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  • Are you thinking about starting an eCommerce business / website? Jul 25, 2019

    For those new to eCommerce, it can often prove a minefield working out what your options are which eCommerce platform to work with, the pros and cons of each, the ongoing/long-term price of them all, which are supported and maintained etc etc.

    I put together an up-to-date introduction to eCommerce platforms for 2019 over at LinkedIn with an overview of which eCommerce software is currently available on the market with a bit of blurb about each.

    I do plan to regularly update, maintain and extend the article to ensure it is always accurate and relevant for the current period it is being viewed.

    Check out my introduction to Ecommerce Platforms & Options 2019.

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to message me either through UKBF or LinkedIn.
  • Clubnet Digital - Who are we and how can we help you? Jun 21, 2016

    Last month, our agency saw a further transition becoming and re-launching as Clubnet Digital.


    What are we?
    We are a full service digital marketing and creative design/development agency. We could also be referred to as a web agency, web design agency, web development agency, SEO agency, SEO company, PPC agency, social media agency. We do all of these things.​

    What can we do?
    Pretty much anything that involves a website or the web in general. This includes any part of the process between initial business/branding guidelines and wire-framing, through to design, implementation and build (development) through to search marketing, conversion optimisation, lead generation and web hosting. You can view a full list of our services here.​

    What do we work with?
    Any common or major software or technologies including the below:-

    CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, ModX, Concrete5, Umbraco

    eCommerce - Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart, BigCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, Zen Cart, osCommerce

    Programming - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP), jQuery, JavaScript

    Frameworks - Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend, Yii​

    Why us?
    We genuinely know what we're talking about, to an advanced level and possess a very good understanding of how websites work, what visitors want and what search engines are looking for. You can view lots of my previous advice, support and assistance offered on this very forum.

    You might think that any agency will know this but you'd be (very) surprised, many of them haven't got a clue and will purchase pre-built themes to tweak (which isn't website design/development) or buy a load of backlinks for $10 from some Indian/US spammy link seller (which isn't marketing/SEO).

    That alone, is a great reason to use us but if you're still not convinced, here are some other reasons.

    We have sensible/reasonable pricing: We're not the most expensive but we're also not the cheapest. The reason we can't be anywhere close to the cheapest is because we actually manually carry out the necessary work for our clients instead of ticking a few boxes, clicking a button and (poorly) automating everything like other companies do. We value our service and we're good at what we do, subsequently, we don't undervalue ourselves and charge accordingly but what most businesses can afford (or are happy to invest in their online business presence).
    Another great reason to work with us!
    Having worked ethically for so many years in online marketing, over time, we have built a large database of contacts and working relationships with thousands of bloggers who we frequently work with on a daily basis for our current clients.

    We're soon set to launch as an independent platform for brands to connect with bloggers where they will be able to filter bloggers by criteria to find the perfect blogs to work with for various blogging opportunities.

    This process remains an ethical, genuine and legitimate means to generate brand exposure and create links back to websites. There are very few systems in the world currently that do what we're already offering and about to launch and it saves hours/days/weeks or even months of time spent conducting outreach as we have the bloggers already in our network ready and waiting to work with brands.

    Feel free to get in touch with either me or our agency to learn more about what we do and how we can help you.​
  • So... I finally reached 1000 posts on UKBF Jul 27, 2011

    I finally hit the 1000 post milestone today. It took a while to get there because simply put, I don't bother visiting the forum as regularly as I used to.

    I've not been around on UKBF as long as many of the other reputable and trustworthy members on the forum, but certainly a year to two years ago, I joined the forum and the atmosphere was generally pretty worth being a member. Their was new businesses/start-ups coming on board asking for advice and many established and experienced members able to help them and assist them through a variety of issues - All free and from the kindest of their heart.

    Fast forward 12 months and I wonder what the hell happened. There is still the same sound members/moderators that know what they are talking about and fair play to them for keep coming back to put up with the complete and utter tosh chucked around the forums on a daily basis. There is also new members, coming and going mixed with a range of members that were around long before I regularly posted. Between all of these however, a group (handful) of complete idiots has formed ruining the experience for many on the forums - something that doesn't paint a great picture of UKBF to new forum members.

    This group of idiots could often be classified as forum 'trolls', the sort to swing their 'swagger' around, generally think they are better than everyone else, think their opinions are all that matters and generally spout complete garbage based on assumptions with little/poor to no factual evidence to back up their claims. It is unfortunately the same group of complete prats that are on the forum day in day out replying in nearly every topic - Often filling the original poster's head with a compelete load of nonsense and incorrect advice.

    On occassion, I, as have many others, have tried to step in and offer corrections or flaws in their ideas/suggestions/advice. For a while, this was appreciated and often the majority agreed but now, god forbid you disagree with any of this group of fools, you will be shot down, you will be insulted, you will have your business slated, your clients targeted and guess what, even one time had filthy and abusive messages posted via the contact form on one of my websites - How lovely to be part of such as mature group of experienced business people.

    As a result, it's often a waste of time visiting the forums, there is no new knowledge/topics, it is the same basic seo related questions asked over and over again as if there appears to be no working search function onsite, the same group of idiots use it to hang out and post complete rubbish or claim to be the most knowledgable person in the SEO industry when it is evident, they haven't got a clue (p.s don't ever bother mentioning "white-hat", you will be hung - of course, there is no such thing :rolleyes:).

    It's a shame the minority over-power what used to be an engaging and useful wealth of knowledge - But this is what happens to most forums anyhow eventually.

    Anyway, that's my story. I hope the majority of my posts have been beneficial to many of you. I'd like to think my years and professional experience meant something over the many idiots on the forum who seem to think their hobby SEOing learning about titles, meta descriptions and keyword stuffing counts for the many other factors taken into consideration with websites - But there we go. :cool: