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Business Development Consultant (Top 1%)

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16 years and counting: clients in 18 market-leading countries, and glowing testimonials. We delight in catapulting success! Apr 5, 2017

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    Business Development Consultant (Top 1%)
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    STRATEGY Global Business Development
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    Marketing / PR
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    Feel free to send me a PM.
    Business Building TIPS, TOOLS & TRUTHS: Revealed!

    Glowing Testimonials:

    Sabra (see PepsiCo) Hummus, Founder & New Venture Partner - Investor Prospectus

    "I found TB to be of the highest caliber. I hired her when I was on a very tight schedule and she came through with flying colors on all fronts! She has done an exceptionally professional job putting together my Investor Brief. I already raised over $1 million and am about to close on another $3 million, so she is worth every penny! Will definitely use TB again when needed."

    Denmark Manufacturing Co – New Product Launch & International Distribution Plan

    "TB is immensely capable and extremely thorough. Her ability to dig in and really get to the core issues is excellent. Highly recommended."

    VP, Finance @ Monster Worldwide – Compensation Plan Revamp

    "Very professional: provided exceptional guidance. I highly recommend TB and look forward to working with her again."

    From Business Plans to Brand Identity (including Website Front-End Design), Marketing Strategies to Sales Optimization, Demand Analysis to Product Launch → gain gap-closing Best Practices & a rare range of results-producing expertise: decades of cross-industry, international, MBA-level insights for funded Startups to Fortune 500.

    → Top 1% Transformational Consulting

    We delight in catapulting growth. From a basis of experience with more than 1/3 of the F500 & global NPOs, we gap-close through Best Practices.

    → Clients in more than 18 countries worldwide.
    → Celebrating 16 years of catapulting international growth.