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  • My online marketing "secret weapon" Dec 5, 2018

    Hey there,
    I just wanted to shout out about a killer tracking and optimization platform.
    It helps you to scientifically track and optimize all your marketing, all in one place ...
    ... and get more leads, conversions and revenues from the same traffic you're already getting.
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    Here's just some of what you can do with it ...
    * Track your entire sales funnel, no matter how complex
    * Bot filtering & click fraud protection
    * Automated & scientific split testing
    * Link cloaking & click rotators
    * Geotargeting & mobile optimization
    * Add retargeting pixels to any click
    * Add pop-ups and countdown timers to any page
    * Integrate with affiliate networks in seconds
    It works everywhere you advertise, and
    Fanatical 1-Hour support is amazing.
    When you need help, they respond in less than 1 hour!
    There's nothing else like this out there. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think:
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  • Affiliate program list and why do you want to use them Nov 30, 2018

    Hi, if you are reading this theme, probably you already know what is affiliate programs and just looking to expand your source list. Maybe looking where to start advertise with your product.

    For those who are not familiar I will explain:
    Let's pretend John is making windows, but have no clients, but Peter is building houses and have a lot of clients. John meets Peter and say: sell my windows for your clients and you will get 20% from my profit.
    Let's say John windows cost 100 for unit (net) plus 100 to cover job and taxes = 200 a unit.
    Peter which has a lot of clients can sell windows just offering them on the same time while doing job for clients. House usually got more than one window. Let's say 6. In this case Peter could earn 20*6=120.
    It is just rough life example :)

    Everything is much more simple on the internet: You can find an afiliate marketplace, pick a product and even not leaving home to offer/recommend it to buy for people.

    So what kind of programs you can use?
    • Amazon- you can recommend any product and get up to 10%
    • Ebay- you may earn up to 50-70% from profit
    These marketplaces are full of physical products. IMHO my experience is not so good with these,- very little earnings as an affiliate. But there are many smart marketers, which earn a lot from these.

    Several popular marketplace's for info, software and SAAS product search:
    • Clickbank
    • Warrior forum
    • Jvzoo
    • Clickbetter
    • CJ affiliate (commision junction)
    • ShareASale
    • VigLink
    • Booking

    I have mentioned these, which I am/was registered. But there are many affiliate programs online which may suite your niche/topic
    Go to Google and write
    Niche/keyword+affiliate program,- you will get a lot of results, which you can review, and promote.

    Product or service must fit for your audience. So let's say, if I want to promote insurance service in UK you can write: "insurance affiliate programs UK" and etc.
    Every program may have own rules: let's say Amazon products can not be promoted via email marketing (that's because Amazon company advertise in this way). An if they find out, you had breaked this rule, most case you will be banned as an affiliate.
    Do not leave affiliate links all over internet/irrelevant,- in other words do not spam. With today's tracking technologies all links may be tracked and such affiliates will be blocked from unethical advertising.

    Social networks do not like affiliate links as well. So if you will try to add link on instagram profile, then instagram platform will not let you to save changes.

    Some affiliate programs will not let you to promote own product if you are not using it yourself. Becase you can not explain what it is and how it works properly for your audience. In this case company cares about own authority and brand plus want to attract only top partners.

    There are many products, which offer own advertising packages (ready to go): banners, texts, email swipes, video clips, ebooks and other just to make it easy for affiliate partner. The more affiliate will sell, the more product owner will get profit.

    If you would like to learn more and how to earn from it, >>>Start affiliate marketing training