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  • New guidelines for posting blogs Jun 19, 2017

    Hi everyone,

    As of today we'll be implementing some guidelines for you to structure your blogs around. We want to make sure that the blogging area remains a valuable part of UKBF and that the blogs posted are consistent with the quality of the rest of the posts on our site.

    Nothing will change regarding what you're allowed to post on, whether you have a guide to marketing your online business or an insight on how best to attract bees to your garden. You're also still free to include relevant links, CTAs and company branding within your blogs.

    However, from now on please make sure your blog posts remain within these rules:
    • If you're posting a guide or an informative article, please make sure the information provided is factual to the best of your knowledge and does not mislead users. Any information deemed to be false or misleading may be removed.
    • Please post blogs in full - posting a paragraph and then linking to the rest of the blog on a separate site is not allowed.
    • UPDATED 18/11/2020: Blog posts must contain some meaningful content and cannot just be descriptions of business services on offer, i.e. adverts.
    • Update: To prevent spam, all blog comments have been turned off for users with less than 100 posts. Apologies to all those worthy commenters this affects!
    Please be aware that this post might be updated in the next few weeks as these changes are made. If you have any queries or you'd like something clarifying, please pop me a PM.