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Orpington, Kent
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New and just looking round - come and say hi! May 13, 2019

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    Orpington, Kent
    Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker
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    Lee Lam Consultancy Ltd
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    Employment / HR
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    Feel free to send me a PM.
    My name is Lee Lam and I run a consultancy called (surprise, surprise!) Lee Lam Consultancy. I work with individuals, teams and businesses of all shapes and sizes, offering on demand daily consultancy for areas such as team dynamics, executive consultancy, strategic assistance, business growth consultancy (particularly rapid growth) and people management strategies.

    I explain what I do by saying that I FIF, so I will now explain what that is! It's easier to explain like that what I do, rather than all of the different ways I can help - that is a long list and quite frankly, sounds a bit boring.

    Instead I came up with FIF - I FACILITATE the conversations that you need to have in order to IDENTIFY the problems and challenges that are stopping your success and I help you FIX them. Having this conversation makes it a dream at speed networking events - the whole lot in just 20 seconds!

    I am not a 'usual' consultant in that I consider myself a disruptor - by which I mean that the first thing I do is validate and challenge the current situation, the status quo. I can't tell you how many times problems have been solved quickly simply by asking why things are done the way they are - the blank faces I get suggest that the thing you want to fix isn't even really needed, let alone fixed!

    It also means that there is no business idea or thought you can have that is too 'out there' for me - I love hearing how the world is going to change! But, I was also a COO in an investment bank for nearly a number of years and so even with the wildest suggestions I bring a touch of pragmatism and risk assessment along for the ride.

    To find out more, please go to my website www.leelam.co.uk where there are more details of the programs I run.

    I am also a GC Partner for the GC Index, and have a number of programs related to The GC Index, which can be found here: https://www.thegcindex.com/lee-lam-consultancy/




    Lee. :)
    "I FACILITATE the conversations you need to have to IDENTIFY the problems or challenges that are holding back your success, and then I help you FIX it!"
    Lee Lam Consultancy Ltd, Mob: 07742 330002. Tel: 02038652877