Amasty introduces Magento 2 Module Creator

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Apr 25, 2013
Amasty introduces Magento 2 Module Creator tool, which allows Magento developers to create extension templates in just a few clicks.

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world, and November 2015 was one of the key months for the platform establishment, as the second version of Magento was released for general availability.

Amasty, the Magento extensions developer, has been releasing various useful tools and sharing tips and tricks for Magento developers to support the community. This time the company shares a tool which will be of help both for skilled Magento developers and for newbies as well.

The tool has two main purposes:

· It helps to understand a Magento 2 extension structure with a live example

· It lets users create module templates with a couple of clicks to save time and effort

Magento 2 Module Creator tool features:

· the creator adds a separate tab to the admin panel with a simple table which allows you to easily create and edit items

· Items Model is used for creating, editing or deleting module items

· Cron Model is used for implementing various cron options

· Block and Controller Adminhtml/Items are used for displaying the elements of the Item collection in admin panel

You can find the tool at
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