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  • Matt Cutts For A Day Apr 1, 2013

    It only needs a few dozen people who have their Google Authorship photo displaying in the results to make this look good

  • Moved Google+ Page Feb 1, 2013

    I recently moved my main Google+ Page from https://plus.google.com/103563672979902985266 to https://plus.google.com/104436605347101495088 and have now verified it as a Google+ Local Page.

    The problem now is that the old Page appears far stronger than the new page and stops the new page appearing in the SERPs.

    To combat this I have renamed the old Page, will wait a week to see if it solves the problem but if not will have to either edit a lot of posts or delete the old Page completely.
  • Find Your Google Author Rank with the Sim64 Google Author Rank Checker Jan 25, 2013

    Googe+ Profile

    I created a Google Author Rank Checker today which tells you your Author Rank and also allows you to find the Author Rank of anyone who has a Google+ Profile.

    You simply add your Google+ ID number in to the Google Author Rank Checker to display your Google Author Rank score.

    I will also be providing Author Rank badges so people can display their Author Rank on their own blogs or websites.

    Watch this space for further information on Author Rank Badges.
  • Exchanged, completed and picked up keys. Jan 16, 2013

    Well we finally exchanged, completed and I picked up the keys yesterday. :)

    All set to go and make a start today but it was too bl***y cold :(

    Amazing, I spent 20+ years on the building working out in all weathers, but now won't go and do some internal work on my own place because it's too cold.

    Sat behind this keyboard for the past few years has obviously softened me up.
  • Little tip for people using the blog here on UKBF Jan 13, 2013

    This is a little tip for all of you who are using the blog facility here, make sure you either switch comments off or set them so they have to be approved before displaying.

    You can do this by default on all posts or change settings on individual posts.

    Also bear in mind that if you have old posts which are set up to allow comments, changing the default setting now may not change the settings on your old posts.

    It may be worthwhile flicking through your old posts and changing the settings.
  • Roll on Tuesday Jan 11, 2013

    Contracts Signed - Check

    Money transfered to solicitor - Check

    Contracts Exchanged - Tuesday 15th

    Completion - Tuesday 15th

    3 days of fingers crossing and we pick the keys up :)

    And this is just a 2nd property with no chain, no mortgage and no removals to worry about.

    I remember now why house buying is so stressful.
  • Google Authorship and Structured Data Testing Jan 9, 2013

    With Google Authorship and Structured Data being a big thing at the moment I thought I would share some of the Structured Data Testing that I have been carrying out for the past 6 months.

    This little test consist of 4 very similar pages using schema Microdata.

    Two of the pages also include the rel=author tag and are linked up to my Google+ Profile.

    The purpose of the test was to see if Authorship Tags and Microdata compliment each other and both display when using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool (or as it used to be known as the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool)

    Findings, conclusions and test pages can be found here - http://www.sim64.co.uk/structured-data-test/testing.php

    Googe+ Profile
  • Is 2013 the year I do something with my old domains Jan 5, 2013

    2013 is already going to be a strange year as I step back from the Internet for a while to concentrate on getting my 2 houses both extended and updated.

    Will 2013 also be the year I finally sort out some of my old domains as well though?

    I had a bit of a tidy up over Christmas to find I have 106 domains at 123-reg, 8 still with Easyspace, 5 with UK-Reg and another 4 or 5 scattered around with differant hosts.

    At the moment I would estimate only about 50 of them have 10 or more pages of content on, 20 have 5 or less virtually empty pages, 20 just have a landing page, 10 have hosting but no content at all and about 20 are not even hosted.

    Every January I say the same thing and that is to just get 10 pages of good content on every domain and then try to keep everyone updated and edited at least once a month.

    It started pretty well last year hence the 50 with 10 or more pages of good content, but I soon lapsed again and crept in to the old bad habit of only really using about 10 sites throughout the year on a regular basis.

    This January is different, rather than planning on getting content on all 120 sites I will be more realistic and drop at least 20 - 40 domains which I will never use, set a landing page on at least another 20, put just 5 pages of content on another 20, 10 pages on 20 and and try to keep this 30 or 40 just ticking over.

    This still means I will only be concentrating on about 10 sites regularly thoughout the year but realastically with what's happening at the moment I think that's for the best.

    So what to do with the 40 or so I doubt I will even use? Do I just let them drop, offer them out as single domains, put them in groups of 5 or 10, or see if anyone is prepared to pay for them all in one big group?
  • Why do Solicitors always do things at 10 past 5 on Fridays Jan 4, 2013

    I'm in the process of buying a new property, mortgage free, cash purchase, no chain, empty property which vendor wanted a quick sale on.

    Here we are, 7 weeks on from when my offer was accepted and still haven't bought it :(

    My solicitor blames theirs, their solicitor blames mine, both solicitors blame Christmas.

    The thing I have noticed during this is that both solicitors seem to do everything on a late Friday afternoon or send documents out to arrive on a Friday.

    I dare say I will be getting an email at about 5:10 this afternoon saying we are waiting for one last dodument or that a document arrived this morning which he will look at early next week (and then get back to me about at 5:10 next Friday) :mad:
  • Big changes in 2013 Dec 29, 2012

    With 2012 drawing to an end it's time to start thinking about 2013

    2013 will be avery different year for me especially on the business front.

    We should complete on the new property purchase in early January and it is then a case of putting all business activities on the back burner as I first modenise and update the new property and then once we move in to there start work on modernising, extending and updating the White Cottage.

    I am estimating at least 4 to 6 months to get the new property completely finished and a further 4 to 6 months extending and updating White Cottage

    I won't be closing the business completely while this goes on, but will just automate directory entries more, switch of upgrade options and just let it run itself.

    The SEO side of things will be on complete hold apart from a bit of blogging and maintaining existing site.

    The ramps side of things will carry on as normal but with telephone numbers and emails diverted to different mobiles.

    To be honest it couldn't come at a better time, the fun is starting to wain of with web work, the directory scammers are getting more and more annoying and the thought of getting back to doing some actual manual work and getting my hands dirty again is quite exciting.

    Which of the 2 properties eventually becomes our main residence is a bit up in the air at the moment, but if we do decide to stay in the new property I very much doubt we will sell White Cottage, but will instead just keep it as a 2nd home.
  • No more free rides (at least not as easy anyway) Jul 24, 2012

    I've been running my directory for 7 or 8 years now and in all that time have always allowed free listings.

    Initially I allowed free listings to bulk up the entries and the plan was that once I got to 50,000 I would still provide free listings but also provide upgrade options as well.

    Once reaching 100,000 listings I planned on switching of free listings and only allowing paid, but as people were engaging with me and the directory a bit when registering I didn't bother changing anything.

    After reaching 150,000 listings I thought I really must do something better with the directory but got distrscted by other sites and again never got around to it.

    So here we are now with nearly 170,000 businesses registered and close to 500 new ones a week registering.

    The past 12 months has seen less engagement and interaction and I've come to the conclusion people only register for the free ride now, very few people bother thanking me anymore and I even get people moaning about not approving quick enough or updating listings (which I do free of charge)

    I've decided enough is enough especially as it is school holidays and from now on will still be allowing free listings but will be making it more difficult to find the page, also those that do register will not be approved untill I do bulk approvals every 14 days.

    Sad really, but I think most people registering don't realise their is a person at the other end of the registration process who has to monitor, edit and approve listings before they go live, all for free.
  • Google Authorship Testing - Part 2 Jul 17, 2012

    Following on from last weeks Swaxzty64 test I can now confirm that Google will still display a Google+ Profile image and Author name alongside a page in the SERPs even when that page has no authorship tags on it.

    The test page was set up with all Authorship tags deliberately ommited but Google still displays my Google+ Profile image and name in the results pages.

    Further tests appear to indicate that the email address on the page is key to whether this happens or not.

  • Google Authorship Testing Jul 11, 2012

    I don't think this test will work

    I hope this test won't work

    See this page to see if this test worked - Swaxzty64

    Contact [email protected] if you want to know more about this test before I post more here.

  • Don't forget to change your canonicals May 31, 2012

    I still like to dabble with building static websites and when I do Itent to create a homepage, get it set up well and then use the same page as the template for the other pages.

    I did this the other day for a site selling Stone House Signs and Pet Memorial Stones but was surprised that the pet memorials page just wasn't getting indexed by Google.

    The main House signs page was fine, but the other pages just were not getting indexed.

    After a few days I thought there must be something wrong, delved in to the source code and found immediately what I had done wrong :(

    When setting up the initial page I had added the canonical tag rel="canonical" href="http://www.v1seo.co.uk/signs/" and then when using the template for the other pages I had forgotten to change it :redface:

    This has resulted in Google displaying the house signs page cache for all the pages.

    I corrected all the pages as soon as I noticed but that was 3 or 4 days ago and still no sign of them getting indexed.

    A lesson for everyone - Don't forget to change your canonical tags if using template pages.
  • post a job or just search for a trade May 20, 2012

    For a number of years now I have thought about offering a post a job function in my directory and then sending the job requirement to the suitable businesses listed in my directory.

    I've never got much further than thinking about the idea though as I always end up asking myself, Why would someone post a job requirement rather than just ringing around 2 or 3 local tradesmen.

    Having been approached by a company who say they specialise in getting people posting job requirements but don't have enough tradesmen to send them to, I'm now considering setting something up again or emailing the tradesmen listed in my directory to tell them about this new company and see if they want to register with them too.

    Be intersting to know what people think about these sorts of things and whether they would ever post a job or not.