Amaiz: Business banking with FreeAgent integration

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    We are excited to announce that Amaiz business banking is now fully integrated with FreeAgent, UK’s #1 accounting software for small business!

    FreeAgent is an accounting system aimed to help maintain your bookkeeping records with ease. Amaiz cardholders can now take full advantage of effortless bookkeeping with FreeAgent integration.

    What if you’ve been relying on different software and don’t feel like switching to FreeAgent? We’ve got you covered! You can export a CSV account statement to the accounting software of your choice.

    Amaiz was designed to save sole traders, contractors and small business owners from working unsustainable hours by bringing all things business banking to one mobile app (with web access coming soon). Running a small business is tough, but we are here to lend you a helping hand, be it managing your daily finances, getting answers to accounting or bookkeeping questions or creating invoices on the go.

    Join us by the end of July and get a free 2-month trial period, with only £9.99 monthly afterwards. No additional fees, no hidden charges – transparency as it is.
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