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    This is open to a lot of personal opinion, but any advice suggesting what setup to go for would be useful.

    Reviewing online systems it seems to come down to QuickBooks V Sage - sometimes Xero is also mentioned. These looks OK but are they worth all the cost, seems a lot when they can keep hiking up prices.

    Ideally I am looking for the following but I don’t need one system to do all this. Just interested on what others use. No problem for example using 3rd party software’s (i.e. avalara/ DC software) to complete MTD.

    - MTD ideally
    - Employees PAYE - 7 onset but increasing and high staff turnover
    - General account management
    - Ideally allowing to setup purchase orders
    - Bank account link / refresh

    Aside from cloud option, I have also thought about using an older software like ‘Sage 50 Accounts 2014 Pro’ – its £10 but I can’t find what it does now it is so dated.

    I also like Excel so if I can find / buy a decent all singing all dancing template I would consider than (though obviously less from the above would be automated).

    Interested to hear what setup other use. Cheers, TS
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    I remember the days when Sage or QuickBooks were the only options for anyone wanting to use software for bookkeeping....feeling very old now.

    Thankfully times have changed.

    You really do have lots of choice.

    Personally I like Accounts Portal - it works well, is very well supported when needed, is quick and easy to use and is very competitively priced.
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    Have a look at Pandle. £5 + VAT a month. Will do items 1, 3 and 5 Moneysoft for PAYE £72 + VAT a year

    Non cloud VTT+ Transaction will do all except PAYE and bank link but you can import statements using the universal import sheet. and is £75 + VAT a year.
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    I would not look much beyond Xero, it will do everything you need and is constantly updating to keep you current.

    At £22 per month you might think that is expensive, but is it to run the finances of your business on it? The time saved with automatic bank feeds, one click payroll etc will be massive and give you time to focus on running the business and not fannying on with spreadsheets and out of date software that is cheap.

    Avoid Sage 2014.
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