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  • Magento vs WooCommerce Comparison: Which is the Best Choice for eCommerce Mar 30, 2021

    VS (1).png
    Well, the success of an eCommerce business chiefly relies on the platform on which it’s performing.

    Whether you are new to this or already running your online store, you might be holding a technical aspect in your mind. You already know, the market is well-stuffed with varied solutions that go perfectly with every taste. Any business owner, a small seller or a big vendor, will find something that will go perfectly with their expectations relevant to the functionality, costs, security, customization options, and more.

    A perfect back-end that may suit your eCommerce requirements is important for rooting and maintaining your eStore, processing its orders, and dealing with your customers successfully. Thus, you should perform the job of choosing the right platform, responsibly.

    Every platform holds its own group of supporters backing its cause and claiming its excellence. We have decided to take you away from the noise and have a look ourselves to offer you an unbiased outlook to assist you in finalizing a decision.

    Magento vs WooCommerce - both are found the winners when it comes to the features and functionalities, also the popularity. It’s not an easy job to choose an all-rounder and weigh it on the basis of the features it holds as it will leave you in confusion.

    Today, in this post, we are going to put forward the comparison of Magento vs WooCommerce, including their key functionalities, features, pricing, and more. Until you finish reading this post, you will find a solution that may prove to be right for your eCommerce business.

    Comparison Magento vs WooCommerce

    An eCommerce platform, Magento is customized as per the web development proficients’ needs and is best for medium to large stores. Moreover, it provides one of the most powerful feature sets that make it an ideal solution for online stores to meet the ultimate goals.

    A robust platform plugin for the WordPress platform, WooCommerce provides the entire features you expect from an eCommerce solution while enjoying the ease-of-use of its parent platform.

    Comparison Table Between Features of Both eCommerce Platforms

    Magento vs WooCommerce

    Introduction about Magento

    An open-source eCommerce platform, Magento permits businesses to craft online stores, handle products, and accept payments. Besides, it holds a community edition that is available for free download. Also, it has paid solutions that come along with the additional features, support, and cloud hosting.

    Key Features of Magento
    • Comes with its layout system and themes.

    • Embraces an efficient API that can link with any 3rd-party solutions.

    • Supports a limitless number of products, like any self-hosted platform, does.

    • Holds intuitive product creation tools and admin interfaces.
    Advantages of Magento
    • Built for scalability, don’t have any issue in handling large stores, until your host can handle them.

    • Shoppers will find it faster and the credit goes to a smooth process. Plus, by-default the guest checkout is turned ON.

    • Integrates with Authprise.Net, PayPal, and Braintree.

    Disadvantages of Magento
    • Magento is felt more tilted towards the developers as compared to regular users.

    • Its Enterprise Edition can be much costly because of the target market.
    Big brands using Magento
    • Burger King

    • munchkin

    • Coca-Cola


    • Murad
    For What Kind of Business Magento is Suitable

    Magento is widely-accepted to be perfect for medium to large enterprise businesses.

    Magento is picked over WooCommerce because:
    • It is a very secure platform holding an in-built advanced level cache.

    • It also holds various in-built features and doesn’t need as many extensions as WooCommerce needs.

    • It comes with a wide range of free themes and extensions.

    • If you are proficient when it comes to technology, Magento is best for you to build a store from scratch.

    • It provides a robust framework and is highly reliable for order management.

    • Provides various amazing features that are not there in WooCommerce.
    Pricing of Magento

    A free and open-source Community Edition of Magento doesn’t charge anything except for your existing hosting provider. On the contrary, users who find themselves excited for the Enterprise Edition will need to spend a little.

    Introduction about WooCommerce

    The open-source eCommerce platform, WooCommerce is developed on top of WordPress. Moreover, it permits you to build an online store easily, manage the inventory, accept payments, and more. Besides, as it runs on WordPress that’s why offers you access to a plethora of WordPress themes and plugins to expand your eCommerce business.

    Key Features of WooCommerce
    • Allows you to choose approximately any payment processors you need using the extensions.

    • Comes with a powerful extension system that’s based on WordPress plugin format.

    • Provides dozens of free and premium themes.

    • Supports a limitless number of products.
    • Speeding up woocommerce is super easy
    Advantages of WooCommerce
    • It’s simple to choose if you have working experience with WordPress.
    • Setting up an eStore with WooCommerce is free, besides your web hosting expenses.
    • It comes with extensive documentation for its users. Also, you can link the team of your e-commerce project to resolve additional queries.
    • Using an extension, it integrates with Google Analytics.
    • Includes SSL support, but you would be required to obtain a certificate for yourself.
    Disadvantages of WooCommerce
    • If you don’t have any experience with WordPress, you need to learn the two platforms.
    • Premium extensions and themes cost can add up.
    For What Kind of Business WooCommerce is Suitable

    WooCommerce is perfect for small businesses.

    WooCommerce is picked over WooCommerce because:
    • It has a simple GUI that becomes easy for any newbies to learn.
    • It doesn’t demand any customization from the source code as the page builder plugin is already available.
    • It comes with a wide range of free plugins.
    • It demands fewer resources to handle as compared to Magento.
    Big Brands using WooCommerce
    • Underwear Expert
    • Untold Wish
    • Porter and York
    • Root Science
    • Barefoot Buttons
    Pricing of WooCommerce
    WooCommerce is a completely open-source platform that’s why it can be downloaded and set on any server of our choice. Its premium extensions are expensive, that's why it needs annual subscriptions. Besides, web hosting costing will rely on your enterprise size and the package you will get from your provider.

    Wrapping Lines
    Well, after going through the comparison between Magento vs WooCommerce above, now you know the strengths and weaknesses of both the eCommerce platforms. In this limelight, Magneto is found strong holding various powerful extensions, whereas WooCommerce has emerged as a more user-friendly platform.
    Therefore, to finalize which eCommerce platform is best for your eCommerce business, you need to include the size also as the requirements of your eStore. Despite looking for a perfect platform, you should go with the right platform that meets your needs the most.
  • How To Choose The Best Shopify Development Company? Mar 2, 2021

    Shopify Development.png
    In today’s times, almost every product selling business has an online store and it has very much become a norm where everyone is looking to make their mark digitally. And with the e-Commerce industry insanely booming, the merchants and users are constantly looking for different ways to make their big entry in this industry. Just as businesses are trying to take advantage of this situation, various software firms are also striving to benefit from this rise. And over the years, Shopify has been one tool that has been constantly leveraged via many Shopify app development firms as with this platform, the developers get a feature-rich eCommerce solution that allows them to attract new merchants.

    However, it can be quite difficult to choose the right Shopify Development firm and one needs extreme understanding and precision, and be extremely careful while making this decision as here things can go from exciting to overwhelming pretty quickly. So, to make things easier to understand for our audience, here we are offering some tips that can be used to make the right decision in terms of selecting the online store. So, let’s get going.

    First, let’s start with discussing the Shopify experts. Well, the Shopify-certified professionals have expertise in Shopify app & store development. They offer every kind of service needed by an e-Commerce merchant and their specialty lies in the arena of design, and development and branding, many others. When you are looking for customization of a Shopify store as per your requirements, you can hire a top agency for setting up the store. And if you are looking for a firm that helps with setting up the store and customization, then it is best to reach out to the Shopify development firm and hire seasoned Shopify experts.

    Why Hire A Shopify Development Company?

    As it comes to an online store, it might be easy for some people to start the store, however, managing the store can be tiring to another level. Initially, developing a store that ‘you’ feel will be right for your business, might not attain the long-term target that you aim for. However, once you decide on getting the Shopify development services from a development firm, they will have a better understanding of your idea when you explain to them, and then they will research online products, market strategies, and what will help to attract more and more customers.

    Or in case you have already built a basic structure of your online store, then these Shopify development companies can help in adding more functionalities, make customizations, and also make it more responsive in times of heavy traffic. With the help of Shopify experts, they can easily reach a wider audience and take digital visibility to next level.

    Who Are Shopify Experts?

    Shopify experts are those who can help the e-Commerce retailers by applying their knowledge and experience and thus offer the best services to them. They have a stronghold over creating a website with expertise in development, designing, and marketing. For the development of a Shopify store, a business can get in touch with a Shopify app development company and hire a professional team of Shopify experts. These experts ensure that the entire workflow is manageable as well as completed within the stipulated timeframe.

    A development firm that has a great market experience is always reliable and motivated to take up new challenges with every project they bag. The experts working for them assure that only the best services are offered and they develop the business in a manner that has unique features, functionalities and succeeds in standing out in the crowd.

    What Would Be Better: Hire A Freelancer Or An Agency?

    Well, this decision needs to be taken by the business owners as they are the ones well-versed with the basic platform requirements as well as future goals they aim to accomplish with their business. However, to give a fair idea, we would suggest that a skilled and well-qualified Shopify freelancer might help in creating a platform however if you fail to find such a professional that it means losing all your time, efforts, and money. Also, with a freelancer, they tend to have their deadlines or priorities that can cause delay to your development procedure.

    On the other side, as you work with the agency, they work with a team of professional experts who are focused on providing quality and excellent work, be it in content, designing, marketing, or SEO. With an agency, it is ensured that they get the product delivered within a set deadline and it is easier to constantly coordinate with them during the product development. In the case of an agency, they have your work as a priority and make the best efforts to offer quality results.

    Advantages Of Hiring A Shopify Development Company

    When people need help in growing or managing their Shopify platform on a certain timeline, they take the help of a Shopify development agency for this purpose. This can help in a lot of things, such as, manage several tasks like development, SEO services, marketing, designing, and do a lot more. They can also customize Shopify theme/design as per the business requirements and handle the migration process from one platform to another.

    An eCommerce development company can also help when working on the marketing portion to get more attention and reach out to more people or offer help in building a sales strategy that saves money and provides many benefits to consumers. Hence, it doesn’t matter that you have a website already or you are looking to start from scratch, getting services from the Shopify developers can be helpful at any given stage as one can always improve.

    With The Help Of Shopify Development Services, One Can Get Many Benefits Like:

    Get Quality Services To Enhance The Brand Name

    The development agencies have a great knowledge of the Shopify platform and how its services can be properly utilized to make the businesses thrive. Hence, the services offered by them are always top-notch and this helps to immensely satisfy a maximum number of your customers. And if you are looking for customization of your online store or benefit through digital marketing, then hiring an experienced firm that has delivered great results in the past can be highly beneficial as one way you can get the desired outcome.

    Remarkable User Experience

    It’s a crucial factor driving sales on your platform and helping you reach more milestones. The marketing team of a Shopify development firm analyzes your target audience and thus markets your solution in the right manner to your audience. This, in the longer run, helps to generate more and more revenue and also enables you to constantly update the platform with the latest market tools and trends.

    Powerful Branding

    This is another crucial aspect to make it big in the e-Commerce sector. The Shopify experts can be of huge help in improving your brand by utilizing effective branding strategies. As they are fully equipped, they can provide tools that help with branding strategies across various channels. These experts have a good understanding of what your website needs and what tends are going to work for your Shopify store. And this deep knowledge facilitates in growing faster. Businesses grow with people and as more people will come to know your brand, more your business will grow and this will take your store to new heights.

    Effective Marketing

    This is pivotal to make it big in the eCommerce industry and a team of Shopify marketing experts working with a development firm can be greatly helpful in this aspect as well. They know how to better utilize the Shopify marketing strategies to ensure that your eCommerce store capably generates huge sales and makes massive revenue. As the competition is constantly increasing in e-Commerce, the developers also always moving with time and getting equipped with robust marketing strategies, remaining updated with all the recently introduced technologies & trends. This way, the business owners can successfully stay ahead of their competitors.

    Improved Functionality

    A team of Shopify experts can do an amazing job at enhancing your store functionality and take your business to another level. With their immense experience in the field, they can offer huge help with email marketing and how to better expand your reach by connecting with new customers. When having experienced developers for your assistance, you are going to come across lesser hitches, and even while when faced with, the experts can quickly resolve them owing to their in-depth knowledge of this platform.

    Saves Time

    As you hire an agency for your project, it is going to save a lot of your time as a firm excellently deals with the essential matters. Thus, leaving you more time that can be devoted to other business activities that require your specific attention. So, by hiring a development company, you can focus on your business growth and not fret about handling all things single-handedly.

    These were some of the benefits of hiring a Shopify development firm for your project. Next, let’s explore what do you need to look for in a Shopify developer, so it will be easier to identify that the team of Shopify developers working with the firm are best at what they do.

    What qualities a Shopify developer need to have to provide excellent services?

    Speaking of the basics, any Shopify developers need to use version control, have extensive knowledge of the Shopify platform’s API, and immense understanding of PHP & JavaScript. Besides these essentials, a Shopify developer must have:

    Exceptional Communication Skills

    It is a good quality for a Shopify developer to have excellent communication skills as that allows them to great communicate with you through the project development process. After all, as a business owner, you would want to be constantly updated regarding your project’s status and it would be great that these developers can be contacted directly to have the information in real-time about the project happenings. A responsible developer will immediately attend to your queries and communicate the status of your project.

    Amazing Portfolio

    Ensure that the developers working for the firm you are choosing have their portfolio filled with a lot of Shopify projects, mainly eCommerce projects in your industry. Or have a look at the websites in the company’s portfolio to know the projects that have been delivered by these developers. Note down if you come across anything that you specifically liked or disliked, so you can communicate that while discussing your project. Also check the functionality, accessibility, features, and load speed of the websites developed by them.

    Look Into The Testimonials

    Seek out a Shopify development firm that has a good number of client reviews and testimonials on their website. And if these testimonials are from clients from your industry as that’s even greater because this gives a fair idea of how successful their delivered product has been and how satisfied their clients are with the provided services.

    Unique & Innovative Approach

    It is best to not have developers on-board who deliver a cookie-cutter website with all of them having similar designs and have very few differences. Developers with fresh and unique ideas should always be welcomed.

    Offering Satisfaction Guarantee

    Seek out a development firm and is very much keen to rework a project ‘n’ number of times if the project fails to completely satisfy you. After all, you deserve complete satisfaction for the investment that you have made.

    After Support

    So, even after a website has been done correctly, there are still different problems that would arise and for this, you need constant support from the development firm. After all, they have created the website and this is why have the best knowledge of how it works, so you want them to be there when in need of maintenance and support once the project is finished.

    Final Note

    In recent times, Shopify is gaining a lot of prominences and hence this is the right time to make an investment in this sector, and getting in touch with the right Shopify development company should be on your mind to make your money, time, and efforts worth it.