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  • The 2020 Food And Beverage Trends According to Ripples Mar 15, 2020

    Ripples, the company that came up with the innovative Beverage-top media concept and platform has put together a list of the top new trends that will be sweeping the food and beverage industry in 2020. According to Ripples, this list has been influenced by the Millennial wants, desires, ideologies and buying behavior.

    Looking at the food and beverage trends according to Ripples, what can we expect to dazzle and delight our tastebuds in 2020? Let’s explore

    1. Healthy Alternatives
    Don’t like beef in your burger? Have jackfruit instead. Not a fan of gluten? Swap in a flour-free alternative for your pancakes. This year we are seeing an explosion of substitution options in food and beverages, with restaurants and cafes offering ‘healthy’ alternatives to some of our more guilty pleasures.

    2. Upgrades and Infusions
    Speaking on menu options, restaurants in 2020 are also offering upsells and upgrades to delight customers who want a little bit more. Upgrading a dish with a protein choice or an extra serving of a favorite is a great way to win loyal customers and pad out your bottom line.

    Additionally, we are seeing an increase in infusions and adds to food and beverages. Items like superfoods, adaptogens, herbs, roots, supplements can be added in for additional health benefits. Crowd favorites include ginseng, CBD, gotu kola and holy basil.

    3. Sustainable
    It would be amiss to not mention one of the biggest trends in 2020, which is the growing impact of sustainable foods. Patrons want to know where and how their food came to arrive on their plate and to ensure it did not impact indigenous communities nor endangered forests.

    According to the Ripples report, up to 23% of American consumers are now buying based on sustainability, including ingredients, packaging and locally sourced ingredients. We are also seeing a shift away from meat and dairy-based products as the public becomes more aware of how unsustainable they are.

    4. Nostalgia Flavours
    Nothing tickles our pleasure centers like a distant memory of our youth and brands that capitalize on childhood delights will be rewarded. Dishes that are gummy candy flavored, cookie dough or marshmallows have become increasingly popular as customers rush to experience simpler times again.

    5. Fermentation
    2020 flavor trends aren’t just about those with a sweet tooth, but also those looking for a sour punch in their diet. Dragon fruit, vinegar and fermented layered relishes are taking off in a big way, offering a healthy way to add that unique twist of flavor. Look to fermented beet, carrots, and mushrooms for interesting new taste combinations

    6. Turkish and Israel
    Turkey, Israel, and Lebanon have gifted the world with Levantine cuisine. This region offers dishes packed with unique ingredients, plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, and plates that go down well for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Restaurants looking for a new cornerstone course should look east for their inspiration.

    7. Nitrogen and Bubbles
    Nitro beverages are normal drinks that have been infused with small nitrogen bubbles to add an extra element to the texture. Commonly it is applied to drinks like coffee, cold brew and alcoholic drinks (beer and cocktails), giving them a frothy carpet-like texture rolling over the tongue. It has been popular enough to be picked up by Starbucks and as the saying goes "when the giants start moving you should move to".

    Another beverage element skyrocketing to popularity is Spritzes. This afternoon delight has proven to be very popular and popping up rooftop bars all over the world. Aperol Spritz is the defacto drink of the summer, showcasing winning characteristics like refreshing in the hot sun, easy to drink, low on calories and perfect for Instagram boomerangs.

    8. Replacing core ingredients
    Another new element that we are seeing in 2020 in food and beverages is replacing typically key ingredients with other elements. We are starting to see some high-end cocktail bars freezing out the water of their alcohol whilst maintaining the spirit flavor. They then can replace the water with other elements like fruit juice or coffee, whilst keeping the alcoholic content. Effectively making alcohol tasteless or whatever you want it to take like. This is so cutting edge that we can only say watch this space.

    9. Flower dishes
    Instagram bloggers delight in 2020 with chefs preparing the perfect photo moments with the addition of flowers in their dishes. Adding edible flowers like hibiscus, juniper, balsam, and lavender can add not only a dash of color to a dish but also a unique twist in zest.

    10. Ugly fruits and veggies
    The last item on this list is a bit of an oddball. Because of the sustainable push, patrons are now far more accepting of ugly produce such as misshapen peppers, narrow carrots or even squashed berries. Serving them up as a dish where nothing goes to waste scores points with the Millennial crowd.

    Overall these ten new concepts are sure to change the face of food and beverages in 2020 and we can’t wait to see what comes next.
  • Using a Coffee Printer For Better Advertising in Restaurants & Cafes Mar 1, 2020

    The very concept of effective marketing has become more and more challenging for businesses to achieve these days.

    Where once consumers were able and willing to engage with marketing materials and find your brand, consumers nowadays are easily distracted and overall less tolerant towards advertisements in general.

    Instead, businesses need to be coming up with new and innovative ways to engage with consumers, so as to best appeal to their broader interests.

    A new, innovative method of marketing for restaurants, cafes and even hotels aims to do that. It includes a coffee printer machine, cups of coffee and an app. It was created by a company named Ripples and it is called Bev Top Media.

    What Is The Bev Top Media?

    Bev Top Media is a new solution to the challenge of creative marketing for hospitality and HORECA (hotels, restaurants, cafes) businesses.

    It has risen from the concept that there is an unexploited moment when the customer is buying a drink, whether it's in a restaurant, a cafe or even a hotel. Ripples named this moment the Naked Drink Gap.

    When a customer orders a beverage from a business, they pay for their drink and take it away, presumably to consume it without a second thought.

    As they bring their beverage to their lips and take a sip, they are usually faced with an empty, featureless drink. Ripples found that when it comes to marketing, this is a huge opportunity missed. This is the Naked Drink Gap.

    Ripples found that the lack of images, advertisement, or engagement on the tops of the drink is a completely missed opportunity, as it leaves valuable visual space for interaction with the customer completely abandoned.

    With the Bev Top media, instead of offering a beverage with nothing on it, these businesses can instead customize beverages with personalized messages, images and even individualized logos.

    To make things simple we can say that the innovative Ripples coffee printer offers the ability to actually print an image or message on top of the foam of your coffee or other foam topped beverages like beer or cocktails. This could be a restaurant’s branding, a personalized message or just a picture custom picked by the consumer.

    Through the use of a simple machine, you can input the text, image, or logo using the Ripples app, then spray the image onto the coffee foam with no more effort than a few buttons. Gone are the days of complicated foam shapes and spirals using handcrafted barista complexities; now, you can accomplish the same thing to even greater effect using a machine and an app.

    This simple action of printing images and messages on top of the beverage has several advantages:

    - It upgrades the customer experience. It's not about just drinking anymore, it's about enjoying the way your beverage looks like.

    - It also encourages customers to share images of their drink on social media

    - It allows the businesses to include marketing messages on their beverages in a way that is welcomed by the customer.

    Many businesses are now using the Bev Top Media to upgrade their marketing activity and this new trend is only expected to grow.