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  • Housing Disrepair Compensation - Money For Nothing Jul 19, 2021

    Money for Nothing - well, it is what we all want. My next question; at what cost?

    Find fair and honest guidance for housing disrepair claims and compensation issues.

    You have a right to live in a safe and healthy environment. Your home, regardless of what type of dwelling it may be, must be a place that is in good repair without any ongoing concern that it might impede your well-being and health or that of your loved ones. If you find yourself in an unsafe housing situation, go to fair and just solicitors for Housing Disrepair Compensation because everyone should feel comfortable in their home.

    What Steps Should You Take?
    When you begin the process of seeking a claim for housing disrepair compensation, there is an essential step you need to take to document your case. Following this guidance will make the undertaking easier for everyone involved, but especially for you.

    Take Notes
    It will make your case more robust if you can chronicle as much as possible regarding the damage and any efforts you have made to correct housing disrepair before seeking assistance. Some essential items to take note of are the following:

    Create a diary of every conversation you have with a housing authority representative. Include their name, date, time, the content of the conversation, and any promises made on their part. If you receive a visit or a repair is rendered, these must be documented, too. Once a repair has been made, photograph it, especially if the repair was done poorly.

    Take detailed photos of all areas of concern in and around your home. If you take the pictures with your phone, toggle the geolocation and date/time stamp features. If you are using a digital camera, check that the date/time stamp features are set on the correct time frame and switched to On.

    After taking the photos, make an entry into your diary regarding the pictures and what you took photographic evidence of. As time passes and your life becomes busier with responsibilities, it is easy to forget details. A little extra effort at this stage in the documentation phase will save you time and frustration later on.

    If you send any emails or physical letters to your landlord regarding the housing disrepair, be sure you make copies before sending them. Always date the physical letters for tracking purposes, as well.

    Remember to save all of your texts - both those that you have sent as well as received. You can print them when needed as evidence.

    If the disrepair has caused any health issues or led to an accident for you or your family, obtaining medical records will further help your compensation case.

    Should the housing disrepair have caused damage to your personal property (not just the dwelling itself), once again take photos of the damage. If the damaged items are unsafe and must be disposed of, the images will be crucial for proof of damage. If you have receipts for those items, keep them in your diary. Adding the date(s) of damage into the journal will help your timeline.

    When you find yourself in a situation where Housing Disrepair Compensation is necessary and need an advocate, do not hesitate to contact people with your best interests at heart. Work with professionals to get the job done right the first time around.
  • Best place to get House Rendering in the UK Jul 7, 2021

    House Rendering is a popular project for giving your home a fresh, new look without having to get too invasive with your structure as a whole. It’s a great way to make your home feel like you’ve just moved in again, and it’s a very versatile project that can suit any House you might be living in!

    However, house rendering is a big job, and you’re going to need a professional on your side to help achieve the solution you’re going for. And if you’re curious about who the best company to work with is, in order to get your House rendered affordable, on time, and with your House’s natural style in mind, we’re here to shed some light on the details.

    What is House Rendering?

    House rendering is a specific project for the exterior of your home, which can often go ignored and neglected throughout its lifetime. With external factors such as the weather ageing and (potentially) breaking the exterior walls that keep you safe and warm inside, exterior house rendering is used to give your home a new, plastered finish.

    This helps to seal the original wall in and encase your home in another protective layer. It’s a great way to save both time and money on keeping your home feeling neat and tidy, as well as keeping you warm and safe inside, and even promoting your curb appeal.

    The Benefits of House Rendering

    There are many benefits to house rendering. The biggest one is how non-invasive and fast such a project can be to complete. Rendering the outside walls of a home can even only take 24 hours! With such a turnaround time, and the ability to still live in your home as work goes on, house rendering is an affordable and versatile alternative to replacing walls or applying to the side.

    Another significant benefit is improving the look of your home. Old, scuffed and even crumbling walls are a real eyesore, both to you and anyone passing your home on the street, and rendering can improve this look tenfold. A thick casing is applied to the exterior walls, with multiple materials and paint layers to create an aesthetic layer that’ll insulate and style even the oldest of homes.

    The Best Place to Get House Rendering

    So, where is the best place to get house rendering in the UK? Here at House Rendering, we genuinely believe we go above and beyond for those who need their home renovated for aesthetics and overall functionality. We cover the whole of the UK with five rendering teams available for projects up and down the country.

    Our mission is to ensure your way of life isn’t interrupted or put on hold due to the needs of the four walls around you, and we can apply finishing touches that both seal the look you’re going for and ensure external factors cause no extra damage to your home’s structure.

    Hot House Rendering Areas
    If you need a house rendering quote please call us on 07491 155 605.
  • Types of House Rendering Jul 4, 2021

    Concerning colours, you will have the option of choosing a white render that you can paint once it's applied, or what is known as a through-coloured mix. A through-coloured mix is a finish where the colour is visible throughout the application, which means you won't have to paint it regularly and cut down on maintenance. Our house rendering services have a wide variety of house renders in the Bristol area.

    When it comes to the renders on offer, choosing one that best meets your needs is essential. Indeed particular finishes tend to work best in the following specific situations:
    • Cement Render - suitable for when you want a long-lasting finish at a low cost. A higher level of maintenance is required.
    • Polymer Render - flexible render that minimises cracking and so lessens maintenance.
    • Lime Render - best for period homes as it is breathable and can help lengthen the lifespan of the wall.
    • Acrylic Render - used with the renders above to improve their look, Fibres can be added to boost flexibility.
    • Monocouche Render - a single coat render that is fast and convenient. Through-coloured and self-cleaning means minimum maintenance.
    • Silicone Render - premixed and self-cleaning, these new kids on the block protect your home and ensure it looks great in all weathers.
    More details at House Rendering Bristol or call 07491 155 605