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  • How Your Blinds Can Be A Perfect Fit For Your uPVC Doors And Windows Aug 12, 2019


    We’re seeing more and more properties with uPVC doors and windows. It’s easy to see why. They offer great insulation, fire resistance and have excellent safety features. They’re also very cost effective compared to other types of doors and windows. They also give you more choice when it comes to blinds. Here’s our guide to finding the perfect fit.

    Traditional blinds
    There are a wide range of different blinds that you could choose to fit to your uPVC doors and windows such as those found inconservatories. They look great and we can design them to fit your windows exactly. Blinds are an ideal choice for uPVC doors with glass panels as it allows you to shut out the night in the same way as you do with your windows.

    However, traditional blinds aren’t always the best choice for uPVC doors unless you plan on never opening your doors once you’ve drawn the blinds. You can find yourself with the cords, or even the blinds themselves, getting caught up or getting in the way when you want to open or close the door.

    The perfect fit
    Perfect fit blindsare just that – a perfect fit. They’re designed to fit into the frames of uPVC doors and windows so they stay in place. They’re very versatile too. We often install them in conservatories as they can be fitted to sloping roof panels as well as the doors and windows. However, they can be used anywhere in the house. They’re particularly good for small rooms, for example in an en-suite bathroom where space is limited. We have a great range of colours and designs as well, so you can achieve the look you want.

    This type of blind is also great if you have children at home. They fit exactly and have short cords so there’s no risk of them getting tangled up.

    Hassle free installation
    You might be wondering whether fitting blinds directly into your uPVC window will be a complicated process. In fact, it’s really quick and easy. There’s a frame that sits between the glass and the window frame and we can fit the blind straight into that. It just slots in so there’s no drilling involved and no mess.

    That also means that the work can be completed quickly so you can start enjoying your lovely new blinds straight away.

    Saving you money
    It’s no surprise that uPVC doors and windows are becoming more popular. Builders have been putting them intonew build houses for years, mainly because they’re cheaper to install than other windows and doors. We’re all becoming more aware of environmental issues and uPVC helps to insulate your house and prevent energy from being wasted. Of course, that doesn’t just benefit the environment. It means that your house stays warmer which helps you to save money on your heating bills.

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  • How to Choose The Right Blinds For Your Office Aug 12, 2019


    When you’re trying to choose the right blinds for your office cost is likely to be your first consideration. However, blinds have a practical role to play so there are other factors which you’ll need to consider before you choose.

    How much privacy do you need?
    In business, there is more than one way to think about privacy. You’re likely to have data which you need to protect, but realistically it’s unlikely that data will be stolen by someone peering in at a window. However, if you have staff working on the ground floor they could begin to feel very exposed with people constantly looking in at them.

    You could consider heavier roller blinds as long as they don’t need to be closed all the time. Permanently blocking out the light won’t be good for your staff’s overall wellbeing. Adjustable horizontal or vertical blinds will allow employees to adjust for privacy whilst still allowing daylight in.

    Working with screens
    As an employer you need to comply with a whole host of health and safety regulations. If your employees spend time working with screens you’ll need to make sure that this is being done in a safe way. Providing eye tests and encouraging staff to take regular breaks from screen based work are both key steps that you can take to protect them. However, your blinds can also have a role to play.

    Screens that are positioned near windows will naturally be exposed to different levels of glare during the course of the day. A screen that is glare free in the morning might have the sun shining directly onto it later in the day. An adjustable blind will enable your employees to reduce glare when they need to.

    Practical issues
    There are a range of different styles of blind which could be a practical choice in your office. Whilst the type of blind is important you should also consider your choice of fabric and fittings. At home during the week, you might close your blinds once in the evening and reopen them in the morning. However, in an office the blinds might be adjusted several times a day. That means that you need robust fittings which can withstand this. This will reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your blind.

    Fabric blinds look attractive but can be harder to clean than aluminium, PVC orwooden blinds. These allow you to maintain good hygiene standards without increasing your cleaning bill.

    Public areas
    We know that you want to have an attractive office environment. An office that makes visitors and staff feel welcome is good for morale and impresses your guests. We’ve worked in offices where clients have chosen to reflect their company colours in their interior design. It’s an easy way to reflect your brand and company culture. However, when you’re working to a budget it’s important to consider where your money will be best spent.

    You could consider coloured blinds in public areas where they’ll have the most impact and choose white elsewhere. We can talk you through your options and help you to decide how to achieve the best effect within your budget.

    You can also use blinds to promote your brand by having themprinted with your logoor reflecting your brand colours. This is a popular choice with many businesses.

    If you need help with choosing the best blinds for your office, get in touch with us.

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  • How You Can Use Beautiful Blinds Throughout Your Home Apr 26, 2019


    When we talk to our customers about blinds they’re often surprised by how versatile they can be. If you’re considering usingblinds in your homeyou might be thinking of one or two rooms. However they can be a great addition almost anywhere. You don’t have to use them on their own either, as they work well with curtains too. Here are just a few of our suggestions for the ways you can use beautiful blinds throughout your home.

    Kitchens and bathrooms
    These are often the first rooms people think of when they’re considering buying blinds. They’re the spaces that are most likely to have lots of moisture in the air. You can choose a blind with a beautiful design that brings colour to the room, but which is also damp resistant and easy to clean. It’s decorative but also highly practical. Blinds are also the perfect choice for a small bathroom as they can save space.

    On a practical level, blinds can be safer in certain places. If you have a curtain near your gas hob there’s a risk that it could billow and catch fire. Using a blind eliminates the risk as well as giving you more space as it’s tucked away from your work surfaces.

    Most people we speak to are surprised when we suggest using blinds in the bedroom. They think that even the best blinds must let in light around the edges. Blackout blinds were designed to allow you to sleep in peace even when it’s sunny outside. If you buy blinds off the shelf they’ll be cut to a standard width which might still let some light in at the sides. We offer a made to measure service so that you get theperfect fit for your windows. This type of blind is also ideal for a child’s room – all of our blinds have child safe fittings.

    If you still want the look and feel of curtains in your room, you can. Blinds and curtains are perfect partners. Using a blind also allows you a greater choice of fabric for your curtains as you could choose something slightly thinner if it suits your overall scheme.

    Conservatories and living rooms
    You might think of a living room as being simply a place to relax, but it often ends up being more than that. It becomes a playroom for the kids, a place to fold laundry and you might even have a desk in the corner. We know that the same often applies to theconservatorytoo. Of course, you might have planned your conservatory or living area as a multi-functional space.

    Using blinds can help you to create the right feel in different areas of the room. For example, you might want to create a cosy space around your sofa or armchair so you can snuggle up with a book or in front of the TV. Flowing curtains or blinds in a soft, warm colour can help to create that. You could even use the two in combination. For more functional areas, for example around your desk, blinds can create a contrast between this space and one that’s designed for relaxation. They’re also great for the kids’ play area as they’re tucked safely away.

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  • Transform Your New Build Home With a Unique Made to Measure Blind Apr 26, 2019


    When you choose a new build home, it can be an exciting process. If you’ve chosen your home from the plans after viewing a show home, you could even watch it being built. The whole process gives you the ideal opportunity to create your dream home.

    We think that the process should continue even after the bricks and mortar have been completed. There might be many houses on your street that have been built to the same design as yours. That doesn’t mean that you want your home to look the same as everyone else’s. Unique and distinctive decoration and furnishings can allow you to put your own stamp on the place. Here’s why we think that amade to measure blindshould be part of the plan.

    Save yourself a shopping trip
    When you’re getting ready to move house, the last thing you need is another job on the ‘to do’ list. Unless a trip to Ikea on a Saturday is your idea of fun, you may have better things to do. When you choose to have a made to measure blind created for your new build home, we come to you. You can look at different fabrics and designs and decide what you want without having to stand in a queue at the end of it.

    Choose a made to measure blind
    New build homes are created to a plan that is echoed in towns around the country. They can all start to look very similar unless you choose designs that will help them to stand out. You might love the design you find on the high street but what if all your neighbours do as well? Choosing a unique blind allows you to show your style and can completely transform the look of your home.

    Get the right fit
    We’ve all been there. You’ve measured your windows at home to get the sizing right. Then you find yourself standing in a shop holding your tape measure up to a ready-made blind or trying to work out whether the figures on the box are close enough to your own measurements. A made to measure blind isguaranteed to fit exactly. You won’t have to trim them yourself, which means there’s less waste too.

    Start the process early
    The great news about buying a new build is that you can start your interior design work before the house is even finished. Looking around a show home allows you to come up with ideas for the look you’d like to create. We visit lots of show homes locally to take accurate measurements. That way your new blinds can be ready as soon as you move in.

    Avoid DIY
    If you love DIY you might be perfectly happy to hang your own blinds when you first move in. On the other hand, you might want to focus on unpacking boxes and getting settled in. When we create made to measure blinds for our customers, we also come and fit them for you. It means that we can check everything fits properly and that you’re happy with our work.

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