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    I got a text message saying that my personal phone account (which I've always used for business) needs to be changed to a business account to access VAT invoices, and there was a link to a page detailing they need a letterheaded request to swap and my ee account number - I did it. Now I have a huge application form that is needed for a credit check, plus the usual utilities bills, passport or driving licence and my VAT certificate and quite a few other documents. Frankly, I could get these together, but as it was their idea to change accounts, I though bugger it. I did notice on the page in the "Why are we doing it?" that they want to simplify bills and remove the VAT breakdown, although they do mention that they must provide a VAT receipt on request to anyone who requests them. So I have replied saying forget it - I'll just request a VAT invoice every month. I may be suspicious, but everythime I have switched to business accounts I lose useful features. BT. I lost the free video channels, Sky - similar, the special offers seemed to vanish. I see no advantage. I don't want credit nor extra phones. It's just a bot of a cheek to want me to become a new business customer instead of a personal customer. Sole traders are the person, after all. My credit with them has been good for 20+ years. What a cheek!
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    Oh well, you can’t blame EU for this, just EE
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    To be honest I find EE a pain in the butt, and I only have a dongle with them for back up purposes like many companies these days once you have signed up they become faceless
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    Be aware that depending on how you are processing the payment for this mobile phone, as it is in your name personally you may be breaking tax/NIC rules (dumb, but true... my accountants took quite a strict view on this)
    It is an issue if you are limited and the phone is contracted in your name personally.
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    And surely if you do all that they will count it as a new account and as per the story in the news yesterday you will lose your free roaming (plus they have dropped their fair use limit on unlimited deals for new contracts)
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