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Discussion in 'Yorkshire & Humberside' started by Henry Osadzinski, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Welcome to the Yorkshire & Humberside community introductions thread. This is a new space for people in the local area to come in, say hello and let everyone know what their hopes and goals are from their time on UK Business Forums.

    Feel free to introduce yourself here and make others feel welcome :) If you know someone in your area who may benefit from joining in, be sure to let them know about us as well.

    While you're welcome to let people know what you're working on and a bit of background, please avoid anything that could come across as a sales pitch and, even if you're an established member, please don't link to your business here. The idea is to give people a chance to get to know each other and what's going on in their region.

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  2. KING Professional Photography

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    Hi I'm Richard,

    I posted in the East Midlands thread too as I'm pretty much on the edge of the two areas. I work with a lot of customers in the Yorkshire/Humber area

    Besides being the local jazz/music nut, I am a serious professional photographer. I shoot everything from weddings to products (no nude and rude)

    We are a husband and wife team offering photography and wedding /event planning. We moved into Lincolnshire a couple of years ago to enjoy a slightly calmer pace of life in the countryside

    I have a odd background - 20 years in Retail optics, starting as a spectacle maker, ending up managing and running whole groups. In between I have worked as a freelance web developer, with a particular interest in e-commerce and marketing
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  3. jacksgentlemen

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    Hi guys

    I'm Steve and I offer a business plan and financial forecasting writing service to assist businesses with finance applications. I also sense check existing plans and recommend changes.

    Coming from a business banking background means I know what the banks are looking for and am able to provide you with comprehensive documents optimising your chance of success.

    Other than that I love any form of sport and spending time with my young family.

    Any queries PM me.
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  4. CarolineGebbie

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    I just wanted to introduce myself and my new business venture as a freelance journalist. I can write website copy, articles, staff and training manuals or any other writing you may need. I am a qualified accountant so hope to be able to help out on the forums. I am looking for help in starting my business and may need to bounce ideas off someone more experienced.
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  5. Calino

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    Hello, just recently discovered this website. I am running a web design, SEO and marketing agency in Leeds. The business only started in April; so I am still learning as I go along. I have found lots of useful events in the Leeds area, such as networking and seminars aimed at start-ups. I am hoping to gain some more advice from this forum and chip in to help others where possible too!
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  6. WillheRecover4u

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    Hello to everybody on this forum my name is Dave I run a data recovery business in South Yorkshire. Due to customer demand I am looking for somebody to repair notebook motherboards faults and screens replacements mostly Toshiba and Dell preferably in the Yorkshire area.
    Anybody got any local contacts
    Posted: Sep 30, 2012 By: WillheRecover4u Member since: Sep 30, 2012
  7. DarrenMcCabe

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    Hey will, we are based in Wakefield and we may be able to offer the services you require, however without wanting to talk myself out of a job, laptop repairs of screen are usually not worth the investment due to the time it would take to complete the task and purchase the parts.

    If you have any that are in need of repair at the moment, give me a call on 0845 621 6660 and let me know the make/model and the nature of the repair, I can give you a price and can go from there.
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  8. Steve_g

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    Cant really help as im in N'hampton but don't see why LCD isn't possible? its only a 10 min job to swap a display and depending on the model LCD's can be purchased for as little as £30.

    Toshiba boards you may however struggle with as they tend to suffer from BGA issues and not many places have the ability to re-flow.


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  9. crackerbox

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    New on here and just want to introduce ourselves. We are an ironing company called Creased Lightning and we cover Sheffield and some parts of Rotherham. Looking forward to being a part of the forum and getting to know other businesses in our area :)
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  10. BrocasVennerWheeler

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    Hi All,

    I'm Robert Taylor, Proprietor of an online Antiques, Vintage & Collectables Company, on here for a good ol' business chin wag and to hopefully learn something on the way.

    I'm based in Sheffield and travel around the North, checking out Auctions, Antiques Fairs ect. It's a tough old life!!

    If you have any Antiques etc and don't know what it is, do get in touch and I'll see if I can help you put some names and history to it.

    Hope we find everyone well and thanks for checking out my post!
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  11. cakeboy

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    Love the name !

    I bet you have a ball when you are planning all your marketing....
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  12. BusinessTeam

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    Hi and welcome, we are not in your area but always good to see new businesses joining the forum.

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  13. Yorkshire&Online

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    Hi Crackerbox, do you use an automatic, systematic or hydromatic machine?! :D

    Look forward to helping you if I can.
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  14. missynatalie

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    Hey guys! Looking for personal recommendations for stationary designers, specifically business cards at the moment. Hopefully they will be in and around Leeds.

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  15. projectfriday

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    I founded Project Friday in 2009, originally as a Freelance Web & Graphic Designer. In 2011 I brought in several team members due to the heavy workload. We are a small yet perfectly formed team, committed to delivering Web Design, Print Design, Copywriting and Email Marketing services. I love my work, however always welcome the chance to step away from my desk, going out to network and visit potential clients at their office. We've received 5 star reviews on our work, and we've received lovely comments from those looking at our portfolio - It makes my job well worth the long hours!

    Dawn - Project Friday
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  16. Yorkshire&Online

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    For anoyone else reading this thread who is also Yorkshire based, I know a very good marketing and website company who do also get involved with logos and stationary design etc.

    They are called Design That Fits and are based in Huddersfield.
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  17. Yorkshire&Online

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    My name is Andrew from Brown Royd Accountants & Tax Advisers based in Huddersfield.

    My firm is a small independent accountancy firm that offers a more personal and cost effective approach to accounts, tax and bookkeeping for small businesses and private individuals to ensure tax payers receive ongoing advice throughout the year (not just at the year end) to help minimise their tax and costs without paying high accountancy fees.

    I hope to offer suitable help and assistance on the forum wherever possible and as time allows!
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  18. Wiggins Aerodyne

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    I have to agree with Steve. The motherboards are generally not worth repairing as you can usually purchase new boards on eBay for a reasonable price. The best priced boards tend to be located in the USA or China, so be prepared to wait a couple of weeks if you take this route. Screens are quite easy to replace, I generally charge for the cost of the screen plus £10 labour.

    Some of the Toshibas with the extra wide 15.6" LCD screens are getting expensive to source replacements as they are no longer manufactured. There are various adaptor kits available allowing the newer LED type screens to be used instead, (but when I tried one it blew the laptop motherboard so I would be inclined to steer clear of those).

    I work closely with a couple of computer recycling companies, and we always have plenty of laptop screens in stock, especially for the older Acers, Dells, Toshibas and Asus laptops.

    I have also purchased several new laptop screens from a company based down in Weston Super Mare who regularly advertise on eBay. They always provide good products and service.

    So in summary, screen replacement is now a very viable repair option on the majority of laptop computers, and once you know what you are doing and have the right tools, the actual job should only take about 15 minutes including cleaning off the grubby fingerprints from the screen after installation.
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  19. 468bookkeeping

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    I would like to introduce my company 468bookkeeping to the Networking community.
    We look forward to networking with you in the future.

    Merry Christmas
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  20. BusinessTeam

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    Hi Darren,

    Welcome and Merry Christmas to you also.

    Do you have a website you could PM me?


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