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  • Urgent Same Day Courier Nov 8, 2017

    Everybody in business always has something to send to another part of the country or another part of the world .
    A vast majority of goods are sent by a the traditional parcel companies and larger consignments via the pallet networks .
    Most people would be astounded to learn that a document or a set of keys would travel on its own in a van hundreds of miles . Sometimes even over the channel on its journey to its destination to another EU country .
    This is exactly what a same day courier does While it is nice for me to promote my business on this blog I will also share some of the consignments we have moved over the decades here at

    It sounds simple jump in a van ,maybe a brand new van ,nice and comfortable ,digital radio , pick up something and enjoy a nice journey to another destination . !
    Often the reality is different from the dream of the open road . Our customers goods are often time sensitive and last minute meaning we have to transport the consignment as quickly as possible within the constraints of EU road laws and employment directive . As everybody knows the road networks don't always fall in the favour of the driver ! and we can have that urgent consignment stuck in a major jam !
    Your experienced same day courier at always have that knowledge coupled together with the latest Tom Tom technology You always have to find a way to avoid that jam . ! Myself (Jeremy ) I have a little route on the back roads of the A303 for when that road is blocked at Stonehenge ! I have spent some years throwing up the dust on those little farm roads :)

    We need to know the situation in advance at the major ports ! If operation stack is in place at Dover we have to be ready to travel via Portsmouth or Plymouth and we will be always be ready to make adjustments,
    We need to keep our ear to the ground for situations that maybe happening on the continent myself in the early 2000s while empty on route from the Loire Vally to the Le Harve found myself caught in a fuel strike / shortage . Luckily I was able to find a small a small garage at Mesland near Tours where they had diesel but there was hardly any fuel on the way back . I arrived in Portsmouth to find the UK suffering from a knock on effect ..........YOU NEVER KNOW ! the fuel supply in Europe is sensitive to any blip in supply
    So what have we delivered over the years ! ?
    Where do I start I need you to keep reading my ramblings here .
    My family have always been in transport but being based in Devon we also have a history of farming and the countryside ..........I will start here !

    Sadly the countryside has its unfortunate events TB Foot and mouth and bird flu and other less problematic illnesses
    Jeremy Hawke Couriers have often worked with the government agencies in the transportation of samples during these challenging times . The customer has testing facilities in the South East and the fast testing of these samples are always an importance . So collection from the contamination site to the lab is something we do .

    Utilities We depend on water and samples of drinking and treated water are something we do Our customers have laboratories all over the UK and expect a fast run from sample point to lab .

    Air Craft on the Ground .! Aircraft need parts . These parts are not always at the hanger so our Air Craft On the Ground service means we can get the part from store to Hanger anywhere in Europe !

    Major manufacture breakdown You production line is down your engineers need the part but it hundreds of miles away . We collect from the parts supplier and rush it to you.
    We know how important this is to you . Your losing thousands of pounds an hour Your team can do nothing and most importantly we know your customer could miss the delivery date due to this break down WE WONT LET YOU DOWN !

    Contracts You need it signed ! The other signatory is somewhere else We will collect the document get it signed and return it to you or where ever you need it delivered .

    Urgent fast documents we collect and run we know how urgent it is

    Larger loads We move larger loads on 3.5 vans and flatbeds we have a list !
    Aircraft parts
    Handling materials for major PLCs
    Glass for shop and major fittings
    High end office furniture (every week in London)
    Exhibition stands and material at major events
    Shop fittings
    Parts for the water board
    Food and drink
    stock for major retailers
    urgent consignments for export delivered to port or airport
    A large pair of blues brothers !
    High end furniture for stately homes ( loading and unloading crew if required)
    The list goes on and on but our customers make mistakes and we are their for them :)

    If you are reading this are you one of our customers that forgot your passport and we had to run it to the airport before your flight ...We are there for you !:)

    Customers leave their bags phones and laptops on trains, planes ,hotels and nightclubs ( why would you use your laptop in a nightclub ) Just for the record it is a long time since I went to a night club the last time was to collect a laptop :)( Granddads don't go to night clubs at least not up to the writing of this blog)

    A pair of boots for a well known footballer

    False Teeth ! The lady that got to her hotel in Heathrow and forgot her false teeth :)
    I will not forget this job :)

    I love driving but running this company means I stay in this office too often but we are always there for you

    Thank you for taking a quick look into the world of
    We are your same day couriers and have been doing it a long time
    We can be contact via our site or on 01392 793040

    We also have this little twitter page @devonsameday where we sometimes type things we like promote local goings on !
    We have this old van a Citroen C15 that we run around Exeter and even further places #retrocouriervan This little van sparks a bit of concern among the French vehicle enthusiast ! so we like to keep it running Its a bit of fun and something for people to talk about

    Jeremy Hawke