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Oct 6, 2020
    1. Danielle Kimberley
      Danielle Kimberley
      HI Bill, I am planning to set up a social enterprise / Charity Shop. I have seen your responses to a post on the turnover of Charity shops and i was wondering if I could contact you in private regarding some questions I have?
      Many thanks,
      1. billmccallum1957
        May 29, 2019
    2. nikee
      Good evening, i am very new to this so please forgive me. I am looking for a wholesaler of secondhand childrens clothes Grade A & B. I am based in the UK and would like to purchase for a new business i am starting which is for a community charity. Can anyone recommend a good supplier please
      1. billmccallum1957
    3. Cremeo
      Good evening, I am looking for supplier of childrens used cloth of grade A who can provide me also a transportation to the Czech republic. I would like to have a longterm cooperation approx. 200kg per week.
      1. billmccallum1957
    4. Wallis
      Hi I need second hand clothes to buy please for a new business.
      Any chance you could advise where to find them?
      1. VickyToria likes this.
      2. billmccallum1957
        where are you based?
        Jan 11, 2019
    5. Jodi Shadforth
      Jodi Shadforth
      I was reading about social enterprises, and saw a post you made about them. I live in Middlesbrough as well, but my goal is to create some kind of charity/business that aids the rural sector. Is a social enterprise eligible for all of the same funding as a charity? Do you need trustees, and can you be employed in a social enterprise?
      1. Jodi Shadforth
        Jodi Shadforth
        Oh and thanks! Sorry to bother you with my questions :)
        Oct 26, 2018
      2. billmccallum1957

        SE's can apply for grant funding, but some funders will only fund registered charities.

        SE's can be registered as limited company, limited by guarantee or Community Interest Companies.

        You don't need trustees.

        you can be paid by social enterprise.

        I'm always happy to offer some time to help out, feel free to get in touch [email protected]
        Oct 27, 2018
    6. Peter Sterling
      Peter Sterling
      Hi Bill, I read your post about you having to throw away 50k of Books a week and I was wondering if we could buy some of the Books that you have there. Could I get your phone number to call you about buying a bulk lot of your Books?
      1. billmccallum1957
        Not sure which post you are referring to, but the majority of the books we dispose of are poor condition. We are based in Middlesbrough which could make less than economical depending on where you are.
        Oct 23, 2018
    7. shevanazad
      I need clothes and shoes dream beet quality
    8. Warren Spencer
      Warren Spencer
      Thankyou for the links Bill!
    9. mcmatak
      hi, in one post you mentioned that you can help with GB wholesale companies with second hand clothes

      we sell about 15 tons of cream/gradeA quality of second hand clothes every month, can you suggest some companies?

      thanks for contact
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