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Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by aaamusements, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. aaamusements

    aaamusements UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    With Ebay becoming progressively more expensive, restrictive, and indifferent to it's users, I know a lot of people on other forums have been investigating alternatives, or even setting up sites themselves.

    Although it's clear that nothing can directly rival Ebay in the near future, some have had success with sites like Ebid, and niche, special interest auction sites run by and for enthusiasts.

    I must admit that I do have a vested interest in all of this, having recently set up a UK auction site for fruit machines and coin operated slot and general amusement arcade equipment, but it's early days at the moment and is obviously going to take a while to catch on. This despite the fact that Ebay have completely taken against fruit machines on their site, regularly pulling listings and invoking confusing and inconsistent policies relating to the content of listings!

    So the question is, has anyone tried an alternative, either on or off line, and had any appreciable success? Or has also set one up themselves?
    Posted: Jan 21, 2012 By: aaamusements Member since: Feb 19, 2008
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  2. That Guy

    That Guy UKBF Ace Free Member

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    You can sell on Amazon.co.uk but not do auctions, not sure if this is any good to you?
    Posted: Jan 21, 2012 By: That Guy Member since: Dec 23, 2008
  3. aaamusements

    aaamusements UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Not really what I meant no, although it is an alternative to Ebay and one that I have used in the past, it's not an auction site. But thank you anyway
    Posted: Jan 21, 2012 By: aaamusements Member since: Feb 19, 2008
  4. Elementary Mail

    Elementary Mail UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Havant tried it myself but "ebid" claims to offer an alternative to eBay. Also "dhgate" is worth checking out, no auction but good discounts to be had on bulk orders.
    Hope this was useful
    Posted: Jan 22, 2012 By: Elementary Mail Member since: Jan 22, 2012
  5. buygifts

    buygifts UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    if you want to shift a serious number of items there is no real alternative to ebay at the moment.
    Ebid and Cqout are the main rivals. They both get a reasonable amount of traffic via the search engines but suffer from a lack of public awareness. The upside is you can list as much as you want for no additional fees. Final valuation fees are about a fifth of ebay's.
    I've sold items on both but they have taken a good while to sell.
    They both need more sellers.
    Cqout can set up a cron job to automatically take a csv feed from your website to create and close listings for a one off fee or you can bulk upload via csv.
    Ebid have their own version of turbolister and are also able to accept bulk csv uploads.
    If only both of these sites could spend some real money on advertising then they might be serious competitors.
    Posted: Jan 23, 2012 By: buygifts Member since: Aug 23, 2011
  6. midiman

    midiman UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Ebay sucks I have had so many problems with them. They treat sellers like dirt.

    Then they combine with PayPal to take 15% of the value of every sale you make.

    I hope Anonymous take them down. That will teach them to become greedy in a time where people are desperate to sell things.

    Amazon are no better, I think they take 17% of your total transaction when you sell on their site.
    Posted: Jan 25, 2012 By: midiman Member since: Dec 11, 2011
  7. mattlongfitness

    mattlongfitness UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Set up your own site, use a shopping cart... easy
    Posted: Jan 25, 2012 By: mattlongfitness Member since: Jan 22, 2012
  8. BusyGoo

    BusyGoo UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Exactly, however its murder trying to get content and members when one or the other is missing, i spent years using ebay and still do..but with ebay and paypal taking everything and everybody now getting use to the idea that you have to bid in the last 10 seconds.. this makes it hard for sellers to gamble on letting the auction run or end it before the 12 hrs remaining is up. That is why i opened my site to have ago and try and encorporate a bit of auction and classifieds together by offering a postage option and make offer on the classifieds.. i suppose its just time and patience but trying to get people to realize that its free and only requires your time to get free advertising just doesn't happen. The truth of it is that my members must be prepared to list the items and wait till the site picks up, they dont expire untill they remove them but whos gonna take time to just list and wait... the sad fact is that if you want to sell now...its Ebay.
    Posted: Jan 28, 2012 By: BusyGoo Member since: Dec 24, 2011
  9. Chris34

    Chris34 UKBF Regular Free Member

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    If your setting up a site to rival Ebay then you need to be cheaper at every level. People are always looking to get something cheaper so you should look at losing money in the early days in order to win market share.

    Free to list isn't good enough, sellers just price match with Ebay. The goods have to be cheaper than Ebay to tempt people to switch. If you are setting up an auction site to compete with Ebay then you would be best selling items yourself at a loss, word would then spread at how cheap everything was and people would then visit the site.

    Posted: Jan 29, 2012 By: Chris34 Member since: Feb 3, 2009
  10. DCP

    DCP UKBF Regular Full Member

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    If I was trying to compete with ebay, I would'nt try to compete with them on every category.
    Instead, I would focus on one category e.g. tools or clothes or car parts
    get some big sellers, good products, improve the product search, and try and compete with ebay by ranking higher on the search engines. for example, as a car parts man, i think ebay's product search/navigation for finding car parts is pants. after all these years of increasing vehicle parts sales, they've still not managed to even implement a vehicle engine size filter.

    the main selling point would have to be, "our auctions are appearing page 1, we have massive traffic and people can search products better than they can on ebay"

    setup the feeds for the big sellers and make it dead easy to do so. e.g. i don't have time to waste experimenting with setting up feeds to lesser know sites, but if someone wants to do all the work for me, then by all means go for it. promote my products and i'm fine to pay a commission if they sell. many industries have buying groups. get these on board and you've got your sellers. easier to do if you're focussing on one industry sector.
    Posted: Jan 30, 2012 By: DCP Member since: Nov 2, 2009
  11. Thinehost

    Thinehost UKBF Regular Full Member

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    I had a quick look at your site and have a couple of comments.

    • there is a link to a forum in your top navigation bar which gives a 404 error (Not found) You should probably remove the link.
    • I have my screen resolution set to 1024 wide and am having to scroll which is really annoying. It means that I couldn't see the percentage charged on auctions because that figure is at the far right of the page.
    • Your home page title just says "Fruit-Machine-Sales" - you could add "New and Used Fruit Machines for sale".
    • Not knowing the auction software, is there a way you could add some text to the category pages - describing the types of machine or the brands/manufacturers which are most likely to come up?
    • Google knows you exist - a quick search for fruit machine sales show you are probably on page two. Adding content to the site should help with your rankings.
    I don't know what else you have done to market your site (offline advertising, article writing, etc) - but starting a new site like this is likely to require a huge effort to get it going properly.

    Best wishes
    Posted: Feb 7, 2012 By: Thinehost Member since: Oct 25, 2011
  12. buygifts

    buygifts UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Getting connection time out errors on your site. Has the site been taken down?
    Posted: Feb 10, 2012 By: buygifts Member since: Aug 23, 2011
  13. elainedon

    elainedon UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    That part is easy, but traffic and conversion are the harder parts, which is why I still use ebay. Is there any ebay-like site that gets as much traffic as ebay? If so, please let me know! :)
    Posted: Feb 11, 2012 By: elainedon Member since: Feb 9, 2012
  14. liongroup

    liongroup UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    In terms of marketplaces that are growing i.e attracting lots of new customers both buy side and sell side, Gumtree is probably the best place for UK merchants. (Excluding Amazon/eBay)
    Posted: Feb 11, 2012 By: liongroup Member since: Jan 23, 2012
  15. silvermusic

    silvermusic UKBF Ace Free Member

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    I take it you're aware of who owns Gumtree. ;)

    Auctions for anything other than collectables is a dying format, even eBay says so. I hate to think how many eBay competitors large and small I've seen come and go over the last dozen years, love it or hate it, there's no denying that done well eBay is a great place to make money still.
    Posted: Feb 11, 2012 By: silvermusic Member since: Nov 22, 2008
  16. Websitehandyman

    Websitehandyman UKBF Ace Full Member

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    My football auction site is growing, although still to go live I'm not complaining at over 300 members so far.
    Posted: Feb 11, 2012 By: Websitehandyman Member since: Nov 25, 2011
  17. BusyGoo

    BusyGoo UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    For now at least anyway, the sooner sites can at least take a little bit out of ebay it may when they all add up to lots of sites taking business from ebay force them to reduce the costs for sellers. Hopefully
    Posted: Feb 12, 2012 By: BusyGoo Member since: Dec 24, 2011
  18. liongroup

    liongroup UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Yes, Gumtree. ;)
    Posted: Feb 12, 2012 By: liongroup Member since: Jan 23, 2012
  19. BusyGoo

    BusyGoo UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Until a few weeks ago no, but yes EGumTree...:(
    Posted: Feb 12, 2012 By: BusyGoo Member since: Dec 24, 2011
  20. TCCuk

    TCCuk UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I used to sell on eBay, they are son expensive now, it's impossible to compete with the powersellers, and make a profit especially with eBay and Paypal taking the percentage they do.

    I tried Ebid, I think I paid £6.99 a month for the seller + package, it is free to list your items, you can list until sold, and they only take a small percentage when you sell and item, I was one of the only people listed in the catergory, I was top of the list when you typed in the product.

    This all sounds brilliant but because it isn't very popular, I only had about 9 people looking at my item in the 1 and a half months it was listed, and sold nothing.

    Im sure it will take off with it being cheaper than eBay however its hard to compete with the giants.
    Posted: Feb 25, 2012 By: TCCuk Member since: Jan 30, 2012
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