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  • Is Grain Free Dog and Cat Food better for your Bank Balance? Nov 9, 2018

    Ok, so rather an emotive headline - but seriously have you ever considered the cost of your beloved pet?

    Not only do you pay over the odds usually for a 'branded' food, but you also then have to pay for the consequences of it.

    So, back to basics then - grain in your food produces more waste - more waste means more cleaning up, means more time spent doing it. When an animal gets excited, say, heading on a walk, they tend to get looser bowels to start with, but with lots of cheap bulked out, grain food, this becomes even more apparent.

    Oh, how I enjoy now, not having to carry six dog bags, and wipes for the floor - when you can't scoop it up and have to somehow clean the pavement from that awful brown gunk! (I am being so polite here.)

    So not only, do I now enjoy cleaner walks, cleaner garden and less accidents - my dog is actually looking healthier - his coat is shining and not brittle as he enjoys grain free dog food .
  • Trade Finance Mar 5, 2015

    Trade finance or sometimes known as import finance is a means of raising money against finished goods that have been pre-ordered.

    The ability to ease the burden of your cash flow through the wholesale process. The same benefits as invoice finance along with comfort of knowing your supplier has been paid and all terms and conditions of the Letters of Credit have been met prior to you being paid by your customer.

    Also the ability to have upto 90% of funding. for more information.
  • Starting a Business? Dec 16, 2010

    Its a hard decision to make, and one that can take many weeks and months to run with.

    Planning takes much of the time and good business plan is vital.

    A good business plan will help you concentrate the mind on what you need to set up, what your target market is and what your competition is, all very vital to know and understand.

    If you need more help and would like to read more articles that will help concentrate your mind, then head over to starting a business
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  • Shoebox Accounting Apr 26, 2010

    Shoebox Accounting

    We offer a service whereby you send us your receipts every month, and we will even provide you with a shoebox to keep them should you wish, and we then scan them into pdf documents formats and the information is entered in to an excel spreadsheet, and we then email them back to you.


    Well no more paper sitting around for the obligatory 6 years, no faded receipts, and also for a very reasonable price, an excel document, that you can them import in to your accounting package.

    Contact me for more information on this service or visit the website and read about the process.
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  • Acerbic Accountant is Back! Nov 26, 2007

    Don't worry though, not on here! :rolleyes:

    So after a lot of nagging and persuading, I finally managed to get AA to do his very own blog!!

    Ok well AA (Acerbic Accountant) is someone who was banned from here earlier this year as his rather forthright way of talking upset a few and he did tend to tell it as it is!

    But he is a bloody good accountant!

    Anyhow for those of you that enjoyed his humour this is the site!
  • Men and their uses .... Nov 7, 2007

    Or rather, my Accountant is a fella, or was last time I looked!

    Chatting earlier to someone who shall remain nameless, but you all know him, who doesnt use one ... oh to be able to not use an Accountant, have simple book keeping and not worry about returns being filled in correctly!

    I suppose I had better send my tax return information to him so he can fill it in for me ... the Accountant that is!

    Anyone used a tax advisor recently? Strange breed!!
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