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  • The Game Changer For Getting Better Results For Your Business - Part 6 of 6 Sep 13, 2021

    This is the 6th and final blog post in the current series on the little-known secrets to creating highly effective print media advertising, or PMA.

    In the last blog post I introduced you to the autoresponder and explained the time-saving features built in to it, and the right way to send out follow-up communications.

    So you don't get a negative reputation which damages and reduces your business - and only grows your business, as desired.

    In this final and probably most powerful blog post in this particular series, I am going to bring together all the previous blog posts and show you how to create a complete integrated marketing system, which incorporates the use of PMA, to increase your sales and profits.

    This proven system has the potential to double, triple or even quadruple your income - it's so powerful, you could end up with more customers than you can handle.

    The first step in the chain to getting these bigger profits is getting a prospective customer to read your PMA and want to contact your business straight-away.

    So how is this done?

    By now, you already know that your prospective customers main focus is in finding ways to solve their problems, so they can continue to improve and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

    You can take advantage of this fact in your PMA to get more customers to show an interest in your products/services - and contact you, instead of your competition.

    Here's what you do.

    You create a short consumer guide that contains valuable information your prospective customers would be eager to get their hands on and make it available to them for free from your website.

    Somewhere within your PMA you offer them this free consumer guide and tell them they can get it from your website.

    Make sure you highlight the benefits to them from getting this information, so you can get as many people as possible to respond and request your free guide.

    I suggest your consumer guide contains information that helps your prospective customer make an informed buying decision.

    What common problems/pitfalls do your prospective customers need to be aware of when making a buying decision for the products/services you offer?

    What frequently asked questions do you get asked by your prospective customers before they buy something from you?

    This is the sort of information you should be giving away to your prospective customers.

    There are many reasons to offer this free consumer guide to your prospective customers, which I have listed below.

    It is a way to show a prospective customer that you have their best interests at the core of your business, more so than just initially pitching to them trying to make a sale.

    You are highly likely to be seen as an expert and a trusted advisor by your prospective customer after they read your consumer guide, as you will have advised and educated them so they can make the best buying decision for their needs.

    This in turn, builds trust and credibility with your prospective customers, who are then more likely to buy your products/services in future - instead of anything from your competition.

    You will stand apart from competitors as they are almost certainly not doing anything like this - which gives you the competitive advantage over them.

    Finally, by making prospective customers visit your website to get this free consumer guide, you can also collect their name and email address in exchange for giving them the guide.

    You then have a very valuable asset for your business, as mentioned in previous blog posts - the ability to send further communications to build a relationship to generate many extra sales over time.

    If you use an autoresponder to collect your prospects contact details and send them the consumer guide digitally via email - you can have everything setup to run on auto-pilot.

    You can even have your follow-up email communications pre-written and ready to be sent out at regular intervals.

    To continue to build the know, like and trust factor with your email subscribers on auto-pilot.

    Allowing you to keep bringing in regular additional income - whilst also letting you to focus on dealing with the other important and urgent tasks within your business at the same time.

    Stream-lining the process of customer acquisition, retention and continual sales generation - which is the life-blood of any successful thriving business.

    You should monitor and record the number of people who request your free consumer guide.

    This is how you can track and determine how effective your PMA is at getting someone to contact you after seeing and reading your PMA.

    Then you can test and track whether changing the words you use in your PMA reduces or increases the response you get from your PMA.

    It's very important to know what is working and what isn't working at bringing you in new customers and sales.

    The only way to know what works or doesn't work is from creating something, putting it in front of your target audience and seeing what response you get.

    There are no guarantees - but there are proven methods, and those which follow the direct marketing principles I have mentioned throughout this series, are the ones most likely to result in your success.

    So following the information I have shared with you in this blog post series, you should now be able to turn your PMA into a cost-effective method to generate you increasing amounts of business on a regular basis.

    Increasing your sales with bigger profits.
  • The Power of Magic Messages To Create Bigger Profits for Your Business - Part 5 of 6 Sep 12, 2021

    This is the 5th blog post in the series, where I'm sharing with you the little-known secrets to creating highly effective print media advertising, or PMA.

    In the previous blog post I shared with you what the most valuable asset you should possess within your business (which many businesses either don't have or don't use) to make more money with less effort and safeguard your business when unexpected changes occur.

    At the end of that informative lesson I also started to talk about autoresponders and how using them can make your task of generating more income with bigger profits from your priceless asset much easier and quicker.

    To recap, you need to be aware if you are sending out email communications to your list from your own personal email account to more than afew people at a time, your emails are unlikely to get delivered to the sender anyway.

    They will probably get caught and deleted by email filters which assume your message is actually a 'spam' email by mistake, as many spammers send bulk emails out this way.

    Which is a total waste of your precious time and effort.

    To avoid this problem it is far better for you to use a specialist software system, known as an 'autoresponder' to send your emails.

    This software system has many advantages which I shall share with you now.

    Not only will your email messages be delivered to your sender, they will also be tracked, so you also know whether the receivers opened and read your message - very important to know.

    If they don't open and read your message - it’s the same as sending a letter and the person not opening it.

    It's a pointless waste of your time and effort.

    So make sure you use the same direct marketing principles I have already shared with you in previous lessons to create effective PMA, when creating your email subject-lines and throughout your messages.

    So your emails are opened, read and acted upon - instead of just being ignored and deleted.

    By using an autoresponder you can also create a series of personalised messages which will be delivered via email at specific scheduled intervals automatically.

    Delivery of your email messages is fully automated.

    You set it up once and the system does the rest for you on auto-pilot.

    You don't need to worry about repeatedly remembering to send each message out at the right time, to ensure you are steadily building trust and converting a prospect in to a customer and another profitable sale.

    Remember also that personalised emails are much more likely to get opened and read.

    So if you were to do this manually and type out and send individual personalised email messages from your personal account, it's going to take much longer and drain a lot of your time and energy.

    But with an autoresponder its very easy to do - and it takes just seconds to setup.

    So you can send a personalised message to 100's or 1000's of people with the press of a button.

    It's the most smart, time-efficient and productive way for you to send out your emails.

    An autoresponder also allows you to send unscheduled and immediate messages, called 'broadcasts', which can be used in many ways.

    For example, they can be used to bring you in additional business during certain slow periods or for attracting more customers to your special offers when you want to clear out old stock.

    Autoresponders are very flexible too - so you can test and change many different things to find out which specific email changes work best for you and you give the highest response rates that result in the greatest increases in sales.

    In my opinion it's one of the best ways to stay in regular contact with all the people who are interested in the products/services you have to offer, so they will think about your company first when they are ready to spend money to solve their problems.

    It's very important to remember that you have a responsibility to ethically use the personal contact information you have been given by your prospective customers when they give you their name and email address.

    You should consider any personal information given to you to enable you to keep contacting someone is only permitted whilst their continued permission to do so is given.

    At any time, the person receiving communications from you should also be able to easily inform you that they wish to stop receiving your communications.

    Should they decide your communications are no longer welcome - as they are not getting any benefits from them anymore.

    This way you can maintain a reputation for having the best interests of your customer as your main focus.

    And I'm sure you don't appreciate receiving uninvited and unwanted communications from other businesses yourself.

    Only carry on communicating with the people who still continue to give you permission to contact them - to do anything else is just bad practice and likely to result in negative impact on your business at some point.

    Make it clear in your initial communications that you will only continue to contact someone who wants to receive your communications and explain the process they need to follow if they want to stop receiving them.

    The easiet place to explain the process is on your website, on the Terms and Conditions page and make it as easy as possible.

    By doing this you will show that you run an ethical business which stands apart from your competitors, who don't see permission marketing as a high priority, where the customer has all the control over their relationship with your business.

    Autoresponders make the process of allowing someone to stop or 'unsubscribe' from receiving emails very easy.

    At the bottom of every email sent there is a link which when clicked upon takes them to a page online where they can either update their email contact details or unsubscribe.

    There is one other very important feature within an autoresponder system which allows you to grow your email contact database with ease.

    Basically this feature allows you to add an optin box to your website where someone can easily enter their name and email address and instantly be added to your email database and start receiving your automated email message sequence - which builds the know, like and trust factor to generate you more sales.

    It's the most important time-saving and income generating feature of an autoresponder - and it’s a vital component to creating an integrated marketing system for gaining new customers on autopilot.

    I apologise for this blog post installment being slightly longer than normal - but I had some very important things I wanted to share with you. So you can understand how to better serve your customers to in turn maximise your income and profits.

    So now you know what an autoresponder is, which are the main important time-saving features built in to it and why they are important.
  • The Hidden Goldmine Within Your Business And How To Mine It Successfully - Part 4 of 6 Sep 11, 2021

    Here is the 4th blog post in the series, where I share the little-known secrets to creating highly effective print media advertising, or PMA.

    In the previous blog post I explained two critical things you should be including in your PMA which are key ingredients to multiplying your sales.

    Today I'm going to reveal to you what the most valuable (and priceless) asset is you can gain from using PMA and how you can get more of it - to give you a huge advantage over your competition.

    So what is the most valuable asset you can gain from using PMA?

    It is simply this - collecting your prospective customers contact details.

    With their name and email address being the best, and easiest contact details for you to get first.

    Why is this the most valuable asset for your business?

    Once you have your prospective customers contact details you have the ability to repeatedly communicate with them on a regular basis.

    By sending regular communications you can develop an ongoing relationship where you continue to educate and advise them on their problem and how your product/service can solve it and benefit them.

    Doing this they gradually get to know, like and trust you more and more and remove any fear or anxiety they have making a decision to buy from you, due to all the helpful advice you repeatedly give to them.

    From this initial sale, you can then continue to maintain contact to also get feedback on their personal experience and gain testimonials from satisfied customers, which you can use for third party social-proof of the positive results customers get after using your product/service.

    Ask for the provider's permission to use these positive testimonials in your PMA, to highlight customer experiences and the benefits your product/service provides and enhance your credibility.

    Continue to contact previous customers to offer further advice on even more ways to get increased benefits from their initial purchase, mixed in further offers related to their initial purchase.

    You can then also turn a customer in to a valuable and loyal repeat customer, and a free source of new sales by way of referrals.

    Your rare additional care, attention and interest you continue to show to help your customers get the most benefits they can will be appreciated and they will want other people they know to be able to experience the same high level of customer service.

    By taking care of your customers - your customers remain loyal to you and also take care of you, by bringing you in regular repeat business.

    Its known as the 'Law of Reciprocation'.

    From initially gaining contact details, you can convert an interested prospect, into a paying customer, then a repeat customer and someone who also tells others about you to generate even more sales from referrals.

    All this extra return comes from simply treating your customers more like friends and providing them with that little bit of extra care and attention to help them get what they want and avoid what they don't want.

    Creating a series of communications which leads to this cyclic effect, allows you to repeatedly generate additional sales, at minimal cost. With one sale leading on to the next sale.

    Getting contact details, then building and leveraging the relationship with a prospect/customer is one of the key secrets used by highly successful and profitable companies - which you should also be taking advantage of within your own business.

    It’s a win - win situation for everyone.

    Your customer gains - and you gain also.

    The larger your customer database of contact details - the better.

    As this is your instantly available source for making sales and generating extra income, anytime.

    As you are no longer dependent on waiting for people to come to you - you can send out a simple message to them and get a flood of extra business.

    And the more contact details you collect, the more security and protection you possess to keep running a profitable business.

    And as your database or 'list', as it is also known, gets larger - your opportunity for creating bigger and bigger profits increases also.

    That is why collecting the contact details of anyone who shows an interest in your products/services is so important - and so valuable. It's potentially an unlimited source for generating extra income for your business - anytime.

    Sending your regular follow-up communications via email allows you to contact your list a lot faster.

    But beware - if you sending out email communications from your own personal email account to more than afew people, your emails are unlikely to get delivered to the sender anyway.

    They will probably get trapped and erased by email filters who will assume your message is actually a spammy email, as many spammers send bulk emails out this way.

    To avoid this problem it is far better for you to use a specialist software system, known as an 'autoresponder' to send your emails.

    This software system has many advantages which I shall share with you in the next blog post in the series, as this blog post is getting rather long now and I don't want to overload you with too much information.

    So now you understand the importance of collecting the contact details of your prospective customers and why this is the most valuable asset for your business , as it allows you to keep in regular contact with the people interested in your products/services.

    By taking control and actively developing a connection and a relationship with your list you can dramatically increase your sales and profits over time.
  • The Powerful 1-2 Knock Out Combination for Print Media Ads - Part 3 of 6 Sep 10, 2021

    Here is the third blog post in the series, where I share the little-known secrets to creating highly effective print media advertising, or PMA.

    Last time I told with you the 4 core steps to creating profit multiplying PMA and why and how you should be using headlines to grab attention.

    I'm now going to expand on Steps 2 and 3 so you can use your PMA to turn more of your prospective customers into eager buyers.

    Step 2 and Step 3 are linked together.

    Step 2 is to maintain the interest of your reader so they continue to keep reading through your PMA, so that in Step 3, you can create a strong desire for your products/services which leads on to a sale - and bigger profits for you.

    How do you do this?

    By adding BENEFITS and POWER WORDS throughout your PMA.

    Don't worry, I shall be explaining what each of these are in more detail below.

    Firstly BENEFITS. These are the changes and outcomes your prospective customers want to get from using your product/service to solve their problem.

    For example, if the problem is a slow running computer, then the benefit/outcome they want is a faster running computer.

    If the problem is intense shoulder pain, then the benefit/outcome they want is removal or reduction of the pain.

    To determine the benefits your product/service offers your customers, you need to first list all the features of your product/service.

    Features are everything that your product/service does or is.

    You then take every feature listed and ask the question 'How will this transform or improve my customer's life?' and write down the answers that come to mind.

    For each one of these answers then ask the question 'What will happen once my customer's life is transformed by this?” and write down the answers that come to mind.

    You will then have a long list of benefits you can use throughout your PMA to create stronger interest and desire in your product/service in future.

    Did you know almost everyone decides to buy something based on emotional excitement, then use logic to justify making the purchase.

    This is important information to know and also explains why you should include 'Power Words' in your PMA.

    'Power Words' are words that generate massive emotional excitement in your reader, and they are usually action verbs.

    Take a look at any of the front covers of the numerous glossy magazines being sold in WHSmith and they will be covered with Power Words - not to mention benefits, to entice the reader to buy a particular magazine and read the content to find out more.

    You should make it a priority to look at these magazine covers and see how you can incorporate some of the powerful words, headlines, questions and statements they use in your own PMA to dramatically boost interest and desire in your own product/service.

    Here are some good examples to get you started - Essential, Core, Powerful, Amazing, Cutting Edge, Incredible, Limited, Urgent, Increase, Reduce, Faster, Quicker, Slower, Bigger and New.

    Another way to find Power Words is to look up different words in a Thesaurus.

    This is a special book which contains lists of words grouped together according to their similarity of meaning. It is a great way to find alternative Power Words and to avoid using the same words too many times in your PMA.

    So now you know you that you can improve your PMA from using a mixture of both Benefits and Power Words, to maintain interest and create increased desire in your product/service, to potentially increase your sales.
  • How To Get More Customers With Your Print Media Ads - Part 2 of 6 Sep 9, 2021

    Here is the next blog post in the series, sharing the little-known secrets to creating highly effective print media advertising, or PMA.

    So this time I am going to share with you how most businesses create badly structured PMA which actually repel potential customers - and provide you with a replacement proven structure which attracts increasing numbers of customers instead.

    This proven structure uses the four core principles from direct response marketing - which are:

    1. Grab the attention of your reader.

    2. Maintain the interest of your reader so they continue to keep reading.

    3. Create enough desire within your reader so they really want your product/service.

    4. Explain to your reader the next action they need to take to get your product/service.

    The easiest way for you to recall these core principles is to remember these 4 words - ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE and ACTION or A.I.D.A. for short.

    The reason it is called 'Direct Response Marketing' is that you want a direct and usually immediate response from the person who reads your marketing/advertising materials.

    The direct immediate response you want with your PMA, is for your reader to immediately contact you to either buy your product/service straightaway or to request further information about your product/service.

    Either way you win, as you now have the opportunity to make a sale because the person decided to contact you directly after reading your PMA.

    So the first step is to grab the attention of your reader and this is done by starting your PMA with a headline.

    A headline is a single short sentence of less than 17 words in length, where you attract the attention of your reader, by linking in to a conversation which is already going on in their mind around the problem they want to solve.

    The best types of headlines to use are those that ask a question and tie in to a problem your target market wants to solve.

    Examples of question headlines are:

    Struggling to get ahead in your small business?

    Is your computer's lack of speed driving you crazy?

    Are you suffering with shoulder, back or neck pain?

    It is vital you test different headlines in your PMA to determine what works best for you.

    By testing, I mean you create a number of different headlines and trial each one in a different PMA to work out which one generates you the highest response.

    That is another way many businesses waste money on their advertising - they don't know what is working and what isn't working to bring in more customers. They are not tracking the results and the return gained from their advertising investments.

    If you only do one thing after reading this, please make sure you start to test, track and monitor your results and your return on investment.

    Find out what works with affordable PMA first - so you don't waste money on more expensive advertising medias to begin with.

    I'll be giving you a clever technique to track and monitor your PMA, so you can determine with ease what it is working well for you in another blog post later in this series.

    So now you know the proven structure to use to get more a higher response from your PMA - Get Attention, Keep Interest, Create Desire and Take Action. Attention is gained from the use of headlines which ask questions related to customer problems.
  • Avoid These Costly Mistakes With Your Print Media Ads - Part 1 of 6 Sep 8, 2021

    If you continue reading this you'll discover the little-known secrets to creating successful print media advertising - or PMA.

    As you probably know, most business owners are needlessly wasting money on expensive and ineffective forms of PMA, that generate them low numbers of additional customers and very little extra income.

    Yet with a few simple changes these same forms of PMA could easily be transformed into highly effective methods for attracting more new customers, greater sales and bigger profits.

    PMA can be a very cost-effective and affordable way to bring more customers for your business and also provide you with a priceless asset.

    Most business owners use some form of PMA to promote their products or services - with business cards, flyers, brochures, posters and classified ads in newspapers and magazines being some of the most frequently used.

    You probably use some form of PMA in your own business, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now.

    Does your PMA generate the return on investment you ideally desire?

    You may, like many business owners I know, currently be struggling to understand how you can get a better return on your advertising investment.

    I would like to help you remove the frustrations this problem is almost certainly giving you - so you can reap greater rewards from your advertising investment in future.

    Before I continue, it's very important for you to understand that it's not your fault that you don't already know how to construct effective PMA.

    Very few people know what I am about to share with you, so without having this knowledge already, you simply wouldn't be able to spot the difference between good and bad PMA.

    But soon you will be able to know what is wrong with most PMA and how to fix it.

    So let's get started.

    The first and deadliest mistake made with PMA is having the wrong FOCUS.

    Almost every form of PMA uses a structural layout which contains some or all of the following items.
    • the company name
    • the company logo - with or without a strap line slogan
    • a list of the products/services the company offer
    • level of experience
    • how long the company has been established
    With everything being focused around the business itself.

    BIG mistake.

    Your potential new customers are not really that interested in your business.

    I'm sorry … but that's the truth and ... you need to be aware of it, if you want a more profitable business.

    But they are VERY interested in something completely different.

    And this is the MOST important key to you having greater success with your PMA, in future.

    Your prospective customers main interest is in FINDING SOLUTIONS to the problems they currently have.

    And they may not even be aware they have these problems either.

    So your PMA should be focused on high-lighting these problems and then also how your business solves them.

    Without doing this you are likely to continue getting the same poor results that you don't want.

    So now you know the first secret to more effective PMA is to stop focusing on what your business does and instead start focusing on what your prospective customers want.

    But this is just the beginning. I have created a whole series of blog posts which I will be releasing over the next few days, filled with more valuable information on the essential ingredients necessary for creating highly effective PMA - and how to create that priceless asset I mentioned earlier.

    So you are able to consistently attract more of your ideal customers who are eager to buy from you.
  • How To Increase Your Sales and Profits By Gathering Valuable Business Intelligence From Your Customers Sep 7, 2021

    Customer feedback is one of the most important things you should be getting from as many customers as possible - as it is potentially valuable 'business intelligence' you can use to your advantage to generate increasing sales and profits.

    What do I mean by 'business intelligence'?

    Business intelligence is specific information you can get from your customers which allows you to understand their wants, needs, fears, frustrations, concerns and desires a lot better.

    It allows you see inside the mind of your customers to find out what things they consider to be important to them - and therefore pay money for to get or avoid.

    So you can then present the products and services you offer in the best ways through your words - so your customers can more clearly see the value for money they will get. The specific problems you solve and the solutions you provide which match with their own desired results.

    Making it a lot easier for prospective customers to decide to buy from you - instead of your competition.

    But getting this valuable feedback from your customers can be hard to do - unless you follow a specific sequence of steps and automate the process wherever possible.

    Traditionally, the method used by many businesses who actually ask for customer feedback - was the basic paper feedback form. Where you simply request ANY form of feedback.

    The main problem with using this basic paper feedback form is that the feedback you get is often very 'hit or miss' - usually being generic and not containing enough specific detail to be helpful to you or other people who might also read it.

    Responses typically include things similar to:

    "They provided good customer service."

    "Thank you. Would recommend this company."

    To maximise your results and get useful 'business intelligence' type quality feedback you MUST guide the person leaving the feedback by asking some specific questions, to activate a directed response in a structured way.

    We have found that asking for their full name and just 5 other specific questions is sufficient to get good high-quality answers.

    These questions are:

    What are the things that are most important to you when buying our products/services?

    What concerns did you have before buying our products/services?

    What did we do well?

    What were you not happy with?

    What would you say to someone else who asked you what we were like?

    Asking these 5 questions can dramatically improve the quality of customer feedback you are able to get from your customers - including valuable 'business intelligence' which you can use to get more sales and