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  • Beginning of the business Jun 9, 2020

    I am a graduate International Business Management student with a keen interest in Technology.

    I developed the app called Lecture Scriber which help students with their studying. Lecture Scriber takes the stress out of note taking. It is a mobile app that simultaneous records spoken audio and a student’s written notes, which enables a user to quickly revisit and replay specific audio from lectures when revising. At the moment, App is available on AppStore, it is not a final version, but you can try and see how it’s work.

    The tests which was conducted before product’s launch shows that students are interested in the app and they would like to use it. So, I invested money and hired developers to build the app. It didn’t go well from the first time as app had a lot of bugs, so I hired other developers who were more experienced in order to fix bugs, and we finally launched the app.

    However, the development of the app went way beyond my initially planed budget, so now I can’t efficiently promote the app and improve it (app still have some bugs).

    I decided to take a part in university’s Start-up challenge in order to win the cash prize which will help me to improve my App or to find potential investors.

    I got to the final. In the final I had to record 1 minute video pitch, and now it is available for online voting.

    You can have a quick look for my 1-minute video pitch and vote for me if you like it.

    If I win, it will really help me to make some progress in my small start-up.

    I appreciate to everyone who will participate in this voting.