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  • Handy Tips for Ear Wax Sep 28, 2021

    A blog about the different lighting methods and remedies for ear wax removal.

    Earwax is a natural substance produced by special glands in the ear canal. It plays an essential part in the cleaning and lubrication of the ear canal.

    In addition to being a natural lubricant, earwax may have antibacterial properties. Earwax helps protect the skin from water loss and entry of pathogenic bacteria into the body.

    Ear wax is usually dark brown or yellowish, but it can also be black, grey, orange-red, or even green (if you're unlucky). The colour does not affect whether it's normal or not.

    Ear wax is not dangerous. It does not cause hearing loss or infection. However, too much earwax can block your ear canal and make your ears stuffy.

    How to remove ear wax at home? The following are some home remedies you can do to remove excess ear.

    Special glands produce earwax in the skin called ceruminous or ceruminous glands. The function of ear wax is not fully understood, but it may protect the ear canal by trapping foreign particles and preventing them from reaching the eardrum.

    Food and environmental particles can get caught in your ear wax, but they will eventually fall out on their own. Cleaning your ears can push things deeper into your ear canal, causing pain and infection. Most doctors recommend using a cotton swab to remove excess wax since putting a Q-tip deep into the ear can push the wax in further and cause damage.

    Home Ear Wax Removal
    - Put a few drops of olive oil in your ear using an eyedropper or cotton swab. Olive oil softens ear wax so it can drain out of your ears naturally over time - Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl and then dip a cotton ball into it. Put the cotton ball in your ears for about 10 minutes to soften up any hardened wax that might be.

    Hearing Clinics
    Our hearing clinics are committed to making your experience with us as enjoyable and professional as possible. We have clinics located in Scotland, England and Wales. Appointments are usually available within 24 hours, and sometimes they can be made in just one hour or sooner.
  • Find a local Chartered Accountant Sep 2, 2021

    We connect you with the right Chartered Accountant in your business area so you can save money and get the best advice. Now it’s time to prepare for your next year in business by finding someone with experience.

    We are here to help you find a Chartered Accountant in your local area, ensuring your business’s success and helping you grow.

    We have accountants ready to help you with your business tax problems across the UK. Find great accountants in your local town or village.

    We help with
    • Construction Accounting
    • Business Advice
    • Business Tax
    • R&D Tax Credits
    • Healthcare Accounting
    • PLC Accounting
    • Management Accounting
    • New Media Accounting
    • Creative Accounting
    • Personal Tax
    • Tradesmen Accounting
    • Farming Accounting
    • Limited Company Accounting
    • Financial Accounting
    • International Accountancy
    • Property Accounting
    • Business Investment Advice
    • Startup Accounting
    • Manufacturing Accounting
    • Multi-Company Accounting
    If you need to accounting please get in touch.
  • PAS 2035 is not a new BSI standard Aug 31, 2021

    PAS 2035 is a framework to guide the delivery of projects within the energy efficiency industry
    The new standard deals with fundamental structural issues that have traditionally blighted the industry;
    • 10% of all solid wall insulation projects resulted in a type 1 fail (Ofgem 2013)
    • Health and social problems made worse by retrofit
    • Funding restricting the availability of a whole-house approach, resulting in single measures being installed
    • Poor audit trails and accountability
    • Poor design due to low-profit margins
    • Huge performance gaps between predicted energy savings and actual savings
    We are a team that has many years of experience working in the energy efficiency sector, our team, contact Retrofit Coordinators today to get a quote.
    • Experienced administrators, dealing with both ECO utility lodgements and Trustmark lodgements
    • Domestic Energy Assessor
    • Retrofit Asse
    • Retrofit Coordinator, who is part of the Retrofit Academy Level 5 Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management assessment team
    • Gas Safe registered partner firm
    • Fully insured and Trustmark registered – Number 2483550
  • Are you a Pure Influencers? Jul 29, 2021

    Ultimate Guide to Influence Marketing from Pure Influencers

    Pure Influencers work with brands to elevate their profile through an integrated influencer engagement strategy and campaigns.

    There's a reason why we're one of the top influencer marketing agencies in the world. Our team is experienced and creative. We can help you create meaningful campaigns with beautiful content delivered by the perfect Instagram Influencer for your brand.

    Pure Influencers help brands, celebrities, and agencies find the right influencer for their Instagram marketing campaigns. You can search by city or influencer type to get started!

    We are a growing community of influencers who work with brands and companies that support our work. We love to talk about unique products, tasty food, and cool places.

    We're a community of bloggers and influential social media users. As influencers ourselves, we work hard to help others succeed. The community produces some of the best content on the web and is a must-read for marketers.

    From the Fashion Elite to Artists and Entrepreneurs, we see more diversity in choosing to be an influencer.

    Are you an influencer or vlogger, thought leader or industry expert? Register with Pure Influencers, and you could be working with some of the UK's biggest brands and gain opportunities to collaborate with other influencers around the world.
  • The Areas We Cover for Handyman Services Jul 12, 2021

    PC got a blue screen? Fridge on the blink? The car won't start? Misfortune happens to all of us. But what do you do in these situations? You call a qualified engineer, of course. Handy Andrew is a skilled handyman service with years of DIY experience in and around Newcastle. As one of England's premier installation and repair services, we offer a wide range of solutions to many of life's DIY problems.

    Why You Might Need Us
    We all need help sometimes—some more than others. There are many reasons for calling a handyman to take care of DIY issues. Not everyone is capable of removing a radiator, cleaning air conditioning or installing a hot tub. Many jobs of this nature require experienced and qualified professionals. And some, such as specific plumbing work, require legally licensed individuals.

    Many DIY jobs are hazardous if you don't know what you're doing. For example, in the UK, over 21,000 accidents a year are caused by people trying to move concrete blocks alone. This doesn't even consider all the plumbing mishaps, electric shocks and accidentally severed thumbs by power tool mishandling.

    It might even be the case that you are capable around the home, in the garage, shed and garden, but you don't have the time or resources. The small jobs can seem like they never end when you have work to do. But, for Handy Andrew, there is no job too small. Drawer front come off? Mould growing in the bathroom? Still not constructed the kids' new flatpack beds?

    Get in Touch with Handy Andrew.

    What We Do
    Handy Andrew is more than happy to do the jobs you don't want or have the time to do. DIY, odd jobs, home and garden - we've got it covered.

    We are also capable of doing the more extensive jobs:
    • Bathroom installation and repair
    • Kitchen installation and repair
    • Flatpack furniture
    • Jet washing
    • Gardening services
    … and much more.

    Bathroom Services
    No one likes cleaning mould and gunk. Also, a dripping tap is akin to torture when you are trying to sleep. And a dodgy bathroom lock, well… that's begging for an embarrassing disaster. We can sort all common bathroom issues and make the most private of areas private once more.

    Kitchen Services
    The kitchen is one of the most accessed areas of a modern home. With all that traffic comes damage and dirt. Wonky cabinets, leaking pipes and smelly drains are dangerous. We can get rid of all of these to make family time a little less unpleasant.

    Flatpack Services
    Swedish sadism got you down? The kids are probably waiting for their new bed to be built over a year later. No one can blame you; flatpack furniture is tedious. So allow us to take it from here with our pro building service.

    Jet Washing Services
    A jet wash might be slippy, but it's only temporary. An unclean deck or patio is even worse; mould and organic matter can grow all over your outdoor space. This is dangerous and unsanitary. Our industrial jet washers will restore your surfaces to their former glory. We also clean gutters, conservatories and windows.

    Gardening Services
    Unless you've got green thumbs, you probably don't want to be pottering in the garden all day when you could be relaxing. So allow us to take care of your gardening needs. As well as trimming and tidying, we can also build a new wall, manage waste, install paving and remove dead plants.

    The Areas We Cover
    No job too small - Handy Andrew is happy to help. Whether you are a new family, a pensioner or a single parent, we will do the jobs you've been putting off. Broken doors in the kitchen, new fittings, lock replacements, radiators and taps; we are ready to help you.

    All of our professional services are carried quickly and efficiently at reasonable prices - and we will even do all the tidying up. In addition, as one of the nation's best handyman companies, we cover a wide geographic area.

    Get in Touch with Handy Andrew go to areas we cover.
  • Handyman Newcastle helping families and pensioners in Newcastle upon Tyne. Apr 10, 2021

    Handyman Newcastle is happy to help new families, pensioners, single parents with those silly jobs you been putting off. Broken cabinet doors, kitchen door, need fitting, an old lock needs replacing, need a new radiator, tap washer needs replacing, if you have a list of home repair jobs, I am ready to help you. All services are efficient and cost-effective, and Handy Andrew always tidies up after me.

    Handy Andrew offers air conditioner installation, appraising of property, barbecue maintenance, cabinet refacing, carpentry, ceiling repair, ceramic tile repair, cleaning, concrete work, countertops, curtain hanging, decks, door installation, door repair, drain cleaning, dryer repair, dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent installation, drywall installation, drywall repair, electrical wiring, energy updates, fan installation, fence fixing, fireplace cleaning, flooring installation and repair, foundations, framing, garage door openers, garage doors, general maintenance, gutter cleaning, gutter repair, heating system tune-up, home inspections, home security systems, hot tubs and spas, insulation installation, lamp repairs, landscaping, lawn care, lockset adjustment, molding installation, moving, paint removal, painting, patio stone installation, pest control, plumbing repairs, porches, refurbishing basements, repairing bathrooms, refurbishing kitchens, safety modifications, sealing driveways, senior living modifications, septic system repair, shelf installation, shelving, skylight installation, solar panels, soundproofing, sprinkler repair, sprinkler system installation, stain removal, staining furniture, stone work, storage area construction, storage area repair, swapping a toilet, swimming pool maintenance, tiling, wall building, waste and rubbish removal, water purification, water softening, window cleaning, window installation and window repair.

    Areas we cover are the towns and villages in North of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Free Underfloor Insulations Grants Mar 1, 2021

    Everyone qualifies for a minimum £5000 Green Homes Grant towards home underfloor insulations.

    Households receiving tax credits or benefits qualify for the £10,000 voucher with nothing to pay. Please complete the short form for a quotation and help to secure your voucher.

    Underfloor insulation grants are available for some households to help make their homes more efficient. Live in an older house that is built with suspended timber floorboards instead of a concrete foundation. Installing underfloor insulation can help you enhance the performance of the heating of your home by 15% or more.

    Having a well-insulated home will stop drafts and keep the heat your home produces inside where it should be. Helping reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills. If you couple underfloor insulation with a new boiler upgrade, you can significantly increase your home's heating efficiency.

    If your home's ground floor is situated on wooden joists with a small gap underneath, then installing underfloor insulation is an easy process. Usually, for older homes and the insulation can be installed by going underneath the house. It is also possible to install underfloor insulation if you have a suspended floor. In this case, the floorboards are taken up, and the insulation is pinned underneath before it is replaced.

    If you looking for a Green Homes Grant and apply for Underfloor Insulations.
  • Thinking About Cavity Wall Insulation? Read This Essential Guide First Jan 29, 2021

    What Is Cavity Wall Insulation?

    As you will know, most homes are constructed of brick. Generally, there are homes that are constructed without a cavity in between the walls, generally older homes, and then there are more modern properties that have around a 50mm gap between both skins of brickwork. Cavity wall insulation works by injecting the wall with an insulating substance which is filled into the wall through holes which are drilled through it. Once the wall has been sufficiently filled, the holes are then covered over with a substance to blend it back in with the surrounding brickwork. The result? An insulated cavity that will reduce the amount of heat escaping through the walls.

    What Causes Damp In Cavity Walls?

    There are two main reasons for damp in cavity walls. Firstly, if the contractor has made an incorrect judgement as to whether the property is actually suitable for cavity wall insulation. The second reason is more complex. If the contractor has made a bodge job of the insulation by leaving gaps in the cavity, this means that cold air gathers, and when warm air tries to get through the wall, this reacts with it, causing mould to form from the condensation. In extreme cases, moisture from the insulation can even travel to the surface of the wall, resulting in damp patches similar to those found in penetrating damp cases. Damp in cavity wall insulation can even draw heat out of the room, making it actually worse than not having insulation in the first place.

    What Makes Cavity Wall The Best Choice?

    We know that Cavity Wall there is a different way. Our service is end-to-end, which means that from start to finish, we take care of the legwork, successfully diagnosing the cavity wall problem, drawing up a solution and sourcing the perfect contractor to rectify the issue. All our surveyors and contractors have been diagnosing cavity wall problems for no less than five years. So, you know that the job will be completed correctly the first time, every time. If you are seeking an all-inclusive, highly trustworthy and reliable cavity wall repair service, we know that you have come to the right place.

    If you looking for FREE cavity wall insulation in the UK, head over Cavity Wall Insulation.

    Apply for Free Cavity Wall Insulation.
  • Affordable Web Designers In Newcastle Upon Tyne Jan 29, 2021

    Nowadays, having a website is not enough to drive traffic. You need to have it designed uniquely so that it appeals to your target audience and moreover, it must be ranked high search engines. About 2 billion people across the world use the internet regularly and 72% of them do not bother to look beyond the 1st page of a search result. As they say “The best place to hide a dead body is the 2nd page of Google search”. Moreover, smartphones have made the internet much easier to access and thus, your website needs to be mobile friendly too.

    We at Web Design Newcastle would help you reach the target audience by providing you with a bespoke website design and making it Search Engine Optimised. Our SEO solutions is sure to put your business above all of your competitors and project you to the right customers. We work with you from the beginning to understand your business and your requirements and design your website accordingly. We also provide bespoke web software development solutions to create, edit and update the website of your dreams. These software makes designing a website as easy as editing a word document. So you can design your own website just the way you like it.

    Web Design Newcastle is a team of 16 highly motivated and passionate people, from project managers, graphic designers and PHP developers. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne and serving the surrounding areas, we aim to provide the right solution for your business No job is too big or too small for us. We mainly do WordPress development. If you want to design your website with any of the popular Open Source solutions like Drupal, eCommerce websites and open cart, our experienced technical staff can help you. Our WordPress solutions offer North East businesses an opportunity to revamp their online presence implement a cost-effective and brand-worthy design to their website.

    It doesn’t matter if you are an estate agent, an auto dealer or an ecommerce website, we will have a Web software custom made, just for you. Since we are local, we can understand the business better and provide you with 100% satisfaction and exemplary results. With our web design, your business is sure to flourish.

    Browse the site to view examples of purpose-built templates, or call 0191 600 0441 to speak to one of our team, or go to
  • Why You Should Focus on Improving Web Design Dec 7, 2020

    Many elements contribute to business success. In recent times, it has become increasingly important to ensure that your company’s digital presence is on point. While you must have a great website if you’re an online business, it’s also important if you’re a “real world” business too. After all, many customers search for a company online before making a purchase. There’ll be plenty of factors that go into an online presence, but one of the most important aspects is the website design. If that looks great, then the process of winning customers will be all the more achievable.

    But why specifically should you focus on improving your web design? Let’s take a look.

    It’ll Be More Accessible.

    If your website design is from many years ago, then you might be losing many potential customers and not even realise it. In recent times, there’s been a big shift in the ways that people access websites. People used to use their desktop computers, but today, more internet traffic comes through smartphones and tablets than desktops. So your website must be accessible to those using the web on a handheld device. We recently completed work for Housing Disrepair, who wanted a website that would work on a mobile or tablet.

    It’ll Boost Your Brand.

    Your website is a reflection of your company. So what does your current website design say about your business? If you think that it’s not representing your brand as well as it could do, then it’ll be important to improve your website’s design. The site for Cavity Wall Insulation is part of our web design portfolio. They had a website that was outdated and which they didn’t think reflected their position in the healthcare industry very well. We redesigned their site to give it a modern and professional look.

    It’ll Help With SEO.

    It’s all good and well having a great website, but if no-one’s able to see it, then it won’t be anywhere near as effective as it could be. As we all know, Google rankings are increasingly important, just because of the sheer number of people who use it as a starting point for their purchases. Strong web design with SEO elements incorporated is key for moving up the rankings. We worked with Loft Grants to design a site that gave their SEO credentials a boost. Strong SEO and great design is a winning formula for businesses.

    It’ll Boost Customer Experience.

    Good website design isn’t just about the aesthetic aspect. It also influences how your visitors interact with your website. If there are strong design elements incorporated, then it’ll be intuitive for your visitors to use, and that’ll ultimately lead to an increase in sales. We worked with Artwork Online to design a website that really brought the power and beauty of their artwork to life, which helped to increase people’s enjoyment of the site. For every website, it’s always possible to improve certain aspects so that the customer ultimately benefits.

    More details of Web Design Newcastle.
  • The 10 Most Misunderstood Facts About Jet Washing in Great Park Dec 3, 2020

    Do you want to learn more about jet washing in Great Park? Are you interested in using jet washing services to spruce up your home? Many people answer yes to these questions, so it’s essential to understand the dos and don’ts before proceeding. Here are the 10 most misunderstood facts about jet washing.

    #1: It’s Not the Same as Pressure Washing

    Jet washing and power washing are different, so it’s important to know the pros and cons. For example, jet washing is not as intense, meaning it won’t ruin outdoor surfaces such as brickwork.

    #2: The Settings Are Different

    It’s easy to attach a different nozzle and assume it does the same thing as the previous setting, yet this isn’t the case. Every attachment brings something new to the party, regardless of how it looks to the naked eye, so you should read the instructions beforehand.

    #3: Jet Washing Is Easy

    It isn’t. Jet washing can be an accessible and affordable way of keeping your property clean, but it won’t be a piece of cake unless you’re prepared. Some people find they stoop when they use a handheld device, while others spray dirty water to another area of the yard or garden.

    #4: There Is Suitable Attire

    The water can go in several directions. As a result, you might find it gets on your clothes and body during use. In this case, it’s best to wear a practical outfit that you don’t mind getting wet. In the summer, it might be a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops as they dry off quickly, while you’ll want more layers in the winter to ward off the cold.

    #5: Safety Equipment Is Necessary

    On top of the right clothes, you should wear protective gloves and eyewear to stop the water and debris from splashing back.

    #6: It’s Good for Maintenance

    Jet washing is mainly used for small maintenance jobs; however, it can expose issues you didn’t know existed. By removing dirt and grime, you’ll get a better view of any damage that’s been hiding.

    #7: There Are Differences Between Home & Commercial Jet Washers

    You should only use a commercial product if you require something powerful to remove stubborn stains.

    #8: You Can Use Them at Home

    Of course, it depends on the room, yet some are suitable. A wet room bathroom is a perfect example as it’s designed to handle large volumes of water.

    #9: You Should Remember the Weather

    Dry weather is brilliant for jet washing, but we have the clothing for working in the winter, freezing cold we will still be jet washing your driveway.

    #10: You Need a Professional

    As you can tell, jet washing in Great Park requires expert and professional help to make sure you get it right at the first attempt. With Pressure Jet Washing, our versatile and affordable solutions are on hand to help you maintain your property all year round.
  • Why replace your loft insulation? Nov 20, 2020

    In an uninsulated home, up to 25% of heat is lost through the roof as heat generated from the central heating system rises and disappears into the outside world. While there are many new technologies promoted in the home to help keep energy costs low and improve sustainability, very few innovations come close to loft insulation in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

    Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and, consequently, your heating bills. However, it is important to note that not all insulation is created equally. In fact, many older homes feature insulation that is thin, worn away, poorly installed or simply non-existent.

    By taking the decision to replace your old loft insulation you can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your home and protect yourself from dramatic changes in temperature outside for at least the next 40 years. Put into that context and loft insulation is an excellent investment.

    And thanks to the new ECO loft insulation grants available, eligible homeowners and tenants can get free loft insulation grant.

    Want to find out if you are eligible for a loft insulation grant?
    Go to
  • Rental Property In Disrepair? Fix Soon To Avoid Legal Trouble Dec 27, 2019

    If you are a landlord with a rental portfolio, you probably already know just how easy things can go wrong. From the simplicity of a leaking tap right through to more severe issues such as damp, leaking roofs or Japanese knotweed, there is always something that can fail, either due to poor maintenance, wear and tear or old age. As a responsible landlord, we assume that you react to these problems quickly, ensuring the health and wellbeing of your tenants and protecting your investment. However, if maintaining your rental portfolio is the least of your worries, now its time to change. Tenants now have a legal obligation to live in a well-maintained property, and if this isn’t the case, it can land you in hot water. Read on to find out more.


    If you watched TV during the 70s, you will have found it difficult not to attend the popular sitcom ‘Rising Damp’, featuring the irresponsible landlord Rupert Rigsby who would rent out appalling bedsits to a range of long-suffering tenants in an old Victorian townhouse. Fast Forward to 2019 and thanks to the Landlord & Tenants Act 1985, Section 11, the modern-day Rupert Rigsby’s are slowly disappearing. Landlords must now legally meet several obligations to their tenants, including:
    • Keeping drains, guttering, outdoor pipes, property exterior and structure in good condition.
    • Keeping electrical, gas and water installations, including baths and sinks, in good working order.
    • Keeping the heating system in good repair and full working order.
    • Any form of Housing Disrepair Claims.

    If you keep your property in relatively good condition, you shouldn’t have an issue. However, if your tenant claims for housing disrepair and you fail to do anything, things can quickly escalate into a legal matter. This process can be a nightmare because as well as getting a surveyor to check your property over, you will also need legal assistance, not to mention a contractor to put the problems right. Costs can quickly mount. But thankfully, there is another way.


    Housing Disrepair is different because we bring everything you need into one package- surveys, legal advice and contractors. This saves you time, money and a lot of hassle. We know properties inside out, meaning we can look at every claim being made by your tenant. Upon receiving your instructions, a surveyor will be out to your property within 24 hours, using our mobile app to gather all the necessary evidence to prove your case. All promptly e-mailed to you in PDF format.
  • Spending a Fortune on Heating Bills? Keep them Under Control with TRVs Dec 18, 2019

    Ever wondered what those white things are at the bottom of radiators? They’re called thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs for short) Their purpose is simple: they allow you to adjust the temperature of your radiators in all the rooms of your house.

    The purpose of TRVs is not complicated. When the temperature of a room in your home goes above the temperature set on your TRV, the flow of hot water through the radiator is reduced, making the room cooler. This is achieved by the TRV sensing the air temperature surrounding it.
    Ever noticed those small numbers on a TRV valve? They simply stand for the temperature at which the radiator will switch off.

    So how exactly do TRVs work? Within the valve head of a TRV, there is a capsule. Depending on the temperature, this increases or decreases in size which moves a pin in the valve body to open or close it. If a room is warmer than what the radiator is set at, the valve closes to stop the water reaching the radiator. If it’s cooler, the valve opens, heating the radiator up.

    If you need to change the temperature of individual rooms in your house, TRVs will allow you to control this. This is particularly useful if your house has a conservatory or utility room. These rooms are typically much warmer than other rooms in your house. By making the temperature cooler in specific rooms, this helps cut costs on your heating bills.

    Using TRVs on radiators contained in covers won’t have much benefit. Because TRVs work on the air temperature surrounding them, the temperature within a radiator cover is likely to be warmer than the room itself, meaning that it will make the room too cool. Avoid using TRVs on radiators in draughty positions as well. They will make the room too warm as they are constantly sensing the cool air.

    Yes, there are lots! If you are interested in making your home more energy-efficient, you may want to make use of the ECO scheme currently operating in the UK at the moment. If you are an eligible homeowner, your energy supplier may be able to introduce a range of energy efficiency measures into your home free of charge. So, if you’d like to benefit from TRVs or any other measure, contact Free Boiler Grants to see what we can do for you.

    More details can be found at
  • Safety First From Nurse to Safety Sector Apr 16, 2018

    After almost a 40 year career in the NHS as a nurse, I retired and started working for our family business. We are a sign and industrial engraving company.

    I took on the remit of building the companies website, initially pertaining to the Safety Signage section.

    While doing my research and developing a wider knowledge base on the use and important role safety signs have in our day to day life, it allowed me to reflect on my previous career and the vast number of Safety Signs used as part of the Health and Safety Standards within the NHS.

    I have worked in both the hospital and community setting. In each new area, I would have an orientation to the department identifying all fire exits and fire fighting equipment, along with regular fire drills and yearly training. Each department would have the way-finding Signage and Assembly Points. The Fire Fighting Equipment is clearly identifiable with multi-instruction signs to guide the user on how and which fires they are suitable for use on. These signs would use the green and white for emergency procedures and the red circular signs with a diagonal line through it to inform of actions that are prohibited.

    On one occasion I did have to extinguish a small fire, the combination of safety signs and training provided me with the skills to put out the fire safely.

    Due to the nature of the services provided by the NHS and the vulnerability of many of their service users, Fire Safety Signage is an intricate part of their Fire Safety Standards.

    The Hazard Safety Sign depicted by a yellow triangle with a black surround, with black pictogram are required in hospital laboratories and in the clinical area seen when toxic chemicals and treatments are used. The Hazard Safety Signs were vital whilst using different medical machines e.g lasers, x-ray machines to alert staff from the risk of burns and radiation, They would also bring to staffs attention the danger whilst using sharps e.g. to prevent needle stick injury, lacerations from scalpels and the use of medical gases to reduce the risk from fire or a potential explosion.

    Over the years there has been an increase in Personal Protective Equipment PPE use. The blue circular sign is a mandatory sign and has a white pictogram. They are usually accompanied with white text re-enforcing the behaviour required. For example masks or gloves must be worn in this area.

    For a large part of my career, I worked in different Accident and Emergency Departments.As part of my role, I had a specific interest in accident prevention. It was clear that education was an important factor in accident prevention. But what impact does safety signs have on the reduction of accidents?

    The desire and drive to protect and prevent accidents and injury is an important part of our culture. The NHS is also dedicated to prevent and reduce ill health. The use of safety signs has been in use for many years in all walks of life. It is evident that the Government, all employers and business owners wish to keep staff and the public safe, and in part, the safety sign must assist with this.

    Looking back to my career as a nurse I wanted to consider how the use of safety signage protected the public, staff and patients. Also how the safety signs prevented injury and possible ill health.

    My new job has taken me along a different route but still with a drive to reduce accidents and injury, in the best use of Safety Signage.

    Ann Scott
    Director Hi-Tech Safety Signs, RGN, RSCN and Health Visitor

    Hi-Tech Safety Signs
    11 Walton Road,
    Pattinson North Industrial Estate,
    Tyne and Wear
    NE38 8QA

    E. [email protected]
    T. 0191 4190222
    w. eBay shop