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  • post a job or just search for a trade May 20, 2012

    For a number of years now I have thought about offering a post a job function in my directory and then sending the job requirement to the suitable businesses listed in my directory.

    I've never got much further than thinking about the idea though as I always end up asking myself, Why would someone post a job requirement rather than just ringing around 2 or 3 local tradesmen.

    Having been approached by a company who say they specialise in getting people posting job requirements but don't have enough tradesmen to send them to, I'm now considering setting something up again or emailing the tradesmen listed in my directory to tell them about this new company and see if they want to register with them too.

    Be intersting to know what people think about these sorts of things and whether they would ever post a job or not.
  • Intriguing results with my sim64 testing May 9, 2012

    Following on from my last blog post about my old sim64 site it's been a funny old week.

    The first thing I did last week was delete a page and replace it with a post on exactly the same URL. Unfortunately I forgot to make a note of the original short URL else I would have redirected it, that's by the by now though.

    It took far longer than usual for the new post to get picked up for the new content which I can only put down to the fact Google was still seing it as the old page.

    Once the new content was crawled though it came in to Google in the mid 50's for SEO Services and I then added some links to it from the sidebars of a couple of blogs.

    Coincidence or not, within a day or two of adding the links the page dropped to 150'ish

    I then removed the links again and the page shot back up to early 20's where it now sits.

    It's obviously too early, too uncontrolled, to short a time frame, etc. to know if adding and removing the links had any effect, and it's also too early to know if it will maintain or improve it's ranking - time will tell

  • Bringing an old site out of mothballs May 3, 2012

    Sim64.co.uk was one of my very first websites and is now over 10 years old.

    I've used it for numerous things over the years predominantly SEO testing, experimenting and SEO Competitions.

    In it's heyday it was a real authority site, had a PR of 7 and would rank high for virtually anything I targeted.

    This all went wrong in about 2006 when after some heavy black hat SEO experiments including cloaking and manipulation of Google strings in their results pages the site picked up the now infamous Google -30 penalty

    The whole site was in oblivion for at least 3 to 4 years and would not even rank for its own name until suddenly it started ranking again for it's name and longtail keywords.

    I then tidied the site up, installed wordpress on it and effectively mothballed it by just making the odd post every now and then.

    Jump forward another couple of years and I've decide to resume some of my old SEO experiments on the site again just to see what happens.

    Iadded a SEO Services page as a Wordpress Page some time ago, but have now deleted this and replaced it with a Wordpress Post.

    Will this make any difference and will it rank for SEO Services only time will tell.
  • Is business quieter over Easter Weekend than Christmas weekend Apr 8, 2012

    Haven't really compared Easter with Christmas before, but since Thursday afternoon I've noticed everywhere I go online appears far more quieter than I usual.

    Obviously this is due to the Easter break, but does anyoneone have any stats as to whether the Christmas or Easter weekend is quieter for business?
  • Maybe not a joke after all Apr 5, 2012

    Over the April 1st weekend I made a couple of spoof blog posts about bad backlink removal and talking about Is Link Removing the New Link Building

    I thought no more about it until I got an email asking about my backlink removal services :) then another, then another.

    I've now had 5 emails like this in the past 4 days and are begining to wonder if it can actually become a viable service?

    What do people think?
  • Is Twitter for mobile users Mar 21, 2012

    Although I've been using Twitter for a couple of years I've never really gotten in to it that much, this all changed last week when I got my first iPod Touch.

    Twitter on a mobile is completely differant and completely addictive, I don't particulary tweet a lot myself yet but what I have done is follow lots of local people, including councillors, local MP, business networking people, etc.

    I now constantly have it on and find it hard to resist the temptation to slide the screen down to reveal new tweets every 10 minutes

    Googe+ Profile
  • Photos for websites. Mar 3, 2012

    The sun is trying to shine, it just needs to warm up a bit and I will be out with the camera just snapping away at everything that moves.

    The idea is that I will create a website of literally thousands of photos, then whenever I am blogging about anything just pull a photo in to go in the blog post.

    Blogs always look better with photos or images, but I just don't trust getting images from anywhere even the stock photo websites, so this is the ideal way of doing it.

    I might even use them on my Google+ pages so my posts there always have a different image with them.
  • Google+ Profile or Google+ Page What to post as? Feb 25, 2012

    I decided to tidy up my Google+ Profile page over the weekend.

    As I have about 4 other Google+ Pages I sometimes have to decide whether to post as a Page or a Profile which has led to my profile getting a bit neglected.

    I've decided to cut down and posting or commenting when signed in as my page but instead post more as my profile.

    To improve my profile page I took my camera with me up the fields to get some photos to go on my profile page.

    I haven't added them yet but will try to add them to mypage soon at Google+
  • Why do people blog? Jan 21, 2012

    Somebody asked me the weirdest question today, they wanted to know why and what I had blogged about someone in a little blog post I made over 10 months ago?

    It got me thinking though, now that blogging is used so much for business use, for marketing use, for SEO etc. have people forgoten what blogging was originally for?

    I probably blog at least 6 or 7 times a week across multiple blogs on multiple sites about multiple subjects.

    I only really use 1 or 2 sites for marketing blog posts, the rest are basically just used for waffling, keeping an online diary and generally waffling on about whatevers on my mind at the time.

    Asking me why I made a particular blog post over 10 months ago seems a little strange, do other people still blog the same way as I do? just waffle away and write about things happening around them?

    It's kind of sad the way blogging has been taken over my marketers :redface:
  • Please Please Please get control of your TAG Jan 13, 2012

    I've written about it before and I dare say I'll write about it again, please, please, please make sure you control the tag of your domains and ensure they are registered in your name.

    With the last 3 people I've helped with their websites, the biggest hurdle is due to the fact they don't have control of their domains.

    Sometimes they don't even have a clue where they are even registered and re-gaining control of their websites is a nightmare.

    This is especially true if the person they use for their hosting also registered their domain.
  • DuckDuckGo Search Engine on V1 SEO Jan 8, 2012

    As a little test I added a DuckDuckGo Site Search to the SEO Blog section of V1 SEO today.

    Although the blog part of V1 SEO is controlled by Wordpress, the homepage and numerous other pages are stand alone sections, which means the default Wordpress Search facility doesn't find those pages.

    Maybe a little sad and pathetic, but the main reason for initially adding a DuckDuckGO search box was I liked the picture of the duck :rolleyes:

    Not too sure about it yet, but they have what looks like a useful DuckDuckGo Community Forum where you can ask questions, make suggestions, solve problems or just discuss DDG

    At the moment when you add a DDG site search box to your own site the results are returned on DuckDuckGo it would be nice if you could frame the results on your own website similar to Google CSE, I've asked if it's possible on the DDG forum - http://duck.co/topic/using-ddg-as-a-site-search-iframing-results-page Hopefully someone will answer soon.

    I'm not too sure about the results yet, at the moment it seems to list all pages that mention the search word on it, but the pages you would expect to rank highest don't

    Early days though, I'll keep testing it for a bit longer (for the sake of the duck)
  • Emailing Without Spamming Jan 5, 2012

    In all the years I've been running my directory I've only really bothered trying to email members once, and that was a disaster.

    It wasn't even a marketing email it was providing some important information about directory listings and some changes I was having to make at the time.

    I initially sent out a batch of about 1 or 2 thousand as a test, waited a couple of days then sent 10,000 a day out for 3 days.

    What a big mistake that was,

    1. For some reason people were receiving duplicate copies and I got a few complaints.

    2. Some people moaned because they received emails in the middle of the night (must have had their mobiles set to receive them).

    3. But worst of all I was so inundated with replies to the email I sent out that I just couldn't cope and ended up deleting 99% of them without even opening them :(

    I'm now in the position where I want to send more information to people again, but really dread being labeled as a spammer and dread being able to cope with the replies again.

    I would love to know how others cope with this problem, I'm thinking of just sending out a couple of thousand and waiting giving myself 3 or 4 days to handle replies before sending out the next batch, but at that rate it would take me all year to work through the list :(
  • London Fireworks 2012 Jan 1, 2012

    I don't normally bother too much with New Years Eve (apart from the fact it's our wedding anniversary) and don't really bother much with fireworks either.

    I must say though, after waiting up to midnight I was really impressed by the fireworks display in London to see 2012 in.

    The timing of the fireworks was amazing and the wayb they used the backdrop of Big Ben and the London Eye was stunning.

    No idea if extra was spent on fireworks this year because of the London Olympics or whether it was just the same as normal years, but I can't remember seing a display as good as this before, even in Millenium year.

    Hopefully a precursor and warm up for the London 2012 opening ceremony.
  • Why do people list in directories Nov 27, 2011

    I've come to the conclusion that I have been far too generous with my free directory listings and decided to make the registration process a little more tricky.

    After people register now they receive an email saying their listing is waiting to be approved together with a message saying they will need to log in to approve their listing and complete the registration process.

    Amazingly, the % of people who actually log in to approve their listings is really low, which means they probably took a good 10 minutes setting up their listing, but then couldn't be bothered to spend an extra minute checking it is OK and approving it.

    This makes me wonder just why are they listing in directories?
  • Hello, I'm phoning from Google Sep 29, 2011

    I got a call earlier in the week which started,

    "Hello, I'm phoning from Google"

    Was just about to tell him where to go and hang up when I realised he was genuine.

    It turned out he was from the Google Engage for Agencies team, we had a quick chat and I obviously gave a good impression as he signed me straight up without having to go through the basic training.

    He gave me some further information about Google My Client and also set me up with 20 £50 AdWords vouchers.

    I haven't had time to have a proper look yet, but hopefully will try to make some time over the weekend.