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  • What does a vehicle's VIN could tell you? Jul 31, 2020

    Have you ever wondered what all your VIN could tell you? It's a long string of numbers that you give to your insurance company, but what exactly does it tell them?

    The truth is that not only does your VIN act as a way to identify a vehicle, but it also provides a whole lot of information about the car itself. So, what exactly does a vehicle's VIN tell you?


    Manufacturer Specifications

    A vehicle's VIN tells you a ton about what a car was equipped with when it rolled off the assembly line. It can tell you the make, model, and even the engine size. Furthermore, it can tell you exactly where a car was made. For instance, in 2015, Mazda had manufacturing plants in both Mexico and Japan. Depending on where a Mazda manufactured the Mazda 3 model, changed what kind of parts that they put on. In fact, the brakes were entirely different sizes!

    If you needed to know what size brakes to order, you needed to know where Mazda made that vehicle. And the easiest way to find that out was to look at the VIN!

    But the VIN can tell you a lot more than just where the manufacturer assembled a vehicle. It can tell you:
    • Where the car was made

    • The company that built the car

    • The type of engine

    • The size of the engine

    • The year of the vehicle

    • Where the vehicle was assembled
    While the VIN can tell you all of these things, it's important to note that it's telling you what was on the vehicle when it came off the assembly line, not necessarily the currently installed parts. That's because the VIN the vehicle rolls off the assembly line with is the VIN that will follow that vehicle forever, regardless of any mechanical work.

    If you want to find out everything your vehicle's VIN can tell you about how your vehicle was manufactured, all you need to do is put it into one of the many available VIN decoders, like the one provided by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, for vehicles from US or for all vehicles.

    Vehicle History

    While a vehicle's VIN can tell you all kinds of cool things about the original specifications of a vehicle, it can do more than just that.

    If you have a vehicle's VIN, you can look up the vehicle's entire reported history. Anytime that a car was taken to a dealership for an oil change or was in an accident can be found with a vehicle's VIN.

    And finding out that information is easier than you think. All you need to do is type the VIN into one of the many available VIN history report checkers. Whether it's or, there are tons of services out there that let you access this information.


    When it comes to finding out information about a vehicle, nothing is more valuable than the VIN. Whether you're looking for the original specifications of a vehicle or looking for the car's history; the VIN is what you need to figure it all out.
  • Understanding GPS trackers and their varied uses Aug 23, 2019

    Science has come a long way. Every day, something new is being discovered and new ways to use it are being found. In such cases, it is important to understand as to how the different marvels of science and technology can be discovered and implemented. The GPS trackers seem to be one of them which have so much to offer.


    What are GPS trackers?

    Before we divulge and discuss further about these devices, we first need to talk about what they truly are.

    According to - the GPS trackers are mainly surveillance devices which help in tracing the location of a person or an object remotely by making smart use of the global positioning system. One can actually determine a great deal of information by tapping the right coordinates. The bets of GPS trackers can help you determine the latitudes, the longitudes, the exact coordinates, the velocity, and even the direction of the target as well.

    The verticals where GPS trackers are used

    The GPS technology in itself is very versatile and therefore it is used in almost all industrial verticals. They come in handy when it comes to mapping the forest and tracking the different details so that one could keep an eye in a meticulous manner, writes They are also used for helping the airplanes navigate; be it on the ground or in the air. They are used in law enforcement sectors for the sake of helping trace crimes or even keep an eye on suspects.

    They are used in the day care centers to keep track of elders especially the ones suffering from memory loss problems. They are also used by emergency crews and vastly by the military bases for several constructive proposes.

    So, no matter which vertical you talk about, you are bound to find some of the best uses of the GPS trackers in it.

    How to spot the right GPS trackers?

    As the GPS trackers are used massively, there is no doubt that you will find flurry of options in the market when it comes to commercial sues.

    So, if you are looking to spot the best GPS trackers which will be ideal for your use; always focus on the specifications first. There are different technical specifications as the kind of range which the trackers can offer may differ. Also, you have to make sure that you are choosing the device which is both reliable and accurate or else it would defeat the whole purpose of buying one.

    Finally, we are all mindful of the cost factor. You can get these devices spanning a wide budget and this infers that it is upon you to choose what you do best. You have to determine the apt budget and then choose the tracker which fits the budget seamlessly.

    The right decision is definitely going to work wonders and it can help you make the most of these devices. So, you have to explore the options at hand. Going through detailed reviews may also help in guiding your decision and picking the best one!
  • Why it's a good idea to check vehicle history before buying pre-owned car Feb 4, 2019

    Purchasing a new car – whether brand new or used – is a considerable investment that requires doing due diligence.

    And as you can imagine, it is quite tasking trying to check the vehicle before purchase. Now, for first-time buyers, it can get really daunting – that is, figuring out what to look out for to avoid costly repairs after buying.

    You may be wondering, “But why should I go through that much stress just to buy a new car?”
    Well, for one, you don’t want to get stuck with a vehicle that spends most of its lifetime in the mechanic shop than you get to use it; nor do you want to foot huge repair bills to get the car in shape.

    So, the smart thing to do - which is, by the way, being financially savvy – is to conduct an extensive and detailed background check on the mop you intend to buy. You can easily perform VIN number check at website.

    And apart from the physical, mechanical inspection, you’d carry out to determine how much in good shape the vehicle you intend buying is; you also need to take a sneak peek into the past – history – of the car.

    Checking the pre-owned vehicle history enables you to answer vital questions about the vehicle which may include:

    Has the car ever been involved in any accidents?

    Now, you will want to know whether the car you intend getting has any accident history. Most vehicle history report details even the smallest crashes.

    A good thing about this report is that it gives you an opening to offer less money for the car. However, keep in mind to have an independent mechanic check out the repair works to be sure it was properly and professionally done.

    Has the car suffered any other damage?

    As you know, collision is not the only damage a vehicle can suffer. Often, a car history can pull up other damage from flood, hail or fire.

    Steer clear of flood-damaged or fire-damaged vehicles. The thing is both incidents are not easily and safely repaired unlike a hail-damaged car; thereby costing you lots of money down the road or even compromising the safety of the vehicle.

    What’s the vehicle’s title history?

    Keep an eye out for the title history. You can learn quite a lot from it. For instance, too many changes in ownership within a short period is a red flag and in most cases, an indication that the previous owners were trying to submerge negative information on the title.

    Also, avoid cars branded with a salvage title. Though you may be tempted to purchase the vehicle due to its low asking price, the long term issues that may arise may not be worth it and may even cost you loads of money to repair.

    How many previous owners?

    A vehicle with only one previous owner is typically the best; so try as much as you can to go for this kind of car.

    Ensure that the car does not carry any outstanding debt from the previous owners before having the title transferred to you.

    Does the number on the odometer correspond with the one on the history report?

    The odometer tells you the age of the vehicle and how many mileage it has covered so far.

    So, it’s essential to crosscheck the reading on the odometer with the one on the report. If however, you notice a difference it’s a huge sign you should walk away.

    Finally, a vehicle history should help you have a complete idea of the road worthiness of any car and help you decide to commit yourself to make the purchase.
  • How Crypto Is Likely Going to Herald the blockchain Industry 4.0 Jul 10, 2018

    As the world keeps on evolving, then changes are inevitable. A lot of people started getting the knowledge of blockchain because of bitcoin, its applications and roots reach much deeper than that. One of the basics that you should be well conversant with is that blockchain is a technology standing on its own. It gives lots of power to bitcoin that why you find ICO’s flooded in the same, no barriers to entry thus it is easy to create.


    The main aim of the system stand is to come up with a database that is decentralized. This implies that they will not be relying that much on Microsoft or Google to store data. Thus they will have the chance to work the same way as the larger companies.

    Having been created in the year 2008 a year before bitcoin came into existence, it is an open source of a software solution. This means that anyone can edit the code. Merkle tree is a system that it operates with, which a type of data graph is created to make available versioned information access to the system of the computer.

    Merkle tree works to store files of considerable volumes in the central data set; it is basically what gives strength to bitcoin and all the other cryptosystems. It also has a significant effect on some other systems like the GIT which is the software in code management. The code has been numbered allows it to be loaded at any given time that the user finds appropriate and wish to recall the preceding description of it. This means that it can be updated from multiple sources.

    Despite its hub mechanism, the real advantage of wider "on-chain" acceptance is the "paradigm" that it offers to production. There comes the idea named industry 4.0 hovering around for several decades. Often conflated with "Internet of Things", the idea is that a new layer of "independent" technology could be initiated to generate even more effectual industrialized, allotment and release procedures for trade & customers.

    At the same time, this has often been harked to, it's never really been accepted. Many experts are now venturing into the skill as a way to make accessible the changes. Reason being that the attractive thing about "crypto" is that - as particularly evidenced by the likes of Ethereum - a variety of systems which are built on top of it can genuinely be planned to work with a layer of sense.
  • Gps tracking will add more clarity to vehicle history Jun 21, 2018

    Soon it will be possible to track a vehicle history in real time. Blockchain based startup carVeritical announced partnership deal with GPSWOX. It is a unique approach to the car history reporting, that will allow user from all around the world to better know previous vehicle history. holidays-1283014_1280.jpg

    Having the client’s privacy protection, the data are at this moment collected with the deepest of concern to avoid any misleading information. No violation of personal information by GPS coordinates streaming to any services. Installation of OBD trackers on different vehicles will see the owners benefiting a lot from the exercise.

    Lack of correct and up to date information is the main reasons for higher vehicle insurance prices. Frequently, insurers simplify information and base it on your gender, location, driving experience, age, etc. It means they allege you as if you were a standard driver, even though you are not statistics. You can be the safest driver in the globe, but you’ll still have to overpay because some others are wild.

    With carVertical, linked automobiles resolve this crisis by becoming “clear”, they do this by giving out the information of hastening, braking, preservation and alike. The appraisal of each indemnity case becomes an entity and, often, less costly.

    When you mount carVertical’s OBD mechanism, it trails your olden driving times and can split it with the insurer. Having this data, indemnity business can guess danger more precisely and offer a quality shaped unusually for you, not based on universal arithmetical averages.

    CarVertical is all about devolution and giving authority to clients. You’re the one who must help the most from our services. Therefore, when you produce and split date with carVertical OBD chaser, you must earn not only admiration from us.

    By claiming a vehicle at carVertical, you will record it as your assets. This will make you the proprietor of any data connected to that automobile. You will obtain CV tokens when this data is used.

    CarVertical OBD chaser will also work as a carVertical token miner. Installed in your car, OBD mechanism will produce and send real-time information to our data farm for dispensation. In exchange, you will be given CV tokens as a prize.

    With carVertical OBD tracker installed, your car will always be associated with carVertical’s system. Therefore, you’ll forever have most precise information about your automobile, including real-time GPS data. This will let you be acquainted with if it’s still where you left it or find it in the first parking lot around the globe.