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  • What is startup branding, and 5 reasons why it’s so important Oct 3, 2020

    Of course, your product or service is very important, advantageous and unique. But your potential client doesn’t know it. How to impact on his/her emotions? How to persuade that your product is the best decision? How to become visible, peculiar, noticeable among the others?

    Startup branding is the image of your production. A dynamic, well designed and well developed startup brand - is the only way to successful sales and high income.

    Why is well developed branding necessary for any startup? 5 real arguments!

    B2B sales experts admit that startup branding is not about the logo. It’s about the understanding and trust between you and your potential customer. It’s about the emotional connection. It’s about the resonance with your customer’s heart.

    Most startups ignore the branding and disappear from the market. Because they stay invisible for the people who can become their customers. Maybe they are visible, but not attractive or not noticeable.

    93% of customers admit that product design is decisive
    According to June Campbell’s research “Psychology of Colour in Marketing” and the data of “The Benefits of using color” by Color Marketing Group, 93% of clients admit that the visual part of a product is the main factor in the moment of buying something. The design of the logotype, the website, the package, the color conception and all the visual images - all these elements have an impact on the client's subconscious, emotions, trust.

    Professional branding is necessary to determine your audience
    Professional startup branding - it is not only the development of your products’ appearance. It’s the development of correct communication with your loyal customers. But who are your loyal customers? Which problems do they have? What do they want? What are they afraid of? How can you solve their problems? The detailed portrait of your customer will help you to construct all the strategy of your business.

    Positioning and brand DNA are the basic instruments for right business strategy
    How to define the position of the brand, its archetypes, the main mission, the values, the brand DNA? They’re the main instruments in your communication with the potential clients. It’s the meat of your conception. With them, you can impact on your client’s emotions and subconscious.

    Identity design development - is the heart of your unique conception
    The visual part of your brand is a way of aesthetic communication with your potential customers. So, aesthetic communication - is an emotional, irrational, subconscious communication. Your recipient receives an impression, a delight, a portion of beauty. Identity design development will help your production to become unique, specific, not similar with others.

    Moreover, with your identical and well designed product your customer will feel him-/herself unique, specific and not similar with others. So, the well developed logo, coloristics, website, SMM, corporate identity, business cards, POS, brandbook, packaging, labels etc - are the heart of your emotional communication with your client.

    Startup branding is dynamic
    Successful branding is a dynamic branding. Different product pitches, presentations, feedbacks to different client’s requests - all these things show that you appreciate all your customers. It’s very important for them, and it’s very important for you. All these things have an impact on your business strategy, which constantly changes.

    In conclusion, we can say that startup branding is one of the most important investitions in your business. Literally, well developed and unique startup branding will make your project successful and will provide you decent income. Even if your production is very nice and smart, people need emotions at the moment of buying. That’s why your production, communication and your brand appearance should be beautiful.