to me, I'm not going to bother. So, either pay a market research company to canvas loads of people, or pay your target audience to take the survey, or sell the idea to them that this is something that will be of value to them/meshes with their personal values.
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    That’s not strictly true. By replying to this tread you’re engaging in some form market research. The difference being you were engaged in a way you are comfortable with. And that is the secret to resolving this issue.

    Would I answer a few questions if approached by someone in the high street with a clipboard? Probably not. But would I chat to another commuter whilst on a train or another parent whilst playing with my daughter in a park - most certainly would & quite often do. Whether they’ll give you the quantity or quality of responses you are looking for is another matter, but market research happens everyday in many forms & most people never know it’s happening.

    I have no idea what market research the op is looking to find out, but I live in a large university city & there are plenty of opportunities for me to engage with students by waiting at a bus stop or walking into a Starbucks.

    I suspect the op just needs to get a bit more creative with how he sources (& engages) with his participants.
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    A few hours in the students bar should give a few sugestions
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  5. Gordon - Commercial Finance

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    What kind of sample size are you looking for in the SME business owner category? You might get a few people on here who don't necessarily agree with @obscure and would gladly help out even if there's nothing in it for them (no offence intended @obscure !! I fully understand your stance also)
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    For six-formers there are plenty of university and job fairs organised at schools / 6th form colleges. Go to a few, talk to exhibitors and some students ; see if anyone is doing already what you plan to do. Your local university willl have career fairs for their students as well.
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    You should use an online survey builder surveymonkey . com to build up the list and then join some FB groups with your target market. There must be thousands of publically available groups you can poll.
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    JEREMY HAWKE UKBF Legend Full Member

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    I don't think so some of the replies on here are defiantly not engaging in market research :)
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  9. louisaposh

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    The surveys I see get responses are those on Facebook where someone is asking for help for a friend and because you know that person you're more likely to help if they give a good reason.

    So find a friend and family member who knows a student/business in an online community - FB group and ask for there help to complete a study/coursework (you know something they can relate to).

    I'm happy to take the business survey,
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