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    Good morning all,

    I came across this very funny tweet yesterday which I thought I would share with the community.

    This is a brilliant take on how many business owners believe their website or products look amazing but, in reality, their customers are bemused and disconnected.


    Sometimes you can be too close to your business, your website and your products. It is a business owner's curse to think they know what is right for their customers without even asking them.

    This mindset loses sales and costs businesses.

    Customers should be involved constantly. You need to be talking to them on email, on social, on the phone and in-person to understand their needs, their pains and their desires (within reason).

    Feedback on survey monkey and Trustpilot may give you an indication but it doesn't go into the true detail of what they think about your website, your products, your service, your packaging, your marketing, your brand, etc.

    Your customers should be the ones who shape the evolution of your business. They should be giving you ideas for new products and new ways to sell them. If you don't have a clue what they want (which is VERY common) then how are you supposed to serve them?

    What would they buy from you?

    What should they be loyal if you are not giving them what they want?


    1. Do yourself and your business a favour. Pick up the phone to your VIPs (top 10%) and talk to them. Offer to meet them or get a few of them around a table. Pay for dinner. It will be the best money you've ever spent.

    2. Talk to your newest customers. Ask how they found you and what motivated them to buy from you. Understand what problem you are solving or what need you are fulfilling for them.

    3. Encourage people to get in contact with you on your marketing emails. Run competitions or offer incentives for them to give you feedback. Get them to send in photos of themselves with your products. Ask them to share their stories. You will be surprised at how many customers want to get involved and be a part of what you are doing (especially new product development).

    4. Pick up the phone to everyone who places an order over the next 2 days and just say 'thank you'. Make them feel valued and special. Ask them if there is anything else they need from you.

    I know many people will say they don't have the time but this type of activity will give you invaluable knowledge you can act on. It will prevent you from:
    • Wasting time on promotions that don't work
    • Creating and sending emails that nobody clicks or opens
    • Manufacturing / ordering products that nobody buys
    • Not hitting your sales numbers
    • Struggling to get people to buy more
    Most importantly, talking to customers consistently creates loyalty. It brings them back to you and means they will take more notice of you when you send emails or launch new products.

    There is a reason why Apple tries to get people into their stores. It is not just to sell people more stuff because many of them already own an Apple product.

    It is so they can talk to them, listen to them and learn what makes them tick. It's so the customer can feel special, valued and be immersed in the Apple culture. This is what creates a 'cult-like' loyalty and is where many retailers fail, both offline and online.

    Think about it. How many companies really know you or go to the effort of making you feel valued???

    Without knowing your customers you are literally pi55ing in the wind!

    Have a good day everyone and enjoy the sunshine.

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    Very interesting insights, thanks you for sharing. Alex
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    This is exactly you businesses now need to invest in their customer support. As your business grows, your customer support team are the ones who'll be doing the reaching out. You need to train your CS staff to relate to customers. Focus on providing your customers value, not just about upselling.

    I have experience in customer service and I can honestly say, the work is easier when I felt like my work had purpose (aka providing value). My friends who were directed to focus on sales when providing customer service often burnt out quickly and their teams experience high turnovers. Those who focus on providing value have better employee retention rates and pretty decent sales/upsells.
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