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  • How Will Trump Presidency Affect the Tech World Feb 28, 2017

    The most disruptive elections in American history concluded with a surprising victory of Mr. Donald Trump as the 45th US President. He is an eminent businessman of the country and a person known to put forward his opinions strongly. In his massive election rallies, he made many statements and promises about the improvement of job conditions in America. There are many sectors where Trump Presidency may have a dramatic influence, including the tech world. Here are discussed the key actions planned by the new President and their impact on the industry as a whole.


    Tech Mergers and Acquisitions:

    The scrutiny will increase for software technology service vendors and digital companies. This development was announced in the wake of a merger between two leading conglomerates, viz. Time Warner and AT&T. The Trump administration has decided that acquisitions of service vendors with digital companies will not be encouraged as it may lead to absorption of power in a few hands.The Issue of Net Neutrality

    This issue hovered over the tech world for some time now. Net Neutrality refers to seamless access to the internet with equality of speed and content. The president hasn’t issued any new policies related to digital copyrights. Under the regime of Mr. Barack Obama, the FCC had put a ban on slow internet connections. Another issue fueled by his statements is freedom of the internet. He has expressly voiced his opinion on introducing liberal laws for suing the outlets publishing negative content online. These regulations will curb the open internet across the USA with stricter laws governing the content shared on any online platform.

    Restrictions on Talent Immigration:

    President Trump has mentioned that he is completely opposed to the illegal immigration by H-1B Visa holders, especially in the leading tech companies. Despite announcing better packages for legal immigrants, this decision will largely affect the American tech giants hiring skilled workers from abroad due to which foreign workers will become complicated and expensive, hence hiring Americans will be only alternative left.

    Funding for R&D in Tech Industry:

    Under the Obama administration, many efforts were undertaken by the government for federal funding of research and development in the tech industry. There were initiatives like National Strategic Computing for setting up labs, working on supercomputers, etc. However, no signs of progress are made by the Trump administration in this regard. Though, it is too early to contemplate any such move since this government is still in its nascent stage.

    Changes in Taxation and Trade Laws:

    Taxation has always been under the eye of President Trump from his campaigning days. He has declared to cut the tax rates massively from 35% to 15%. This move will promote investments in the USA-based businesses, leading to the generation of more employment for the countrymen and will lead to the upliftment of the American economy. At the same time, the administration is planning to impose higher taxes on imported goods. He has asked the tech companies to bring their operations back to the country. However, this move may negatively affect the industry since US tech corporations are leading this space globally due to the liberal trade policy. Their revenue generated is higher in the overseas markets. Hence, new policies will raise the costs of selling their products across the world.

    Cyber Security:

    The issue of cyber security is worrying the tech industry since a long time. The need is constant and felt to fortify the security of this space in the USA. Hence, President Trump has shown a steadfast commitment to curb the hacking attempts and cyber threats from the stateless hackers and countries like China and Russia. He is looking to remove these vulnerabilities in the best manner possible.

    Since the election of Mr. Trump as American President, all eyes are centered on his policies and tech agendas. There has been no clarity in this space till now. A lot of implications will depend on the implementation of the announcements that he made in his campaigns. Until then, we can only wait, watch and hope for the best to come.

    Author Biography: Arun Goyal is Founder at Octal Info Solution, web & mobile app development company. Technology innovation and trends insight come easy to Arun with his thorough knowledge in the domain. A leader in his own rights, his grad-friends see him as an avid researcher and a technology evangelist. See him talking about ideas, trends and technology as a part-time author to this blog. Follow him on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Mistakes that can lead your Exciting Mobile app Venture to a Failure Jan 2, 2017

    An idea that formulates to a product may or may not always taste success. Sometimes it reaches to its glory and at time smashed down by the world. The laddering market of the mobile app is no exception. A mobile startup that roots with a great idea may not always garner sweet results in the longer run. Mobile app development is a lucrative business and as predicted, by the end of the year 2016, the total number of app downloads will easily reach over 211 billion. Astonishing is the game of numbers and you can be rest assured to witness no near end of the app market. But the question that flinches many is - why some exciting mobile app fails? We decoded the reasons right here:


    1. It all lies in the designing:

    You can’t blame anything more than the poor app design for a reason of significant failure. If you fail in impressing the audience with a user-friendly and exciting interference, your chances are hazy to conquer. A successful mobile app venture succeeds wearing the shoes of the user himself. Poor app designing contributes to the fact that the app is not able to make a significant business as expected. High image resolution, the perfect placing of buttons, unbeatable user interface and proper user experience are some key factors to not miss.

    2. Eye on the competition:

    Any potential business cannot make stories if it is lacking in eyeing the activities of the competition. After all, it is where you get an edge over the market. Evidently, 20% of start-ups failed significantly because of this crucial factor. By and large, your focus should be on your business, but neglecting the activities of your competition may deflect you from your significant move. Strategize better with the help of analytics and align your focus on the basics to rise prolifically.

    3. Target audience not defined:

    Growth needs a defined horizon to implement the strategies and function better. When an app is built it is built for a targeted audience set in mind. Specify your audience and potential users to fabricate a product that meets the needs, demands and uses of the defined sector. Choose your market niche and narrow it to go with the specifications. Revenues should not go unreasoned but delivery to the mobile customers comes first.

    4. Insufficient capital:

    Starting a project with insufficient capital makes it vulnerable to many risks and failures. However, entrepreneurs don't hesitate to take this risk. It is said that for a business to run properly you do not need 90% of the capital, it should be 100%. It is unignorable and undisputable. Allocate time and money wisely as this is the core of many start-ups and filling the pond with the needful leads to a smooth run.

    5. Frequent changes in the development model:

    All the developers go with the fact that frequent changes in the middle of the agreed features lead to undesirable results in the app formation process. Ideas are invited by human brains but when implemented to the app it could be both- easy and hard to implement. The written code needs to be altered again and in some cases, it may affect the app response in the testing stage.

    6. Flaws in app marketing strategy:

    As far as app development is crucial likewise app marketing is equally significant. Regardless of what kind of business you are into, app marketing does wonder in elevating your business to new heights. A huge number of mobile app venture failed because of ignorance in a prosperous app marketing. With high energy invested in app development and execution, the energy should stay lived up or executed to high spirits to this stage as well. The social network is a boon and app marketing is witnessing new numbers with this platform.

    Bottom line

    Mobile app development is a remunerative business but comes with hurdles and severe challenges.It is not only these steps, but proper testing,a well-experienced development and testing team, proper customer feedback and many key factors are responsible for making an app successful. While failures are hard to catch, but if it is detected, try to eradicate the same then and there. That's, business is with high spirits, so make sure these tips are taken care while you invest a good energy and price in making a product.
  • Is Mankind Becoming a Slave of Mobile Devices? Dec 14, 2016

    We have grown up with not so technology oriented life as it is today. Our elders have witnessed parts of it and our forefathers only have dream of it. Well, the dreams came to execution and now existence. This is the web of technology which is irresistible to get out of. It is rising and will continue to do the same. Our children or upcoming generation are well garnered and loathed with bountiful of gadgets and their bringing up is all surrounded by some ingenious tech machines that let them engrossed.


    Human is prone to adaptability and accepts everything more readily. It could be the environment that influences everyone around and we are stuck in this web. But whom are we blaming at the end of the day? Mankind evolves from mankind. The joyful and extremely convenient gadget we love to use was a cordless phone in the past. A big joy it was and now mobiles took over the leap. Same ways, the brilliant use of washing machine for laundry has stepped in digitally with laundry and dishes both and that too with high-end features.

    Likewise, mobile technology has not spared anyone. The mobile devices and its influence on human beings is interesting to discuss:

    Convenience budging control

    Do you remember the waking up movement without any snooze button and digital action? Well, that is the call we all may have lost it now. We are enveloped brilliantly in the control of the technology that our actions speak about some digital assistance. This is like the minimal we could let our body to do. Right? But we failed. Mobile devices are taking lives on new heights of course, but the basic human body functioning for kickstarting a day with assistance is certainly dreadful.

    Lack of in-person interactions:

    While we are becoming more digitally active, social interference is diminishing. The joy and ecstasy of meeting old friends over and over again are replaced with simple mobile texts and Whatsapp emoticons. Mankind adapts to the environment and a digitally centric environment is what in his shores as of now.

    Don’t you agree with the fact how life was surprising when every time you hang up with friends and family over and share little bundle of joys? A phone conversation is worthy enough where sitting at several miles you can be in touch, but if have an accessibility jumping over just to say “hi” is priceless.

    New dimensions to life:

    Technology savvy world is all about lacking few things that were close to your heart. From preparing your own food with raw measures to completely reclining on microwaves and devouring packed foods is a change. This is just another instance, but if you act pensive and thought about how life is completely trapped with the handful of digital influence you will be shocked to believe.

    It all calls for a new dimension we have given to our lives. The new dimensions are healthy and making us motivated and diligently involved in work and social circle, but it is somewhere losing the true essence of life. If you don’t agree with the thoughtful behavior, look at your grandparents who are still alien to technological influence. Some may have adopted it somewhere but they are still not inclined like us to it. They have set their life with certain rules and their priorities definitely differ from ours. A new dimension in our life is well explained with some strange comparison to how they are less vulnerable to the digital world and mobile devices.

    Mobile apps added more fumes

    Mobile devices are just pleasantly involved in any activity we execute today. From an easy cab ride in spite of driving by your own vehicle to cook with the cookery apps, change is there. Stay fit with health apps to imbibe beauty from beauty apps. Well, it all calls for a big assistance with mobile apps and a mobile app development company has offered us.

    But what do we call it?

    An assistance or a loss of power!!

    Apps have definitely made life easier and fruitful but reclining on something digital every time may make your actions and intellect paralyzed. A human brain should monitor the way and for the purpose, it has been made. Give a call to your action and play it for something creative.

    In a nutshell, technology is just one aspect and humans are quite fragile who have lead it overpower their lives. If technology has made such influence deeply and drastically, it is only because we have let it to do. While convenience and a pool of opportunities it has opened are welcomed, keeping a note on your lifestyle and health is something unaccepted.

    A human can become a slave to anything only if he/she allows it, rest is history.
  • What the future beholds for mobile app development based on IoT? Nov 21, 2016

    The pervasiveness of mobile technology is opening up the newer avenues of growth for technologically-driven industries. IoT or Internet of Things is the icing on the cake with its potential to touch every aspect of human lives. The integration of these two has resulted in exponential growth for the mobile app development market.

    In the simple terms, IoT is the framework of connected devices working with unique identifiers to transfer the big data across the networks. It uses sensors to transmit the data and Cloud technology is integrated to enhance its graphical interface and security features. This merger is in a revolutionary phase and the future seems promising with the possibilities like:

    Strengthening the Backend Infrastructure:

    Almost every industry is reliant on IoT to accentuate its operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. From healthcare to retail, energy, and automotive sectors, big data and automation needs for backend infrastructure are growing at a fast pace. With multiple sensor nodes and smart devices, the healthcare industry can manage information easily and effectively. Smart retailing with big data analytics and smarter supply chains are other main beneficiaries of this technology.

    Facilitating Hybrid Apps:

    The hybrid app development is a process that reduces the costs entailed in this field. It allows creation of smart apps that can cater to the varying demands of their users. With their stunning user experience and advanced features, these apps are the future of mobile app development.

    Expanding the Scope of Wearable Tech:

    Wearable tech is the most sustainable component of mobile technology. The users are turning towards the fitness trackers, smart watches, smart glasses, et al for the ultimate experiences. With the power of IoT-enabled apps working on these devices, they will become your magical wand to handle colossal tasks with great ease. From adjusting the lighting effects in a room to accessing your TV, it can make life simpler in more ways than you have envisaged.

    Scope for Smart Manufacturing:

    IoT is also headed towards the evolution of manufacturing industry. Smart manufacturing can be made possible by capturing the data in real-time for developing the apps to assist in employee safety, inventory tracking, flow optimization, and production updates. The POS or Point of Sale systems enabled by IoT can transfer this information to a secured server for various purposes.

    A Move towards Smarter Homes:

    Home automation is a distant dream turned into reality by IoT. In the imminent times, this industry will exhibit extraordinary growth with the introduction of innovative IoT apps for controlling smart homes. Imagine a home where the appliances will work on your commands and detect your presence. It sounds exciting and can be made true by IoT. Once functional, it will help to reduce the energy and maintenance costs and solve the security issues instantly.

    Smart Cities Will Become A Possibility:

    The cutting-edge technologies and intensive mobile-based research will help IoT in redefining the ways we see the future of our cities. Their ubiquitous presence, seamless connectivity, and advantage of big data have opened many paths for making the cities smarter. Real-time data will be used for remotely monitoring the systems including garbage collection, traffic management, security, and water distribution. IoT apps can be used for surveillance, lighting, security, and lots more through remote devices.

    With an estimated 21 million devices connected through the internet by 2020, it can be concluded that mobile app development can leverage the power of IoT for an enriching UI and UX.
  • 10 Scariest Halloween Games for Android Users Nov 3, 2016

    The spooky night of Halloween is just around the corner. So, are you all set with your fun costumes to do some trick-or-treating? Well, if you are more inclined to sit back in a corner and enjoy the festival on your Android mobile, it is time to check out the amazing games ready to entertain you. Here are given the top 10 Halloween Android games that you must check out:

    1. Dark Meadow: The Pact:

    This is an intriguingly spooky game based on the storyline of Montclair Hospital. You will encounter the scariest demons haunting an old deserted structure. You have to find a spirit wandering in this dilapidated place to answer all your questions.

    2. Gun Zombie: Halloween:

    You must be already aware of Gun Zombie series of Android games. It is taken a step further with a unique Halloween theme for extra thrill. You have to kill all the zombies except those having pumpkin heads.


    3. Bouncy Bill Halloween:

    Enjoy the cuteness of your favorite Bouncy Bill as it gets loaded with a fun Halloween theme. Here, you have a turtle that only jumps through the ghost balloons and cute pumpkins.

    4. The Great Pumpkin Festival:

    Want something to entertain your kids? This Android game development is meant to accomplish this purpose. Featuring with Charlie Brown and his crew, it requires players to dress up as peanuts characters, carve pumpkins, and share them online.

    5. Halloween City:

    If you are looking to spend the whole night by playing games on your phone, then Halloween City is best suited for you. Everything is tied to a scary Halloween theme to keep you on the edge.

    6. Dead Runner:

    In this interesting game, players are supposed to run through the haunted woods and gain speed using tilt controls. It comes with three game modes and a lot of scary stuff to frighten them all through.

    6. Escape Game-Halloween Castle:

    It is the same old Escape game obviously with a lot of spooky elements. Here, you have to escape from scary characters and rooms while collecting the candies to open some doors of this Halloween Castle.

    7. Hidden Object: Happy Halloween:

    This is the Halloween themed game from Hidden Object genre on Android. Like its counterparts, you need to search a hidden object in an eerie setting of this game.

    8. Coin Dozer Halloween:

    It is the digital avatar of the popular coin pusher machines found in a games arcade. Due to its Halloween theme, be ready to push a lot of nasty creatures along with the coins in this game.

    9. Zombiewood:

    This game developed by Gameloft features one stuntman killing the zombies around Los Angeles. It has 10 game modes and 11 themed movie sets to keep you enthralled.

    10. Magic Alchemist Halloween:

    It is one of the simplest Halloween android games that must try this year. It is based on Tetris with the only difference that here you have to use Halloween stuff instead of blocks and potion bottles.

    These are the top 10 Halloween based Android games that you shouldn’t miss out in 2016.
  • Understanding the Prominent Trend of Android Apps for Small Businesses Oct 19, 2016

    A key marketing medium that provides immense potential and scope for small businesses is an android application. Small businesses, especially local ones can make a lot for themselves with an app for their business. From local stores to service providers, every business today has been splurging on creating an innovative app in order to interact with their customers as well as sell their services with ease. A platform that is not only accessible by an audience every hour of every day, but can also combine social and engaging elements along with ease of use to provide maximum satisfaction; it does not get better than that!

    Giving Businesses an Edge

    While most people have an average of 25 applications being installed at a given time, it may seem like a lot for an app to compete with. But it is definitely a much better deal than trying to go against the millions of websites on the internet, which means the scales are already tipped towards the business.

    Creating Brand Value

    For any business to succeed in the long term, it is important to begin working on the brand itself. This stands true even for small businesses who have begun to realize the importance and prestige associated with having a business app. It not only does a great deal to boost the image of the brand but also help make it appear reliable.

    The Battle between various Marketing Platforms

    While platforms such as social media have come leaps and bounds since its inception, especially as a marketing tool, it is still primarily a place where people go to connect with the world at large. This means that while the number of targeted audiences may be higher, the mix is still a much diluted one. Plus, social media is crammed with information, making it all the more difficult for a page to stand out and generate the right results. Even the efficiency of email marketing is declining as a large number of mailers go unopened or even noticed. With an application on the other hand one can easily send push notifications that provide precise, attention grabbing alerts one cannot miss on their smart phone!

    Choosing the Right App Development Platform

    A delicate decision every business owner seeking to create an app is to select an app development platform. Businesses, especially smaller or locally owned ones are going the android way. With android commanding over 80 percent of the market share, it is most obvious choice to make. However, there are a number of other advantages to having an android based mobile application such as:

    Taking a Giant Baby Step

    Small businesses need to make their starter budget stretch the most. With smaller room for error, one needs to make sure that they make the most profitable decision when it comes to business. This means, developing an android based app is an obvious, predictable but necessary step. With the numbers already being in the favor of the small business, as a starting point, it’s the best strategy to use. While closing doors on potential customers is not something business owners may wish to do, an android app is the most sensible way to test the competitive waters before diving into it.


    A Thriving, Open Ecosystem

    One of the core ideas behind android was to create an open ecosystem that would not put up more barriers than needed. Even after Google’s acquisition, this has not been a feature fiddled with. This means small businesses can add their own applications to the store without hassle. While other platforms demand for a long and drawn out approval process, android helps get any application online in no time.

    Basic Android Features

    Android is an open source platform which means android developers have far more access to their operating system versus others. This helps them develop custom features depending on what the business would benefit from as well as provide customers with an engaging experience. Small and local businesses can instantly connect with their audience and allows for developers to create an app that is truly unique from others.

    Reaching Out to Additional Stores

    Another reason why most small business owners, especially ones who are creating an app for the first time, prefer android as a platform is because it facilitates app distribution. One can distribute an app to stores besides Google play as well, giving them an opportunity to reach out to far more customers without having to jailbreak.

    The various features and benefits of the android, stemming off from their core values has created a simple to comprehend platform making it easier for small businesses to go digital. Their consumer friendly systems allow for a much deeper penetration of the market and success with the new app. This is why small businesses today are emphasizing on developing android based apps with passion!
  • Will Allo be able to surpass the popularity of Facebook Messenger? Sep 28, 2016

    Well, the fact can’t be denied that Google has been unlucky as it comes to messaging applications. Even though praises came its way in the app arena still the firm failed to make ends meet in case of messaging. Speaking of Google Hangouts, it was more of a saving grace but had many shortcomings which made transitions a lot difficult. This way, Facebook Messenger successfully bagged all the limelight with a solid approach towards things.

    Of late we saw that Google has been hung-ho about its new messaging platforms Duo and Allo, seeming to be very ambitious about it. However, Duo is more of video calling app, whereas Google Allo turns out to be like a simple messaging application, however with many thrills. Now If Google is placing Allo as the Facebook Messanger competitor, then let’s find out where it stands. Will it succeed in surpassing the Facebook Messenger as it comes to a cohesive messaging platform after coming short with Google+ and Google Hangouts?


    Let’s explore

    First things, it comes out as strange that why a firm as big as Google is stepping in the world of messaging. Well, here we tell you the reason. It’s all about engaging users and now Google too want to join the league.

    Google Allo is a suffix derived from the French adaptation of ‘hello’. In fact why only Facebook messenger, but in the coming times it plans of taking down WhatsApp, WeChat and everything existing. Speaking of engagement, at this time Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat leads the chart. After all, a basic smartphone user spends around 23 hours over social apps including the ones used for messaging. Hence, it is unchartered territory to engage the audience the way you desire and to what level. And now Google has identified the same.

    Comparison with Faceebook Messanger

    Well, from what it looks, Allo seems to be better in some ways, however it needs more time. What makes Allo unique is the machine learning-based Google Assistant, which is referred to as Expression as well as security.

    The Google Assistant (AI tool) leverages entire Google’s power to store and find out information. This way two friends chatting regarding a restaurant can right away search for the closest eatery without having to close the chat window. In fact Facebook offers useful features like Poncho helps users with the weather updates. However Google Allo has taken it to a new level. Its integrated bot automatically reads into the context of your chat showing up relevant results. Thus, you don’t require to jump from an app to app putting your conversation on hold.

    There is again an interesting feature of Allo such as whisper or shout. Use this feature to slide up or down on the send button so to change the size of your reply which means you don’t require writing in caps at the time when you’re fuming. Then there is one more feature called INK which allow you to be creative with photos, like you can doodle on them and a lot more.

    Now lately there has been upheaval when it came out that Facebook will be able to access users WhatsApp account details, and hence security and privacy turned to be a huge concern. On the contrary, Allo has this incognito chat mode, allowing the conversation starter to set the time so the messages can be automatically erased from the mobile application of all parties involved in the chat. However, we still can’t say how Allo will satisfy the audience in terms of security until encryption experts have a say over it.

    Conclusion: Even though Allo offers myriad smart features but it also has its limitation as we can’t say whether your friends will be keen to shift to another messenger app. Thus, all can be said it that Allo requires some time but it’s sure a promising app.
  • Top Practices to Increase Consumer Engagement on Business Mobile Sep 28, 2016

    A number of apps are introduced in the market on everyday basis however a study shows that more than 20% of apps are downloaded and just used once. They get abandoned thereafter. Going by the numbers, you will find around 50 apps in the phones of smartphone users and your app has chances of getting lost easily in the competing marketplace.

    Big brands like McDonald’s Instagram, Runkeeper, Starbucks and a lot other use mobile apps in order to enhance loyalty, improve sales and enrich the overall customer experience, however many others fail to come upon an effective strategy. This way you don’t require to just invest in an app but ensure that your app fits in the company’s overall goals and consolidates its brand loyalty while it needs to be also backed by a strong product and marketing strategy.


    Here we discuss the practices you need to implement in order to monetize on your app and encourage customer interaction:

    Improve Accessibility
    The best thing one can do to boost app downloads is to enhance their customers’ mobile experience, making things a lot easier for them by streamlining user experience. It’s necessary to find and remove pain points in customer interactions across all platforms. Like an app needs to register via social sites like Facebook and Twitter so you can facilitate one-click registration solutions as this way users gain immediate access.

    Make Emails Mobile-Friendly
    Earlier it was optional to deliver email marketing that could be read on mobile devices however now it has become a necessity. You must keep a message’s subject line short, placing high up in the message your brand name, the offer and the call to action. It’s vital that keep your email design simple and light on text, offering a link to your company’s website or Facebook page as this way reader can get to know a lot more.

    Mobile Exclusives
    Mobile-only promotions
    are the sure-shot way of stirring users to engage with your brand on mobile. After all customers feels really when they know they are getting a good deal. They like to feel appreciated when they get extra value from your brand. Apart from discount or other offers, you can offer exclusive previews to new collections, information regarding brand events, etc, as all this lends extra value to the customers.

    First Time User Experience (FTUE) is crucial
    This fact can’t be denied that most number of apps gets used just once and hence it’s imperative that the mobile app developers make the first experience just amazing for the app users. A guided tour is the apt way of introducing the app and demonstrating what is the app offering. Besides focus on simplicity and intuitive design, however sometimes it can be difficult to attain it.

    Offer a simple and easy onboarding process for new users: A lot of times the users find the logins and account creation quite tricky and it’s regarded as a huge loss for the first time users. However, majority of the apps require creating a login before you can begin app usage. This way to optimize the process is very necessary.

    Barcode Scanning
    Enabling Barcode Scanning via a mobile app is the way for retail businesses to boost their customers’ in-store experience. After all, customers really like it when they get more of significant information related to the product. Thus you can allow customers to scan the barcode of an in-store product so that the availability, sizes, colors or product reviews can be checked.

    Nowadays we come across a number of mobile technologies that enable businesses to customers to stay connected, no matter where they are located. These tricks offered above are hugely helpful in making mobile apps visibly active, engaging and useful. They help in building a business’s brand as we see more users depending on smartphones instead of any other platform, so the apps are certain to bloom in the coming times as well.
  • Is Coding Something Really Essential for Designers to Know? Sep 13, 2016

    The discussion over whether a designer should learn coding or not is constantly heated up and it has its advocates on either side. This is a question that crops up time and again; however, the whole designer community unites and fiercely opposing the idea of getting trained in coding. They have their own reasons to counter this belief, however, experts believe that acquiring some efficiency in coding can enlighten their way as well as empower their work approach. On the other hand, designers believe that sailing on two boats can be dangerous for the project as well for their own career.

    No matter who says what, but this is a fact that its 2016 and we have come a long way as far as web design is concerned. Organizations are promoting specialized roles and the days are gone when designers used to plow through the whole development stack on their own. At present, advanced tools and effective practices are involved in this job for a higher outcome.


    Now, to put an end to this debate, let’s dig out more to find out the answer of this debate:

    Quality Can Suffer

    Keeping up with multiple things can be dangerous because when designers stretch themselves to achieve all, it is possible you end up with nothing. To learn the nuance, designers have to devote a good deal of their time, which can be utilized somewhere else, may be in a more effective way e.g. in solving problems.

    Rather, a designer should be strictly responsible for the layout, colors, fonts and the entire branding of a website. Such core jobs attached with a designer can define its value, but putting him into the learning of something extra can make the quality suffer.

    Know Coding to Some Extent is Fruitful

    Knowing how to code ultimately makes you an efficient web designer. Getting into codes provides you a clearer picture of the printing process and after sometime you will find yourself a better print designer. In the current scenario, you see specialists everywhere. HTML and semantics are the languages in which front-end developers speak and rest get along with SaaS and CSS. Interactions with such tools are the cup of tea for those who deal with visual designs.

    Ø Knowledge of codes gives you a competitive advantage

    Ø Establish better communication along with the web creation pipeline

    Ø Know the medium you work in will help you to be the master of that medium

    Ø The more knowledge of coding you acquires the better designer you will be.

    What Exactly Designers Have to Say?

    Their biggest dream is to build their own websites, not exactly website coding. Following two factors are behind this:

    Ø Provide Seamless Services to Clients

    It is a very common scenario when clients have the limited budget and they cannot afford a developer along with a designer. They look for a combo deal and designers who can manage to perform both enter into the win-win situation, particularly both-developer and the resource.

    Ø Having A Stronger Control on Both Departments

    Usually it happens that when designers create something and a big part of its value is lost in course to the developer. At a time when we have responsive design around us making our imagination more close to reality, going for PSD, HTML and CSS will get us such types of troubles. Here, designers find an opportunity to try out some latest tools, constantly go through the new stuff from the tech world and keep on learning to have a stronger grip over the two facets.

    It is not tough to Learn Code

    Let me make it very clear that when I say learn code, please do not co-relate it with core-coding. Once core-coding is excluded from your syllabus, it is for sure that you will not take much time to learn the rest. HTML will take a few days to learn and the rest remains a memorizing stuff. There is another tool named CSS and this might take a little longer, but once you pick it up from its roots you will easily grab it after a while. In this too, the easy memorizing stuff will be remaining.

    However, both will take much time to master, CSS in particular. Remember, coding is completely a different art than designing. Therefore, we stress upon going through this learning curve, which enables designers code their own design. Not everyone finds it convenient to learn how to develop websites.


    After having a close look of the whole matter, we can now clearly state that designers do not need to know coding at all. However, we do believe that designers should know how to deal with CSS and HTML because this will lead them towards acquiring a great ability where you can make better choices in the medium of web designing. Overall, you do not have to literally go for core-coding, but only the basics to enable yourself perform exceptionally well as a designer.

    Author Biography

    Arun Goyal, founder and CEO at Octal Info Solution Technology, carries profound experience in IT industry and based on that he creates informative and engaging piece of content. He expresses his outlook in his recent creation, hire android developer, which displays a great insight of the subject valuable for many of his followers. Explore him through his ideas on a number of domains and as a part-time author of this blog. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Influence of Brexit on UK IT Industry Jul 11, 2016

    Recently, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and this separation, later, coined as Brexit referendum. The impact of highly debated Brexit on various industries including politics, trade, finance, science and many more is considered quite apparent, and amid this we have one largely ignored impact on the IT industry in the UK leaving behind many questions. One of them is, will the UK become a red tape nightmare for foreign companies? Would it be possible for Europe to remain a digital capital of Europe without being a part of the EU?

    We know that many of our readers have been looking for the answers to such questions; therefore, we have brought to you an insight of the entire influence on the industry:

    The EU Legislation Enforcement

    At the recent Info security Europe conference, a survey of the attitudes of approx 300 IT security professionals done on behalf of Alienvault, revealed that over half of respondents (about 52 percent) believe UK companies to abide by EU legislation to trade with Europe. On the other hand, the vast majority (78 per cent) of those surveyed do not believe their jobs will be made convenient at all by the separation of Britain from the EU. A considerable proportion (22 percent), in fact, vigorously support EU legislation around data protection, and consider it to be beneficial as well as supportive for them.

    The retreat from the union would make it more difficult for the UK tech firms have a clash with the giant IT firms in the US. The reason being, it is believed that the talent pool the US possess is extensively better than the UK.

    Influence on Skilled IT Workers

    Although, migration is little far away, but for a number of voters in the UK, this break-up seems to be a big reason to migrate, albeit not an informed one. The IT industry of the UK is worried about the migration from a different point of view. As far as the manpower, especially the skilled talent, is not enough of it in the UK, and getting them trained, waiting for them to get skills is far too difficult for the IT firms located there. There is already a huge scarcity of UK-bound skilled workers coming out of EU bunch, and Brexit has only worsened the whole situation.

    Despite the facility and freedom of free movement throughout the European Union offered before the incident took place, the UK was already facing the shortage of skilled staff, especially when it comes to IT. Still, a number of questions, including whether there will be options in place to permit the UK to hire IT professionals from other regions easily remain unanswered.

    For IT experts, it’s already tough to come and work in the UK from the non-EU countries. In the coming days, it is about to get even harder due to Brexit.

    Other Countries Will Have an Upper Hand over the UK

    The founder of Stratechery has noted it correctly that the U.K. is one of the partakers of the EU has called for a comparatively light-touch IT regulation in the EU. The Two major competitors of the UK, Germany and France will get stronger in the league without it. These two countries have got the lead on cracking down on America tech firms, including Google, over their interpreted violation of the law. Without the incitement of the British, that stand is expected to take more heft.

    The Issue of Data and Its Flow across Borders

    People may have been following the boisterous track of EU-U.S. data transfers-the fall of the Safe Harbor agreement and the endeavored growth of its replacement, Privacy shield. At present, U.S. multinationals and IT organizations are short of clues to legal process the data of EU citizens. The incapability of EU of not maintaining ‘sufficiency’ is one of the reasons behind this and it would proclaim the U.S. a secure destination for European’s personal data. (Although, negotiators claimed to get a lead on this recently, however, it would be too early to declare anything.)

    Now, the U.K. has been retreated and this makes them board the same boat again and it clearly shows that if British organizations want to process the personal data of employees and customers on the European continent, an adequacy decision is something that carries a lot of significance for them.


    Brexit may cause some other significant influences that can impact the UK IT companies in terms of finance, operation and on many other levels. New policies may take place and they can prove to be a dagger for the flesh. We might not be able to perceive all the consequences of Brexit on tech world and, in future, it is possible that we will be the witness of some of the major changes in the industry. But it is for sure that this will impact the whole world in a profound degree.

    Author Bio:

    This article is contributed by Arun Goyal, CEO of Octal Info Solution, leading mobile app development company offering platform to hire android / iPhone app developers. See him talking about ideas, trends and technology as a part-time author to this blog.
  • Best web development trends of 2016 Jul 1, 2016

    We are already in the mid of 2016 and now the time is to have a look at what this year has offered so far or is about to offer. Be it, upcoming frameworks, and powerful development tools and evolving technologies, this year has a lot to offer to web developers.


    Here are the top web development trends for 2016.

    Motion User Interface or Motion UI
    It’s a SaaS library that’s one of the three parts of Foundation for Apps by Zurb and is used around the globe to create animations and CSS transitions. When using Motion UI, it’s a lot easier to make an app’s transitions appear smooth and rich with predefined motions. Going by the way prototypical animated elements incorporate in a seamless way into websites; it makes Motion UI the most favorite libraries by developers.

    Advanced platforms mean new responsive design
    There is a lot of new technology out there in the market and this way it’s clear that things are going to change. New technologies show their first applications while development in 2016 is going to set the stage for years to come.

    Responsive design isn’t going to be restricted to ‘mobile-first’ or just mobile responsiveness. You find myriad of other devices, screens and integrated wearable gadgets such as Apple Watch, Google Glass and Oculus Rift that are the most prominent technologies.

    These technologies are growing incessantly and at the same time Semantic UI is a new design framework that is still in huge demand.

    Internet of Things (IoT) will have a huge impact
    With Internet of Things (IoT), app development has reached an all new level. It’s believed that IoT is going to grow by 31.72% (CAGR) between 2015 and 2019. While Gartner has predicted that at least half of the IoT development is going to come from startup companies which have been in business for less than 3 years. As IoT links smart objects to the internet, it allows the data exchange which was not possible earlier.

    Browser based IDEs
    It’s believed that you are going to have your own favorite development environment; however, that may change with more number of people using cloud-based versions of IDEs. Fast and accessible, they have an entire community behind them. The major attribute is the flexibility it offers as even though you might not be using these tools full time, but it’s certainly good to know that you can have them when you require to do a quick test of a bootstrap code of Jade sans the need to download a single file.

    Full-screen navigation design
    With full-screen navigation design, the user experience can be enhanced on mobile devices. Imagine a user navigates a website on his mobile phone and finds a registration form. On being tapped, the registration form jumps to a full-screen size and hence it enables the user to fill out the form in a natural manner. We see many of web developers and designers develop sites for full-screen navigation designs and it’s the trend that’s surely going to be there.

    Foundation for Apps
    This single page app framework is built around AngularJS and the flexbox grid framework, which enables quick responsive web app creations allowing developers to quickly begin writing code that’s unique to the application. It’s forecasted that a major number of companies are going to use this advanced responsive front-end framework this year.

    Real-time everything
    This year we will see a rise in new apps working in real-time. Real-time analytics note its implementation in desktop and mobile apps. At the same time, live streaming is going to be too popular in social media marketing world with apps such as Periscope and Meerkat getting recognition.

    Containers will become huge
    Containers have been there since quite some time; however, as it comes to web development world, we have noticed a lot of changes since Docker was introduced. Docker is a container service enabling faster development of software even when the environment was isolated. In case of a container, it has all the dependencies required to run an application on its own. This way, developers are allowed to build, test, run and deploy an app anywhere faster. Now in 2016 as well, Docker is going to continue developing, adding features and gaining security.

    Blocking of advertisements on sites
    All over the world we see website owners lose money to advertisement-blocking plug-ins. Just in a year, UK ad blocking has grown by 82% and it reached 12 million active users. This way smaller site’ earnings were affected as they mainly depended on advertising revenues as well as the big media publishers.

    This year we see websites making best efforts to minimize the effect of ad blocking while numerous techniques are going to emerge that will neglect the effect of ad-blocking plug-ins. We also expect the websites to come up with pioneering and convincing ways to show advertisements to the users.

    Security everywhere.
    Now, mobile is a way more prevalent and it has its own downsides. Mobile has become a focal point of security breaches and major efforts have been put to ensure apps are as secure as possible.

    There’s a lot to come.
    Going by these web development trends and predictions of 2016, one thing is clear that web developers are making best efforts to make web development process a lot easier and simpler. Isn’t it a great piece of news? It’s vital that these developers save time from day-to-day workflow as then they can focus on newer technologies that improve user experience of web browsing.
  • Why handsome pay isn’t enough to retain your Developers & Programmers? Jun 23, 2016

    Going by the statistics it’s quite frequent that developers switch their jobs as whenever they come across a better opportunity they instant seem to grab it. Thus, it has become tough for the companies to retain their developers even when they offer a handsome pay. So here we endeavor to understand the whole concept.

    Some think that just paying above market value will intrigue the mobile app developers. In fact a recent study had shown that more than 62% of respondents care a lot about the salary while evaluating a job opportunity. Hence it works wonders when you offer competitive pay, however keep in mind that salary isn’t the only thing that matters to developers. So prior to reaching to a developer, ensure that you know what they really care about. Below are the things describing what developers prioritize as they consider the possibility of job switching. Find out with us how to make and keep developers happy.


    Company Culture & Environment

    To start with it’s wrong to think that developers are only keen to work with companies offering incredible perks and craft brews. But company culture was never about what you begin and end drinks with your co-workers. It was around 43% of developers asserting that company culture is the major attribute of a new job opportunity and this doesn’t point to the wish to work with colleagues who just think the way they do. It is more about developers’ desire that their work has meaning. A recruiter must recognize the idealistic aspects of your company and ensure the candidates are well-aware of the same.

    Company’s Mission and Future Perspective

    Now salary is certainly is best place to start, however you must know that 40% of the developers, as shown by the developer survey, said that they believe the company mission is again imperative to them at work. We see it often that companies are more interested in evaluating whether or not a developer is able to write the code needed by you, prior to they consider his or her long-term job satisfaction. However, organizations that instead focus on hiring candidates who are behind the company mission are certain to retain them in the future.

    Skill Development & Training Programs

    Enhancement of one’s efficiency is very necessary and every iPhone or android app developers looks to improve their skills thus they highly appreciate when a company offers skill development and training programs time to time. This allows them to stay updated and sharpen their skills, thus benefiting organizations majorly.

    Want to work on challenging & interesting projects

    Paying well us important, no doubt, but you must also remember that there will always be someone offering a higher salary. Thus it’s vital that you challenge employees with interesting work as that inspires them to make best efforts. Even survey says that most number of developers is keen to work on projects they consider significant. When the developers don’t find the work interesting, then you can only retain them for a limited time offering competitive pay. Soon they will begin seeking new opportunities that appear more appealing.

    Flexibility to work with new technology

    Every desires growth, however that’s not always in a monetary sense. Often developers show keen interest in new technology that makes the work process a lot easier for them. Thus you must be allowed to implement it in their work. When you offer then flexibility to work on new technology, they will certainly be intrigued.

    Want to work with skilled professionals

    Guess that’s an obvious fact. Great developers are keen to work with other great developers. In fact it’s their foremost priority to work with quality developers. So having a great tech team offers a proud feeling so always introduce them to the candidates you try to recruit. Your current developers can work as great ambassadors for your company and this sets a difference between consistently hiring great tech talent and missing out on candidates you know would’ve contributed to the success of your company in a great extent. You’re required to have a firm plan as that allows easy-participation of your team in the interview process. This will your preparation is going to turn your developers into few of your company’s powerful advocates.

    Professional & Personal Life Balance

    Most developers out there love to code during their free time. However, that doesn’t mean they desire being obligated to work even during a vacation. Thus it’s mandatory to maintain a healthy professional and personal life balance, thus allowing them enough space with their family and friends as well. No matter what amount you offer but if you make your developers work unreasonable hours, they are quite certain to start put out feelers for new job that allows more of personal time.
  • Achieve new heights in .Net cross-platform development with Xamarin Jun 17, 2016

    Most modern development projects are dealing with numerous endpoints that they must target. It was just some time back we required a Windows Forms app, a set of Web pages along with some WAP in case you’re determined. Post that there were mobile apps and all of a sudden we needed to produce native endpoint code for iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, Android phones and a lot more – it was more of an outburst of code and never-ending collection of development tools.

    Speedy and efficient, native apps accessed key device features in a manner that Web apps could never do. However in case you are building an application in C# for Windows devices, in Objective-C for iOS and in Java for Android, you can share a little among various versions of your code, other than graphical assets.


    No wonder you could have built a hybrid HTML5 app with the use of tools such as Apache Cordova, wrap HTML and JavaScript in a native runtime. However, there is an alternative approach as well: Xamarin’s cross-platform native development tooling, useful in building on the open source Mono implementation of Microsoft’s Net framework.

    You can use Mono and now open .Net, Xamarin delivers a cross-platform development environment using its own IDE or a Visual Studio plug-in. Here we write the code in C# or F# and it’s then quickly shared around all applications supporting Microsoft’s portable class libraries.

    Well, as you build code with use of Xamarin’s tooling, it’s a lot like you build any application in any development environment. Writing code is easier as well as compiling and delivery it for testing devices prior to deployment. An entire set of test hardware is not essential here: Xamarin platform offers cloud-hosted test service, allowing you debug code that runs on devices that Xamarin hosts. At present there are over 2,000 devices in the Test Cloud and you can easily work up your target device and OS combination.

    Now the latest release of Xamarin Forms has simplified development in a significant manner. When you don’t build a complex, custom user experience, you don’t require building an entirely native UI. In its place, Xamarin Forms charts common UI components to their native counterparts.

    The same code that runs on an iPhone, an Android device or a Windows Phone appears different on each platform. This way, users get a familiar look-and-feel sans having to move outside the familiar C# and XAML world. With most applications cashing on cloud back-end services, they use a language supporting asynchronous operations that’s quite important. Xamarin comprise of full support for the async and await keywords in C#, allowing you instantly take existing calls and use them to work asynchronously. You just require writing your methods as normal as treat them as assurance that performs well. In case an asynchronous method is blocked, it hands back power to the calling method. This way it allows work not depending on the asynchronous call to persist as the system is waiting for a response.

    You can easily start with Xamarin’s tooling. A free starter edition brings in the vital concepts, letting you build simple, small applications used to try ideas prior to investing in the fully-featured subscription services. Various features such as integration with Visual Studio need higher tiers even though all are using Xamarin’s own cross-platform Studio IDE.

    This way they get a set of tools and services familiar to .Net developers and that delivers on the promise of cross-platform development.

    Hope this guide helps you in gaining the right approach you need to have while using Xamarin for .Net cross-platform development. In case of Microsoft developers, who are well-versed with Xamarin, it enables them deliver on the promise of cross-platform coding, inclusive of a cloud-hosted test service comprising of 2,000 devices.
  • Important Legal Aspects to Take Care of While a Mobile App is Built Jun 13, 2016

    No one is unbeknownst to the fact how smartphones have impacted our lives. In fact it would be an understatement to use the term “impact”, as it rather brought revolutionary change in our lives. The exponential growth of app usage changed our lives in a dramatic manner with studies revealing that nowadays human beings are sending more and more time on mobile applications as compared to any other platform.

    Thus it won’t be wrong to put it this way that these apps entirely changed our lives and now we can feel their presence around all arenas, be it music, entertainment, banking, business, educations, news, shopping, flight and hotel booking, travel and a lot more. The applications offer enterprises with exceptional capabilities harnessing mobile technology to reach new and existing customers while facilitating flawless business operations.


    Meanwhile all of this also consists of legal considerations that are to be noted by every mobile developer before building an app. Let’s have a look at major legal aspects to be considering while you develop a mobile app. Every company must consider these aspects since the beginning and all along the app development process.

    1. Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement with Third Parties to Maintain Confidentiality
    The mobile app industry is surprising the users almost every day by offering exceptional and ground-breaking concepts. Thus it has become crucial to maintain confidentiality so that the competitors can be prevented to poach intellectual property or ideas. Confidentiality issues are certain to arise during mobile app development as you integrate with third parties such as designers, copywriters or vendors. Third parties must know your app vision and it works in order to assist you in an effective manner. However, it’s vital to conceal information regarding your app. For that you must sign an NDA with third parties. This safeguards your business data along with pioneering ideas from getting disclosed as third parties are certain to have legal binding for non-disclosure. When an NDA is not signed, then vendors and third parties will be allowed to give away crucial business data to your companions.

    2. Clearly Define the Contract for App Development
    It’s necessary that the contract concerning mobile app development defines the scope of work you and the third party expects. It must consist of everything that you consider important as well as must be legally viable. Along with NDA and clause for secrecy, the contract must consist of other aspects such as post sales service, tenure of app support, etc. Articulating roles and responsibilities of both parties is most crucial along with ensuring maximum protection from third parties.

    3. Data Protection and Privacy
    Often we see mobile application users trusting an app downloaded by them on their device and it’s necessary to ensure their trust is not violated. This way data protection and user privacy is among the primary legal considerations as a mobile app is built along with a failure to provide, thus leading to unfavorable results for the enterprise.

    Ensure that your app has a clear and comprehensive privacy policy outlining under which circumstances the app can collect user data such as name, location, contact details, unique ID, etc, and in case such data is retained or shared with third parties.

    4. Intellectual Property Rights
    Intellectual Property consists of elements in use throughout app development process and promotion. It comprise of app design, name, graphics, logo, source code, etc. You must buy a patent for protection of your IP rights and in case the app is not patented then the IP rights are protected with trade secret agreements clearly stating any type unauthorized public disclosure regarding application are banned apart from promotional purposes as issued by the company. Getting the app copyrighted prevents pioneering ideas from being copied as well as it gets the codes registered so that designs or features need not be replicated. A patent or trademark search can be conducted prior to an app is built.

    5. App Distribution and Advertising
    Often it happens that app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace needs app building companies to follow various compliance companies to give out their apps through such platforms. The agreements these platforms offer need you incorporate specific additional usage and compliance policies as well as it’s vital that you include these certain terms in the end user agreement with users of the app.

    Legal considerations are similar as they are for websites, networked communications or emails, where app advertising is concerned. Take regard of vital advertising and promotional laws concerned to advertising or app promotion.

    These legal issues consist of major details and their awareness is essential so that infringements and security vulnerabilities can be avoided.
  • What skills Junior Android Developer must possess? Is this a right career for you? Jun 8, 2016

    When you think of a technology blooming the most at the moment, the one name that sure pops in the head is certainly of Android development.There is a great high noticed in this arena and it’s just the right statement to make that the time is just perfect to be an Android developer. It’s an exciting and evolving technology with new devices being introduced incessantly hence gives a huge boost to the demand for developers. As we note the fact that there are hundreds of millions of Android users all over the globe, the opportunities for gainful employment appear to be never-ending.


    So if you choose to work as an Android developer, it’s sure to reward you in many ways though at the same time it tends to be highly challenging as you start out. There are a lot of stories regarding indie developers who came up with coding that made millions; however that’s a rare case. The fact can’t be ignored that success doesn’t come easily when you begin to start, in fact even when you already know so much or doing a lot, even though it’s hard to attain success.

    It’s quite challenging gain the skills needed for the career in Android development and as you start in a junior developer role for Android it’s vital to know what employers are looking for precisely.

    So what are the requirements for an Android developer?

    To start with we present a list of general requirement which are sought after while hiring Android developers. It’s a good list to start with even though it may appear it’s too much but these are the skills you can build up pretty fast. Afterwards all it needs is practice to understand it fully and turn to be a knowledgeable junior-level Android developer.

    Build your Technical Skills

    1. Java
    Well, it’s advised to have a good hold over Java programming language, comprising the well-rounded knowledge of the basic syntax and programming structures. Despite the availability of numerous technologies to develop Android apps, mostly native development using Java and Android Studio or Eclipse as your IDE, work wonders. Also find about things such as variables, lists, loops, control structures and object-oriented concepts such as class vs. static methods and inheritance.

    2. The Android SDK
    There are few basic areas of the SDK you must have knowledge of with the list comprising of various basic Android concepts such as:

    · A basic understanding of layouts and views
    · Activities and their lifecycle
    · User input
    · Getting data from the web
    · Storing data
    · Collection views (like ListViews) and Adapters (default and custom)
    · Action Bar
    · Accommodating different screen sizes and densities

    Mostly it’s expected out of junior developers to try new things, so it’s good to be comfortable with the Android documentation and resources in order to begin with a new part of the SDK. At the same time you must know how to use debugger in your IDE as it helps troubleshoot bugs in your code.

    3. Working with APIs

    For app development you must be familiar to get data from the web as a number of apps have a network-based component. Most number of postings expects the developer to be proficient with their own API or some other 3rd party API. Besides focus on JSON/REST and learn XML/SOAP lest required.

    4. Git
    Though this skill may not be of great use but as you work alone or with a team you intend using some kind of version control system. You don’t require being proficient at managing numerous conflicts but it’s necessary that you must know of basics of creating and using a repository and commit and push changes.

    5. Back-end Skills
    In some cases the Android developers are require to contribute on the back-end of their system. It’s quite difficult that enhance your skill set while you start out as the back-end technologies vary a lot, still brushing up your back-end skills will ultimately prove to be highly advantageous.

    Non-Technical Skills

    Well, it’s easy to develop technical skills but if you know everything about Android programming but have no inkling about communicating and collaborating with a team, that it could prove to be detrimental.

    Find the list here:

    1. Passion
    It’s quite often we come across posting looking for “passionate, motivated” employees, but in what sense you need to be passionate.

    What matters is that you must believe is what the employer and doing as well as have good belief in yourself. Interviews find it intriguing when you show interested in the work. This can be done by researching about the company beforehand and by asking questions. Selling your abilities to learn and attribute is again an enviable attribute.

    2. Collaboration and communication
    Collaboration with a team is the key when you are in the position of a developer. In case you are the only developer working on a product, even then it’s required collaborating with other people in the organization. It can be designers, management, end users, but you must always share your work with others and invite feedback and discussion. In order to collaborate, you require strong communication skills so ensure you are good at explaining regarding what you work on to technical as well as non-technical people. Also practice written and verbal communication.

    3. Writing
    You must be good at communicating via written text as a developer is expected to write things such as technical app and regular communication via chat, email, etc.

    Other General requirements appearing in job postings:

    1. One published App
    Having a real app on Google Play with your name will surely be impressive to an employer. Employees are often keen on seeing apps you have work on and it could be just a simple app published on Google Play.

    2. Educational requirement
    Well, there are a number of job postings requiring a degree however this can be challenged by showing the real experience that you have. After all, it speak volumes.

    How much does an Android developer earn?

    Speaking of the States, Android Software Developers have an average earning of $77K annually with total cash compensation to Android Software Developers being nearly $51K and approaching $125K on the high end. Besides, it’s the career length that affects pay for this group, followed by geography.

    Resources for Android developer

    There are a lot of sites you can refer to while looking for Android jobs. Here’s the list:

    · LinkedIn
    · Guru
    · Stack Overflow Careers

    In case you facing difficulty in grabbing a full-time position or just aspiring to gain expeience while you work somewhere else, simply go through contract work on sites such as Elance and oDesk. It allows bidding for small projects enabling you gain valuable experience as you build up your portfolio of work.

    Android development is just a wonderful career path and in case you are beginning with one, do share your experience with us.