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  • The story behind ‘Squat-Thotics’ – Innovative design for sports performance Jul 29, 2017

    The SQUAT-THOTIC is an exciting new development in the world of Bodybuilding. A team of Biomechanics has designed These corrective prescription insoles, foot specialists and competitive weight trainers to meet the supportive needs of gym users during weight bearing exercise. They not only help prevent injury, reduce uneven joint wear and tear, contribute to alleviate joint and back pain, but also correct foot positioning to improving form – thus enhancing the wearer’s performance.

    Georgina O’Neil came up with the idea for the insoles after suffering for over a decade with a severe pelvic joint dysfunction.

    “After the birth of my children, I was left with a very painful pelvic condition which resulted in the whole joint is very loose. I was in constant pain as there was a strain on my lower back ligaments and nerves – as well as a lot of abnormal bone movement. Previously I had loved weight training, but I found that I could no longer perform the way I used to.

    After my daughter developed Leukemia in 2004, I decided to turn my life around and leave my career in accounts. I started studying Podiatry, became a Foot Health Practitioner then a partner in a busy Podiatry Clinic.

    Over time I saw the positive effect that our Prescription Orthotics (Shoe insoles) had on patient’s ankle, knee, hip and back pain, so I prescribed myself a pair. It was like a miracle! My pain was gone within three days, and due to the resulting stability of my pelvis, my ligaments tightened, and I no longer had pain when walking.

    But there was still the gym issue. The orthotics were designed for day to day use, not gym and sports use. My patients had the same problem. Many suffered from sports injuries, joint and nerve pain due to bad foot positioning and this resulted in a bad performance in their chosen sport.

    Using my training in Biomechanics, the expertise of specialist orthotics developers and former UKBFF, NABBA competitors and my understanding of the needs of gym users, I started to develop a gym based Sport-Orthotic. The SQUAT-ORTHOTIC was the result.

    It gives unparalleled support to the foot, distributes weight evenly which helps to increase ground forces, contributes to preventing sprains, keeps knee position in correct alignment and therefore controls hip and pelvis position. The result is even pressured across joints such as ankle, knee and hip, postural correction and therefore less strain on the lower back.


    They are an innovative design for enhanced performance.”

    More details contact Georgina O'Neil at Fit Thotics
  • Four significant improvements brings to your website Jul 18, 2017

    We are living in an age where if your business is not online it means you don’t exist and this stands true today considering that if you are looking for services, products, shops, you can find them by doing a simple online search.

    After you’ve searched for the subject of your interest, the only thing that will make the difference among all the pages you have open will be their presentation, and that is their website. If you like the interface and what you see, you’ll keep looking through its products but if you have problems or you think it’s too complicated to use you’ll leave.

    If you own a website, you know how important your theme is not only for people to navigate across your content and offers but to make it simple to interact with, while improving the experience for the user.

    DIVI is a WordPress theme and visual page builder designed to make a website simple to access and use. Elegant Themes created DIVI with the goal to change the way websites are built with a motto that explains why it’s so popular: Build anything visually.

    By using DIVI, you have endless features from which to choose to make your site clean, fast and modern but to implement them efficiently you need a DIVI expert who’s going to help you in bringing your vision to reality.

    Put into simple terms a DIVI expert is someone who knows everything there is to know about DIVI themes and most importantly adjusts everything to your particular case to get the best out of it. Web Design Newcastle are leading North East of England DIVI experts.

    The benefit of having a DIVI expert customise your website according to your needs is that they will not only boost your income but also build the right image for your business.

    The four most significant improvements that a DIVI expert will bring to your website are:

    • Design – a DIVI expert will choose among all the stylish DIVI themes the one that’s the most suited for you or create your design by mixing some of DIVI’s 46 different content elements.
    • Speed – implement all the features you want on your website in no time and enjoy a page that doesn’t take the time to load or refresh.
    • Easy to use – you organise your content with drag & drop option, and you can write by just one click onto your page while having all the choices of font, size, etc. and.
    • Customise – you can have everything exactly as you want it, each element can be tailored to fit your requirements.
    These improvements are just the main changes that a DIVI expert will make to your website, but the truth is that it will improve the entire experience for both owner and customer, bringing you closer to the concept of intuitive design.

    DIVI has become so used because it’s designed for the needs of the current market, understanding that a website is all about visuals, speed and versatility. Taking into consideration all these features, choosing the ones that fit your unique needs and taking your work to the next level will require someone with a professional insight, and that’s a DIVI expert.

    More details please contact us at Web Design Newcastle.
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