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  • Amazon Sellers Conference, 17th October 2019 Jul 16, 2019

    Reviews 8.jpg

    If you are selling on Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central, don’t miss this October’s Amazon Seller Conference in Manchester, #AmafestUK!

    This event is ideal for anybody who is already selling on Amazon, as well as those who are interested in getting started on the platform. If you’re looking to grow your business in the UK and globally by trading on the world’s largest retailer, don’t miss out!

    Thank you to all of our sponsors: Caribou, ShipStation, & Khaos Control

    When: 17th October 2019

    Time: 0930 - 1700

    Where: UKFast Campus, Birley Fields, Manchester, M15 5QJ

    The conference in May attracted over 200 retailers and industry peers. It was an insightful event with actionable tips and great networking opportunities.

    In October, there will be over 15 Amazon experts from the UK and across Europe and they will share their practical tips for selling more on Amazon. Check out the speakers here >>

    Tickets >>
  • A to Z Guide to Amazon Adverting Jun 15, 2019

    As the Amazon retail and marketplace platform has developed, it has become one of the foremost search engines for products. With more than half of all product searches starting on Amazon.

    Amazon Advertising is a paid solution that allows sellers to explore opportunities of getting their product to the top of a shoppers search results. With more and more sellers seeming to join the platform each month, the competition for a product display on the first page is becoming fierce, making it impossible to scale up quickly without a little investment. If you don’t use Advertising it may take a bit longer to get seen and sell. With advertising your chance of getting seen is higher and so is the chance of selling. In other words with Amazon Advertising, you’re buying your time.

    Amazon Advertising attracts a lot of sellers, as it’s particularly good at driving conversion in comparison to other ad networks like Google. Helping sellers to run profitable campaigns.

    This guide will help you:

    • Understand how advertising works

    • Create your Advertising strategy

    • Start Amazon Advertising

    • Take your campaigns to the next level
    Sign up and get a copy of A to Z Guide to Amazon Advertising

    a to z guide email signature.png
  • So, What happened with #AmafestUK in May? - A guest post by Jérôme de Guigné Jun 5, 2019

    AmafestUK at UKFast -October 2019.JPG
    #AmafestUK, 23rd May 2019 @ UKFast​

    #AmafestUK was held at UKFast on 23rd May and it was attended by 200+ Amazon Sellers. It was a fantastic day with lots to learn and we have received quite a lot of positive feedback.

    “Great event, very well organised. Good schedule of speakers with very interesting topics to learn about. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants learn more about Amazon Seller/Vendor. “​

    Amazon Expert, Jérôme de Guigné helps brands grow quicker on Amazon globally. He has put together a key take away from each talk. If you couldn’t make it to the conference or missed out on talk, please find all speaker-slide desk below.

    Speaker 1 – Amazon Product Pricing Strategies – Paulina Masson

    Key Takeaway: smart pricing will have an impact on your sales. Brilliant presentation from Paulina showing how small changes can have big impacts, using customer psychology and logic to increase your sales velocity. An example: A product sold at 21€: A discount of 3€ works better than a discount of 4€, because 21 is a multiple of 3… fascinating!

    Speaker 2 – Amazon Advertising – Danny McMillan

    Key Takeaway: When you have a large catalogue, what is the best bid, the best keyword, the best time. Testing out different options will enable you to decide the best combo for your range. Amazon takes 30 min to get your campaign running, so you always have to wait for 30 minutes before measuring anything.

    Speaker 3 – Direct Amazon Vendor To Hybrid – 1P & 3P David Hindle

    Key Takeaway: Amazon vendor accounts can become awkward to handle: too much cost and terms pressure from Amazon, too much back office. Then becomes a good idea to open a seller account to avoid the hassle and gain some profits back.

    Speaker 5 – Increase ConveAmazonrsions & Sales With Amazon Listing Optimisation Jess Howes

    Key Takeaway: Having the right picture, or the right content will have a huge impact on your sales. On a toy product: having a picture taken where all the parts are highlighted will make you sell much more than competitors, and improve your ranking, thus increasing your sales.

    Speaker 6 – BidX: Fully automate your Amazon advertising – Nadine Schöpper

    Key Takeaway: BidX is one of these very useful tools which help you automate your advertising, you won’t need to check every single day to improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

    Speaker 7- Private Label Brand Protection – Anthony Famularo

    Key Takeaway: If you go on the private label journey, you will need to make sure you have well protected your product and brand name. Copies namely from the far east tend to appear very fast on Amazon, so you want to be well prepared for that.

    Speaker 9 – Social Selling for Amazon Sellers in 2020 – Beth Blake

    Key Takeaway: Understanding how to move from awareness to consideration stages for customers, and how you can monitor and use social media to listen to what customers are saying about your offers and products, and engage them further to drive more sales and get to this consideration ultimate stage.

    Speaker 10 – Proven Strategies to Boost your Amazon sales on non-English markets – Jana Krekic

    Key Takeaway: It is proven that language to customers is more important than price when looking at product pages. Having the right partner to expand internationally is of key importance to make sure the language used to highlight your products is properly used, and localised.

    Speaker 11 – #WeAreTheMedia – Self Publishing on Amazon – John Hayes

    Key Takeaway: Are you planning to write a book? If so do it for the good reasons, it is a lot of work, and shouldn’t be an ego trip. Books are great to position you as a thought leader, it will open you doors. It will probably not get you much income though.

    Our next conference is in October. We will have another line up of practical talks to help you sell better on Amazon. We hope to see you there.

    Register October 2019 #AmafestUK

  • [ Amazon Case Study ] 86% growth in sales in just 7 months. May 8, 2019

    amazon growth.jpg

    Amazon grew its UK revenue by 23.3% in 2018, which was just below 2017’s growth of 24.9% and faster than last year’s official UK internet retail sales growth of 14.5%, according to new independent estimates.

    With the rapid growth of Amazon sales, it is no surprise retailers are taking advantage of this and launching their products on Amazon. If you don’t do it, somebody else will and this is generally the case across all categories on Amazon.

    We work with many UK SMEs to grow their presence on Amazon via our progressive Amazon growth programme. This programme includes audits, product content and content optimisation, advertising and merchandising. The concept is to review the offerings and take growth points and accelerate that and consider weaker points and improve on them. There is not a set formula that applies to all businesses so we create a bespoke growth plan for all accounts and implement this whilst keeping you updated along the way. We took on a Manchester-based Amazon seller’s account mid-last year and we saw sales grow.

    Sales Growth

    Achieved around 86% growth in sales in just 7 months. This was achieved through new product launches, content optimisation and advertising.

    View the full case study to find out exactly nearly 90% sales growth was achieved.

    Want to grow faster?

    Work with our team of Amazon Experts. We will help you improve and optimise your Amazon Listing and Advertising account.

    ⌚Schedule a 15-min call to discuss your case.


    Prabhat Shah,
    Marketplace Consultant
  • Delimma: Vendor Central or Seller Central? Apr 14, 2019

    Seller Central Vs Vendor Central - Consultancy London.gif

    Amazon has certainly shaken up the retail industry, and it is pushing brands to start looking into Amazon as a selling platform. They are a customer focused company and this philosophy has certainly paid off. This week I was with an outdoor brand based in Lancashire, and the day aimed to:

    1/ Decide what’s the best Vendor route or seller route for the company
    2/ Create an operational plan of getting a product listed, incorporate the fulfilment process and
    register brand

    3/ Analyse profitability as a Vendor and Sellers Central User

    4/ Learn how to manage product catalogue – editing the existing listing and creating new ones

    5/ Marketing products Amazon Advertising

    We have all heard a lot of horror stories that many brands are left with only one online retailer (Amazon) after partnering with Amazon via the vendor programme. This was because Amazon took the online share of their product by competing with other brands likes of Tescos and Argos, causing the latter to drop the relation with the brand. Any brand would like to avoid this situation. It makes logical sense not to take vendor route if this was going to be the final outcome.

    Online retail is 40% of the retail market and this is not something that we can risk not thinking about. We have to approach it sensibly. Going with whatever Amazon says may not always be the right option as we have to look after our interest.

    Throughout the day we created the best strategy to go forward, discussed how to build a brand on Amazon via EBC and advertising opportunities, and how to work with other retailers which have supported the brand for some time. We were creating a “win-win” situation for everyone!

    The conclusion was that taking a vendor route is certainly going to kill other independent retailers as they are unlikely to win the buy box. This then creates other problems, and one of them is creating multiple product listings with different EAN and essentially duplicating the listings. So, for the greater good of the brand and independent retailers we chose to stay with Seller Central. Here’s our action plan created at the end of the day:


    Our approach is independent, and even if it worked out this way with this brand, there may be another way around for you. We take time to learn more about you and create a strategy that works best for you. So, if you are a brand and looking for clarity whether vendor route or seller central route is best for you to book an onsite Amazon Strategy Session or a remote session. It is independent, practical and comprehensive. ​

  • Exclusive Interview with AmafestUK Speaker - Jérôme de Guigné Mar 28, 2019

    AmafestUK is a dedicated full-day Amazon Seller's Conference being held on the 23rd May at UK Fast, Manchester.

    It is free to register but the conference holds a lot of value to any Amazon seller, whether you are a Seller Central user or a Vendor Central user. There are 10 experts talks on the day from sourcing, optimisation, advertising to private labels. Check out one of the speaker's interviews below.

    Jérôme de Guigné – Challenges and Opportunities for Amazon Vendor


    What can people expect to take away from your talk at Amafest 2019?

    They will get a good understanding of the opportunities of becoming a vendor, the benefits and challenges this go-to-market option holds

    Can you tell us a little bit about your background? What experience do you have working with Amazon?

    I was head of Europe for a Chinese brand for Europe and was in charge of growing the brand and managing the distribution for 10 years. Since 2013 I am helping brands grow quicker on Amazon globally. We help brands with their strategy for Amazon, to open up their accounts (vendor or seller), we list and optimize their products, handle their accounts, and drive their advertising in Europe, North America and Japan.

    What's your top tip for someone who's thinking about selling on Amazon?
    Make sure you have a clear strategy before starting, adapt to the Amazon system, and be agile as much as possible.

    Do you think Amazon is a threat to traditional brick and mortar retail?
    It is a threat because they offer an incredible customer experience. It's also an opportunity to push them to be creative and fight back.

    What are the main benefits of selling products on Amazon as opposed to other platforms such as eBay?
    Amazon gives us all the tools to drive sales, so you can drive your sales. The traffic is there, you need to send it over to your products and monitor closely your conversion rate.

    What's your top tip for someone who is just starting to sell on Amazon and someone who is trading for a few years?
    Tip for starters: make sure you have understood the different options, your plan, and what you have to do, get organized.
    Tip for experienced sellers: check-in details your conversion rates, and if your results are not as expected, change and test new things.

    Register free to attend AmafestUK --

    AmafestUK_Iamspeaking_   Jérôme de Guigné.jpg

  • AmafestUK - A Full day conference for Amazon Sellers Mar 11, 2019

    For the fourth year running, our annual conference in collaboration with Digitl is back! On 23rd May 2019 we will be at UKFast in Manchester to talk about all you need to know about selling on Amazon. Amazon is perfect for anyone wanting to sell online or people who want to expand their presence into a new marketplace, and there will be a variety of experts present to share their success stories and to provide information.

    Thank you all sponsors: Caribou, ShipStation, ZonSupport and Khaos Control

    Amazon currently controls around one half of the online retail market and have over 1.7 million sellers with products listed for sale on their marketplace. This is MASSIVE, so it is clearly the place to go if you want to advertise products for sale! It is because of this that we have decided to hone in and focus solely on Amazon at the conference this year, as opposed to last year where we discussed online selling in general.

    59% of millennials ‘always’ or ‘often’ start their online shopping journeys on Amazon, with 1 in 5 16-36-year-olds always heading to Amazon when looking to make an online purchase.

    Based on feedback received from our attendees in the past 3 years, we will be introducing more panel discussions this year as our audience found these most helpful and engaging. There will be 2 panel discussions: one on Amazon private labels and one on Amazon vendor central. Attendees can expect to receive information that they can implement themselves on their own Amazon stores, and with many success stories being discussed people can be inspired and motivated to create their own success story.

    The amazing news is that Amafest is open to everyone, not just people who are already selling products on Amazon. There will be many experts present so a real insight can be gained for both people who want to start selling and established Amazon sellers. We have people who are working for start-up Amazon businesses, all the way to global enterprises like Amazon Sellers Lawyer, so a wide range of knowledge will be contained in one place! For more information, a list of speakers is available on the website at who are all invited based on their expertise in certain areas. Each talk will be approximately 25 minutes long and there will be time at the end for questions.

    If you are interested in learning all aspects of the world of Amazon, the burning question would be “how can I get my hands on a ticket?!” The good news is registration is simple and completely FREE, so head over to now to secure your ticket.

  • AmafestUK - A Full day conference for Amazon Sellers Mar 6, 2019


    After a successful three years, we will be back in Manchester for another full day Amazon Sellers Conference. Whether you are a Seller Central user or a Vendor Central, you will learn something new.

    Register Free -->

    The event is perfect for anybody who is already trading on Amazon or thinking of selling on Amazon. If you are looking to grow your business through the powerful Amazon channel in the UK and globally make sure you don’t miss out.

    We have 10 topics for the day:

    #1 Direct Amazon Vendor to Hybrid - 1P & 3P
    David Hindle, MPM Products Ltd.

    #2 Looking at PPC Through a Different Lens
    Danny McMillan, Seller Sessions.

    #3 Amazon Product Pricing Strategies
    Paulina Masson, Shopkeeper

    #4 Private Label Brand Protection

    CJ Rosenbaum, Amazonsellerlawyers

    #5 Panel Discussion: How To Build Your Amazon Private Label In 2019?

    #6 Increase Conversions & Sales With Amazon Listing Optimisation
    Jess Howes, Daytodayebay

    #7 Bidx: Fully Automate Your Amazon Advertising
    Nadine Schöpper, BidX

    #8 Panel Discussion: Challenges And Opportunities for Amazon Vendors

    #9 Social Selling For Amazon Sellers In 2020

    Beth Blake, SocialB

    #10 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Amazon Sales On Non-English Markets

    Jana Krekic, YLT Translations

    With great networking opportunities, the opportunity to meet new suppliers who will be there to share hints and tips (and not ‘sell’) you will gain invaluable insights to help you.

    Sponsored by UKFast, the event will take place close to the City Centre and refreshments will be provided too.

    Register Free -->



    For more details please you can call +44 (0) 161 3272 923
  • Amazon Partners with Apple: What does this mean? Jan 10, 2019


    2018 was a big year for Amazon (and we’re expecting the same this year!) But one thing, in particular, that was rather exciting, was Amazon’s partnership with Apple. Now, customers can buy directly from Apple with the added bonus of the popular delivery service, Prime.

    The partnership begins in the US, Europe, Japan and India, and everything Apple except the competing product, the HomePod, will be sold on the marketplace. Many shoppers will have come across a number of fake Apple products on Amazon, but with the new partnership, this will be eliminated.

    For those who already sell genuine Apple products, with Apple selling via Amazon the brand will win the buy box and kill off any third-party vendors. This is a potentially worrying situation for third-party retailers. What if other brands start to partner with Amazon, will third-party sellers survive?

    That being said, just because you have a partnership with Amazon, does not mean as a brand you are the winner. Amazon’s algorithm will still favour reviewed and long-standing listings. We all know there is only one winner in this game, and that is Amazon.

    Start engaging with Amazon in the right way and build a strong presence to reach out to millions of customers. We are the UK based Amazon Consultancy helping brands expand their presence on Amazon. Find out more and schedule a call with Amazon expert, Prabhat Shah.
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  • Online Seller UK Monthly Webinars - Starting Feb 2019 Dec 18, 2018

    Online Seller UK Webinar.jpg Starting February 2019, we are launching a monthly webinar series covering all things e-commerce. If you consider yourself an expert in e-commerce, including Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping, then we’d like to hear from you.

    The webinars will take place once a month between 14:00pm to 14:30pm (London time), and will last for 20 minutes + 5 minutes for Q&A. They will be streamed on YouTube Live, and recorded for release immediately after the event.

    The aim of this new webinar series will be to:

    1. Engage with the Online Seller Community,

    2. Provide sellers and businesses improve their e-commerce, and

    3. Raise awareness of your expertise.

    If you’d be interested in speaking, please complete the following form:

  • How to Successfully Launch a Product on Amazon? Nov 27, 2018

    Due to Amazon’s increased growth, brands, re-sellers and manufacturers are using the platform to reach out to Amazon’s very loyal customer base. The platform has proven successful, not only for large sellers but for anyone like you and me. With so many “private label” success stories we see new sellers all the time in our Amazon training courses.

    To help sellers launch their product/s on Amazon, we have created a simple, easy to follow a checklist that will help you to grow product ranking progressively, and help you plan your next steps. This can be used in for product/s you are going to launch. Depending on your product, you may have to skip some steps but it is still useful.

    Because this is a working document, I would love to hear your comments. Please get in touch here.

  • London Amazon Seller Meetup – 5th November 2018 Nov 8, 2018


    The latest London Amazon Seller Meetup (5th November 2018) was another brilliant meetup, providing new and existing sellers with lots of knowledge, tips and insights. Talks covered Amazon Advertising best practices, ERP and selling on Amazon Japan.

    Thanks to our sponsor and our brilliant host We had a great turnout with 60+ businesses in attendance.

    What was covered…

    Amazon Advertising Best Practices for the Holiday Season

    Prabhat Shah – Online Seller UK

    Black Friday and Christmas are fast approaching us, which means this is the optimal time to be catching as many shoppers as possible. Prabhat shared with us some actionable tips on improving your Amazon Advertising to boost holiday sales.

    ✔️ Slide deck can be found here:

    How ERP can help you make key business decisions

    Jason Thickpenny – Khaoscontrol Cloud

    Jason talked us through how an ERP solution can help online sellers, discussing how an ERP system will help you to make SMART decisions. It takes away having to guess whether or not something is a good idea, allows you to do targeted marketing, and is a central place to see what is going on in the business.

    ✔️ Slide deck can be found here:

    Should you be selling on Amazon Japan?

    John Cant –

    John discussed why and how you should be selling on Amazon Japan. Going through what products sell well, disadvantages and advantages of selling on Amazon Japan; advantages including the fact Amazon Japan is growing quickly, and the Yen is strong vs £.

    ✔️Slide deck can be found here:

    Meetups and events like this help online sellers to learn new things about the industry that they can apply immediately to their businesses. Not only that, but you meet with other online sellers and industry experts who share their experiences and advice. Be sure to check out future events, they are free to attend and packed full of knowledge!

  • London Amazon Seller’s Meetup - what you missed out on Oct 24, 2018

    Another brilliant London Amazon Seller Meetup in October, with a great turnout. Thank you to our host Brendan, to Khaoscloud for sponsoring the event and to our speakers who gave us lots of useful takeaways.

    Jason Thickpenny - Khaoscloud

    Jason talked about ‘The Importance of Integration’ and how it could benefit your business to integrate everything. Jason discussed the complex journey of just ONE order and how without integration it could be slowing your business down.

    Slide deck can be found here:

    Prabhat Shah - Online Seller UK

    Prabhat discussed ‘Best Practices of Selling Internationally with Amazon’ and how to get your business started with selling internationally on Amazon. Prabhat talked through FBA, EFN and PAN EU, why you should avoid auto-translation, why you should leverage sponsored ads and the importance of Amazon SEO.

    Slide deck can be found here:

    Lizzy Greenburg - Taxjar

    Lizzy spoke about ‘The 5 Basics of US Sales Tax’ and how you can save time with sales tax automation.

    Slide deck can be found here:

    Joseph Cox - eCommerce Accountants

    Joseph talked about ‘VAT - The Basics and Beyond’, discussing what e-commerce and online businesses need to know about VAT.

    Slide deck can be found here:

    London Amazon Seller Meetups are held regularly and are free to attend the event with informative and experienced speakers. They are perfect to attend for any business aiming to grow online nationally or internationally, or even if you’re looking to start selling online. You will learn proven strategies and tactics!

    Sign up for the next London Amazon Seller Meetup
  • Why you should add the Manchester Online Seller UK Meetup to your calendar Sep 16, 2018


    Looking to grow your business online? Are you considering selling online? Or, do you just want to keep up to date with the latest eBay and Amazon tips, tricks and strategies? Then you should come along to the Manchester Online Seller UK Meetup in October!

    Date: Monday 11th October 2018

    Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

    Where: Innospace, The Shed, Chester St, Manchester, M1 5GD

    It is a free event for online sellers and retailers. You will take away a whole host of tips, tricks and strategies to help you improve your e-commerce presence and increase sales!

    Topics for the evening:

    1. eBay competitive intelligence for online sellers

    2. Amazon tools for fast-growing sellers

    3. How ERP can help you make key decisions

    On top of hearing from industry experts and taking away many practical tips, you will also get the chance to network with other sellers, suppliers and e-commerce experts. The perfect chance to get your questions answered, and to discuss and exchange information and advice!

    Register for your FREE space here.

    If Manchester is too far to travel, check out London Online Seller UK Meetup.
  • Why you should add the London Amazon Seller Meetup to your calendar Sep 13, 2018

    Looking to grow your business online? Are you considering selling online? Or, do you just want to keep up to date with the latest e-commerce tips, tricks and strategies? Then you should come along to the London Online Seller UK Meetup in October!

    Date: Monday 8th October 2018

    Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

    Where: Rise London, 41 Luke Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4DP

    It is a free event for online sellers and retailers. You will take away a whole host of tips, tricks and strategies that you can go away and implement almost instantly!

    Topics for the evening:

    1. Best practices for selling internationally with Amazon

    2. The 5 basics of US sales tax, explained

    3. EU VAT for Amazon Sellers

    4. Benefits of integrating e-commerce with ERP

    Not only will you hear from industry experts and take-away many practical tips, you will also get the chance to network with other online sellers, suppliers and e-commerce experts. With whom you can discuss and exchange information and advice which could help you grow your business online.

    What are you waiting for? Get your FREE tickets here today!

    If London is too far to travel, check out Manchester Online Seller UK Meetup.