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    HS2 cancellation: Is the levelling up agenda still on track?

    The government recently announced that the HS2 rail extension to Leeds had been scrapped and that another plan would be put in place to overhaul rail services. The rationale behind scrapping HS2 was that it would take too long for towns in the North to see results. Under the original plan...
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    Help on getting your first sale

    In my defence (if it needs that) the free stock photo options aren't great! Good feedback though, thanks @The Byre . What I love about the ecosystem building approach is that you can start, test and learn without making a huge outlay. I also agree with @AllUpHere ; focus on doing the right...
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    Do delivery companies need to do more to support small businesses?

    How is your business preparing to deliver orders over the busy Christmas period? If you’re posting products out to customers, the performance of your delivery provider is critical for customer satisfaction. A report out last week by Citizens Advice (CA) shows that there are some serious flaws...
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    Help on getting your first sale

    Making your first sale is a big step as a new business owner. It's something that's come up a few times on the forum, so we've created an 11-step guide to help you get started...
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    Taking over family business

    Thanks for the helpful advice, everyone. Taking over a family business has come up a number of times on the forum, so we've collated the basics into an article: Let me know if you have any...
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    Are you making any last-minute changes for Black Friday?

    Sounds sensible to protect margins. Sorry to hear about the stock issues. Between that and inflation, it's a tough trading environment. Let's hope for a post-pandemic spending splurge (if we can say "post" yet..).
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    What does rising inflation mean for businesses in 2022?

    Consumer inflation has risen to its highest level since 2011, increasing from just over 3% in September to 4.2% in the year to October. And as we look towards 2022, prices look set to rise further. This is a hot topic over on the UKBF forums at the moment. Unsurprisingly, it's a real...
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    Taking over the family firm: What you need to know

    For some, taking over the family business is a no-brainer - you've grown up learning the ropes and take pride in what it stands for. But for others, the decision can be tough. Can you continue its success, and what if it's just not right for you? Family firms are big business in the UK...
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    Struggling to make your first sale? Here are 11 tips to help you get started

    Making the first sale is an important milestone for any new business. Seeing someone hand over their cash in exchange for your product or service is the first sign that your idea could have legs. But it's not always a straightforward process. Making that first sale can be hard work and...
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    Overcoming business burnout after a tough year

    As we come to the end of another tough year, it seems like everyone has one word on the brain: burnout. Searches for "signs of burnout" have increased by 221% in the last three months, while mentions of "burnout" on Glassdoor reviews are up 128% since April 2021. Stress is a...
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    7 tips to get your business ready for Black Friday

    Black Friday is on 26 November. For many companies, it's a time that's become a key date in the business calendar - a chance to reach new audiences and drive sales. While Black Friday has traditionally been an opportunity for big online retailers to sweep up the sales, consumer trends...
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    Are you making any last-minute changes for Black Friday?

    I'm working on an article for UKBF Stories sharing practical tips on what people can do to take advantage of the surge in sales during Black Friday. It would be great to hear any changes or incentives you've put in place.
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    Advise on setting up a calendar for Video calls

    Calendly's great. We connect it to Google Calendar and Zoom, so it sorts everything out. You can also set what days you're available, create different meetings types and even set rules like having at least 15 minutes between meetings.
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    What's going to happen to the high street?

    'A high street worth of shops closed every 24 hours in the first half of 2021.' Headline figures like this are hardly painting an optimistic view when it comes to the future of our high streets. Nearly 9,000 shops closed in just six months this year, according to The Local Data Company...
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    Hiring a marketing person...

    As other people have mentioned I wouldn't buy lists, but you can build them. We've used freelancers Upwork to build lists before as well as undergrad interns. It works well when the approach is manual, but routine because you need a really clear brief. For example, we targeted certain job...
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