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  • What are the typical services of a Quality Inspection Agency? Jan 21, 2021 at 1:47 PM

    Hiring a Quality Inspection Agency

    If you buy and sell locally, you may not need to hire a third party quality inspection company to look after the quality issues for you. You can also go to the manufacturing site by yourself or your qc staff. However, if you source from other countries, it may not be practical and can be costly to do it yourself. Hiring a 3rd party quality inspection agency is a good solution.

    Typical Services of a Quality Inspection Agency

    There are typical 3 types of service a quality inspection company provides;

    • Factory Evaluation or Audit
    • Production Quality Inspection
    • Pre-shipment Inspection
    Factory Audit

    It is a comprehensive process to evaluate the potential supplier's background, organization structure, certificates and licenses, physical facilities, quality control procedures and system, as well as the social accountability status. This process can ensure the supplier is what it claim it is and have the capability to handle the order.

    Production Quality Inspection

    The production quality inspection includes 3 sub-processes;

    Initial production Check: The inspection of raw materials before the start of the production process. It also involves the verification of materials ordered by the factory.

    During Production Inspection: Inspect the production batch and examine the products to find any possible defects.

    Final Random Inspection:
    after the completion of the production process and the merchandise is ready & packed for shipment. It verifies the product safety, quantity, and standards in line with prescribed specifications & norms.

    Pre-shipment Inspection

    The final systematic inspection of units selected randomly from all batches of the order before shipment is released, it also checks the quality of the packaging materials and the loading process.

    Besides the 3 typical services, some agencies also conduct lab tests for their clients. Anyway, it is always a good idea to have a quality inspection agency to assist you if you source your merchandises overseas.
  • Thinking of Sourcing from Vietnam instead of China? Jan 19, 2021 at 4:13 AM

    Supply Chain Diversification

    Many people are talking about the diversification of supply chain at the beginning of 2020 due to the outbreak of Covid in China. A year has passed and there have not been much diversification as China becomes the only production hub that can run in full speed. However, it still makes sense to plan for the long-term. Though it may not be realistic of switching all your sourcing out of China, it may be still a wise move to have alternatives to prepare for the un-expected.

    Vietnam as a source of light industrial products

    Vietnam locates in Indo-China and has a population around 100 million. It's per capital GDP is USD 2720 (2019 fig.) and It's economic growth was at 7% in 2019. The country is actively developing its infra-structure and business environment. With a large number of young population and much cheaper labor cost as compared with China. Vietnam can be a good supplementary source.

    Would Product Quality be an issue ?

    Product Quality is always an issue if you want your business to prosper in the long term and build your brand. So wherever you source your products from, you should also take steps to ensure the quality of the products. Once you have this mind-set and are practicing the actual quality assurance procedures, you are free to work with manufacturers of any countries.

    Quality Inspection in Vietnam

    Would the quality inspection tasks be anything different from those inside China? The answer is definitely not much. In fact, many inspection companies that active in China can mostly provide services in Vietnam. Just like HKQCC, we can provide full range of quality inspection and audit service in Vietnam. If you want to learn more details, just visit our website:
  • How Quality Inspection & Audit can reduce your Overall Cost Jan 13, 2021

    Cost Cutting to Improve Short-term Profit

    During the economic downturn, the easiest way to boost the bottom line is to cut the operation cost. The no brainer is to cut cost among the whole value chain. Of course, this may not be a good idea if the cost cutting may urge you to skip or loosen the standard on quality control. You may temp to skip the quality inspection on products from a regular supplier. This appears as a rational decision may lead to big a disaster. Accidents do happen and sometimes, once you loosen up, your counter party may loosen up as well. By cutting cost, especially on preventive activities such as quality control, it may help to make your book look good at short term but it may actual increase the overall risk level of your operation. Therefore, if you are running your own business, the good appearing short term result is very mis-leading and dangerous.

    Hidden Cost of Loosen of Quality Standard

    - Lost of Customer and Business Opportunity
    You may loss a customer due to quality problem, with the advance of internet and social media, the news can be spread around very easily and you may lose new prospects.

    - Costs incurred due to product recalls and increased inspection frequency
    You may need to pay penalties to your customers because of poor product quality. Poor product quality would also increase the product recalls that reduce your overall profit. With dis-satisfied customers, they may require you to input more on inspection that will add more on your operation cost.

    - Keeping High Product Quality Standard without maintaining an Army of QC Team
    A lot of large trading companies maintain large in house QC team. With the down turn of economy, the pressure on cutting head-count is great. In term of cost reduction, some companies may reduce the size of their QC teams. Though it is unfortunate, they should outsource part of the work to 3rd party quality inspection and audit companies. Especially if you source your products from Asian countries like China and Vietnam. There are many professional quality inspection companies you can choose to serve your quality and inspection need.

    Hong Kong Q.C. Center Ltd.

    I am working for HKQCC. I find that it is a very reliable and professional quality inspection company. Its head office is in Hong Kong while has its operation offices in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries. It has more than 20 years in field experience and is well known among Amazon FBA sellers. If you are interested in sourcing from Asia and selling online. You can just checking up with HKQCC.
  • Quality First - Tips to Start Online Sales Jan 6, 2021

    Explosion of Online Selling

    The pandemic has changed the way of doing business and selling online would be explosive in every countries. Whether you like it or not, China, Vietnam and most Asian Countries are still the main manufacturing centers of light industrial goods and consumer merchandises. The pandemic is likely limited international travel. Even you want to monitor the production process to ensure the product quality, you could not do it yourself.

    Quality First

    Do you think about skipping the steps on quality control? Think again! It is not worth the risk. The best option is to hire a reliable third party inspection company to do the job for you.

    3 Tips of Taking Care of Quality when Selling Online

    a) Wholesale Imports

    China is one of the largest exporters of products. Most of the product inspections are conducted in China. Alibaba is the largest online wholesale platform. You can find various types of products and buy certain products at a lower wholesale price. The quantity of the product is then shipped to the local for sale.

    Most of the sellers conduct transactions through Alibaba, which is more reliable and more secure than private communication. If you are still thinking about finding a suitable product there, you can try Alibaba.

    b) Product Samples

    Due Alibaba is a wholesale platform, you can ask the seller to send a sample before placing an order, to see if the quality of the product is what you want, to reduce the chances of incorrect goods.

    c) Product Inspection

    Of course, even if the sample received meets the requirements, the most important thing is that the product can meet the requirements in the end, but you cannot go to the factory to inspect the production in person, so you need to entrust a third-party inspection company like to help!

    The inspection company will inspect your goods for quality, packaging, etc., so that you can be more at ease about the goods that are about to be sent, and can also reduce the cost loss caused by the loss of goods.

    At the beginning of 2021, wish everybody has a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year!