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  • Create Intuitive Touch Gesture Control for Mobile Applications Jul 23, 2020

    The touch screens of smart devices require the use of touch gestures to control mobile applications. The task of developers is to build interfaces that are intuitive for users to use. Although gesture control has existed since the early 1980s, it is only now that it is becoming a mass phenomenon that has yet to be studied and refined. How can it be used most effectively to create a full-fledged user experience? Let's find out.

    Widely used gestures

    The types of gestures that can be used to control a touch screen application are varied, but of course the most widely used are also considered the most intuitive. These include:

    • Touch (knock)
    • Double touch
    • Drag
    • Gather thumb and forefinger (pinch)
    • Thumb and forefinger
    • Push
    • Rotate

    A recent study shows that there are many similarities in people's perceptions of mobile application interfaces. Participants from nine countries were asked to create 28 actions using a gesture-driven interface. The results were strikingly close.


    Most people expected certain actions to be performed in the same way. To delete, for example, the most common gesture was dragging the item off the screen. Logically, the question is: are there limitations in building gesture control for mobile applications, and can there be a balance between creativity and efficiency?

    Best practices in building a mobile gesture control interface

    Smart devices have literally taken over our lives and logically the competition between mobile applications is constantly growing. In this situation, it is of great importance that the interface of the application is easy to use and as intuitive as possible. Here's how to do it.

    • Gestures that are easy to learn

    The interfaces for touch screen devices feel intuitive only when they are close to interacting with a physical object. This means that the use of user interface elements must be an abstraction of working with a real object in order to be truly intuitive.

    Most people miss the available tutorial, which is part of the process familiarity with mobile applications to "play" them as soon as they are installed and they can navigate relatively quickly, even when the interface is not perfect. However, if there is no elegant imperceptible "hand guidance" created by the app developer, the user experience may not be very satisfying. The question is how developers "teach" users to use gestures on their mobile applications without distracting them from the content.

    The best approach to creating gesture control for a mobile application is the so-called progressive discovery process. It introduces the user to control gestures as he follows his natural path within the application.

    It starts with the presentation of only the most important options for interaction with the mobile application. For this purpose, visual cues or an exploratory process can be used, which shows how the main functionalities are used the first time the user opens the application. The first option is more popular among consumers. Light visual cues such as pale arrows and animation, which serves as an indicator that the command has been accepted, are ideal tools for building a mobile interface with progressive detection.

    This process is often better perceived by users than the classic tutorial, as it shows "respect" for their ability to use their own mobile smart devices. He creates satisfaction and habits in users, which allows them to more easily learn how to perform more complex operations within the mobile application. Once the minimum targeting model has been established and people have adopted it, it simply needs to be repeated for higher-level features.

    The elegant and effective "training" of users on how to use the interface is based on the three stages of habit formation, namely:

    • Activation
    • Action
    • Feedback

    Activation is the invitation to perform the action, such as sending a push notification reminding the user to open the mobile application. At the site of the action is placed a slight hint of what gesture the user should use to achieve the desired goal. Finally comes the feedback, which is really a reward for a job well done. This is the result of the action performed within the application.

    • Gestures that free up screen space

    Developers of mobile applications are literally fighting for every square centimeter of screens, especially on smartphones, given the limited area. One of the most commonly used solutions is to hide the navigation menu. The use of gestures also helps to achieve an elegant minimalist design, which allows users to make the most of functionality and content without being distracted.

    • Gestures for customer satisfaction

    People sincerely enjoy a mobile application that is pleasing to the eye and easy to use. This is also achieved through gestures, especially when users receive "feedback" in the form of an animated and/or audible signal. Once this type of interface management is designed to be fully functional, it may be considered to improve it in order to engage users more. For example, technologies are currently being developed to give three-dimensional tactility to touch gestures.

    Discovery approach

    Following best practices in creating gesture control for mobile applications should not be at the expense of creativity. Only by applying new ideas can lasting competitiveness be achieved. Even if governance is not revolutionary, it will win people over if it is better.

    Risks to avoid when building a mobile interface with gesture control

    When using any technology, there are always pitfalls to look out for. Let's see what they are in the case of gestures to control a mobile application.

    • Meaningless gestures

    This problem can be avoided when best practices in building gesture control are applied in unison with the rules of user experience design. One of the areas in which mobile application developers need to be most careful is the use of icons and buttons with unconventional design and no text. If they are not well known and/or obvious enough, users can easily get confused and not know at all what gestures to use to perform a certain action.

    • Unfamiliar gestures that arouse dissatisfaction

    Because gesture control is always hidden, developers rely mostly on the general knowledge of users in this area. Therefore, it is extremely important to avoid confusion. A basic rule is to perform only one type of action within a mobile application with one gesture. Management must also be given special attention when testing with real users. Also, when the application is optimized and there is a change in the interface and therefore in the gesture control, it must be well explained and as intuitive as possible. Visual cues and "rewards" and especially animated ones are the main tools used for this purpose, as we have already mentioned.


    The interface, controlled by touch gestures, is here and will remain. This is guaranteed by the fact that it is flexible and easy to operate. The task of mobile application developers is to make it serve users as efficiently as possible. The best approach is to adhere to the simplest and well-known gestures and in-depth testing of the application. When new gestures of management need to be introduced, the first thing to think about is the convenience of users in order for their introduction to be smooth and for them to become truly useful.

    Do you have an idea for a mobile application? Consult your project with us and trust us for the production. Start by inquiring here.
  • 3 main factors for the success of a mobile application Jul 6, 2020

    For many people, desktops have become secondary to Internet use. Consumers are already accustomed to the fast and constant connection with brands in the digital space, which they receive through their mobile smart devices. Smartphones and tablets are gradually becoming leaders.

    When it comes to mobile strategies, brands need to decide whether to have their own mobile app. Although managers appreciate the importance of a strong mobile presence, making that decision is not easy.

    The growth in the field of mobile applications in the past years was astronomical. The forecast for this year is the number of people using mobile applications to reach 5.77 billion. The trend is more than obvious, but how can you be sure that a mobile application will be the right strategic move for your brand?

    Have to take the first step in mobile strategy?

    While the mobile app can launch your brand high, you need to think about whether you have a "launch pad". Users are looking for a complete experience related to your brand online and it starts with your website. If you don't have a site that works flawlessly on mobile devices, how can you convince them that downloading and using your mobile app is worth it?

    To build a successful mobile strategy, you need a website with an adaptive design (responsive design). As its name suggests, it allows the website to literally "adapt" to the size and functionality of the screen. So users get the same great experience on all devices.

    Important factors when deciding on a mobile application

    Deciding to build a mobile application for your brand depends on many individual aspects, but first you need to pay attention to three main ones:

    1. Functionalities: Ask yourself what you can offer exclusively on your mobile application.

    2. Consistency and convenience: Think about what would make users use your mobile application actively in the short and long term. Assess whether it would be the easiest and most convenient channel through which to engage your target audience. When making a decision, consider its demographic and other characteristics.

    3. Marketing: Decide what you will need for the marketing of the application.
    The success of your mobile application will depend on all these factors. Therefore, it is important to consider the best design and development practices that can guarantee it. It should be noted, however, that their application always depends on the unique features of the brand and the field in which it develops.

    1. Involving functionalities
    The most important thing in developing a mobile application is to determine what a unique experience can be offered to users. While the design must match the style of the brand, its website should not be copied one by one. Users should be highly motivated to download the application, given that this requires effort (albeit minimal) and storage space for smartphones and tablets is limited.

    The brand's website is always a starting point when creating a mobile application, but it must be unique in nature. Here is an interesting example. If you sell accessories such as sunglasses, for example, your application may offer functionality through which people can try them virtually. The idea is to take a picture with your phone and use it to see how the different models will look on them by applying them on it. This is how digital shopping can effectively replace offline shopping.

    Another approach is to think about how the virtual experience of the mobile application can complement and even improve the use of your products. If you are in the sporting goods market, for example, your application may offer an individual training regime and monitor its implementation. If you offer kitchen appliances, you can delight consumers with unique recipes that they can change and save.

    2. Complete convenience and consistency

    Mobile applications have a short life if they don't last long on users' smartphones and aren't used often. Think not only about how to attract the attention of users, but also how to give them value through the experience of the application, so that you do not make them use it regularly and for a long time. How can you make them instinctively open the app when they need what your brand has to offer?

    There are various examples about how a brand can attract more customers in the long run through its mobile app. Home delivery restaurants can offer faster and easier ordering with features such as address saving and a personalized list of favorite dishes from the menu. Notifications that are automatically displayed on the screen (push notifications) can be used to offer customized offers. This approach can also be used in other areas such as tourism, especially when booking airline tickets and hotels.

    3. Result marketing

    The work of the brand on the development of the mobile application does not end with its launch in Google Play and App Store, on the contrary. Marketing is extremely important for success of the application, given the high competition. Even if you have the most engaging, unique and beautiful application, it will not bring much benefit to your brand if consumers do not know that it exists.

    The marketing of the application must be in accordance with the specifics of the brand. Use the communication channels you have already established with your users - mostly digital. Emphasize the value of the application. You can also use direct incentives by linking discount offers to using it, for example.

    It is important to organize an advertising campaign not only when launching the application on the market, but also to establish mechanisms to attract users constantly. An effective solution in this direction is the launch of a program for loyal customers, access to which is only from the mobile application. Brands that use this tactic offer a variety of features such as the option to track reward points, exclusive offers, contests and games.

    Another key aspect of marketing is to explain how the mobile application is used to bring concrete benefits. This is especially important when offering something completely new to your brand through it. When users are well informed, they gain additional confidence to download and use the application.


    Your brand's mobile application can be the most effective means of engaging consumers. For this to happen, however, it is important to look strategically at its development and implementation. With solid prior research, creative ideas and their implementation in the most perfect technical way you can expect success.

    Share your brand's mobile app ideas and plans with our experienced team by sending an inquiry now.

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  • In what direction will mobile payments and related technologies develop in 2021? Jul 3, 2020

    Each new year brings new opportunities in the field of mobile technology. Smartphones have become more than devices through which we exchange messages. Now they are mini computers, personal assistants and even virtual shopping carts. More and more people would feel lost without their device, as they rely on it for many of their daily tasks.

    Technologies such as digital wallets, mobile service applications and digital assistants, as well as better connectivity thanks to NFC technology, change the way users use their smartphones and they become even more important in everyday life. Here we will look at the main trends in mobile payments and related technologies in the new year and how they will affect people and businesses.

    Growth of mobile payments

    Young people will drive the transition from using credit cards to easy and fast payment with a digital wallet. Using NFC technology, these mobile applications allow payment to be made only by bringing the smartphone closer to the POS terminal, while having functionalities for tracking and managing funds. In this way, they will exceed consumer expectations in 2021 and beyond.

    The companies offering these applications are experiencing a huge increase in the number of users who use digital wallets - their number is increasing by millions on a weekly basis worldwide. At the same time, not only banks and other financial institutions can offer this type of applications to their customers. Companies in various fields of trade and services, as well as start-up companies, can create their own digital portfolio.

    Services available at any time

    The number of mobile applications offering various services is constantly growing, and now everyone can order food or groceries in seconds, no matter where they are. This trend will become increasingly important in the field of online commerce, through the creation of applications that allow placing an order with direct payment, tracking it and more convenient receipt of delivery. As demand grows, companies and mobile application developers will have to respond adequately to it, offering new and more advanced features.

    Innovative personal assistants

    Digital assistants will be the basis for creating a completely new type of relationship between users and their smartphones. Using vast amounts of data, most often from Google, they provide personalized information based on a person's behavior, habits, and Internet searches. From this to release instant notifications in the presence of promotional offers for goods that the consumer is interested in, to notify him about the launch of new related products on the market, they are useful and convenient. This will further increase people's dependence on their smartphones, with which they can communicate on a more personal level.

    For online retailers, and not just digital assistants, they mean new marketing and sales opportunities. Imagine how your advertising messages reach directly to those users who have the greatest chance of buying the advertised goods. This way you can reduce your expenses and increase your income at the same time. Payment at the time of purchase is, of course, made digitally, as the convenience that the customer receives gives him additional motivation to become loyal to the brand.

    Economics of sharing

    This term has gained widespread popularity since the rise of smart mobile devices in 2010 and is directly related to them. The sharing economy has several important aspects that will play an increasing role in the coming years. On the one hand, the quick and easy sharing of information about goods and services allows additional value to be added to them, which has a positive effect on sales and revenue. On the other hand, improving trade channels and reducing transaction costs by introducing innovative amenities such as making purchases and payments only through a mobile application allows more and more companies to enter the market and gain a place there.


    In 2021, more and more people will experience the "magic" of mobile payments - to pay at the checkout in the store with a few touches or to share the bill for dinner at a restaurant with friends without having to count and transfer banknotes. You can also use this magic when offering products and services from your company. Companies that incorporate mobile payments and related technologies during this initial period of growth can achieve consistently higher results and competitiveness.

    Are you planning to create a unique mobile application that will become a key tool for the growth of your business? Contact our experienced team by sending an inquiry online now.
  • On-Demand Car Wash App – Business Challenges & Solutions Dec 26, 2018

    With the advent of technology, there is an application for almost anything and everything. Car washing industry too has been an eyewitness of such a development where you can book an appointment and get your car washed all sitting at your home. There is an emotional connect of people with their car and taking its full care is something that directly matters to your reputation. People are conscious and well aware of this fact and hence get a regular wash to their car. A car wash mobile service has a good future scope as it saves a lot of time for customers.


    Business Challenges:

    The Online car wash app development poses several challenges, the basic out of which is the low margin. Since there are multiple players, all newbie to this road, they are very competitive based on their price and hereby other companies are forced to sell without any increase in the margin. Secondly, the nature of this business is very much cyclical. Someday like weekends when people are free, there would be a large number of customers and the other day like weekdays when the people are busy, you would be left idle for the day. Hereby, a strong customer loyalty program needs to be developed in order to make customers regularly use the service.

    How Much Does It Cost To Develop Mobile App like TikTok? : Click Here...

    Constituents of being alive:

    The need to pursue excellent customer service is very much important for the customers. The car is an emotional product and is given to washing only when the customers want a mental feel good satisfaction for itself. Hereby, the customer wants the car to be much more than clean. Also, engage the customers with all your might. Attract your customers towards yourself in order to know what they actually want out of car wash. For the short term attraction, various promotion techniques such as a discount coupon, rewards points can be used for a better experience. Lastly, a car wash owner needs to think in multiple areas in order to lure its customers. Effective marketing plan along with superb service through the use of latest equipment sums towards a perfect service.


    So, the above challenges are faced by the Car wash application industry the solution to which isn’t available at large. Hereby, an owner of such a service needs to think more like an entrepreneur of a conglomerate startup which is home for multiple products or service delivered to the customer.

    Car Wash Application -Business Challenges & Their Solution:
  • How to Select Expert Mobile App Development Team Dec 14, 2018

    We are living in a world where every brand new business kick starts their journey through mobile or web applications. Not only the new enterprises but the already existing business organizations are also focusing to embark on this new mobile app development journey. It is difficult to pick any single reason about why having mobile apps are being essential for the growth of the business. With the blessings of modern smartphones, the mobile apps are easily spreading their wings to meet the potential users and reach to the maximum people with the products and services on a wider scale. In other words, mobile apps are like the digital avatar of your brand that helps your business to grow and hold loyal customers and lure the clients.


    Structure of a mobile app development team:

    According to Steve Jobs, Great things in business are never done by one person – they are done by a team of people. Developing a successful mobile app requires expert teamwork and professional skill-set. Likewise, behind every successful and popular mobile app, there are the endless efforts of each skilled members of a highly professional mobile app development team.

    Scroll down to know more about the structure that can bring the splendid success to your business.


    • Requirement analyst: The primary responsibilities of the requirement specialists are to understand the client’s business requirements, project visions and to clarify the queries of the project manager regarding the project.

    • Project manager: The responsibility to drive the client’s visions and objectives regarding the app development project through a smooth road towards the glorious success. The project manager is, therefore, the person who helps in representing the vision of the project to the other team members, planning and managing the entire procedure, detecting the problems that need to be solved and working as a bridge that connects the other departments with each other and even the customers with the app sometimes.

    • Designers: Apart from managing the entire app developing journey, smooth user interface and experience are also essential without which the app will be lost amidst the crowded app stores. The designers, therefore, wave their magic wands to build a smooth interface, a stunning logo that helps in branding the entire app.

    Mobile App developers: The developers are like the technical architectures of a successful mobile app. They write high-quality codes and fuse them with other external databases to enhance the overall responsiveness and quality of the app.

    • QA Engineers: Before serving the food on the plates, there should be one who will taste the quality and supervise the serving techniques. Quality Assurance engineers or the QAs are those professionals who test the app once the first software is developed before releasing it into the app stores. They make sure the app is performing swiftly and meeting all the projects goals set by the clients. If any fault is detected, the issue will be sent to the developers who will fix it. In simple terms, without the approvals of the QA, the app cannot be unveiled in the market.


    Now when you know how these mobile app development teams work, it will become easier for you to choose the right app developing partner who can help you in building your dream project or app with professional expertise.
  • Promising Markets for Fantasy Cricket Mobile Apps Sep 12, 2018

    The audience niche for fantasy cricket mobile app is obviously the cricket enthusiasts, hence the promising markets would be the countries where this game of cricket is much-adored. Like,


    India: As mentioned above, India is a nation where cricket is a lot more than simply a sports, as here the people worship cricket as a religion. Also, the most prominent fantasy cricket app Dream 11 was developed in India itself, hence the market possibilities are huge for fantasy cricket apps in this country.


    Dubai: It is again a big market for cricket betting and hence obviously here lies immense possibility for fantasy cricket apps as well. In fact, another of ODI cricket tournament Asia Cup which takes place in September 2018 is being held in Dubai itself from 15–28 September 2018. During this time, the business of fantasy cricket apps will certainly boost owing to the participation of the cricket-loving audience.

    England: Cricket is the national game of England and it is this nation that invented this heart-throbbing sport, hence it is no secret that the country enjoys a big market for cricket betting and fantasy cricket apps.


    Australia: Five-time ICC World Cup winner, Australia is certainly a team of substance and has successfully made its mark in the arena of cricket by winning myriad cricket events, both in Test Cricket & ODI Cricket. Thus, it enjoys wide user-base and there lies a great opportunity for fantasy cricket apps, with William Hill already being very popular over there.

    Pakistan: One thing that India does share with its neighboring arch-rival Pakistan is the common love for cricket. Just as cricket is worshipped in India, same recognition the sport enjoys among the Pakistani cricket fans as well. Thus, great possibility lies for fantasy cricket apps in this nation as well.

    Bangladesh: Despite being considered a weak cricket team earlier, the team of Bangladesh has proved its mettle time and again in the last few years and thus has earned itself a recognition internationally. Enjoying a wide audience base, Bangladesh has a lot of opportunities for fantasy cricket mobile apps.

    There are a few nations where cricket as a sport is most enjoyed and hence they offer myriad possibilities for Fantasy cricket mobile apps.
  • Top Sports Betting Mobile Application Sep 6, 2018

    The charm of sports betting has lured a lot of people. The chance to indulge in wagering activity on the internet is quite thrilling. From the comfort of your home, you can place your bets in any sport of your choice and feel the adrenalin rush in your body. With help of sports betting mobile apps you can use deposit, wager and cash out profits via your Smartphones or tablets without any problem. Due rapid advancement in technology, you can bet from any location as far as you have an internet connection.


    1. William Hill
    One of the most sought-after betting apps which are liked by players from the United Kingdom is William Hill. This app runs quite smoothly on Android and iPhone platform. If you sign up for this app you will get free €25 bet. This bet will be automatically credited to your account. Most of the popular horse races are covered in this app so a lot of people known William Hill as a horse betting app.

    2. Ladbrokes app

    This app looks quite similar to William Hill. It is quite easy to use. In fact, because of being user-friendly, you actually feel at home after the sign-up, even though there is no sign-up bonus for the first time users. This app doesn’t make you feel shortchanged or deceived.

    3. Betfair app

    This app enables customers to place bets in real-time. People who like to become a bookmaker and lay teams. Betfair is just apt for them. This can even be done games which have already started. This app does not come with the feature of live streaming

    4. Sky Bet App

    If you want to indulge in live betting, then Sky Bet is a wonderful app which provides you an opportunity for that. Punters get to see most of the games live on not just Sky Sports but also on the tablets or smartphones which they have. The live streaming service of this app is its biggest USP. You can download this app without paying any money to the official site. Once you sign up, you even have access to pool betting competitions. First-time users get an offer of a free bet of up to €20 or equivalent currency amount, in case they make a deposit of no less than €5.

    5. Bet Victor App

    This sports betting app is extremely to navigate. Just browse through its menus and place your bets. The app loads pretty fast and gives precise directions as to how to do different things. As everything is lucid you need not get in touch with customer support for anything. It even has a separate FAQ section which you can read if you need clarity on any given topic. New members get a €25 betting bonus but this is only available to you if you have downloaded the Bet Victor mobile app on your mobile device.

    6. Paddy Power App

    This outstanding app re-creates the atmosphere of gambling via laptop or desktop computer. This provides the comfort of use to many first time users. There are separate apps for Android and iPhone users but the features are quite similar. The glitch-free operation is the major draw of this app. You deposit €10 and get a bonus of €30.

    7. Bet365

    The gambling industry is impressed with a repertoire of live gaming options offered by Bet365. The app can easily be downloaded on your Android or iOS device. All special features are available to the user once he or she downloads the app. The existing customers even get to make free bets. The payments are really fast.

    8. Titanbet app

    This clean looking app is an absolute favorite among gamblers. The design aids easy navigation and this is what a user looks for. You can wager on an endless number of sports and markets. The new members get an introductory bonus. If you make a qualifying bonus you can get huge prizes as well as free bets, but this is primarily available to UK customers.

    9. BetFred app

    This sports betting app is primarily popular due to a handsome welcome bonus which it offers to the users. In case a player wagers for €10 he or she receives a bonus of three times the amount. The only drawback is that prize you get is of a free bet. This app is quite versatile and offers betting on most of the sports. You bet real time and this is what makes this app hugely attractive.

    So, these are some of the popular sports betting mobile applications which are available in the market. Download which you like and enjoy a lovely time placing your bets in your favorite sport.
  • Corporate e-Learning and Training Trends to Follow in 2018 Jun 6, 2018

    The corporate e-Learning has visualized a dramatic change in the last two decades. From classroom based conventional learning to introduce a multitude of digital tools, the learning process gives an array of new experience. These tools aid in making the training interactive, virtual, mobile and available as per the learner's demand.

    In order to plan a comprehensive training and development program, organizations have to evaluate the latest technologies. Apart from this, the understanding of current trend that suits best to the specific learners is needed to be implemented. Corporate learning has to be accomplished with structured compliance and regulations that are universally adopted.


    • Gamification
    Gamification is the latest emerging trend in 2018. The concept is about changing the eLearning experience into games for the learners. The traditional way of classroom learning disengages the learners from the training process. Gamification is the modern tool that has the power to engage the learners and improve their performance level.

    The game-based learning uses the elements of gaming such as scoring, leadership points, achievements and mechanics of games to improve employees’ performance. According to researchers, the rewarding system in gamified learning helps the employees to perform better and work to achieve the majestic goals. Some tips to incorporate eLearning strategy include-
    • Track engagement
    • Keeping it simple
    • Combining intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
    • Making it pleasing using gaming elements
    • Aligning Gamification strategy with measurable goals.

    • Podcast
    The podcast is an inexpensive and effective method to create and distribute benefits similar to video-based learning. However, the podcast is more portable and reachable. Since most of the employees are tech savvy, they are well familiar with the basic formats of the podcast.
    The educational podcast is the second most popular category among the employees. It is noticeable that most of the employees have become familiar with the podcast and comfortable in using it to receive informative contents.

    • Micro learning

    Micro learning is gaining popularity due to its trending effectiveness. Micro learning is training that has been broken down into bits to educate learners without investing time. The concept of these workplace elearning techniques is to understand that human concentration is limited. This is the main reason to break the learning process for better understanding.

    Micro learning condenses the distribution of actual information. The dissemination can be divided into 120 seconds sessions of video learning, visuals, slides, exercises, quizzes. Providing information to the employees in short scraps and filling the gaps with quizzes followed by a feedback session is best for retaining the goal. The micro learning process also goes well with sales department, customer service, and IT sector.

    • Mobile learning

    Today approximately more than 3 billion employees use mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, iPods’, and other devices. Organizations must prepare the eLearning strategies to ensure that the content is delivered to each employee. Mobile learning or e-learning app is a snipe method to reach millions of people in one instance. It is poised to meet the requirements of the current scenario.

    Mobile learning aids in training employees from remote locations or from anywhere. Whether they are waiting at the airport or traveling to and fro to the office, mobile learning can be implemented at any time. It also provides Just in Time support to the employees when they want instant support. It is like a ready reckoned that is available to the employees all the time.

    • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

    Augmented reality
    and virtual reality are the cutting edge trending technologies. Instead of sending over videos or getting the employees ready for the training process, you will be soon able to place your employees in the hands-on situation. Augmented reality training is considered as one of the most cost-effective plans that are trending in 2018.
    The Pokémon Go, a virtual reality-based game has changed the scenario of augmented reality. The applications are becoming cheaper and easier to develop. The augmented reality will put the employees in situations where they are not required to take help from im-practitioners. The technology enabled with augmented reality or AR can be used to distribute information among the learners itself.

    • Adaptive and personalized learning
    The adaptive learning is the method to customize the learning techniques according to each company or department. Personalized learning addresses specific needs of the employees and helps them in making the best use of the knowledge. It is a cost-effective method through which the learning module is planned according to target subject only.

    • Video instructor-led training (VILT)
    Video and audio-based interactive training are rising in recent years due to its audacity to provide better learning. Video and audio equipment increases the quality of the training and becomes readily available for the employees. The learners also find it interesting and engaged with the VILT.
    The VILT has no limitation on the numbers of learners. Irrespective of any physical location VILT provides learning facilities to all. The Video can be recorded and kept for future references as well. It can be clubbed with mobile learning for better interactivity. VILT also ensures that all the participants get equal information on a current subject.

    • Artificial intelligence
    Artificial intelligence helps the organization to understand the employee's behavior and provide learning accordingly. Artificial Intelligence provides a recommendation on employees’ works profile as per the work status of the employees. AI is used to create chat bots and ask recommendation from the employees.
    It connects with the learners and evaluates their knowledge based on team projects, new assignments, career development paths, development needs. Using artificial intelligence during the training programs increases the value of the organization and attracts potential candidates as well.

    Since the companies are facing rigid competition, it is important to up skill the employees with latest trends. Training is important for the developments of the employees and growth of the business as well. You cannot ignore the fact that the growth of employees directly leads to increase in the market value of the organization. With the word of mouth, the company can gain more business and potential candidates.

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  • Tips and Tricks for Developing Enterprise App for Your Employees Mar 6, 2018

    The enterprise apps are difficult to handle but are noteworthy for the employers to extract better productivity from the employees. The Enterprise mobile apps are the in-house applications bought by an individual organization or enterprise for the betterment of the organization. This app is used to influence the workers and for carrying out versatile functions in a company.

    Today, the Enterprise mobile apps are changing the face of the business. These apps are not only optimizing the business profitability but also increasing the workers’ efficiency. As per recent studies carried out by research agencies, almost 70% of the leading enterprises are using mobile apps to cultivate revenue and bring in efficiency from the employees.

    Despite the usability, still, some of the enterprises prefer using consumer apps instead of enterprise apps. The fact is that the enterprise apps are clumsy, and difficult to handle by the employees. The wastage of time that goes into navigating, simplifying, and analyzing the app is a subsequent loss for the firm.

    Regardless of the benefits derived from individual organization through mobile apps, it becomes a difficult proposition to grab the employees’ attention towards the app. In order to create a user-friendly app and to grab the attention of the employees, organizations should take the following steps-

    • Involve the people/employees
    To create a useful enterprise app, it is always important to know the motive behind the app. People or employees who are the potential users must be involved in the making of the apps. Whether the app is being developed in-house or by a mobile app developer, it is important that the people/employees are involved in every step of the development. This way, the users can develop a comfort zone with the app and thus can readily accept the app, when required.

    • Use the experience
    The employees like to use apps that improve their efficiency and productivity of daily work. If the app lacks the user experience, it is a subsequent loss for the enterprise. Unless the user experience is flawless, the employees will not like to use it for their daily work. Thus, it is necessary that the enterprise app is created by keeping the user experience in mind. The apps must be user-friendly and simple to use despite their vital features.

    • Encouraging to use the apps
    Adoption of new technology is the most difficult part for any enterprise mobile app. unless the users are interested; the app will not do any good. Although the company may make the use of app mandatory, it cannot raise the interest of the employees. The organization has to influence the employees by encouraging them to use the apps. They had to motivate the users, make them understand the benefits of the app, and most of all involve them in the development process.

    The organization has to integrate modern features that are user-friendly and easily adaptable for the employees. When the employees require putting additional efforts to use the app, they easily get demotivated. Thus, it is wise for the organization to create something user-friendly and simple.

    • Develop the App security features
    First, the enterprise app must be created on a platform that works uninterrupted on Android and iOS devices. Secondly, it is important to develop a secured scenario with a full proof security features.

    While developing an app, the app developers must use the Enterprise Mobile Management to manage the operating systems of the mobile apps. The developer should put efforts on creating a safe app that initiates safe login, identification of the risk factor and tests the security over frequent intervals. After all, who does not want to use a secured app?

    • The scope of innovation and improvement
    While creating an enterprise app, an organization uses huge workforce, finance, technologies, and support as well. In case the app backfires or lacks the main idea, improving and innovating the same can lead to a huge loss and at the same time will affect the interest and the work environment of the organization.

    Thus, the app must be developed with such coding, that in case there is a minimal requirement for improvement, it can be innovated frequently without using many resources. Candidly, the app must have the scope for updating facility as well that leaves no scope of backfiring of the app.

    • Incorporate feedback
    Feedback section in the apps is an important phase for the app developers. While creating an app especially for the organization, it is essential to intricate a feedback section, where the users can update the lags and opinions for betterment. Any sort of queries can also be handled within this section.

    An enterprise app is the new facet of the business. Now, it is a part of future technology, which is already gaining acclamation from the leading organizations. The employees are finding the apps useful and are more than happy to implicate them in their working environment. After all, companies do want to increase their productivity and the revenue of their businesses.
  • What all Chatbot can contribute to the retail? Feb 12, 2018

    Owing to the current scenario, the revolutions embarked by the technology had left no option for the business other than opting for the services and solutions defined in the niche. One such technology that is actually driving the attention of the industries is chatbots.

    Yes, it is mainly remodeling the virtues of retail industry. Reason being, it is highly capable of meeting the diverse business requirements to the users. The businesses are really thinking to add chatbots to their business operations for escalating the customer engagement ratios.

    Few of the businesses are wondering about a fact, that whether adding Chatbot will hit their pocket sizes or not. So, here we will be clarifying their all the concerns with the aid of some facts and figures.

    1.) It is expected that by the year 2019, almost 80% of the businesses will be having the chatbots in their business strategies.

    2.) Almost 30% of the consumers feel that chatbots are the easiest way of communication.

    3.) According to a study by a professor of Stanford, speech recognition works quite better when compared with the traditional writing strategies. It was witnessed that error rate was declined to almost 4-5% with the chatbots.

    4.) As per the report by Juniper, by implementing the chatbots alone the businesses can save around $7.5 million by the year 2019 and $ 18 million in the year 2018 itself.

    Significance of Chatbots in Retail

    Chatbots can be defined as the advanced online consumer service program that is coded and written with AI and even works as IoT interface. Chatbots realizes all the business operations and are inbuilt with profound communication abilities.

    It greatly helps in user retention and acquisition and serves them with just the right information for accomplishing the task. All the problems are dealt via chatbots with an instant action and it serves the users around the 24/7 clock.

    Precisely, chatbot can be said as the true business partner for the retail business helping them to serve their clientele with just the right and correct approach.


    The above statistics and significance clearly reveal that the concept of chatbots for surely will help to reap out the profits in the foreseen times. Below are some of the major benefits of adding chatbots in your retail businesses without having a second thought.

    1.) Personalized consumer interaction

    Well, in this high tech-savvy world, users are looking for highly personalized and professional services. Users now expect that the modern and the online retailers will allow them to express their grievances without any hassle.

    For instance, the consumer had purchased some item from your website and is looking for some exchange policy and requires an instant support, then in such a case what would you do?

    You will settle a team of professionals working in the different shifts for 24/7 in order to handle user request. This certainly calls for a lot of investment and is quite difficult to manage as well. As the business owner cannot be remain assured that the support being delivered by their representatives is quite productive, beneficial and fits user queries in a right way.

    So, the best digital asset that can be deployed in such a situation is a chatbot. Well, it will address all your users’ queries at the time it occurs and assures that it will handle the requests in just the right way. Although it is a single time investment, it endeavors to make the consumer interaction quite seamless and helps in retaining the users as well, thus generating the equivalent profits on a long-term basis.

    2.) Update your inventory

    It may happen that users are pretty much interested to shop from your store, once they have accumulated an appropriate satisfaction from your websites products. For instance, few of the female buyers have purchased some clothing products and dresses from your online retail website. Therefore, in such a scenario, isn’t it great to provide them with the few more product listings similar to their previous shopping?

    With the help of chatbots, retailers can accomplish the aforementioned tasks. They can highlight the major resonating products and the collection. This will pave a direct path to the user engagement thus resulting into more revenue generation and profits.

    3.) Make user searches quite easier

    Well, this can be said as the major benefit provided by the chatbots to your online retail website. Amazon Alexa is one of the most prominent examples in the niche. All the products are displayed on the basis of their shopping history.

    Chatbots recognizes the keywords and accordingly predicts the desired results and the responses. For instance, if the users are looking for something like a party dress, the chatbot will interpret it all and will display all the resonating options.

    4.) Easy checkouts

    It makes the whole ecosystem of processing the orders quite simplified. It just collects the shipping details, an address of the user, products accumulated; contact details etc and thus the orders are being processed out with a very seamless approach.

    The users are either redirected to the checkout page or to the website for quickly processing the orders. All the related data is then stored by the chatbots thus, the users are not required to provide the details, again and again, therefore making the overall shopping experience quite convenient.

    Needless to say, chatbots are the major requirement for the today's' modern retail business. Since they completely redefine the way of making the communication with the clients all the business other than retails such as banking, manufacturing etc are embracing them for generating the chunks of revenues.

    So, for making a mark of your business in this highly competitive marketplace, it is must adhere to the all the technological standards, chatbots are the worth considering among them.
  • Top Features that must be Included for Making Betting App a Hit Feb 2, 2018

    In the recent times, an increasing number of people have become fond of placing bets on sports. Not only does it excites them, but also keeps them engrossed in the game. And of course, the fact of gaining financial rewards cannot be overemphasized.

    Another significant reason for the unprecedented popularity of sports betting mobile app is the rapid progress in technology. Thanks to our latest smartphones- betting has become easier than ever. With countless betting apps available on our smartphones, the need to visit local shops for placing bets has been absolutely eradicated. However, one issue faced by users today is identifying a good and reliable betting app. In this article, we will talk about some significant features that a competent betting app must have in order to ensure a pleasant customer experience. Also, if you as a developer are looking to create a fully-functional and feature-rich betting app, do not forget to incorporate the following features into sports betting app.

    • Account Details
    Once a user downloads a betting app, he is requested with an option of creating his account. Here, he fills in all his personal details along with all the payment particulars. Now, at some point, he might want to change these details, for example, the email address, or perhaps he changed his phone number and wants these changes to reflect in the account details. Regrettably, most of the betting apps available today do not provide the option of changing the account details. Make sure your app gives a complete access to the account information. The user does not have to switch on the computer and log into his account for making any changes to the account profile.

    • Live to stream of sports news
    This is an important attribute of a betting mobile app. The app must allow the users to stream the most popularized sports news channels. It helps in keeping the users updated about the game scores on which they are keen to bet on. Moreover, they can grab an idea about the performance of the players, so that they can place the bet in the right direction.

    • Betting Odds
    Odds play the most significant part when it comes to betting. Your profit or loss in betting depends upon them. So, make sure that your app provides all the relevant information and offers the best odds. Additionally, it should provide with match statistics that can help in understanding the current match conditions and making a wise decision.


    • Live Betting
    Your app should certainly include the feature of live betting. Live betting allows the user to access the match proceedings and place a wager even after the match has begun. The best advantage of live betting is that it helps you in getting the best odds. It greatly amplifies the opportunity of winning big. Therefore, make sure that the app you develop gives a chance to bet in real time.

    • Security
    Security should be your foremost priority. You need to provide an assurance that the user’s personal data, as well as their money, is completely safe and protected from hackers. Consequently, develop apps that regularly ask for password protection and encryption.

    Amazon or the Google cloud servers can be used for implementing the high-security standards and for storing the data with a sophisticated approach. It will not only augment the app operability but will make the entire betting ecosystem quite reliable.

    • Pop-ups
    Pop-up notifications that inform the users regarding significant events is a great feature that must be integrated into all betting apps. For instance, sometimes, breaking news about a game player the user was planning to bet on can significantly grab their attention. It is best to use APNS (Apple push notification services) for delivering the notifications to the users in a reliable way.

    • Display betting trends
    The app must display the display the betting trends that are most popular and dominating in the particular sport. This way it gets easy for the users to place the bet on the games and also keeps them aware of the bid details and links them with the other important details as well.

    • Payment models
    Gone are those days, where people used to pay with the cash. A betting mobile app must be integrated with the distinctive payment models such as Credit/Debit card, NetBanking etc so as to allow the users to transfer the payments in a transparent way.

    • Live Matches
    This is a must-have feature that allows the user to watch the match and bet on it in real time. He can closely witness the progress of the match and make a more informed decision.

    • Betting Tips
    This is an important section that helps the users retrieve relevant information regarding betting prices, payment systems, sports included, etc.

    • Community
    The app should provide an option to share comments, match reviews, etc. with other players. This keeps the users engaged and allows them to learn from the blunders made by other punters.

    Final Thoughts

    Considering the rising popularity of betting, developing a competent betting mobile app that corresponds to the needs of bettors is indubitably a great idea. Keep the afore-mentioned features in mind to create an app that appeals to the users and keeps them engrossed.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Design a Restaurant Website Jan 8, 2018

    Around 70% of the restaurant owners are keen on having the website for serving their customers. Why? Simply because they want to showcase the ambiance of their place, offerings, discounts offered, areas of specialties and much more.

    “Website reflects your brand and services” and remember to get it developed in an innovative manner. Adding the above features and extra ones such as menu, delivery schedules there is lot more that should be added to making your restaurant website design stand out of crowd.

    Being traditional is yes a good approach, but coming up some attractive ideas can encourage your users to grab a meal form your restaurants. So, here find out the topmost steps that are required to build the best-in-class websites and restaurant mobile app development for your restaurant business.

    • Stay true to your brand:
    This is the first and foremost, your restaurant website should deliver the sense of honesty in its design. For instance, if you have an Italian restaurant, your website design should have that Italian touch, striking images, color combinations and should serve the people in the same way, as you would have greeted them in your restaurant.

    Use the correct and right images of your place and meals, so that it motivates them to visit your restaurant and in case, they experience an unjustified behavior or meals and if it differs from your website, for sure they will not come again to your restaurants.

    Hence, it is very imperative to deliver the right information, might be in a simplified manner as the website integrated with originality will open up the way for more consumers, and at the same time will increase your revenue standards.

    • Know your audience:
    It certainly depends on the meals and services you are offering. Might be you are serving fast-food or dining meals or some fruit related juices or may be anything. In such a case, it is very imperative to determine the target users that are addicted to your services.

    For the section of Non-vegetarian, the theme of your website would be different in comparison to the restaurant offering continental and obviously, the target audiences will also differ. For attracting the young generation, you can develop the website with animation and 3D effects, with some funky content while for delivering the high standard services, make your website design in such a way that it adds luxury to the user’s experience.

    Hence, clearly determine your target users; theme and idea of your restaurant and accordingly discuss the design as per the user groups you are going to target.

    • Check-out the competitors:
    Among all the industries that exist, the food industry is the one sharing the maximum share of around 60%. The reason is simple, people love to try new and delicious dishes every now and then. Thus, almost all the restaurant owners are continuously hitting for having an attractive website design, thus giving rise to fierce competition.

    It is vital to analyze your competitors offering that are similar to yours so as to grapple an idea regarding the latest trends and strategies. Check out the all the possible ways and ideas for delivering your services, and add some extra innovation so as to come out with the best design.

    Once, you are ready for your websites, make sure you are not stuck looking your competitor’s website or else you will end up making ample of modifications and consequently will lose your consumer interests.

    • Define individual sections:
    The design of the website must be kept clean and clear, such that it allows the users to execute their tasks without any difficulty. Loading too many features into a single section can confuse the users, and can leave a bad impression in their minds about your restaurants.

    Instead, make your website splintered into sections and provide the guidelines for all the steps for making them their interaction with your website seamless. The design of the components must adhere to its functionality concept and should be able to evoke the positive response.

    • Gather reviews:
    Look for words that the users say for any particular establishment. Find out their reviews from the sources such as TripAdvisor, social sites etc and compare your offerings with them.

    Going by the above way you can easily understand the major key concerns area that is required to be emphasized upon. You can gather a brief idea about their likes and dislikes and what are their expectations.

    You can even invite few of your clients for a lunch or some snacks, in order to have a word regarding the kind of services and offering they are looking for. This paves an easy way for designing the website, as you are all set with the solutions to be offered, that is loved by your users.

    • Regular Updates:
    This is definitely one of the major additions to your website design. Making regular modification keeps the users engaged and at the end, it increases the market value of your brand.

    Adding the new features over the time such as providing attractive meal offers for the festive seasons, or about new specialties etc, can add a lot to increase the website visibility. They all work great for your restaurant and help it to embark with an impressive reputation, plus keeps the users attached in a long run.


    Designing a restaurant website is yes very toil, but if processed with a detailed research for sure it can help reap out monumental results. Thus, focus on your target users, gather their feedbacks, list out the top competitors and select the top website development company for reserving the clientele. Keep your website simple yet attractive with original facts and figures, and hit it with frequent updates for meeting your business insights.
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  • What is Missing in the Current Food Industry? Nov 24, 2017

    We all know food industry is booming at an insane pace as compared to any other evolving industrial vertical. But still, some extra ingredients are required to be put into it so as to make it more automated. Now when it comes to automation, you can certainly graph a basic idea affixed to the post.

    The automation is directly proportional to technology, but still, some of the major concepts are missing in the food industry. Needless to say IoT, Beacon, AR etc are dominating the complete Mobile App Development landscape, so it’s the time for the food industry as well, to endure into the evolving technological revolution.

    Basic features such as menu listing, loyalty points, social sharing, pre-booking and there are much more in the list of food ordering mobile apps and restaurant apps. The stated attributes are the common features of the apps associated with the food industry, hence here find out what are the features that are still missing and are not adopted by the former industry.

    • Route Optimization

    Still, the traditional paths are being followed for accomplishing the food deliveries. But this major feature is till now missing in the modern food industry. With the help of route optimization, you can easily determine the shortest and safest route for reaching a particular destination.

    It helps to save time and money, plus comes as a great help to those who are unaware of the different paths and routes. Embedding it into the app can help the drivers to fulfill the deliveries within the desired time.

    It is not necessary that the all the drivers working in the food industry are exposed to the new routes and in such a case, where with every passing day when new societies are being developed, it becomes extremely tedious tasks to explore the correct and shortest path.

    Route optimization can easily combat the situations such as selecting the wrong path, or being getting misled by a person. Moreover, protects your business identity as it allows to meet the settled time deadlines thus, ultimately contributing to the wellness of your businesses.

    Real-Time Tracking

    Ever since we remember, being stuck in the traffic is still one of the common excuses that are being made by the drivers. But still, in the era of high technological advancements, we are not able to combat such situation.

    The driver once out for the deliveries yes consumes more time than expected. Hence, your new orders might face a delay. So, it is best to track the location of the drivers the moment they step out for the order delivery. With the help of real-time tracking, you can easily track the location of drivers on the real-time basis.

    Thus, you can easily monitor all the related actions such as the number of steps taken, the route selected, the traffic rate, driving behavior and the time taken for deliveries.

    Hence, real-time tracking comes as the major companion for determining the driver behavior on duty. Furthermore, it helps to augment the productivity of your businesses by making sure that no leniency is delivered in case the quality of service retards.

    Still, the food industry has not adopted it and is continuously facing the same problem day by day as adhering to the latest technological standards from now will benefit their business in a long run.

    • Customer Notification

    Most of us know it as a push notification. Many of us are thinking of adding it too, but it had not been implemented till now. Being aware of the fact, that it comes around as the most fundamental way in keeping the users engaged, still is seen missing.

    For delivering the customers about the latest deals, offers that leverages their behavior is a great way of keeping them engrossed.

    Push notification or more precisely can be said as customer notifications, is steadily taking the shape across all the industrial trends hence, more likely we can witness them in the food industry too in the coming times.

    • Analytics and Reports

    This one is for sure very crucial for the food industry but had not implemented till now. The benefits delivered by it are seamless and are really countable for the food businesses.

    With the help of Analytics and Reports, you can make really smart decisions out of the data collected. Below are some of the key areas, where Analytics and Reports can reap out very justified results.

    1.) Track the business

    Best suits or the one having chains of restaurants. You can easily check the consumers that are being served along with the opening and closing time schedules.

    2.) Total Billing generated

    It helps to showcase the total billing done for a particular day and keeps the records altogether. It lets you even identify the billing done in the workplace, through online deliveries or through the third party ordering apps. Thus, you can clearly determine the basic revenue source, the one that is making more money.

    3.) Items ordered and sold

    Tracks the items sold per day. It also checks the inventory of your kitchens thus, makes it easy to compare them both as per the orders. This way it minimizes the on counter thefts plus also determines the category of the meal supplied.

    4.) Track discounts and total selling rates

    It tracks the discount offers given on the times on the monthly basis. Also provides the rate at which the discount was availed. Thus, help you to come again with the majorly loved discount deals for conserving the clientele.

    5.) Customers details and reporting

    It checks the count of the customers visiting your restaurant. Furthermore, it also verifies all the components that are related to quality and customer satisfaction. For e.g., it can check the menu, and can alter it, in case some of the items are being ordered regularly. It allows you to add similar more items of that variety and also allows you to manage the price points very easily.

    • Warehouse on Wheels

    This will definitely take time to come in the food industry. The concept of moving kitchens on roads that serves the fresh and hot meals to the users is not new, but yet is not introduced till now.

    The food ordering industries had encouraged the concept of automated droids for making deliveries, so we can definitely expect the warehouse on wheels in the next coming years.

    The aforementioned concept can actually revolutionize the food industry, and for sure people will love it and will embrace it too. The competition among the food domains is getting fierce day by day, but definitely, we must keep an eye on for the major changes that will take place in the future years.

    Owing to the growing user demands, advancements are striking day by day, hence it is becoming very crucial to bridge the gap between the user expectations and the technologies evolving. The above traits are still missing in the food industry, but for sure we can see them in the coming decades and the days are not away when people will be enjoying the fresh and ready meals at the doorsteps within the matter of few minutes.
  • Bitcoin Wallet: How to choose the best one? Nov 6, 2017

    Bitcoin App Development is one of the most prominent gateways for processing the digital payments. Now when it comes to digital payment, it should be understood the currency that is transferred over it is electronically generated and thus requires no stamp signature.

    Hence, the core purpose of a Bitcoin Mobile App is to transfer the cryptocurrency, named as Bitcoin. The Bitcoin-based mobile app is solely responsible for buying, selling and storing the Bitcoins. Now, the major key component that stores a Bitcoin is a Bitcoin Wallet.

    Thus, precisely the Bitcoin wallet is the most crucial part of a Bitcoin Mobile App; hence it should be selected very properly if you all set to make the digital transactions.
    But prior to choosing a Bitcoin wallet, it is vital to grapple a brief understanding that what is actually a Bitcoin wallet?

    A Bitcoin Mobile Wallet can be said as the private storage unit that accumulates all the Bitcoins. It generates a deposit address that you can share with the person, sending you the Bitcoins. Here, the multiple deposit addresses can be generated and all the transactions at the same time are authenticated with the private keys.

    In a similar way, using the authorized key you can transfer the Bitcoins to other users as well. Here depending on the day to day purchases and the amount your Bitcoin wallet is handling, we can categorize the Bitcoin wallets under two categories:

    Hot Wallet: It is best for making day to day transaction. Though they are not very secured but are very easy to access. The best suits for the short-term trading purposes.

    Cold Wallet: It comes in when huge transactions are to be made. If your major priority is security it works best. They very conveniently store the Bitcoins and can make them available for future use.

    With the above elaboration you can certainly capture a brief idea about the Bitcoin wallet app development, but how you should select it, well, keep reading the post for that.

    • Ownership:
    Make sure that your Bitcoin wallet generates the private key for your transactions, and in case you don’t own one, certainly, you are not authorized to control your Bitcoins. This is one of the major key features of a Bitcoin-based mobile app development. Hence, assure that it delivers the key before selecting the Bitcoin wallet. Having the private key ensures that you can move in and out your Bitcoins as per your convenience.

    • Identity verification :
    The Bitcoin wallet must ask for your information for logging in. It is vital that your wallet should be embedded with the identity verification parameters, so as to vanish the chances of fake registration.

    • Accepts more than one signature
    Your Bitcoin wallet app should be able to generate more than one address. In addition to this, it must also generate private keys for every transaction, in the case where you are making multiple transfers with the different sources. It is mostly required for safeguarding and protecting your transactions taking place.

    • Security:
    Check whether the transactions are taking place with the help of a Web wallet or a Mobile Wallet.

    In case of web wallet, check whether the transfer is taking place over the HTTP or HTTPS. Identify if the wallet offers you with the secured and authenticated logins. Undertake a proper research on the above matters, plus check it delivers you with the two-way authentication. Therefore, make a choice in case it justifies with all the aforementioned parameters.

    • Transparent:
    Check that the wallet provider maintains a transparency while making the transactions. Identify whether the wallet code is open source or nor, In case, it is not, certainly there is a threat to your stored bitcoins. Thus, look for the wallet that comes with the frequent source code updates and where you can check all the vulnerabilities associated with the transactions.

    • Reputation
    Determine the user base for the Bitcoin wallet you are selecting. Taking the help of search queries, find out if, it is popular on the internet. Communicate with the clientele for earning an understanding about the how smoothly the wallet functions? Or are there any security or operability concerns associated with it.

    Finding out the proper stats can help you get the best Bitcoin wallet app. Some of the best apps that are widely used are: Airbitz, Bitpay, BreadWallet etc.

    Therefore, if you are searching for a Bitcoin Mobile Wallet, ensure that comes with all the security-related parameters. Cleary analyzes all the paradigms stated above so as to select the best bitcoin mobile app for making the transactions.
  • Do Web Designers Need to Know How to Code? Sep 25, 2017


    The discussion over whether a UX UI designer should learn coding or not is constantly heated up and it has its advocates on either side. This is a question that crops up time and again; however, the whole designer community unites and fiercely opposing the idea of getting trained in coding. They have their own reasons to counter this belief, however, experts believe that acquiring some efficiency in coding can enlighten their way as well as empower their work approach. On the other hand, designers believe that sailing on two boats can be dangerous for the project as well for their own career.

    No matter who says what, but this is a fact that it’s 2016 and we have come a long way as far as web design is concerned. Web Development Companies are promoting specialized roles and the days are gone when designers used to plow through the whole development stack on their own. At present, advanced tools and effective practices are involved in this job for a higher outcome.

    Now, to put an end to this debate, let’s dig out more to find out the answer of this debate:

    Quality Can Suffer

    Keeping up with multiple things can be dangerous because when designers stretch themselves to achieve all, it is possible you end up with nothing. To learn the nuance, designers have to devote a good deal of their time, which can be utilized somewhere else, may be in a more effective way e.g. in solving problems.

    Rather, a designer should be strictly responsible for the layout, colors, fonts and the entire branding of a website. Such core jobs attached with a designer can define its value, but putting him into the learning of something extra can make the quality suffer.

    Know Coding to Some Extent is Fruitful

    Knowing how to code ultimately makes you an efficient web designer. Getting into codes provides you a clearer picture of the printing process and after sometime you will find yourself a better print designer. In the current scenario, you see specialists everywhere. HTML and semantics are the languages in which front-end developers speak and rest get along with SaaS and CSS. Interactions with such tools are the cup of tea for those who deal with visual designs.

    • Knowledge of codes gives you a competitive advantage
    • Establish better communication along with the web creation pipeline
    • Know the medium you work in will help you to be the master of that medium
    • The more knowledge of coding you acquires the better designer you will be.

    What Exactly Designers Have to Say?

    Their biggest dream is to build their own websites, not exactly website coding. Following two factors are behind this:

    Provide Seamless Services to Clients

    It is a very common scenario when clients have the limited budget and they cannot afford a developer along with a designer. They look for a combo deal and designers who can manage to perform both enter into the win-win situation, particularly both-developer and the resource.

    Having A Stronger Control on Both Departments

    Usually it happens that when designers create something and a big part of its value is lost in course to the developer. At a time when we have responsive design around us making our imagination more close to reality, going for PSD, HTML and CSS will get us such types of troubles. Here, designers find an opportunity to try out some latest tools, constantly go through the new stuff from the tech world and keep on learning to have a stronger grip the two facets.

    It is not tough to Learn Code

    Let me make it very clear that when I say learn code, please do not co-relate it with core-coding. Once core-coding is excluded from your syllabus, it is for sure that you will not take much time to learn the rest. HTML will take a few days to learn and the rest remains a memorizing stuff. There is another tool named CSS and this might take a little longer, but once you pick it up from its roots you will easily grab it after a while. In this too, the easy memorizing stuff will be remaining.

    However, both will take much time to master, CSS in particular. Remember, coding is completely a different art than designing. Therefore, we stress upon going through this learning curve which enables designers to code their own design. Not everyone finds it convenient to learn how to develop websites.


    After having a close look of the whole matter, we can now clearly state that web designers do not need to know coding at all. However, we do believe that designers should know how to deal with CSS and HTML because this will lead them towards acquiring a great ability where you can make better choices in the medium of web designing. Overall, you do not have to literally go for core-coding, but only the basics to enable yourself perform exceptionally well as a designer.

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