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    Hi all, hoping someone may be able to give me some idea about likely build cost for a commercial property. I know these things are all specification dependent but I need to somehow to get an idea of what range to be looking at. So, assuming basic steel frame construction, with insulated cladding, excluding the cost of the land, what would be a ball park for new build 20,000 square feet warehouse plus 2,000 square feet office space?

    I will contact some of our local contractors (we are in the north) but a ball park would be interesting.

    Thank you in advance
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    For my sins, Im a chartered building professional with a little over 25 years building and construction experience working on commercial, industrial and residential developments incorporating many modern methods of construction as well as traditional methods. I would assume that you reference a standard portal frame type steel structure? Is the 2000Sq ft incorporated within the 20K or annexed? There are no standard £/Sq Ft cost models as all structures are different with so many variables with the build route ( MC/CM/D&B) etc as well as site constraints for example.
    Have a look at designingbuildingwiki. You will learn a lot from this if you are really interested in developing/constructing your own building. Also, have a look at . This will give you a guide to the GDC for the UK/UK Regions. If you need any help deciphering the costs, please feel free to ask. Will be happy to help where I can. Have you got an outline scheme design yet? you will need this, at very least, before talking to any suppliers or D&B contractors.
    I can put you in touch with some architects, engineers, PM, QS consultants and suppliers if needed. Also, you may be interested in Neptunus evolution structure.
    I have employed these on projects and can vouch that it is a fantastic, value for money structure. I think they can lease you the structure as well. So traditional forms of construction are not the only show in town. Good Luck K
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