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  • Wear Like Peaky Blinders at Work Oct 17, 2019

    Peaky Blinders have had a great impact on British men's style. Heritage tweed suits in herringbone, check and pinstripe, woollen overcoats and penny collar shirts. Dress like a true Peaky Blinder. Get inspired by our Peaky Blinders garments and get your own look. Look like a Peaky Blinder at a wedding or the next party.

    Peaky Blinders Suits
    Slightly patterned suits such as stripes and herringbones are essentials in especially grey and navy. Opt for a waistcoat too. Browse our peaky blinders suits now.

    To be noticed as a peaky blinder, make sure you select a penny collar or grandad collar shirt. Stripes are the best as well as herringbone shirts. Browse our peaky blinders shirts now.

    Never miss a hat! Pick the right six-piece section cap. If you find baker boy caps a little bulky then a flat cap will do the work.
  • Colour & Dinner Suit Oct 17, 2019

    We would like to turn your attention to dinner suits, which is one of the most loved forms of suits. You can wear a dinner suit (or a tuxedo) at a black tie event, wedding or prom. However, they just do not have to be boring and black! We do not want to say black is always boring but adding some colour to your formal look will ensure you turn heads in the crowd!
    If you would like to stand out from the crowd without looking overdone; our patterned burgundy dinner jacket is just for you. Match it with plain black trousers and a black bow tie. A wing collar shirt completes the sophisticated look very well.

    It is easy to attract attention to yourself in one of our blue dinner jackets. You can wear it with a black shirt in order to balance the look. Or, just go for a white shirt and you have got the panache in abundance.

    Not a fan of bold colours but you still want to look a little different? Then, champagne, ivory or white tuxedo jackets are great for you. Ideal for the summer and spring season. Wear them with a pair of black trousers and you'll be leaving a long-lasting impression at any event.

    You are free to add more details to your look with cummerbunds, big bow ties and pocket squares.
  • Is your t-shirt toxic? What is Organic Cotton? And, why Artokingo invests in Organic T-Shirt? Mar 10, 2017

    The UK’s exclusive graphic tees maker, Artokingo, reveals the secret behind organic cotton and their ambition to print organic t-shirts only!

    Even organic food is still confusing to many of us. Where did the term of “organic cotton” come from? We do not eat cotton! And, since the correlation is not as direct, it will take some time to understand the idea. However, it is known that the organic cotton is just as important as organic food!

    The conventional cotton is one of the most chemical-intensive crops in the world. These chemicals have numerous negative effects on the air and water as well as the health of farmers in cotton-growing areas. Thousands of farmers in developing countries die from exposure to those toxic chemicals every year.

    Organic cotton, on the other side, has minimum impact on the environment. Organic cotton is grown without toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Certification organizations verify that organic cotton farmers use only materials and methods allowed in organic production. Genetically engineered seed for organic farming is also prohibited in the most of cotton-growing areas.

    Organic cotton is also good for farmers. From sowing seeds to harvesting, farmers work in harmony with regulations. And, it protects the air and water as well as their health in long term.

    “Your cotton t-shirt may be poisoning you” claimed by Deniz, the manager of cool t-shirts maker Artokingo. “The researches show that toxic chemicals could be absorbed by skin. We know how it is important to use organic cotton for our health and the environment. We use 100% organic cotton t-shirts certified by GOTS, despite they cost us 50% more than conventional cotton t-shirts. Those cheap funny t-shirts may not be worth the price. Having a clear conscience is more important than the cost of a t-shirt; the most exclusive t-shirt designs, printed with organic inks on organic t-shirts. Beautiful.”
  • "Artokingo is the best online t-shirt store" says Stuff Mag. Nov 8, 2015

    British makers of unique printed t-shirts, Artokingo, has been awarded as one of the 10 best t-shirt shops on the internet by famous Stuff Magazine.

    Check out their list: