Advanced phone system suppliers [cloud based?] (e.g. menus, recordings, transfers, monitoring...

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    I'm looking at advanced phone systems for a future small business but I'd like to clarify some of the system names/terms used, to know exactly what I need to search for, as I'm feeling a bit confused.

    My current understanding is that advanced systems are or were called PBX systems and used to be physically based until the cloud movement we see today, the term IVR is for menus, VOIP is a broad term for voice calls over the internet like Skype, and f knows on many of the other terms like SIP Trunking.

    There are now many terms floating around for cloud based equivilents.

    I'm looking at advanced systems with things like menus/IVR and greeting/hold messages, call recording, diverting to other numbers/voicemail/out of office messages during certain days/times, transferring to others, calling other internal phones, listening in to a call/monitoring, logging, picking up the call from another ringing phone, maybe being able to use an app or another way to make/recieve calls from a mobile, etc.

    What exactly am I looking for please, in terms of what do I search/ask for?

    I'm also happy to take any recommendations of brands/services.

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    I'd highly recommend looking at 3CX. A great product that you can either host in house or on the cloud. Connect up a SIP trunk or two (virtual phone lines) and you have yourself a very powerful telephone system which can do everything you asked for above and more.

    Full disclosure: We are 3CX resellers and use it in house as well as supply it to customers because we love it!
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    Most business VOIP providers can offer all of those services, although some (like the IVR) may be chargeable.
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    As you seem to have realised there are a fair few terms for things from IVR to Call Menus, and as mentioned, most VoIP providers should be able to provide the services you've mentioned.

    Generally if you're unsure of features available to you, or even exactly which features you will use/need, we would advise that if there's a free trial available, sample the VoIP service before you buy. That way there's no need to make an outlay on extra hardware or get locked into an excessive contract from the outset. Plus you can experience first-hand how easy or hard the system would be to set up for your teams.
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    Just looking to switch providers and bring all my comms under one roof.
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    You should be able to transfer-in existing numbers/number ranges if you have numbers that your customers are already familiar with. We'd say don't cancel any plans until numbers are ported over and ensure that any numbers are separate from your broadband or alarm/security monitoring line. For any questions regarding number porting or consolidating numbers, we're always available to offer advice on timescales, documentation needed etc, to make the process as seamless as possible.
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    I have sent you a PM
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