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Oct 20, 2021 at 2:48 PM
    1. Conor268
      Hi There,
      I have been pointed your direction via the below post and wonder if you may be able to advise further?


      I have gone back to the supplier advising them that the 50% credit note is of no use and awaiting their reply. The first post response indicates I have every right to a refund but want to be sure before I firmly push back.
      Thank you.
    2. Aaronw91
      Hi Dean. I have recently set up a payroll company for CIS and PAYE umbrella operatives. We have yet to start trading.
      My question is on Business insurance.
      I will need Public and Employers Liability insurance. Have you any recommended companies.
      Also if there is an accident who does the liability sit with? Me or my Client?
      1. smallclaimsassistance
        Hi Aaron. Thanks for your message. I'm afraid I cannot recommend insurers. I have spent much of my career fighting them, and if you're looking for a recommendation, you need to look elsewhere. As far as your second question is concerned, the answer to that question is whoever caused the accident. I hope that helps. Cheers, Dean
        Feb 5, 2018
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      2. Aaronw91
        Thanks for your reply.
        Feb 6, 2018
    3. AdamSonic
      Hi Dean, I have your contact from a member "The Byre". A UK company ows me 2 invoice payments (Decemper/January). How can I force them to pay?
      1. smallclaimsassistance
        Hi Adam. Drop me an email at [email protected], and I can look into this for you. Thanks, Dean
        Jan 24, 2018
    4. Geoff T
      Geoff T
      Hi Dean, just looking through your website as promised when we spoke last week... Can you drop me an email so we can continue the conversation please?

      My email is [email protected]

      Many thanks
      Geoff T
    5. Supercoach
      Thanks for your replies to 'Threatened court action'.
      Can we talk?
      My number is: 01273 779560.
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