Email Marketing Frequency?

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    Hello Friends,

    We all know that with every send comes a small number of unsubscribes and if you send too frequently then the number of unsubscribes is higher.

    This is a broad question as it is likely to vary by product or service or even special offer, but how often do you send to obtain optimal results?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Calvin Crane

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    It depends on the item and niche. However I think use your common sense. Also individuals have different levels of annoyance. As a business owner you probably get a lot more emails and get annoyed more easily than your target audience so I don't go by my own tough levels.
    I actually don't email much I find it really low converting but it's typical for what I do. You need to make sure the content is right as well. I see so many just doing emails because they feel they should and the content is going to get you bad rep and unsubs. If you are finding local vehicle signage opportunity I would go visit them in person with a flyer instead.
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    Not in my experience, if you build a list and send relevant content then you shouldn't get unsubscribes.

    Looking at one of my lists, the only unsubscribes over the last 3 years are people changing jobs and they've subscribed in their new job.

    I send emails out monthly down to daily, depending on the list and relevance.
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    If you have the right level of personalisation and provide value then you can get away with emailing weekly.

    The most important thing to remember is that your audience don't want to hear about you, your services and what you offer. They want to know what you can do for them and or how you can improve the way they live or work.

    I unsubscribe from many emails because I get bored of companies sending me offers and deals all the time. (For christ's sake, I can't keep buying clothes because I'm not made of money and nursery fees suck my income).

    Anyhow, I do still receive emails from quite a few companies and individuals who I find helpful, insightful or share a good story. For example, I love to see Patagonia emails because they always show me something interesting.

    You could do the same but you just have to be more creative and inject a bit of personality. You could include something like:
    • Shoot videos of your team setting up at events
    • Share new client wins
    • Tell your clients what other marketing they could be doing along with their banners
    • What are the best performing banners and why?
    • Create a sign for a charity, measure the impact and share the story
    • Share signs from a specific industry (e.g food and then target restaurants)
    • Colour Psychology - How this impacts the message
    • Fonts - What size or style to use
    • Best signs on Instagram
    • Road sign fails!
    • Funniest signs ever
    • Sign trends
    • Signage locations - Where is the best place on your property to gain more eyeballs. Window + POS + Changing rooms? On the floor? On the exit?
    • Best words to use on a sign for maximum impact (You could interview a copywriter)
    • Clever signage - Like this from McDonalds -*UwjR-XC71LBslF6W.jpg
    You just need to be creative and do the exact thing your competitors are NOT doing.

    Read the brilliant book 'Purple Cow' by Seth Godin. It will help you to understand what you need to do to stand out from the crowd.

    A couple of other things:

    1. Redesign the pop-up and chat boxes on your site. It's like being back in the 90s. :)
    Use something like SumoMe. It's far more stylish.

    2. Your gallery - I'm not sure that serves any benefit. I thought it would be a gallery of your customer's signs!

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    When I receive letters in the mail, I pay attention only to those that are profitable and interesting. In my field I proceed from the same rule. I do a newsletter when I can give a profitable offer or this is interesting information. You are the same user as your customers.
    Get creative! And do not abuse. There is a high probability with frequent mailing to get into spam.
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    Find some good measure of frequency in order not to be too annoying. I have spotted that some large companies are sending emails mostly on Sunday. Probably counting that people are usually relaxed on that day and will have time and nerves to read emails
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    In order to get least number of unsubscribes, I recommend you to categorize your subscribers depending upon their interest. If they read emails which interests them, you will automatically increase your open (click through) rate and decrease unsubscribing rate.
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