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  • Can Small Merchants Do Product Inspection? Oct 20, 2021 at 3:18 PM

    This is an adoption from a blog article on the HKQCC website

    In the United States or Europe, there are many small companies or one-person businesses that buy products from the mainland, and sell them locally or online. Due to cost and scale, they may not able to buy large quantities of goods. They rather buy a small amount in different types of products and not buy a large quantity even at a cheaper cost. Their customers have more choices for the products.

    Questions: Small merchants buy goods from the Mainland in small quantities. Is it able to do the product inspection?

    Answer: Of course! The product inspection can protect you even more!

    Large companies already have their own dedicated production lines and inspection teams, they regulated in the production process, making them less likely to make mistakes. However, small merchants purchase products from unknown manufacturers, the production process, sources, materials, etc. cannot be checked, the chance of error is much higher.

    The inspection service is definitely not only applicable to large quantities of goods. It is based on the quantity and the work is formulated in proportion. If large quantity, the more number of sampling inspections will be; if the small quantity, the smaller number of sampling inspections will be.

    Merchants can know the status of the purchased goods from the inspection report, how many of them are defective products, and then can decide whether to trade or not based on the data of the inspection report. If no product inspection is carried out, and the goods are directly purchased, then found the products are not right, there is no way to complain!

    And the cost of small product inspection is not high, but it can guarantee the quality of the product! It is definitely a big guarantee for small merchants!
  • Benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection in Global Sourcing Oct 19, 2021 at 6:47 PM

    Final Random Inspection
    With the massive shifting of manufacturing capacity to developing countries such as China, Vietnam, India and other Asia Countries, the importers and traders of the developed countries need reliable measures to protect themselves from buying low quality products. Product Quality inspections provided by the 3rd Party Inspection companies is the most cost-effective approach adopted by many businesses. If you buy regular products from an old supplier or you do not concern much with the product manufacturing process, then pre-shipment inspection or final random check can serve your business needs well.

    Pre-shipment inspection is carried out when the production of the shipping cargo is 100% completed and at least 80% of it is packed in cartons. The goods are selected for checking by random sampling method that adheres to the international quality standard such as MIL-STD or ANSI, etc. The inspection verifies if the goods meet the requirements in term of quantity, quality, specifications, and regulations.

    How important is pre-shipment inspection?
    The importer must review the quantity and quality of the merchandises before they are shipped out. In the pre-shipment inspection, the quality inspector always checks the products for any defects. He assures that products meet the safety requirements and design regulations of the destinations. Pre-shipment inspection can enhance the reputation of the manufacturing companies if the inspection results are always favorable. It proved that the products of the manufacturers are always in good quality that meet the specifications and legal requirements of the buyers. Besides as a cost-effective quality control measure for the importer, pre-shipment can help the manufacturer to build up their quality control standard while learn from the feedbacks of each inspection.

    Why should we get a pre-shipment inspection?
    A pre-shipment inspection can effectively reduce the defective product risk. The inspection conducted by the independent third-party company gives you the peace of mind that the products you ordered are in good shape before dispatch. You must use one or other type of quality inspection service. It may be too costly to use the 100% full check. The pre-shipment inspection which is a random check that can give a good balance on the inspection cost and the quality control objective.

    Summaries on the top benefits of pre-shipment inspection:
    • This inspection helps you verify the quality of your products, and they can meet the specifications and all requirements appropriately.

    • It keeps the quality of the shipment at the expected level based on the AQL that agreed between the buy and sell party. It provides standard procedures to handle quality disputes and reduces the risk of damage and undermined effects due to excessive product defect rate.

    • Pre-shipment checks if the shipping remarks & labels are fully attached on the cartons and the products are packed properly to protect the brand image.

    • It ensures right products are dispatched and no wastage on time and money due to shipment of wrong products.

    Thus, pre-shipment inspection is an important tool for your global sourcing operation. If you need this cost-effective measure to guard against the quality issues on importing from China and Asian Countries, give us a message or send us an email. Our customer team will contact you promptly.

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  • How does China production inspection service make a difference? Oct 12, 2021

    This is an adoption of an article from the blog on the HKQCC website

    roduct production and product inspection
    Most of the modern merchandises are produced in large quantity in factories. The mass production process requires systematic evaluation and control of many factors to achieve its output goal. Product inspection is a vital cog in the wheel that ensures products are produced in specifications and quality standard as the set terms. Product inspection and quality verification are important to ensure that only products with satisfactory quality will reach the consumers. There are many types of production inspection services. As China is now the largest and most important manufacturing hub in the world, any importer wants to build a reasonable business must find a reliable inspection service in China.

    One of the key elements in the production cycle is the verification of product quality through regular onsite checks. The inspections are carried out before the dispatch of products, and the consumer will obtain the products that have passed the tests. Preventing any kind of critical quality issues through the help of quality inspection, it keeps any supply disruptions in check. Make sure that the inspection service in China is providing all the relevant support to your product quality control needs.

    Here are the main types of quality inspection –
    1. Initial checks in the production or initial production check

    2. During production inspection or inspection at the time of producing goods

    3. Pre-shipment inspection or inspections done before the shipment of products

    4. Container loading check

    5. Production monitoring or evaluating the production process

    6. Pre-customs clearance inspection

    The quality inspectors check the specifications of the products and conduct sampling procedures complying with the international standards. The product inspectors check the products against the selected specifications. They form a checklist and carry out the operations under the supervision of experts. While inspection certificate is issued that allows the buyer to decide whether accepting the cargo or taking other appropriate action.

    Here are the main benefits of the product inspection service –
    • It assists in delivering top-rated for defect-less products for consumers.
    • It helps to identify the defects of materials or production design flaws at the initial stages of production & thus, it ensures good quality end products are produced.
    • It cuts the number of potential complaints from the consumer end, so the brand reputation can be protected.
    • It helps the production companies to establish good and trustful working relationship, thus ensures a high level of customer loyalty.
    The right kind of inspection service ensures that the product reaches the market in time and without any kind of flaws. Make sure that the audits are done in consultation with inspectors who are eager to address the issues in a professional manner. Any kind of defects can prove to be blowback for the product, and thus reaching out to experts will provide safety of the production.

    The inspection service in China can provide an edge to your product supply business around the globe and if you find a reliable and professional product inspection partner working for you, you will have much higher chance to win against your competitors in the current tough global sourcing situation.
  • Asia Inspection - An Important Part of Your Supply Chain Strategy Oct 11, 2021

    This is an adoption of an article from blog of the HKQCC website

    Asia Quality Inspection
    Product quality inspections are important for any serious importers to protect themselves against product quality risk. Asia quality inspection is becoming much important due to current supply chain reality. Asian countries are becoming the main production bases of many light industrial products other than China.

    This region, besides the mainland China, hosts many countries and the total population of this region has reached 4.5 billion in 2021. Large varieties of products are now produced in this region, partnering with a reliable quality inspection company with both China and Asia Inspection capabilities can provide your business with distinct edges over your competitors.

    Reasons for Inspections in Different Countries-

    • You may buy products from one big manufacturing company, but it may have factories in different countries. Then, you are forced to inspect the products at the factories in different countries.
    • You purchase products from manufacturers in different countries. Very often, a business that carries multiple product lines needs to source products from different countries because of factors like availability, quality, price, knowhow, etc.
    • You may intend to diversify your supply sources to prepare for possible supply disruptions due to political events, natural disastrous, etc.

    Choosing the Right Inspection Agency

    There are many types of quality inspection agencies in the world. You need to choose the agency that has experience and knowledge on inspecting the categories of products that you are purchasing. Moreover, you need to check if the inspection company has real business presents such as offices or representatives locate in the countries. Many companies may rely on outside agents to handle the tasks for them and that can reduce their service reliability and response speed.

    Another important factor to consider is that you want to hire a one-stop solution provider that cover most Asia countries or the local company in a particular country. Depending on the scale of your operation and the diversity of your production bases. You may need an inspection service with regional present if your production bases spread across different countries. For example, if you purchase merchandises from China manufacturers and from Vietnam or Thailand too, you may better hire HKQCC as it has presents that cover all the mentioned countries. You may consider other international inspection companies, but they will certainly charge more. If you are focus on a single country, you may need a local inspection agent but beware you may need to expand to other countries soon or later.

    The Types of Asia Inspection Services

    The main types of Asia inspections are no different from the counterpart in other part of the world.

    - Factory Inspection or Evaluation

    - Initial Product Inspection

    - During Production Inspection

    - Pre-shipment Inspection

    - Loading Supervision

    - Production Monitoring

    - Pre-customs clearing inspection

    The types of inspection services provided may be different for each inspection company. You should check with the service provider before making your final hiring decision.

    Final Words: -
    As China is moving away from labour intensive manufacturing to capital intensive manufacturing, other Asia countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and India are filling up the vacancies that China left behind. As a proactive business owner, you may need to adjust your supply chain strategy. It is the time for you to expand your plan on China Quality Inspection to include Asia Inspection.
  • How Product Inspection enhances the productivity of your manufacturing Oct 4, 2021

    Product Inspection in Manufacturing

    Product inspection is a method in which products are checked as per the requirements and specifications mentioned in the purchase contract. It is generally carried out in the manufacturing plant. This process deals with checking the appearance of the product, its functionality, and construction.

    The purpose of product inspection is that it helps to recognize the defects in a product before it is shipped to the customer. The person carries out the inspection using the sampling method of the chosen quality standard in which a random sample of the total quantity of products is inspected. This process helps to identify the defects in the products, and based on it, the inspector issues an inspection certificate.

    During Production Inspection (DPI) is a form of product inspection that is implemented during the products manufacturing process. The DPI process is beneficial for the manufacturers as it helps them correct the errors and check the quality of products being manufactured. That's why most companies have included DPI in the manufacturing process.

    Benefits of Product Inspection

    There are many benefits you will obtain after doing product inspection multiple times. After you did it twice or thrice, you should be sure the quality of your product is alright. There are other benefits also, which you can check here below. So, keep on reading the articles carefully till the end.

    The benefits of DPI are as follows: -

    1. It checks the quality of products during production and helps to improve the quality.

    The manufacturing unit may produce some defective products due to some technical issues or other problems. In the process of DPI, the inspectors check the manufactured pieces thoroughly. The defective ones are sorted out and are sent back to the manufacturing unit for correction. This process helps to keep checking on the quality of products and reduces the overall defective level.

    2. DPI lowers the losses.

    DPI allows good quality products to pass and sends back the defective products for correction. Hence, it assures that only products with acceptable quality can reach consumers. When the consumers receive defective products, they return them to the retailer. Thus, DPI lowers the number of faulty products. Hence, it reduces potential losses of the retailer who imported them.

    3. DPI enhances the reputation of a brand.

    DPI checks on the product produced by the manufacturing unit. It assures only products confirmed with specifications are produced in mass and the defective items can be kept at a low level. Therefore, it increases the number of satisfied customers and helps to grow the reputation of the brand.

    4. DPI provides a scope to correct defective products.

    In the process of inspection, defective products are collected and sent back for correction. Hence, DPI offers a chance to reduce the number of defective products produced.

    5. DPI improves the productivity of the manufacturing unit.

    DPI helps to identify defects and quality issues before mass production, this process can improve the productivity of the manufacturing unit as a result.


    Product inspection plays a critical role in the manufacturing of products. It ensures that the products with good quality are produced and therefore enhances its reputation amongst the customers. Product inspection also improves the productivity of the production process and reduce materials wastage.

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  • What is the Role of Product Inspection Service in Importing? Oct 2, 2021

    This is an adoption of an article from the blog of the HKQCC website

    Businesses always look to get the products imported from the manufacturers and thus production inspection comes into play. It safeguards the product quality in the entire supply chain with the implementation of multiple inspection programs. Importers take the help of a third-party inspection service to check the products before packaging. Contact inspection service China for the best assistance on multiple products. Inspection is required at various stages of the manufacturing process, and it helps to remove the flawed pieces from the pack. The importers need to be always on their toes to get the best products packed for delivery. For companies buy directly from manufacturing plants in China, they can take the help of professional inspection services to ensure product inspection at every stage of the process. It is vital to have quality check inspections on the manufacturing centers and thus ensure delivery of quality products at the time of manufacturing & shipping. To earn most benefits, it is important to get the inspection done in the right way!

    Here are some of the top benefits of production inspection –

    • It ensures the defective rate of products delivered never exceed the agreed level.
    • It identifies the defective processes at the time of production and thus ensures the quality of the end products.
    • It reduces the number of complaints and product returns that lower the overheads on customer service and logistics
    • It enhances the market standing of the products and attracts loyal customers with quality products.
    Quality products always directly result in the enhancement of business and profits! It becomes crucial to have an inspection done by a team with proper experience and it is advisable to get professional assistance from outside. The right kind of product inspection can reduce production overheads and production time. Today, consumers are seeking high quality products and thus the expectations on quality control and assurance are getting higher. Often the inspected products help buyers put the faith in the venture and thus there are no reasons to take product inspection lightly. China is the manufacturing hub of all kinds of product and inspection service has a great role in any sourcing activities in this country. Manufacturing businesses need to go through different kinds of quality inspection and inspection reports are issued for the importers to approve or reject the results. The different quality inspections can start from the pre-production, throughout the whole production up until to pre-shipment. The right kind of inspection service in China will lead to the delivery of good quality products and exception customer experience. Therefore, product inspection should not be ignored with its crucial role in product importing. Hire the inspectors with years of experience in providing you the right assistance so that you can derive the most benefits from the service. “Like and Share our Facebook page, up-to-date with the latest news and offers!
  • Product Inspection Strategy for Your Quality Control Process Sep 21, 2021

    This is an adoption of the blog post of HKQCC website

    Any product-based business frequently encounters product inspection and quality control processes. Product inspection is the key stage of a product development life cycle to ensure the quality of final products before they hit the market. For this, every business needs to create an inspection strategy to identify defects and issues during production and before shipment. It prevents losses from any production or shipment by ensuring that the product meets specifications and market standards for consumer satisfaction.

    We all agree that a good product inspection strategy is necessary to deliver a successful product to the market. If your business has a pre-emptive strategy and poor-quality support, you may face unavoidable losses in your business. If you do not have an in-house quality control team for product inspection or you cannot visit a manufacturing factory to inspect the products yourself, you should hire a third-party inspection company to do the job for you.

    A product inspection strategy may vary from one business to another depending on the product-specific requirements. But a general strategy that every business could adopt in its product inspection process should include the following aspects:

    Inspection Plan Development

    China Product Inspection Service
    A good plan is the foundation of any product inspection process. A comprehensive and detailed product inspection planning is critical to the success of your overall strategy. Professional quality control specialists assist clients with the inspection plan development and documentation to direct product inspectors on-site. A good plan ensures that the product inspection process is accomplished in line with the quality standard and market requirements for a great consumer experience.

    First-Article Inspections

    The first-article inspection is performed prior to volume production to prevent any production loss. It is the inspection strategy where the guidelines for initial production checks and during production inspections are defined. It ensures that product specifications are being met and re-engineered during the manufacturing process to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

    In-Process Inspections

    It is the on-site inspection of product samples at different stages of production to check the product quality. Random product samples are selected during the manufacturing process to assure the product quality and address necessary changes in time. It reduces the rework costs and time.

    Pre-Shipment Inspections

    Pre-shipment inspections are performed on product samples from different production batches to verify and confirm product specifications, finishes, and functionality. Pre-shipment inspection determines the accept/reject ratio and sampling levels to meet quality criteria. A sampling plan is created as per the standard criteria for the quality control process to perform pre-shipment inspections.

    Product inspection strategies depend on various factors such as product type, manufacturing process, costs associated with reengineering, and preventive actions for the performance and stability of the whole process. If you are looking for China Product Inspection Service in a manufacturing unit in China, contact Hong Kong Q. C. Center Ltd for all the strategic planning and on-site product inspection at all stages of production and before the shipment.

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  • How to Find High-Quality Manufacturers for Your E-commerce Business in China Sep 14, 2021

    This is an adoption of a blog post from the HKQCC Website

    Becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur is an exciting endeavor, no matter the business model – retail, wholesale, dropshipping, or import. The most important thing that will help you build trust among your customers is your choice of manufacturers and suppliers. Along with marketing, work directly with a product manufacturer will be your major business commitment. Hence, you must take this step correctly. When you go online, you will find that the Internet is flooded with manufacturers. They all claim to offer top-notch quality products, services, and satisfaction. So, getting the help from a third-party quality control company may make your start easier.

    Which country should I source products from when start doing e-commerce business?

    To keep your business cost-effective, your best choice is to work with a manufacturer in China. Renowned as the world manufacturing hub, China accounts for 28.7 percent of global manufacturing output. The effective production cost is low, that means you can get higher profit margins. The sophisticated infrastructure and massive workforce mean large orders can be completed within a short time. You can find a wide array of manufacturers in almost any product niche and industry in China.

    What should I know before dealing with Chinese manufacturers?

    Quality control company
    Doing business and building a reputation as a business owner is not something that comes easily. You must consider various facts such as:

    • Quality control
    • Language barrier
    • Turnaround time
    • Minimum order quantity
    To ensure that you are delivering quality products to your customers, you should partner with a quality control company in China that offers third-party quality and product inspection.

    To keep the language issues to a minimum, you should focus on writing short and precise emails, using pictures or visuals wherever possible, and getting in touch via WeChat (everyone uses it in China and the app has a built-in translation feature). Also, keep in mind the time zone.

    The other two considerations can be discussed directly with the manufacturer. However, if you want to be sure the manufacturer executes production and ships the consignments in the defined time, you can either ask for referrals or ask your quality control company to learn more about the manufacturer in this regard.

    Now you know the best country for sourcing your products and the ways to resolve common problems, you should locate the right places to look for the manufacturers in China.

    Where to Find Quality Manufacturers in China

    A variety of resources can be explored before you finally choose the manufacturer that is compatible, suitable, and reputable for producing quality products. The following is a list of resources that can help you connect with a reliable Chinese manufacturer:

    • Trade fairs
    • SaleHoo
    • Hong Kong Trade Development Council
    Tips to Find a Quality Manufacturer in China

    When you have thousands of options in front of you, it can be overwhelming to zero down to one manufacturer. Hence, here are a few factors that you can consider while picking the best manufacturer in China for your business.

    • Check out the minimum order quantity
    • Get the sample product to check the quality
    • See if the communication is seamless and their response to your queries is prompt
    • Check if their payment options are feasible for you.
    • Check the price per unit, discount for bulk orders, and additional charges
    • Ensure that the company you are contacting is not a reseller
    • Find out if the manufacturer can meet your production and quality requirements
    • Don’t forget to check if the business is licensed, has relevant certifications, and has a good history working with businesses from other parts of the world, especially from your area.
    Even after choosing a manufacturer and checking the sample products, you need to ensure that they are delivering you the same quality consistently. So, stay in touch with a reputable quality control company that offers independent quality inspection and audit.
  • How should Exporters Prepare for the Pre-Shipment Inspection? Sep 10, 2021

    This is an article adopted from the blog post of HKQCC website

    Pre-shipment inspection is an attempt or step taken by importers to ensure that goods entering their country are properly valued, the duty is properly assessed and the goods are in good quality. Besides, they take this step to confirm that the goods arriving at their destination is specific to their requirements. Knowing these specifications can be a customer’s own choice or legal demand of the country.

    Under this, the importing country sends an inspection agent to the country of export after asking for the specific date, place, and time to perform the inspection from the exporter. Sometimes, it’s a bit irritating and speculative for the exporters, but they accept the inspection process to maintain a positive and friendly relationship with the importer. Another major reason for exporters to not gel with the Pre-Shipment Inspection process is a delay in shipment.

    If you are also an exporter, you might have also gone through this problem. So, to make it easy for you and your company, you should prepare for pre-shipment inspection process by following the below points:

    You should know the countries that require

    Not every country in the world requires PSI. So, you should know and understand the legal requirements of the countries in which you are doing business. You should know if they require PSI and if yes, then on what types of goods. The inspection process is different based on the products and countries you are exporting. You should have a list of the countries that require PSI.

    Pre-Shipment Inspection

    If you are exporting in countries like China that require pre-shipment inspection, you should be set an automated internal procedure for the same. The automatic process helps in coordinating the process on time and in an organised manner. Besides, it will keep you informed about the opening of PSI and you will be prepared without delaying the process.

    You should cooperate with the importers

    Even though the importers are responsible for arranging the pre-shipment inspection, you should ensure that the goods are available on the site for the inspection. You should start working immediately after you receive the request for the inspection. Besides, you should adhere to the inspection agency’s request and be ready with the details. Your cooperation with the importers and inspection agency will minimise delay and extra costs.

    You should price your goods accurately

    To avoid any complications in the pre-shipment inspection, you should ensure your goods are priced fairly and accurately. In case you think the price might change after the inspection process is complete, you should communicate variances in the pricing to the importers before the inspection. Please remember, PSI companies can compare the price of your product with the prices offered by other exporters on similar products. You should be transparent in your transaction to avoid accusations.

    You should take help from the importers

    The importers are well-aware of the necessary steps and legal rules of their countries. So, they can be a great help for you before and during the Pre-Shipment Inspection. You should communicate with them as and when required.

    A healthy relationship with your partner company is a key element to sustain in this competitive world. So, as an exporter, you should never deny pre-shipment inspection asked by your importer and should follow the above points to carry it smoothly.
  • What is Pre-Shipment Inspection for Quality Control? Sep 1, 2021

    This is an adoption of an article from the HKQCC website

    Pre-shipment inspection is an essential part of supply chain management that holds an important role in Quality Control after the production process. It checks the quality of the newly manufactured goods that they are market-ready as per the clients’ requirements. This process is conducted by professional inspection service providers as defined in the contract between the buyer and supplier.

    The Pre-Shipment Inspection was officially introduced in 1994 to improve the trade standards between companies to meet international standards. The main purpose of conducting a pre-shipment inspection is to check and assure the quantity and quality of the finished products as per the agreement between buyers and sellers. The process tests products for any defects and safety standards to meet the market requirements.

    The pre-shipment procedures are carried out at the production site or factory. The whole process includes the followings steps for quality check of the products before they are shipped from the manufacturing unit:

    Quantity Verification

    The inspection team firstly verify the quantity of the products matching to the purchase order by counting the shipping parcels and the correct number of products in each box. It ensures that the correct quantities are shipped from the production house to the destination. The team also verifies the quality of the packaging for the safety and security of the shipped products.

    Random Inspection of finished products

    Pre-Shipment Inspection
    The pre-shipment inspection team selects random products from different lots to check the products for any defects. They follow the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) to calculate the acceptable number of defective products in a batch before accepting or rejecting the whole batch.

    Cosmetic Errors Check

    The randomly selected products are also checked for any cosmetic or workmanship error for any visible defects as per the product specifications. The defects identified during this stage are classified as minor, major, or critical to meet the acceptable tolerance levels in the agreement.

    Functional and Safety Check

    Functional and safety check are conducted by the inspection team on different parameters depending on the product type. The inspection professionals and experts conduct mechanical safety checks, electrical safety checks, fire safety checks to ensure safety standards are met. In the case of garment, apparel, and footwear, a physical test is performed that includes pull, stretch, and fatigue tests for quality inspection. The inspection team also conducts testing for country-specific labels and marking before sending products to the destined market.

    Inspection Report

    After the pre-shipment inspection procedure, the inspection team compiles a report based on their key findings and results. The report is submitted to both buyer and manufacturer before the final shipment and payment processing.

    These are the basic steps that any Pre-Shipment Inspection team follows to meet the quality standards. If you are looking for a product inspection service in China at any manufacturing facility, let us help you with your quality check and inspection process. We conduct the inspection process according to the international guideline for trade standards. We are a team of trained and qualified professionals who can help you with all the tests and certification to meet your product specification before the shipment.
  • What is the Role of Third-Party Inspection? Sep 1, 2021

    What do you do, as a buyer, when manufacturers try to palm off defective products onto you, or when they fail to meet environmental and workers’ safety standards, or when their claims fall short of the reality? This is where a third-party inspection steps in.

    How is the third-party product inspection done?

    A third-party inspection on a product is done after the manufacturers and the buyers have done their initial inspection. The buyers will hire third-party inspection companies to conduct independent, impartial inspections with international standards, or their customized standards. It is advisable to check the area of expertise and certifications of the third-party inspection agencies before hiring them.

    A typical inspection will take these aspects into account-

    • Components
    • Assembly
    • General outlook, colors
    • Product labels
    • Packaging and packing
    How ow many stages should the inspection be done?

    Third-party inspection
    Defective products are classified as critical, principal, and minor. Inspection will be done in one of the three stages or all of them. A pre-production inspection alerts the buyers of any low-grade raw materials used in the product production contrary to the manufacturer’s claims. Inspection done during production provides sampling check or full check on quality parameters of the products, allowing the inspectors to determine the products passing or failing their standards. In addition to inspect the product quality, the final inspection also checks the packaging and the ease and efficiency of installation.

    Advantages of Third-party inspection: –

    The third-party inspection comes with many advantages.

    • Usually, the act of buying comes down to trust between the buyers and manufacturers. Third-party inspections make sure the trust is enhanced with hard facts and data.
    • It forestalls any misunderstanding between the buyer and the manufacturer resulting from discrepancies in the manufacturer’s claims.
    • An unorderly withdrawal can cause severe damage to the manufacturer’s business. Buyers ship substandard goods would hurt their relationship with the clients. Product inspection can discover problems during production or before shipment so that remedials can be implemented less costly.
    • Third party inspection will help you in many ways; it will save your valuable time by inspecting the product; otherwise, it can waste your time in the processing of replacing, and if there is no replacing policy for the company, you can reject the products before shipment and will save your money. That is why third-party inspection is so important and beneficial.
    Conclusion: –

    The certificate issued by a third-party inspection company has more weight as the buyers will be more likely to trust an impartial, expert inspection based on international standards. This will smooth off clashes between in-house inspections carried out by the manufacturers and the buyers. When working with new suppliers or aiming to retain customer trust, a third-party inspection becomes indispensable.
  • Why is Product Inspection Necessary? Aug 25, 2021

    This is an adoption of an article from the HKQCC website

    Most manufacturers are concerned with getting high-quality goods at the lowest feasible price. Product inspection is critical in today’s competitive business climate when every cent count, and everyone is looking for ways to save a dime or two here and there. As a result, many merchants seek to forgo product screening since they consider it costly.

    Inspecting your products is essential since it protects you from dishonest manufacturers, lowers your total costs by avoiding waste, and guarantees that your product is manufactured according to your requirements and quality standard.

    Product inspection is an essential component of quality control because it enables you to verify the quality of your product while it is still in the production process. Therefore, product faults are reduced to a minimum, and only goods that meet your requirements can enter the market. By comparing your product to a sample already been approved, you may ensure that your product is precisely what you anticipated.

    • [​IMG]

    It is unavoidable to have a small number of faulty goods on hand; therefore, the term “Normal Loss” is used. However, if the quantity of defective goods is even slightly more than the acceptable norms, this is considered an abnormal loss. Then the buyer can decide to accept the cargo at a discount or reject it based on the contract. It reduces the unexpected loss when full amount was paid for shipment with large number of defective items.


    On the other hand, Product Inspection help to prevent accepting defective items in the first place by identify them during the production or before shipment. Therefore, you will not have to use longer time for sorting and preparing the good quality of goods be delivered to the marketplace.

    To successfully expand your business, you will need good social proof that your product is of high quality. Consumers will only be loyal to a specific merchant if he provides what he promotes and receives the large amount of good customer reviews. The more positive feedback you get from your consumers as a brand, the larger your market share will become.

    Product checking guarantees that the producer is not defrauding you. How are they able to deceive you? They can mix the faulty items with the quality products. They may make use of measuring equipment that is incorrect in its results. A third-party product inspection can prevent those tricks from happening.

    Final words: –

    Before buying manufactured products, product inspection is very necessary. Maybe they were inspected many times by the manufacturer and other resellers, but as a buyer of buying the products for resales, it is your best interest to ensure the products are in good quality. So hiring a professional quality inspection company to do a product inspection is an essential step to do good business!
  • Reasons Why E-Commerce Sellers Should Consider A Pre-Shipment Inspection Aug 19, 2021

    This is an adoption of an article from the HKQCC Website

    Successful e-commerce sellers know the significance of quality. But to successfully source products from manufacturers, you need to be careful and diligent about every single step in the manufacturing process.

    In order to avoid compromising on quality, pre-shipment inspections are a crucial step that an e-commerce seller needs to undertake. A 3rdparty Inspection Service in China can help you avoid defective products instead of catching them when it is too late.

    Let’s take a look at some of the benefits e-commerce seller gets from pre-shipment inspections.

    1. Avoid Expensive Rework
    Pre-shipment inspection can help catch issues with your products at the source. Identifying defects when your products arrive involves much higher costs. These expenses generally include:

    • The process of unpacking all the products
    • Sorting the defective ones
    • Sending the faulty pieces back to the manufacturer
    Now, if you detect issues in the products before they leave the factory, you can ask the manufacturer to resolve any problems at their expense.

    1. Guarantee Better Product Quality
    Quite often, most e-commerce sellers end up agreeing to the product shipment even when they don’t meet quality expectations. This usually happens because of time and cost pressure.

    A product inspection service gives you more quality control over your products. A pre-shipment inspection lets the manufacturer know that you are serious about the quality.

    1. Avoid Negative Feedback and Returns

      Inspection Service in China
    As an e-commerce seller, there nothing more horrific than seeing negative customer reviews and product returns. If your products are defective, it will impact your business. So, make sure that you have strict quality standards.

    Pre-shipment inspections help you to ensure that your products meet the quality requirement before shipment. Therefore, your customers will receive high-quality products, saving you from returns, and negative feedback.

    Remember, a pre-shipment inspection can also increase your brand reputation and eliminate the risk of return and negative feedback.

    1. Make Accurate Product Listings
    It is essential that your product description on an e-commerce site matches your actual product quality. That’s because building a successful business as an e-commerce seller depends on happy customers and positive reviews.

    When importing goods, a pre-shipment inspection is the best way to prevent any discrepancies and guarantee that your goods are just as good as they should be. With the help of pre-shipment inspection, you will be able to make a detailed list of the products and portray them correctly.

    Thus, customers will get products that match the quality as described on the website, and this will help give the product and the e-commerce seller a significant brand value.

    When deciding to perform pre-shipment product inspections, you need to think of a further step for an established and reliable Inspection Service in China. They will ensure that you get your order with the right quality, at the right price, and the right time.

    A product inspection company can offer a user-friendly quality control platform, which will help your business save money and protect your brand reputation.
  • What are the Top Benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection? Aug 17, 2021

    Pre-shipment inspection is the most important part in the quality control of products. The inspections are carried out by quality control departments or independent quality inspection services where goods are inspected before dispatch. It is the product specification and quality are complied with the requirements and terms of procurement of the buyer. The inspections are carried out by quality inspection companies on behalf of traders, agencies, buyers, and other operators to check whether the final products are in good shape or not.

    The procedures of pre-shipment include acceptance of sampling, inspection, & testing that can be agreed upon between a supplier & a buyer. The inspection is performed at different stages before shipment. It involves physical inspection, checking of documents & verification of compliance. When a business imports an important good from a foreign country, it becomes essential to make sure that the quality of goods shipped is as per quality measures mentioned in the contract. With pre-shipment inspection, business can ensure of getting the best quality product for sale in the market.

    Pre-shipment is an effective tool that is demanded by the importer for verification of goods dispatched. For mitigating the risks, the importer hires a pre-shipment inspection company for the job.

    Here are the top benefits of pre-shipment inspection –

    Pre-Shipment Inspection
    • It assists in the identification of defects and determines the percentage of products having the defects.
    • It also helps to verify the quality of products & whether they’re able to meet the specific requirements.
    • Check the shipping marks & labeling are attached correctly.
    • Save time & money by prevention losses & delays caused by shipping the wrong products.
    Hiring a reliable re-shipment professional is the best option to guard on the products’ quality for shipment. While importing the goods from a different country, it is important to make sure that only quality goods are in the shipment and thus they can be dispatched to the market for sale directly. A pre-shipment inspection is the inspection process where the sample of manufactured goods are selected from all batches & their quality are tested before dispatch.

    The quality inspection companies are flexible enough to cater the needs & demands of the business and thus ensure the shipping of quality products. Cost-saving is one of the prime reasons behind pre-shipment inspection and taking the help of professionals will help to eliminate the need to re-order for damaged products. Correction of errors consumes a lot of time & is always very expensive. Make sure that the right kind of professionals is hired for pre-shipment inspection and only the approved products are allowed in the shipment.

    Pre-shipment is the kind of inspection carried out on-site at the production house. Hiring a pre-shipment inspector will ensure that you get the right information & details about the shipment of goods. It is always an good idea to check the track record of the service provider before hiring the most suitable pre-shipment inspection service.
  • The 3 Types of Product Inspection Aug 12, 2021

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    As a manufacturer, you often think that every product manufactured in your unit is great with guaranteed quality. But for a moment, consider yourself as an importer or buyer who is waiting for the products to ship.

    Will it be easy for you to trust the manufacturer? Do you have the confidence that the manufacturer has manufactured the products as your given specifications?

    According to us, it won’t be easy for you, especially if it’s your first time deal with this manufacturer. To remove the suspicion and avoid any unwanted surprise after the shipment of the products, you should opt for Product Inspection in Vietnam or any other locations. And as a manufacturer, you should welcome the inspection with an open heart.

    We know getting product inspection is a costly service, but it’s the only way to ensure the quality of the products. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend opting for the most suitable product inspection type. The types are divided based on the stages of production.

    To make it clearer, we have mentioned the common types of product inspection and when should they be performed.

    1. Pre-production inspection

      Product Inspection in Vietnam
    As the name suggests, the product inspection type is performed before the actual production begins. The primary aim of pre-production inspection is to inspect the raw materials and other components used in manufacturing. Pre-production inspection helps in eliminating poor quality components before mass production.

    If the components are inspected on time, buyers save a huge time and money on the manufacturing process. The manufacturers neither have to repeat the process nor waste time in making changes. Also, wastage is minimized.

    1. During production inspection
    As the name suggests, the experts conduct Product Inspection in Vietnam when 20 to 60% of production is complete. In other words, this inspection is performed during the manufacturing process.

    The inspection during production is performed for checking the goods during various productions along with material and workflow. This inspection type is beneficial for products that involve many different processes and are vulnerable to defects. In this, buyers get to know the issues as they occur during manufacturing.

    1. Pre-shipment or final inspection
    As the name suggests, pre-shipment inspection is conducted when the production of the good is 100% complete and ready loading into containers for shipping. Sometimes, buyers prefer final inspection after completion of 80% of production so that they rework on the same if required.

    It is the most preferred product inspection stage as buyers get the up-to-date status of the order and realistic expectations about work quality. Buyers or importers either conduct this inspection in combination with other types or solely.

    So, these were the 3 common product inspection types. Before opting for any one or all of these, you should know your needs and expectations from the inspection process. The reports in all the three stages/types will be different, so you should be very specific in your thoughts and selection.

    Lastly, look for an experienced and certified Product Inspector in Vietnam for the desired result.