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  • 6 of the Most Beautiful Caesarstone Quartz Worktops Colours Sep 17, 2019

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    While choosing quartz worktops, you cannot ignore the design and look of the surface as the entire look of your kitchen depends upon it. People are always looking for new and beautiful designs and often have a hard time picking the best one because of the huge variety being available. They often need a guide to tell them what looks good at all times, what is trending and which one looks good with which colour. If you have decided to go for Caesarstone quartz worktops, here are some of the most beautiful designs that you would love to have in your kitchen: -

    ● Nobel Grey Caesarstone Quartz Worktops
    This one is a combination of different shades of grey and white giving that gives this surface a classic and royal look. It can blend well in the kitchens of both modern and traditional themes and even looks like marble. It has a grey pattern all over the surface that gives it a naturally soothing look. It can blend well with almost every popular theme for kitchen these days that are in shades of white, black, blue, grey, purple and other similar colours.

    ● Frosty Carina Caesarstone Quartz Worktops
    When it comes to Caesarstone colours, this one can be considered as the one in the lightest colour. It has a white background with thin and light blue pattern scattered all over the surface. It is suitable for contemporary styles of kitchen and is perfect for those who prefer white countertops but do not want to go for solid white ones.

    ● Sleek Concrete Caesarstone Quartz Worktops
    The description of this one can easily be understood by its name. As it says, this one looks like a concrete slab with a smooth finish and has the look of a solid colour when you look at it from a distance. It has a minimal design with very few shades of grey that give a uniform pattern throughout the surface. This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a grey colour for their worktop but with a contemporary feel. Also, this worktop will be cheaper than a regular concrete slab and is a more durable and beautiful option to go for.

    ● Taj Royale Caesarstone Quartz Worktops
    This worktop resembles a Spanish marble, and its name is enough to highlight the classy look and royal finish of the stone. This stone surface comprises of various shades of brown and caramel. Some of these shades even give a golden look when natural light falls on them or when the clean surfaces reflect light. This adds on to the beauty of this royal Caesarstone. You can use it in kitchens with themes of shades of yellow, orange, brown and even white.

    ● London Grey Caesarstone Quartz Worktops
    This is another pretty option for those who prefer grey quartz countertop colour or want to go for it at the time of renovation as it will match well with the new theme of their kitchen. This one combines grey with gold, brass, and other metallic colours to give it a different look. If you are adding this worktop to your kitchen, make sure that you use metallic finishing in other parts of your kitchen to ensure that the surface blends with your kitchen well. This also ensures that the worktop with its light colour does not make your kitchen look dull or boring.

    ● Calacatta Nuovo Caesarstone Quartz Worktops
    This quartz worktops have been created, keeping in mind the Calacatta the marble looks to ensure that you can get a similar look in your kitchen by paying less money and get better durability. It is preferred as a replica of marble these days and is famous because of its bold and beautiful design. You can use it in kitchens that have black, grey and white colours in their theme.

    You have a list of some of the most beautiful designs with you. Depending upon the colour that you have chosen for your kitchen decor and the theme that you want to give to your kitchen, choose one of these designs and be prepared to see a stunning kitchen after the fixing of countertop and other things get completed. You will be satisfied with the quality of the material and love its look.
  • How Solar Tech Companies are Spearheading the Growth of Solar Solutions in the United States Sep 2, 2019

    As technology is pacing ahead in the world, so is the requirement for energy conservation. There has been a wide range of alternatives proposed in this regard where we encounter better ways to light up our house without making a dent on the environment. One such prospect is solar energy. Solar energy is proving to be the go-to outlook for energy conservation and leading a modern &yet clean life.

    Since the matters of global warming and energy conservation are getting graver by the day, people all over the world are resorting to solar energy projects. The United States installed 2.7 gigawatts of solar PV capacity in Q1 2019 to reach 67 gigawatts of total installed capacity, which is enough to power 12.7 million American homes. This data represents a 10% year-over-year increase. Moreover, the total installed US PV capacity is expected to more than double over the next five years - by 2024. More than 15 gigawatts of PV capacity is targetted to be installed annually.

    Currently, more than 242,000 employees work in solar, which is more than double the numbers of 2012, at more than 10,000 companies spread across every US state. In 2018, the solar industry reported generating a $17 billion investment in the American economy.

    This rapid growth in this particular alternative source of energy for domestic and commercial use has been possible because of the solar tech companies in the United States. With such companies providing proper and timely solar solutions, sales and installations have seen a new high every year.

    The time surely seems high for everyone to adopt to solar energy project for both commercial and domestic use. However, if you want your office or your house solar-powered, there are rules to be followed. In the United States, you are required to deliver a permit package to the authorities, which is then confirmed by the authorities. Then comes the installation process, which takes a certain amount of time in itself.

    This is where solar tech companies and solar assistants come into the picture. Installation companies get reliable solar design solutions, including Solar Permit Packages, that facilitate quicker approval of residential and commercial solar installations.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Solar design & documentation to tech companies
    • Excludes the need for hiring Solar Design professionals.
    • Eliminates the need for mastering multiple Solar design software.
    • Eliminates downtimes caused when a designer is on leave.
    • The overall cost per design reduces by over 50%.
    • Gives you more time to focus on sales and installation.
    • Aftersales support can be outsourced to give you better peace of mind.
    • It may not be possible for your company to master the legal requirements of 100s of AHJs of USA.
    Solar Tech & outsourcing agencies understand various state laws and AHJs about solar energy. This understanding allows them to plan and deliver permit packages accurately to reduce rejections and amendments in clearing solar permits for your customers. Weather conditions influence the regulations in different states of the US you need to have a proper understanding of these conditions.

    We hope this strong association between Solar PV system installers and Solar Design & Analysis agencies grows further and brings down the cost of setting up a Solar PV system for our homes and offices.
  • Cleaning a Patio with a Pressure Washer- Know How Feb 27, 2019

    Cleaning a patio using pressure water can give incredible results, least the cleaning is done effectively and skillfully. It is very natural for dirt, grime, slime, and debris to get collected on your patio with time and usage. Your patio may be made of concrete slabs, wood, bricks, and pavers. Irrespective of the materials used, the joints and other gorges in your patio can easily look its worst, attracting dirt, grime, and filth. A pressure washer is an effective and often the best way to clean your patio to recover the squeaky-clean look that you love to see. And the best part is, it is jolly-well possible. However, to achieve the nearly new-like look of your patio, it is imperative that you know how to do the same.

    Cleaning a patio with a pressure washer is the safest way around, especially when it comes to maintaining the delicate flooring (if you happen to have one), preserving the natural shine and preventing harm to pets, kids, environment and whatsoever. With a pressure washer and proper technique, you can achieve the same cleanliness with or without a regular detergent and not any harsh chemicals or arsenals. Patio cleaning is a very important job in grounds maintenance services and is often bundled with other services like grass cutting and fertilizing, hedge trimming, paths, and car park marking etc.

    Before you proceed, check you have got these essentials handy-

    · Cat box or car litter filler

    · Outdoor vacuum cleaner or broom

    · Gloves

    · Safety goggles

    · Dust mask

    · Pressure water detergent (in case you opt for)

    · Water broom attachment for pressure washer (optional)

    · Rotary turbo attachment for pressure washer (optional)


    · Ensure the area is free from children and pets

    · Mind the stream of water from the machine. It is powerful and can harm humans, animals and objects altogether.

    · In case you’ve opted for chemical arsenals and detergents, ensure you wear safety gloves and goggles.

    · It is highly recommended that you choose the pressure washer capacity as per your handling abilities. This is for the sake of preventing injury as well as achieving better cleaning at the same time.

    If you don’t own a pressure blaster, you can opt to borrow one from a garden store or a specialty center. Here the steps that you’re supposed to ensure before you can get to the actual cleaning.

    1. Get rid of any articles (like decorative) or furniture that is present on your patio. Ensure the surface is free from any objection. Now, using car litter (cat box filler), you’re supposed to soak up any oil, grease, spills or any liquid on your patio. The idea is to ensure a dry surface thoroughly. Once dried, clear the stuff.

    2. Choose whether or not you are going to use any pressure water detergent to remove a stain from the patio. If you choose to use, ensure the detergent applies to the type of pressure water you are using (hot water or cold water pressure washer). If your pressure washer happens to have a detergent tray, you can use an injectable detergent. If not, you may opt for spray-bottle detergent in that case. You may apply the detergent directly on the patio floor or can pour into the pressure washer detergent chamber, depending on the type of washer you’re using. Should you pour the detergent directly on the patio surface, it is recommended to wait for ten minutes to allow the detergent to function before you spray with the pressure washer. And in case you pour the detergent into the detergent chamber of the washer, you may start the spray immediately.

    3. Redirect the water stream from the pressure washer onto the patio at an angle. Using broad and circular motions, clean the entire patio back and forth in one direction and then on the other. In case you've got a humungous patio, you may opt for a water-broom attachment that sprays a more elaborate and broader (fan-like) stream of water from the pressure washer, making cleaning more comfortable and faster.

    4. Once you’ve started spraying, direct the flow of water into the nooks and corners, gaps and crevices and cracks on the floor. The idea is to remove the more stubborn dirt with more emphasis on them. Using a rotary-turbo nozzle attachment, you can clean with a higher definition that essentially turns the regular pressure washer stream of water into finer and more powerful one. Although this is optional.

    If you want to get rid of weeds

    Weeds are often the first unwanted guests to pay a visit to your patio. Not only they look ugly but can be dangerous as they become slippery with time. Eager to teach them a good lesson? Using a path weed killer chemical, you can opt to get rid of the existing weeds and further prevent their return in the future. To pardon your back, choose of a long-handled wire brush to clean weeds between the joints of your patio flooring.
  • Ground Maintenance Services Adds Life to the Property Feb 18, 2019

    Neat and clean premises are sure to add value to a particular property; be it a home or office. And this comes with the need for ground maintenance services. First of all, it is mandatory to understand the core of ground maintenance. Definitely speaking, the existence of litter on the ground is sure to invite pests and cockroaches. These pests tend to pose a serious threat to the interiors as well as the exteriors of property. Apart from doing damage to the furniture, they possess a tendency to damage even walls and roofs. So, here is the point that the intervention of professional ground maintenance services is mandated.


    Ideally known, the idea of using ground maintenance is to confiscate remains from the ground and leave no option for the insects to create any kind of trouble in the house or office. Not just this; the gathered muck may affect the appearance of the ground as it would look dirty. This calls for hiring professional ground maintenance services. Indeed, the most important thing about getting such services is that it should be taken from experienced personnel. After all, it is the matter of cleaning your home and no one wants that any sort of dust should be accumulated. Of course, professional people will be aware of using specialized tools or methods for maintaining the life of the ground. There is a possibility that such tools might not be available in the market or might be out of the budget.

    There are many people, who get grounding renovation in every five years and wish to maintain its beauty, till then. So, they opt to call ground maintenance services that have experience enough to deal with toughest of the stains on the ground. In this regard hey may use specialized or mild chemicals that do not affect the floor for sure. However, some of the people try maintaining the ground of their home on their own. And this, certainly, takes an extensive amount of time. So, hiring the services of ground maintenance staff is going to save your time without a doubt. Not to forget that such professionals are adept at cleaning up the mess left after ground maintenance task. This means that the house or office would be spic and span.

    These days, finding ground maintenance services is not a difficult task because numerous such service providers have their own website. Here, one can get every form of information that may include price charged for the services provided. Along with this, one can check their previous task completed to get an idea of their authenticity. Definitely, it is mandatory for a person to find certified ground maintenance service provider as they can be contacted back in case of any further damages left. A non-certified one might not be easy to track and the money spent on ground maintenance might get wasted without a doubt. So, hiring the service of an authentic ground maintenance professional is the best thing to do.