Best place to buy domain name

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by tezza12, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. ebabystuff

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    I used, found them to be good
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  2. Jon_B

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    I would actively avoid godaddy and 123reg - no ends of problems related to these two companies

    I've used namecheap in the past

    fasthosts are a rip off, just moved my last domain from them

    all but one of my domains are now with (probably the cheapest around unless you do a godaddy facebook like $1 deal, I won't be blackmailed into liking a terrible company to save a couple of quid though)

    the last is with vidahost
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  3. fairestcape

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    Agreed... GoDaddy is an awful organisation. I wouldn't even buy petfood from them. I last used them (for a ssl cert) about 6 years ago and I am still spammed into oblivion by them despite numerous calls to get me off their mailing list. They are also ruthless domain poachers. A client recently omitted to renew a domain (he wasn't using it, but had it parked) and when it expired they bought it. They wanted $900 to transfer it back to our client. (They currently own nearly 50 million domains, so this dubious activity is a popular income stream for them.

    Their hosting sucks... their servers are horribly overloaded and underpowered, and are improperly configured for most CMS platforms. NEVER use them for hosting eCommerce.

    Their support is awful, and they are staffed by people who know precious little about the servers and platforms they manage.

    Keep away from them...

    We use 123-reg for domain registering, because their domain control panel is easy and comprehensive. (But 123-reg is also useless for hosting, so as a registrar, yes... as a host no.)
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  4. Steve-Bitz

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    Buying a domain is not a real problem as long as you chose a reputable company and check the ongoing costs as outlined by other contributors. Think about the web-hosting (where your site gets parked before people can see it) this is where you can be a lamb amongst wolves.
    If you buy via an 'agent' make sure it is registered in your name (not theirs!).
    We have a couple of dozen sites and manage quite a few for others. We've tried several companies and have now settled for Heart Internet, but the choice is very much yours.
    I suggest you start with your own ISP and check their T&C and then move when you know a little more. Things like band width and up-time then become more important.
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  5. adams.mark

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    Godaddy or would be a good choice. But take care before you go for a hosting provider. You should select an experienced provider for avoiding hosting and related issues.
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  6. Velotastic

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    I use Tsohost. Hassle free and their servers have not let me down in 4 years.

    Avoid Webfusion like the plague. They are a horrible company to deal with and a complete PTIA if you do not wish to renew your domain. (They charged me for an extra year because I wrote to them by e-mail and not snail mail).
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  7. busybob

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    just. avoid vidahost.

    whereever you buy from, you're going to be spammed by outside companies trying to trick you into renewing with them. the cost will be extraordinarily high but will look like a bill / official request. ignore it.

    you have to learn fast when you're in the world of the internet!
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  8. Dmytro Spilka

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    There're plenty of services. But, if you're looking for one with complete DNS control, I'd suggest going with NameCheap.
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  9. Alan

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    Did I not mention Google Domains -
    A few advantages
    1) they don't spam you
    2) you get free domain privacy - which makes them cheapcompared to those that rip you of a£5 a year for domain privacy
    3) their DNS is pretty awesome, well it is Google, and whilst average DNS to awesome DNS might only be 6 milliseconds difference, an average WordPress site with images can easily have 60+ DNS lookups a page 60x6 = 360 millseconds so a third of a second or more site speed.
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  10. Mike Hayes

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    I'd say you're doing something very wrong if your average WordPress website is making 60+ DNS lookups !

    An average website should have one query for the website's main hostname, perhaps another query for the CDN hostname and then anything else (e.g. 3rd party analytics trackers, live chat, etc) should be deferred (i.e. not effecting page load times) and isn't within your control anyway. Many lookups will be made simultaneously and should then be cached locally, so they won't have an effect on further page loads while browsing a website.

    That's not to say fast DNS servers aren't helpful (anycast DNS is especially great if you have a global audience), but switching your domain's DNS over to Google should definitely not shave 360ms off even the first load of an average website unless you're doing something special / wrong. It's more like a 6ms total saving in your example.
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  11. Anders Jorgensen

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    I personally use Godaddy or namecheap. Both are extremely good at what they do and I have not have any issues and support from Godaddy is fine.
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