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  • Dodgy Christmas Loans Oct 11, 2015

    I registered a website (in 2014, i think?) called Christmas Loan Bad and had the intention originally of setting up a loan website offering Christmas Loans to people with poor credit history. I never joined any loan affiliates, though, and instead went down the advertising revenue road and pretty much forgot about the site.

    I decided also that instead of selling peoples information onto dodgy loans brokers and payday lenders that i would add a contact form on the site that would ask relatively primitive personal information that once submitted would redirect to a page that explains the errors of the submitter's ways, primarily being entering your personal information into a site that suggests finance in the UK is regulated by Santa Claus way up in the north pole.

    As i expected i got many hundreds of emails and even ended up on a payday lending regulators website listed alongside other dodgy loans websites despite it being a spoof. Luckily, nothing ever come about as a result of it :D:eek: I was also lucky enough to escape being listed in an article on the mirror's webstie about dodgy loan companies robbing the poor of their Christmas money.

    I've decided to milk the project again for Xmas 2015 but as usual i forgot to pay my hosting bills and lost my ranking but have done various bits and bobs today to ensure that it gets back ranking where it originally was, number 1 for Christmas loans and a plethora of other terms which generated a nice few thousand hits and paid my mortgage for a few months.

    I am particularly fond of one element of the project and that is the logo i paid 5$ for (i thought of the strap line myself) one day i might decide to make a serious website and will get the logo the recognition it deserves, but for now it will sit on the modest website that educates people stupid enough to enter their personal details on dodgy websites the errors of their ways.

  • Today I Have Been Mostly Eating M&M's Apr 27, 2014

  • Hiring Advertising Trailers Apr 13, 2014

    A few months back i took note of a thread started on this forum by someone suggesting that they are getting far too many enquiries from people looking to hire trailers for marketing campaigns.

    The op suggested that they were being literally inundated with requests for advertising trailer hire quotes.

    As a shrewd self employed person i am always looking out for ways to increase my income. I will literally get involved in anything if it is likely to spin a profit. I took to the 123-reg search bar and typed in 'Advertising Trailer Hire' and found that the domain for that term was actually available, so i registered it.

    I think i pointed the advertising trailer hire url to hosting i had for another domain name, i set up another database and uploaded the wordpress content management system. After that i uploaded a boring theme and wrote a bit of content about billboard advertising and then literally forgot about it.

    The site doesn't appear to have been indexed by Goog even after all these months. I think at the time i thought i would wait and see if SE's were good enough to sniff it out on their own and display it in the results, which clearly they aren't.
  • Xmas Loan Logo Apr 3, 2014

    I spent just over 3 pounds on this Christmas Loans logo, and i think it looks pretty damn cool

    I started a thread on another forum i frequent just to see what other people thought about this Christmassy logo and others agreed with me that it is very good for such a low spend.

    You can see it live on the site here. I have been adding various pages to the site, like Christmas Payday and Xmas Unemployed loans and over the course of the next 4 months intend to get it looking a bit prettier ready for the big build up to Christmas 2014.
  • Kitchen and Bathooms Nov 21, 2013

    I have decided to set up a new website for kitchens and bathrooms. It's not finished yet but i have high hopes for it I was perusing the recent uploads on the theme installation section of my WP admin panel and noticed that there are a few themes that have been uploaded recently that could be converted into proper websites easier than some of the others. I often feel underwhelmed with free themes and even the paid themes. With the theme i have installed i am hoping to keep it simple but make minor tweaks to it, such as graphics talking about special offers on kitchens like free appliances and 50% off boilers for anyone who needs a new kitchen. The site won't just talk about kitchens it will also discuss bathrooms and i will also create inner pages talking about electrical services such as house rewiring and plumbing and gas services like central heating.
  • Christmas Loans For Bad Credit Oct 31, 2013

    On one of my bad credit related websites i set up a page about Christmas loans and have been noting that during the run up to Christmas people are already starting to think about the possibility of taking out a Christmas loan to pay for all of the expensive presents they are going to have to buy, afterall, sadly for parents Saint Nick is just a myth.

    Throughout the course of 2013 i have also noted that there is a major increase in popularity for short term credit loans, such as payday loans and even for home collection loans like door-step.

    Irrespective of the good news the British government have been receiving about economic growth it is clearly apparent that the fact peoples living standards have been slipping ever since the recession means people now need short term credit more than ever before.
  • Online Casino Reviews Oct 24, 2013

    I often gamble on the internet, especially on the casino games such as roulette and the live casino games such as live roulette and live black jack, although i generally play roulette the most.

    I have been noticing of late that a certain online casino in the UK has been having some technical difficulty, which has been going on for a number of weeks now - During which i have ended up out of pocket.

    What Happened to me recently.
    I placed my money down on various numbers. I cover one number quite heavily by placing money on the nose and on the splits all the way around it because i consider it to be my lucky casino number, faithful black 17. After placing my cash down on the table and waiting for the spin of the roulette wheel to finish, revealing the winning number, i note that i have won, my faithful black 17 has come up trumps for me yet again. But not this time, no, instead of getting a message on the screen to the right detailing my winnings i get a little red box pop up suggesting that there is an error. My bet has therefore not won, and not been placed as far as the casino software is concerned. Yet the live support of the online casino admit that they can see 'something' and that the 'bet did not reach their server in time' but not much more than that.

    Now i consider this to be utterly disgusting. I notice from adverts on the television from various gambling companies that are getting involved in the online casino gaming industry that 'playing live casino in the comfort of your own home is like playing it for real' but it isn't, is it. If you are in a casino, place your money down on the numbers expecting a 35/1 payout on a straight, and 18 to one payout on a split, an 8 to one payout on a corner bet, an 11-1 payout on a street etc only to be told by the croupier, 'sorry, there was an error' and give you your stake back instead of your winnings you would be livid, livid. It just doesn't happen in a real, live casino, but it is invariably happening in 'live' casino's on the internet according to many online reviews by disgruntled customers.

    My unpaid winnings case is still being looked over by the technical support according to a second live support operator i have spoken to today.


    The casino in question is one i have used online quite frequently over the years. Prior to this problem i only ever had one other problem which was years ago and dealt with quickly and correctly.

    Let's see whether the customer services deal with this one correctly. I will be giving them hell if they do not :D
  • Quick House Sale Companies Oct 21, 2013

    There are many companies in the UK that offer to buy houses for cash, giving the homeowner a quick solution to selling their house quick, but are they the best solution?

    A report by the BBC revealed that while these companies live up to what they are offering, buying a house faster than a traditional buyer would, they are after the very best price they can get, which includes lowering their cash offer at the last minute to squeeze even more cash out of people looking to get rid of their house sharpish.

    There are a number of reasons why someone would wish to sell property fast, such as avoiding repossession by the mortgage company, but due to the urgent nature that becomes clearly apparent when someone wishes to do something fast they are leaving themselves open to having to sell their home at a fraction of its true value.

    Not all cash buyers are looking to purchase well below the market value, but a large majority are. The best advice that can be offered to someone in need of a cash buyer, urgently, is to shop around and to certainly not accept the first cash offer that is placed down on the bargaining table.
  • Libor Compensation Jul 25, 2013

    I registered a few domain names around the time of the Libor Scandal. As usual, the internet geeks got in early and pinched most of the good ones but i managed to pick up, libor, libor and reclaim Due to the slow nature of the unfolding banking scandal i chose to set up a primitive site on and gear it up towards LIBOR Compensation .

    I haven't done anything worthwhile with it yet but i am hoping to do something very good with it in the near future. I am in close contact with someone who has actually spent time delving into the London Interbank Offered Rate and mortgages, he is in regular contact with the OFT.

    His ultimate goal is compensation. He has even gone as far as getting in touch with the company who originally brokered the mortgage he was signed up to. At the time of him taking out the mortgage his credit rating was relatively good, a few blemishes but nothing major. The mortgage brokers he used matched him with a lender who at the time was considered a bad credit mortgage lender, the potential reasons the broker did this were most likely based around that lender paying the most commission. Mortgage brokers are under strict guidelines to match applicants to the best deal for them, not the deal that is best for the brokers bank balance, so there is a possibility he will be able to seek some compensation from the brokers as well as the mortgage lender and possibly all of the banks involved in the Libor Scandal for the ways in which they contributed to this persons financial demise - losing his home.
  • Small Loans Uk .Co.Uk Jul 24, 2013

    Found yet another half decent financial domain name while using the 123-reg search bar - Small Loans UK, which i think it quite a nice domain, it explains what the site is about, smaller loans, and the country if focuses on. I once had a website that ranked high for terms such as small loans and small loans uk so i know there is a fair bit of traffic for those sorts of terms. I have so far only set up basic site with one page but i hope to start filling it with more pages over the coming days, this site will cover little loans for bad credit. I have been busy working on my first bad credit loans company website and that has been going reasonably well considering i haven't put that much effort into it, things are steadily improving. I think my main strategy is going to be based around loans for poor credit history but i have one other half decent domain name in mind, loan companys which i will possibly base around loans for people with good credit history. It does amaze me how popular searches are for loans to do with adverse credit like door-step loans, it shows just how badly the recession has hit people.
  • DoorStep Lenders UK Jul 7, 2013

    Having bowed out of payday loans due to the intensity of the competition (and the fact that a certain search giant now picks and chooses who it deems reasonable to position highly) i have turned my attention to the many other forms of bad credit loans that are available for people with poor credit history, such as credit cards for bad credit status, Home collected loans, payday, logbook, mortgages for adverse credit and even debt management. I still target certain terms for the payday loans and have it on my loans company website as it compliments the bad credit offering on the site but i now am putting my effort into door-step loans. I have been doing a bit of research and located some good domains again, being one of them (currently like most of my websites, undeveloped). I note that the oft have a site that is called 'lenders compared' with a door-step loan section listing home collection companies. They stipulate that doorstep lenders need to link to that website so people can compare the costs of credit. I note that due to the fact these heavily focused loan properties are having to link to that government property it has pushed them high for certain terms, such as door step lenders. Me owning an exact match for that term gives me a fighting chance of overtaking them for it and a way of generating more traffic and leads. I am now thinking i should sign up to a few aff's or possibly make it an information site and feature advertising. I am unsure yet. I note that the cost per lead from doorstep lenders is a bit low so that may swing me in the direction of advertising for revenue.
  • Forgetting To Pay Hosting Bills Jul 4, 2013

    Isn't it annoying when you realise that you have not paid your hosting bill? For various reasons it is easy to overlook payments for things such as hosting, especially when you have many websites and are utilising many different hosting companies.

    I guess my main problem is i have got into a bit of a muddle, some of my hosting is on pay monthly, others pay annually, others pay quarterly. I also have many, many different email addresses and often only log into a select few frequently meaning i don't get to read the countless payment reminders.

    I keep ontop of my main websites generally, they seldom go offline, but smaller projects that i start and don't feel like finishing or postpone until a later date get suspended frequently.

    Luckily, the hosts i use don't delete your account within a short space of time after non payment, i have only had that happen to me once. :mad:

    The worst thing is when your site (Small Payday is offline for so long it gets de-indexed by SE's, but it is easily repairable.

    The site the De-index happened on appears to be penalised for some reason and was steadily losing its rankings prior to hosting suspension, so it's not like i have lost traffic / meaningful revenue. I have a task on my hands to project it back to the status it once held for many terms that are worth getting excited about. But then again i may just leave it be and hope the penalisation wears off leaving me more time to concentrate on a door step loans project that has more legs.

    Today i think i will get organised by printing off all of my hosting information and passwords, emails assigned to the different hosts, and record the passwords to the emails so i don't ever forget those either.

    I may even blow the dust off the laminating machine to protect the many pages i will be printing off and possibly put them in a folder so i don't lose them. I think it will save me alot of time in the longrun, however boring the process may be. And costly, Ink is more expensive than Champagne.
  • My Personal Preferences For Kitchens New Kitchens May 31, 2013

    We install a wide variety of new kitchens in Birmingham, kitchen fitting is one of our main services that we hope to grow over the coming year. I have been busy updating my kitchen fitter pages on my website in an attempt to get more visitors in search of new kitchens to be supplied and installed. The website was originally designed with plumbing and electrical services in mind so i have a fair bit of work to do on it. Having fitted many kitchens now, and seeing all of the various choices people make, i have decided to compile a short list about what i like and why.

    I like gloss kitchen doors. Out of all of the different types of kitchen doors available gloss doors look the most stylish and are extremely easy to clean.

    I like integrated handles. To me, handles on kitchen doors look dated. I much prefer to see a nice integrated handle door as opposed to one with a handle on it. There are various different types of kitchen door handles available, the most popular one is the long bar, but for me personally, i like to see a door without a handle. It is also easier to wipe over the front of a kitchen door that does not have a handle on it as you don't have to weave around the handle of clean the handle itself.

    I like integrated appliances. We have fitted kitchens of both types, integrated appliances and non integrated appliances. Integrated appliances looks miles better than a kitchen with free standing appliances, such as cookers and fridges. In my opinion, those who choose to have a new kitchen and then skimp on having integrated appliances are potentially wasting money as the result isn't as nice and most people prefer to see integrated so should they decide to sell their property they might hinder themselves slightly.

    I like to see space either side of the extractor fan. I was once cooking in a kitchen :eek:. While frying some steak i set fire to the edge of one of the kitchen units. I noticed that the grease from my frying pan was bouncing up onto the unit and it must have eventually built up over time and got hot enough one day that it set fire. I find kitchen units that get grease on them a pain in the ass to clean so i prefer space to be left either side of the extractor to limit the grease build up.

    I like brick shaped kitchen tiles. You can't really go wrong when it comes to kitchen tiles as once a tile is grouted it comes to life and compliments the kitchen units. But i like brick shape kitchen tiles. They are really forgiving if the tiling isn't perfect and they are extremely easy to grout. I hate those small square tiles with un-even edges, they are a nightmare to grout. I like the brick tiles because they are easy to grout and most of all easier to clean.

    I like contemporary. I don't like these old style kitchens you often see in the likes of farm houses, i much prefer the contemporary stuff you see in posh city center apartments.

    I like dark coloured worktops. My current favorite is the basalt slate honed. I prefer a dark worktop to a light one. I don't really know why, i guess they hide wear and tear better than a light worktop in the long-run.

    I like spotlights. I like a kitchen that has a freshly skimmed and painted ceiling with some nice shiny spot lights running down the middle of the room. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that have a new kitchen and don't take into consideration the lighting.
  • May 12, 2013

    Found a nice domain while researching. I often sit at the 123-reg search bar thinking about domains to buy and do something with. I am unsure how to attack the layout of the site as of yet, should i use ? Or should i be cramming more words in? Like, Birmingham-bad-credit or even Loans-companies-in-birmingham-west-midlands ? But that repeats the word loans companies. But i personally think it looks neater to have the domain name and then simply follow it with the city. I have already decided that the site will be aimed at people looking for loans who have adverse credit history. My dream of ranking top for payday loans was squashed during 2012, i made good headway, but the market is too volatile, so I've set my eyes on something more realistic.
  • No Cap On Payday Loans Mar 21, 2013

    The government rejected a cap on payday loans interest rates after reviewing the economics of the situation.

    While a new organisation being set up to regulate payday loans (The FCA) has the power to cap interest rates they are being advised by ministers not to utilise it and are citing the independent report conducted by Britsol University which didn't go as far as calling for a reduction in loan interest rates.

    The government consider limiting APR as anti competitive (which it is) and also make a case for payday lenders in the UK leaving the UK for new foreign markets where they could get a better return on their investment.

    The independent report commissioned by the government instead thinks that it would be a great deal more effective to tidy up the advertising practices of short term loan companies and clamp down harder and faster on payday companies that breach regulations.