Commercial Recycling costs for London businesses

Discussion in 'Green Business' started by danp, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. danp

    danp UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Hi All,

    I'm a total newbie here so hi everyone. I did a quick search for my query in the forums but nothing seemed to come up.
    I am very interested in the costs of commercial recycling in London for shops and restaurants etc.
    I know that at the moment shops have to pay a 'per bag' charge for standard rubbish collections. I wondered if shops and restaurants also have to pay for their recycling to be collected in a similar fashion as well? Does anyone know this? Even if you run a business not in London the model will be the same so I am interested to hear about the costs of these large contractors providing this service and whether it is a hindrance in anyway.
    There is a large contractor employed by the city of london who's task it is to collect the commercial waste from businesses and a good job they as well. They advertise on their site that they offer a good service and have the best resources to make sure everything is dealt with in the most responsible way.
    I have a new green business idea that revolves around new methods of recycling materials.
    In order to get other businesses involved I obviously need to present it as a cost saving which it would be, potentially.
    I'll be speaking to small independants in the city soon but wondered if anyone has any first hand experience.

    Many thanks for any help. :)
    Posted: Oct 14, 2013 By: danp Member since: Oct 14, 2013
  2. danieldd

    danieldd UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    I've heard about waste collection services. I am pretty sure Fantastic Cleaners can help you with green waste disposal. I saw their number on one of their cars - 020 3404 5404. I think they can dispose rubbish for recycling.

    Hope it helps.
    Posted: Oct 16, 2013 By: danieldd Member since: Sep 18, 2012
  3. danp

    danp UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Thanks for the reply Daniel. Although that's not quite what I need to know. What I really need to know is if businesses such as shops etc, in the UK have to pay for their recycling to be collected? If so, is it a flat fee, or does it get charged by the bag. The reason I asked is that I need to approach businesses in my area to ask them if I can have their recycling so that I can recycle it, as I have a new process that can turn it into a product that I can sell. If the council's contractors charge business to collect the recycling, then businesses will welcome me taking the recycling and lowering their costs.
    Posted: Oct 18, 2013 By: danp Member since: Oct 14, 2013
  4. ethical PR

    ethical PR UKBF Legend Free Member

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    If you want to know the costs of commercial recycling in London. Just contact businesses offering this service, as a prospective customer and ask them for their costs and how the system works (some will have this information on their website too).

    When it comes to commercial recycling it won't just be about cost but the range of items you can collect, how you collect them etc.
    Posted: Oct 20, 2013 By: ethical PR Member since: Apr 19, 2009
  5. Vardan 89

    Vardan 89 UKBF Regular Full Member

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    I worked for an high street restaurant chain and was looking after the accounting of waste collection charges...We had 270 restaurants across the UK and had one main waste collecting agency agency which collected waste from around 60-70 percent of the restaurants and YES they charged us for each collection and the number of many bins they empty each time.

    City of Westminster charge based on each black bag supplied. They charge for the bags and collections are free..

    In the remaining 30% of the restaurants we had either local councils or local collectors collecting our waste but they all charged.

    If you can save money then I am sure your idea would be welcoming...

    Hope this helps
    Posted: Oct 29, 2013 By: Vardan 89 Member since: Aug 23, 2011
  6. danp

    danp UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Wow, yes that helps loads. Sorry I only just saw your reply, but yes that's what I expected. Obviously at first I would only be able to recycle small amounts, but it would be free and if it worked well I would want to expand. Thanks very much for the insight Darshan.
    Posted: Nov 21, 2013 By: danp Member since: Oct 14, 2013
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