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  • The Concealed Cost of Substance Abuse in the UK Workplace Oct 23, 2018

    An infographic from the team at Addiction Helper


    The Cost of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the UK

    3% of the total UK workforce will report for work under the influence of a substance annually, 9 out of 10 drug abusers work at small or medium-sized businesses, and 75% of illicit drug users are currently employed and they make up 17% of the workforce.
    Businesses lose 100 billion Euros annually due to substance abuse. This is up to 10% of the annual payroll. One in 10 small business owners indicate that employees have reported to work under the influence of a controlled substance including narcotics, marijuana, and alcohol.

    Alcohol and drug abuse cost the UK 21 billion Euros and 15 billion Euros respectively. The cost of lost productivity linked to alcohol misuse in the UK stands at about 7.3 billion Euros annually. Lost work days per year as a result of alcohol misuse alone costs 17 million Euros.
    The Impact of Substance Abuse in the Workplace
    The major impacts of substance abuse in the workplace include fatal accidents and premature death, lowered productivity, absenteeism and extra sick leave, and increased accident rate and injuries.

    60% of all poor job performance and 40% of industrial accidents are linked to substance abuse.

    Most performance-related problems in the workplace linked to alcohol misuse come about when workers go to work with a hangover or drink just before going to work. 24% of workers have reported drinking during the workday at some point.
    33% of employees admit to having had a hangover at work, 22% admit that they have made a mistake at work because they had a hangover, and 83% who have had a hangover at work admit that their work was affected.

    Studies indicate that social drinkers, not alcohol-dependent people, cause 80% of alcohol-related work problems. Also, drinkers at the workplace are generally more men than women, single rather than married, younger rather than older, and managers rather than their underlings.

    The following industries have the most problem drinkers per 1000 workers: business, installation, maintenance, and repair (106), leisure and hospitality (109), retail (114), wholesale (115), construction and mining (135).

    Industries with the highest rates of drug use include: installation, maintenance and repair (9.5%), sales (9.6%), arts, design, entertainment, sports and media (12.4%), construction (15.1%), and food preparation and serving (17.4%).

    It has been shown that men who have “blue-collar” jobs shave 3.5 times the risk of death from an alcohol-related disease than those in managerial positions. Also, there is 5.7 times the risk for women in routine jobs to die from an alcohol-related disease rather than those in white-collar industries.

    Drug Test Data in the UK Workforce

    Drug positive tests in the UK in 2016 were the highest since 2004 (a period of 12 years). Data indicates that there was an increase of 44% in the number of employees who tested positive for cocaine, an increase of 60% for those who tested positive for marijuana, and an increase of 66% for those who tested positive for opiates.

    Urine drug tests indicated an increase of 43% in positivity in the tested workforce from 2017 to 2011.

    Employees in organisations without a drug testing program have 30 to 45% higher self-reported past month use.
  • A Modern approach to Lead Generation, and Sales Sep 9, 2018


    Social selling is all about leveraging your social networks to find prospects, build relationships, and ultimately, meet sales objectives.

    Social selling generates better, more qualified leads and eliminates the need for cold calling.
    Social selling is not only a way to generate qualified leads, but also a way to make warm leads out of otherwise cold prospects.

    You can use social selling to amp up the results from your existing sales funnel by painlessly pre-qualifying leads.

    How do you MAKE Buying DECISIONS?

    If you are like more than 80% of business buyers, you turn to people you know and trust. Social selling is the way that you and your sales-force can extend that circle of trust to include literally thousands of new potential buyers.

    Seventy two percent of business-to-business buyers use social media to check with their peers about purchasing decisions.

    Four out of 5 business buyers indicated that the information that they had found on social media had a significant impact on choosing the vendor for their purchases. LinkedIn reports that buyers are far more likely to buy from a sales person who regularly posts on social media, and who is perceived to be a thought leader in their space.

    In a different survey, it was reported that sales people that regularly engaged with their social media platforms outperformed peers, and more than half attributed the bulk of their sales results to their presence on social media.

    Is it any wonder that a recent study found that sales professionals who relied on social media are six times more likely to exceed their sales quotas than their peers?

    LinkedIn is the Only Social Media for B2B Sales

    Each social media platform has its niche, but if you are looking for B2B sales, there is only one social platform that you need to concern yourself with, LinkedIn.

    Here are some facts released in a recent survey of global business elites:
    LinkedIn is geat for business leads reaches more business elite and c-suite monthly than any other international news and business website measured.

    1. LinkedIn attracts the highest number of business elite purchase decision makers with high net worth and big purchasing budgets.
    2. LinkedIn is seen as an important business destination for senior executives globally as visitors most often come from strategic planning, management, finance and marketing functions.
    3. When you tap into the power of LinkedIn's half-billion member network in 200 countries (130 million in the U.S. alone) your sales team will:

    1. See 45% more opportunities created.
    2. Be 51% more likely to achieve quota.
    3. Produce 80% more.

    You probably already have a LinkedIn account, but unless you are using it correctly, you will probably have a hard time thinking of ANY new business that you have booked as a direct result of your LinkedIn account.

    Are You Ready To Disrupt Your Business As Usual?

    People do business with people that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

    Building relationships with new prospects is the very best way to turn them into new clients. Think about some of the new business and clients you’ve recently picked up.
    Surely some of it has come from referrals. And some of it has probably come from prospects that you’ve been in contact with for a number of months, or even years.

    Your relationships and contacts are at work for you every day, slowly moving people deeper into your funnel.


    Now, what if you could accelerate this process with thousands of new prospects?
    LinkedIn allows you to do just that, but you have to use LinkedIn correctly.

    Using LinkedIn, we’re able to identify literally hundreds of new prospects every month, and work them through a process that breaks down barriers, smashes through gatekeepers, and gets you on the phone with targeted business owners, CEO’s, Presidents, CFO’s… whoever your ideal decision-making prospect is.
  • How do You Choose the Best Car Insurance for Your Business? Jun 28, 2018


    As a business owner, having the right kind of insurance is paramount. One area that require comprehensive insurance is transportation. Whether you have a single business vehicle, you use a regular car for business purposes or you own a fleet, you still need commercial motor vehicle insurance.

    The primary aim of this insurance is to provide financial security against bodily harm and or asset loss resulting from a collision. The coverage also protects your business against liability that arises from such incidences.

    How Do You Choose a Suitable Type of Commercial Auto Insurance?

    As the owner or the transport manager, you need to make sure that each car in the fleet is covered adequately. This is because the chances of one of the cars getting involved in an accident are high. So, how do you get the best coverage for your fleet?

    Protect Each Vehicle

    Make sure that the policy you choose will cover each vehicle in your fleet. This is regardless of whether the vehicles in your fleet are listed in the plan or not. When taking out the policy, make sure it is flexible enough to allow inclusion of new cars in the fleet.


    Regular Policy Review

    As a business, your needs for transportation change over time. If your business spikes seasonally, then you are looking at the need for vehicles increasing during this period and reducing when the busy season is over. This is why you need to review your policy at least once every six months so that you incorporate the change in the policy.

    Consider Business Needs

    You need to choose the coverage depending upon your needs as a business. If all you need is your regular car to manage your business needs, then you need to take out commercial insurance coverage on top of the personal insurance cover you have.

    Let’s take it that you are a realtor, and you use your vehicle to take your clients around the neighborhood showing them available properties. Since you are incorporating an element of business in the way you use your vehicle, you need to take out commercial auto insurance on this vehicle, so that you are covered in case anything happens to your passengers.

    Another type of business that requires special attention is the construction business. Whether you are a project manager or you are the contractor, you need to provide the right commercial auto insurance. You also need to take out this insurance if you drive your car to the job site, or you are hauling materials and equipment to and from the site using your personal van, truck, or car.



    Commercial auto insurance is essential for any business. You should understand your needs and take out a coverage that suits these needs. For different policies and the best advice, contact AXA Business Insurance and get the best option. You can also check out -to see what was great insurance offers are available.
  • This Is Why Your Small Business Needs An Accountant Jun 28, 2018


    Accounting is an important aspect of any business, regardless of the size of the business. Keeping your accounting in proper order should be a top priority. If you are like most business owners, you probably have trouble maintaining the accounts and tax paperwork yourself. If this is the case, then you need an accountant to handle the accounting aspects of your business. This will free up your time to perform other tasks to help your business run efficiently. Last-minute problems, especially during tax season can be stressful and frustrating.

    Incorrect Balances

    You may find at tax time that some of your account balances are incorrect. This happens a lot with small businesses. A professional that specialises in small business accounting can correct these mistakes and prevent them in the future.

    Most new entrepreneurs are unaware of how important accounting is to their business, and they end up with some major errors, due to poor record-keeping or incorrect accounting methods. Many business owners are simply unorganised, making it impossible to accurately track business finances. Some just do not have the time to keep track of financial records. The solution to these problems is to hire an accounting firm that specialises in small business accounting services.

    How to Choose a Firm

    When choosing a firm, examine its credentials, and explore its services to help you decide if the firm is right for your business. Don't hire the first firm you come across. What is suitable for one business may not be suitable for another. Consult with the accountant about your specific needs. Once you've hired a firm, you can hand over your accounting to him, and you no longer have to worry. However, keep track of the work that is being done, and check from time to time to make sure your business accounts are being properly maintained. Share all your questions and concerns with the accountant.

    Some businesses hire accountants on a long-term basis to keep the company financials in order year-round. In many cases, it is more efficient and affordable to hire a bookkeeper to handle day-to-day financial operations. Other businesses only use accountants yearly to prepare tax returns. Dan from a great online insurance company says "


    Bookmakers & Tax Returns

    Bookkeepers cannot legally prepare tax returns for a business. You may want to prepare your taxes yourself, but hiring an accountant to file tax returns is a wise choice because these tax professionals know how to maximise the number of tax deductions for their clients and how to organise financial documents such as receipts.

    The main reason for hiring an accountant is that it is the easiest way to have your financial records put in order and your tax returns completed. Most accountants guarantee their work and complete it in a timely manner, so there's really no reason to not hire one. Instead of spending hours sorting through your company finances, pick up your phone and schedule an appointment with a local accounting firm. Remember, time equals money, and you may find that the hours you save by hiring an accountant is well worth the cost.
  • Business Travel My Personal Super Ways To Cut Expendature Down Jun 21, 2018


    Business travel is an essential Expense and generally a very large one! Therefore, while spending money on travelling is essential for most organisations, it is quite easy to allow business travel expenditure spiral out of control. If you are wondering how you can reduce the amount your company spends on travel, here are seven business travel cost saving ideas you can implement straight away to begin saving money.

    #1 -- Increase the advance booking period

    Unlike the overall, leisure travel Guideline for business travel is the further ahead you book the cheaper the cost will be. This is especially true for rail and aviation. Have a look at your travel data and find out how far ahead reservations are being made. If your average is three days before traveling, it is safe to say there is room for improvement!

    #2 -- Publish and enforce a company travel coverage

    Business travel policies Are critical to let your travelers know what they should and should not book, if you do not have one, you are giving employees permission to reserve whatever they want! Guidelines are great, but remember to not create them overly rigid, a small amount of flexibility is generally a great idea if you would like to maintain your travellers happy also. If you are going to go to the trouble of writing a company travel policy, be certain you enforce too. travellers happy too.

    #3 -- Offer incentives for workers to save money

    Sometimes the knowledge that they are Saving company money is not sufficient to make travellers select a more cost effective choice. Consider ways to incentivise your employees by rewarding them when they make a rescue. Some businesses give the worker a share of their savings; others provide additional annual leave days, and others supply coupons. You are able to provide whatever is appropriate for the culture of your company, but a reward for saving company money is an exceptional way to thank your employees for their efforts and will promote additional savings.

    #4 -- Negotiate with your most often used suppliers

    If you are not negotiating with the Providers you use the most, you are missing a trick. Collate the information of how much business you are sending their way and use this to negotiate a reduction. If you are using one, this is something your travel management firm is going to do on your behalf, but if you do not have one, you can still approach suppliers directly to secure a bargain. Do not just look at providers, take a look at your destination and travel routes; you might have the ability to combine bookings to fewer suppliers to offer you more buying power.

    #5 -- Employ an Internet booking tool

    Online booking tools are a great Way to decrease the time spent booking travel for simple bookings. Not only do they allow travelers to reserve for themselves, but they also encourage cost savings via something known as visual guilt. When travellers see all of the choices themselves, they find it hard to overspend because their conscience will not let them (and they understand the missed savings will be reported on)! . Moreover, booking through your travel management firm working with the online booking tool is going to be a lower cost than if you book over the phone, so you're going to lower your transaction fees also.

    #6 -- Make use of discounted Online hotel rates

    We all know we could get access to hotel bargains on certain sites , And you need to be taking advantage of it. The key is to make certain you get these deals by your travel management company, so check which sites they connect to. By way of instance, we connect to and and a host budget chains such as Yess! Hotel to be certain our clients have access to the cheapest fares at all times. You need to be able to observe these rates alongside the rest of the options so that you can select the best price at the time irrespective of where it's come from.

    #7 -- Subscribe to corporate benefit schemes

    It is amazing just how much corporate benefit schemes are underutilised and they cost nothing to join. Your organisation becomes a member; you book your flights as normal, and you earn points for each booking. As soon as you've a certain number of points, you can redeem them from air ticket expenses and updates, or in some instances other travel products such as resorts, lounge access or car rental. Normally, our customers save between one and five percent of their business travel spend from corporate benefit schemes alone!

    Hopefully, these business travel Price Savings suggestions will have given you some food for thought, which point is certainly something that you can implement straight away. As with most things relating to business travel, communication with your employees is crucial when you're trying to save money so ensure to let your employees know why it is vital. As soon as you've their buy in, you will find saving money that an awful lot easier.
  • Modern Property Selling Online Estate Agents Will Save You Money in 2018 Jun 4, 2018


    Online estate agents are an ideal resource for you to turn to when you're looking to sell or buy a home. The problem that many people have is that the home buying or selling experience for them is very difficult and a lot happens to be involved. You might not realize that localized agents tend to charge higher fees to their clients, which can be a true burden if you're living on a budget and just need to get a home sold or purchased. Online agents are geared to helping you find an amazing home without wasting your time, and their fees are reasonable enough to where you won't be breaking the bank.

    Nick Marr, from Homes Go Fast , has been quoted by saying,

    "We aim to help home owners selling houses privately by allowing them to take more control while at the same time saving them money" Many people turn to commerical property finance to fund buying a house that has been undervalued and them make a good profit fillping the home and re-paying the loan".

    As an online estate agent, Nick Marr knows that homeowners like to have full control over the buying and selling process. After all, you are the one who is directly involved and will be living with the outcome for many years to come. By having better control over the entire experience, you can feel as though the decisions made to sell or purchase a home are all your own. Your online estate agent will simply be the one there who helps out throughout the process.

    Digital marketing is in direct relation with online estate agents and their ability to find great homes for you. The way that you will be saving money is actually quite simple. You will find that you are able to save money through the fees you're not paying to meet with an agent and list or buy a home. You will also find that you are saving money by avoiding visiting homes that do not even match what you are looking for. This is especially valid for individuals who would have to travel quite a way to get to a home to look at it and see if they want to buy it from there.

    Nick has also been quoted as saying, "We believe that the British consumer should have a better choice when it comes to selling a home". You need to have an experienced agent who is constantly by your side to find you the home that you need. Most potential home buyers nowadays are going to be doing the majority of their research on the Internet as opposed to looking locally. They can search for homes depending on their price point and the needs they have for the house itself. Your property and estate agent is the one who can find you these homes, save you money in the process and ensure that you are fully satisfied with the work being done. Working with an online estate agent is working with a highly skilled professional who knows which houses are available and what it will take in order for you to either purchase or sell an existing home.
  • Reaching Your Customers on the Road Jun 4, 2018


    Even though outdoor marketing may not be as popular or as cool as digital marketing, it still has an important place in the growth of businesses. In many major cities of the world, you can even find online companies doing heavy out of home adverts. If these companies that spend millions growing their internet business understand the place of public display or outdoor advertising, then you will agree that it is still relevant in today’s internet oriented world.
    However, you still need to weigh the pros and cons in order to determine if outdoor advertising is right for you. In this short read, we focus on the advantages of outdoor advertising to your business.

    People will see it – Different studies on the internet point out how much people are on the go these days. Nobody wants to remain stuck in one place doing what they can do on the road. This makes a good argument for outdoor advertising. Because billboards, LED screens and other out of home advertising medium are usually place along highways and busy streets with high foot traffic, you are guaranteed that people will see your message. And unlike paper and paper ads, you cannot flip the channel or scroll away, so people will see your message whether they want to or not.

    Place it where you want – The beauty of out of home advertisement according to Michel, business developer at UK style and technology company–S.H.E. Global is that you can choose exactly where you want your advertisement to be. For instance, if you have a showroom just down the road and want to attract customers off a particular exit, you simply get the permission and mount your billboard or LED screen there. You can also decide to mount an LED screen in an out of the way location if that is where your target market is. Ultimately, just like with digital marketing, you can decide the demography you want to attract and place your out of home advert where they would see it, for example, on a campus.

    Visually appealing – Another great thing about outdoor advertisement is that you are free to get as creative as you want. If you are running a billboard, you can express your creativity in the graphics design and images you use. On an LED screen, you can go all out with visual effects that will capture and engage the attention of your users. Properly done, outdoor advertising has this “in your face” kind of effect that makes it possible for people to miss. It is attention grabbing and has the potential to make a very powerful impact on your target audience.

    It complements your other marketing efforts – In today’s business environment, it is natural to have a budget for digital marketing. What out of home or outdoor advertising does is to complement your digital marketing efforts. After seeing your ads all day on social media and the internet, a potential customer then closes for the day and sees your ads again along the road, at the street end and on LED screens on their way home. This will store a message in their subconscious about the relevance and need of your product. You stand a higher chance of converting a potential into an actual customer when you combine marketing opportunities.

    Highly effective–Out of home adverts has a very high CPM rate compare to other forms of advertisement. Additionally, studies have shown that they often lead to sales. About 35% of consumers say that they would call the number on an interesting outdoor ad as long as it provides the service they need. This shows that outdoor advertising still plays a significant role in buyer decision.

    There is no denying the fact that there are limitations to what outdoor advertising can achieve, but it still remains an effective marketing tool that businesses can and should take advantage of.
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  • Common Mistakes that Business Owners Make Apr 24, 2018


    Content: Most people believe that becoming self-employed is the easiest way to get all the freedom that they need. However, the reality is that starting your own business is an uphill task. For example, in the U.K, 20% of companies fail within their first year of operation while 50% collapse in the course of the next three years. Focusing on the wrong principles discredits your business and decreases your level of popularity among your customers.

    Managing a business is a lot like managing any kind of project if you consider for a moment the fact of if you were project managing a refurbishment of a property ready to sell. You will need a set of guidelines on which action to complete first and how it needs to be done, who’s doing it and what you want the job to do at the end of the day. There is a long list of tasks to work through before you can get to the end result.

    For a basic example you cannot paint a door frame before you have prepared the area like sanding the wood down, priming the frame, let it dry, apply the first coat, let it dry, re-sand that then apply your second finish coat and this is the way you need to look at your own business. There are technical steps to go thru to get the result you need at the end of the day.

    Project management professionals already know what to do and in which order to do it by the very nature of their experience. As Time Management Experts with Regnskapsprogram says:v “When managing a project you need to know all of the steps in the process you are undertaking before you start as this is the only way you can quantify the project as a whole. Without this there can be no budget or associated costs with the process of what is needed let alone the time it is going to take to get the job done.”

    If you have questions regarding your business practices, the following slip-ups might clear your mind:

    1. Unsatisfactory Customer Services

    Clients value the services they receive. In fact, 55% of all clients prefer paying more to get high-quality services. Therefore, if your business does not offer clients the type and quality of products or services that they need, they will look for them elsewhere. Most companies also fail when it comes to sound customer service delivery; as a result, most of the customers move elsewhere to have their needs satisfied.

    2. Not challenging how others do business

    The business environment is highly dynamic. People’s needs change with time; how those needs are met also changes. Therefore, re-inventing your business in such a way that it remains relevant – regarding satisfying people’s needs – is core to its success. Resisting change will only give your competition a better chance to surpass you. Streamlining your business toward people’s needs determines how many clients you retain and how influential you become.

    3. The lack of purpose

    Not having a sense of direction is one of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make. Objectives that have not been set can make a business owner focus on the wrong tasks. Once the goal of a business becomes blurry, failure becomes inevitable. It is always prudent to remember why you started the company in the first place.

    4. Wasting resources on office supplies

    A business cannot survive without office supplies like printer ink, paper, and toners. However, buying them in excess and not accounting for their use is a grave mistake on the part of the business owner. You will realize that at the end of the financial year you will have wasted a lot of money on supplies – if you do not adequately account for their usage. In this regard, many businesses have resulted in making wise choices; most contemporary enterprises only buy what they need.

    Today, most businesses make orders for office equipment online and have it delivered on a monthly basis. This endeavour saves time and resources, which can be allocated to more important things.

    5. Pestering clients

    Nowadays, spam in our inboxes has become a ‘trend.’ However, it becomes incredibly annoying when we unsubscribe from the use of specific services and still get the emails. What makes them even more annoying is the fact that they usually have nothing valuable to offer. Nevertheless, content that is promotional attracts people to purchase their products or services. Persistence is a good virtue in business; however, overindulgence chases away customers and new prospects.

    The Take-Away

    Business is the best way to develop your passion, talent, or skill. However, to become successful, you have to adhere to certain principles. If carefully taken into account, the above factors can ensure that your business stays afloat, and, eventually, becomes a great success.
  • 5 Tips For Choosing The Best CRM For Your Small Business Apr 23, 2018

    In the early stages of your business, you are not likely to face much challenge managing contact details and other information of your customers; after all you probably have only a handful and one or two workers on your team. But as your business grows and your staff and customer base expands, managing vital information might become a hassle. At this stage, you need all the help you can get because pen and paper or even spreadsheets just won’t do.


    A CRM solution makes it easy to store customers’ information in one place where you or your team can easily access it. This way, you have more time on your hands to focus on the more essential aspect of managing your business growth.

    Here are 5 things to consider when you want to pick a CRM solution for your small business:


    What do you really need:

    The first thing to do when considering a customer relationship management system is to establish your priorities and what you need the application for. There are standalone applications that stores only customer’s data, while there are full suite packages that does everything from storing data to tracking lead activities, managing marketing campaigns and providing quality insights into your customer’s habits. Your business priority will help you determine which of these types to go for.

    Easy to use:

    As a small business, this may be your first time using a CRM solution. Even if you have used one before, you still need to go for a product that is easy to use. The demands of your business may not give you the time to start learning how to use a complex solution. Additionally, it is unlikely that your sales team will be able to grasp a system that is difficult to navigate. When choosing a CRM system, look for a solution that is intuitive and easy to use.



    No matter how much your business has grown, it will always grow more. You therefore need a solution that can grow as your business grows. It doesn’t make for good business sense if you have to change your program every year. Whether your customer strength is 100 or 100,000, a good system like Nextcom CRM will be able to handle it. Going for a scalable system will likely cost a bit more initially, but this could save you from potential disruptions down the line.


    In this age and time, very few transactions are done 100% in-shop. For one reason or the other, you or your team may need to spend some time outside the office and it is important that you can access your CRM program wherever you are. This is why you should look for a solution that provides mobile or cloud access. This way, regardless of where you are, you can access information on the go.


    High level reporting:

    The more information you have about your customers, the easier it is to sell to them. Reporting is one of the most important parts of a CRM system, without this, you will not be able to get reasonable insight from the data put in by your sales team.

    Ensure that the CRM system you are going for has a comprehensive analytics feature that can correctly display and interpret information in real time to help you make informed decisions.
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  • A4 Laser Labels Convenient and Efficient for Your Business Apr 21, 2018


    In today's world, efficiency and the ability to get work done quickly are the keys to success. In the office, your home, or for general uses; laser labels can help you attain this efficiency and enable you to be more organized to achieve your goals. When it comes to selling products with labels, customers need to be attracted by the appearance of your overall product to even consider buying it. However, appearance alone does not define the quality of a label. Laser labels are made from pressure sensitive materials and are specifically designed to work with laser printers and contain numerous qualities that enable it to be the best for your personal as well as retail use.

    How they work

    The laser label has a distinctive structure that constitutes of a face stock, top coating, adhesive and liner. The face stock is the top most layer of the laser label, which is the one that contains the writing and is the side you can see on containers and other products. It is printed on using toner and conveys a message about the product either with a printed image or text (sometimes even both). The type of face stock that one requires depends on the environment in which the product, bottle or in the case of an office, a file, is to be placed in.

    For example; if the product is to be placed in a refrigerator where contact with moisture can enable deterioration of the laser label, then a face stock with tensile strength as well as capabilities to withstand cold temperature needs to be placed on the container. A factor that can enhance the properties of the face stock is the top coating of a laser label which provides an extra layer of protection. Top coatings are applied to make the material of the laser printer label more durable and weatherproof. Another thing you need to take into consideration when deciding which label to use for your project is the adhesive.

    The adhesive is the middle layer of the label that forms a bond between the laser label and the surface to which the label is to be applied. Adhesives come in a variety of bond strengths, in other words, the sticking strength which can be used for different functions. For laser printers; however, acrylic emulsion adhesives are always used. Permanent adhesive labels cannot be removed once applied to a surface whereas removable adhesive labels can be removed and adjusted onto a surface with the label remaining intact.

    Finally, the liner is that part of the laser label that can be thrown away when the label is put to use. It is the bottom layer that is there to protect the sticky quality of the laser printer label and is silicon coated to allow easy peel-off. The liner is there to ensure that the label passes through the printer without causing problems such as jamming. The material for laser printer labels comes in a master roll which is slit to a certain width and then cut into sheets. The sheets are then cut into desired label shapes from the face stock so the liner remains in whatever the final shape maybe.

    Different Types

    Laser labels come in many sizes and materials. One can attain custom sizes for different uses or can be print a label in a certain size as required such as A4 Labels. The materials used to make laser labels are as follows:

    • White Matte Labels are the least expensive and are most popularly used in the labelling of mailing products. They are excellent with laser printers and come with permanent acrylic adhesive.
    • White Removable Labels have a high quality acrylic removable adhesive that can be applied to most surfaces and easily removed without leaving any residue.
    • Glossy Laser Labels enhance your label's appearance and make your product stand out in the market. Glossy labels move through the printer easily and print excellent quality images.
    • Clear Laser Labels are completely transparent and allow visibility of the product it is placed on. Clear labels have a top-coating which prevents smearing or smudging during the printing process.
    Fantastic Business Uses

    The uses of laser labels are endless. Offices print labels to place on the spine of their important files, libraries use it to label their reading sections on shelves, post offices and courier services use it as mailing labels for envelopes and larger sized labels are used to post addresses on shipment containers as well as boxes. At home, kids use labels to organize their CDs and mothers use it in the kitchen to label their food items and spices. Perhaps the most important use of laser labels is in chemical manufacturing where not labelling a certain chemical could be hazardous.

    With laser labels you have the convenience of printing your labels at home or in your office. Furthermore, supportive labelling technology such as 'Label Dispensers' have made mass labelling all the more convenient as individual liners do not need to be taken off from the labels which saves a great deal of time. Efficient and convenient, laser labels are truly the first buy for an organized company or an individual.
  • Bright Ideas Modern Office Lighting 101 Apr 21, 2018


    There are many potential solutions for the implementation of office lighting design solutions but there are several key solutions that need looking into in the first place before any solutions are finalised. One of the main considerations of old would have been fluorescent lighting to start with which was actually 90% more cost effective than the older incandescent lighting solution back in the day.
    In modern times we have gone much further which started with the sodium lighting then moving on to mercury halide lighting systems for some seriously intense lighting applications.

    To give an example you can go into any branch of B+Q look up and see the 1000 lumen lighting systems covering the whole ceiling which is not limited to the DIY sector but can be found in food stores or any superstore with high-level ceilings you could think of today.

    A Very Bright Modern Solution

    Moving on from there we can start to look at more modern solutions that have been developed since. When LED (Light Emitting Diodes) first came out they had nowhere near the power of what they have in the modern day today. Chinese companies have led the way in this kind of technology like no other nation in the modern day for many reasons but for this article let’s call it a financial aspect where they have had access to the funding most of us in the western world have not. Of course, there are additional controlling aspects to this but this is not relevant for the purposes of the article.

    Some of the next technological development came thru the LED arena in the form of high intensity LED arrays which both operated on minimal power but provided high-intensity lighting solutions to the customer. If serious organisation take the time to look into the lighting systems they plan to employ they will simply see the facts the high intensity LED lighting solutions are in fact the key to the majority of the companies requirements in an affordable manner which will translate into an environmentally, yet cheap solution for the company to run with.

    While looking at lighting systems EL (Electro Luminescent) technology is brilliant for aesthetic solutions but the lumen output is not at all designed for high-level lighting solutions for the office or workplace. In the modern day the LED solution far out ways the EL option. Some of the latest LED products for overhead lighting in an office environment (so to speak) provide the best answer at the end of the day for a practical solution to functional applications which are actually fit for purpose.

    Hi Tech Light Bar

    Some of the best tech out there on the market is commonly termed as a light bar. Being way more efficient than the older style LED technology these are the modern-day equivalent to high intensity LED but far superior to those of past years due to many factors apart from the massively increased luminescence of the past products.

    I the research on a new build of lighting requirement is done correctly these factors will be apparent to the designers and management from the onset so should indeed be factored into both the brand, functionality, energy footprint and all other aspects of the companies profile. We hope you enjoyed this article and found some of the information at least helpful.
  • What are the Benefits from Modern Online Recruitment And Some Expert Advice Apr 20, 2018


    Employers and job seekers alike love the 'somewhat' new way of hiring employees and finding open job positions.

    "Online recruitment is an extremely efficient manner of filling job positions, and has also become an excellent staffing strategy for any type of firm in any type of economic sector." - New Millennia Who are experts in Helping you start your own Recruitment Agency.

    Benefits from online recruitment

    Job seekers and employers endure many benefits from online recruitment. The advanced degree of online recruitment processes has become online recruitment’s most advantageous aspect. Recruitment procedures have many phases; however, when the procedures are performed online it allows for a more streamlined and standardized method of implementation to be performed; thus providing a cost and time efficient approach to filling open positions.

    There are many tasks involved in filling open job positions: filing, routing application materials, sorting, and coding; however, with online recruitment all of these tasks can be performed automatically instead of manually. This automatic process is one of the main elements of online recruitment being such a time efficient manner of hiring employees.

    These automatic procedures also contribute to online recruitment’s advantageous cost efficient approaches. Many firms have seen a decrease in their recruitment expenses because prospect employees can fulfill online quizzes and assessments, as well as skill-based evaluations all online; meaning employers can ‘weed out’ any potential employees they do not believe would meet their company requirements.

    Positions filled fast

    Online recruitment has become the quickest way to fill job positions. Many firms post open job positions in the morning and by lunch time they have several applicants. Not only can employers view applicants that have applied for their open job positions, but with the easiness of communication that the internet provides they can even set up interviews and have the open job position fulfilled within a couple of days, sometimes even on the same day the job position was posted.

    User Friendly

    Most online recruitment sites are user-friendly and only require a firm to have a credit card and job ad to post their open job position. The firm advertising the open job position does not need to fret about having only minimal IT knowledge; the online recruitment service provider does the advertisement of the job for them.

    Online recruitment provides a less risky process to both employers and job seekers when it comes to filling open positions. If you are looking for a job or looking to post a job, check out an online recruitment service provider today. Within a few moments you will see just how easy it is to find a job or have a job position fulfilled, and most importantly you will see how time and cost efficient online recruitment processes are proving their selves to be.
  • A Guide to Forwarding Domains to your Main Website Address Mar 24, 2018

    You are probably aware by now, why it is important to have additional domains for your business, regardless of the industry you compete in- be it fashion, property, FMCG, consultancy, web, telecoms, or technology services. Those extra domains give your website flexibility, and can protect your brand online. Furthermore, they drive potential customers to your website, which is the whole idea.

    "If you get some relevant domain names and don’t maximise their full potential, they can’t make the positive impact you want for your business. To do this, you must forward those secondary domains to your main website address." -

    What is domain forwarding?

    Let’s assume the domain that anchors your main website address is You are a photographer in Leeds, so you have also registered and yourbrandname.leeds.

    If a prospective customer types or yourbrandname.leeds into the address bar, and you have set up those additional domains to forward to your main website address, the customer will immediately be redirected to your web address at

    It is actually easy to set up, too. You can discuss with your host provider to organise your secondary domains and link them to your primary website.

    Forward with masking

    Another way to forward your secondary domains to your primary website is by ‘masking’. When your customers get to your primary site via a different domain, they are automatically forwarded to your website’s real domain. However, the easy-to-remember domain is still visible in their address bar. (Note: This feature may be unavailable for some sites with SSL certificates.) You can find out more about domain masking techniques on this website. So if you have over seven domains, forwarding them to your primary website is easy. But what would anybody be doing with seven domains? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Forwarding multiple domains in practice

    Not long ago, I had this discussion with a family friend of mine. He is a private GP who purchased the domain name with the COMPLETE name of his practice. I inquired how many of his patients discovered his website by using the name of his practice or by using his real name. I told him the truth: even I couldn’t recall the name of his establishment! If I didn’t bookmark the webpage, I would never be able to remember it whenever I needed to.

    He could have gained by acquiring more, shorter domain names for his practice and by investing in the domain names of every physician under his practice so they can be used separately. For instance, and familygpofleeds could redirect to I also informed him about getting .org, .net etc to lock down his business name. It is the smart thing to do.

    I almost had a similar discussion with my gym instructor. She has changed gym clubs multiple times since we first met- what I remember about her is her name. Fortunately, she uses her name as a domain and sends it to each new club she registers, so I don’t have to worry about remembering where she works! (with the added benefit of never having to update email addresses).

    Using Masked domains

    Why mask your domain? What use is this technique?

    My gym instructor’s club has a lengthy URL: She redirects her shorter domains with masking to HER page on the club website because her potential customers don’t need to visit the original URL.

    She actually has about eight domains she forwards with masking to her club webpage. Apparently some people call her “Sandra”, while others call her “Sandy”. She also acquires domains with the addresses of each club and redirects each domain to her page on the clubsite. Very savvy.


    301 Redirects

    The importance of 301 redirect: In simple definition, a 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another. Most people call it an online “change of address form”. If someone is unaware of your new web address, you will want to ensure all traffic from the previous address is forwarded to this new address.

    For instance, if your new website is and you want change it to, you would use a 301 redirect from the old URL to the current one. So whoever types in your previous URL (or clicks a bookmark link), will automatically be directed to your new website.

    You can tell from our discussion so far, what significance this holds for marketers and business owners. Here are two ways your 301 redirect helps you be discovered by promising leads and customers;

    1. Initiate a 301 redirect between the http:// and http://www forms of your web domain
    This is something interesting, did you know and are seen as two different websites? Yes, even though we may consider them as same URL, they are actually different and could theoretically direct you to different content.

    Tip: Ensure you have a 301 redirect between your http:// and the http://www forms of your website. Otherwise all inbound links pointing to won’t have authority over and vice versa.

    1. Don’t change to a new domain without first initiating a 301 redirect!
    Considering rebranding? Refurbishing your identity? Getting a website makeover? Maybe you are also thinking about moving your web domain. It is a reasonable decision, however, make sure you go about it the correct way. Otherwise it could backfire and make send the web authority of your previous domain down the drain.

    Tip: Don’t begin from scratch when setting up a fresh domain. Initiate a 301 redirect from your former URL to the new one so the inbound links to your previous domain will transfer the same authority to the current one. Nice and easy!

    Expect Mistakes

    Whatever you do, always remember to acquire the common spelling mistakes associated with your domain and forward them to your website. If I had a pound for every time someone typed Geoffrey instead of Jeffery I would be rich!

    If an additional domain drove just one more person to your website a year, it would be worth every amount spent. Say you have 9 domains driving 9 additional customers to your site weekly? You don’t need to be a mathematician to know those domains are funding themselves.
  • Tells Us What Makes SEO Friendly Content. Mar 19, 2018


    “Google is placing a higher priority on top quality written content with its new SEO algorithm. When putting a focus on SEO writing in your content, there are several things you need to keep in mind to get the best result,” -

    Let’s have a chat with the online reputation management experts at Igniyte who have some tips for avoiding some of the new punitive measures and getting the best out of SEO.

    Let's start off with the right things to do.

    4 Types of Content to Put on Your Site

    Ignitye explains that no matter what type of content you put on your site, you need to make sure that the material is wholly original. Don’t just find content from elsewhere and add it to the website – generate your own audience relevant ideas and put some serious effort into the writing.


    When you begin to write resource material, you should think about uniqueness and comprehension. Make sure that your visitors won’t have to do any additional research of their own, once they have read your information. You want them to feel like they’ve found an in-depth location for all the data they need, not a complex wall of jargon, requiring further study.


    Keep your readers in mind when you work on this type of content: what do they want to see? What will be useful for them? If you have an interactive site or are frequently inundated with emails, focus on responding to them as quickly as possible. This type of content can be a very useful resource for maintaining loyal readership and generating a strong business reputation.

    Data & research

    Customers, and readers, will come to your website if they think that you know what you’re talking about. Popular, data-heavy types of content can include case studies and even ebooks that tell the reader you’re knowledgeable about your chosen field (although, don’t make it too data heavy, otherwise they may find it boring).

    It may take a lot of work to generate this type of quality material, but it will pay off in the end with repeat visits and custom.


    It’s a well known fact in that DIY tutorials are one of the most popular forms of online content – people love the chance to learn something new, and prove that they’re capable of solving problem. If you have a niche that allows for this, write quality and original tutorials to keep readers coming back for more.

    One of the best things about this kind of material is that it can be easily shared across social media, meaning it has a high chance of going viral.

    OK next we are going to delve into the types of content to avoid. This is what they explained NOT to do.

    4 Types of Content You Should Avoid

    Viral only content

    While it’s a huge bonus if your material goes viral (indeed, many businesses hire companies to try and improve the chances of their content going viral), using content such as images or link dumps is a bad idea. Infographics should also be avoided in general, as the new Google algorithm doesn’t recognise them.

    Duplicate content

    If you just copy an article or jump on a current trend, your site is likely to get buried beneath the others doing the same thing. Generally, you’re unlikely to get much value out of low effort, populist content and, in some cases (depending on how poor the writing is), you could receive punishment from Google.

    Automated content

    Stay away from content farms or companies that automatically create content for you, regardless of its theme or relevancy to your website. Your content should always be niche, original and professional if you plan on having your website rank highly amongst search engine listings.

    Monetized content

    When you write content purely for monetization purposes, it can be very obvious and might, subsequently, be flagged by Google. Not only does it tend to annoy readers, but it can make your content appear paper thin and lacking in substance.

    Following these simple, common-sense guidelines, whilst always ensuring that you are writing with your readers in mind, should drastically improve the traffic and ranking of your website. While we may never know fully what goes into page ranking, quality content will always reign supreme when it comes to the algorithms of the biggest search engines.
  • Of Course SEO Still Matters and Here is 7 Big Reasons Why Mar 1, 2018


    Is SEO dead? A quick Google search of that term brings up 44 million references, including an interview with Sam McRoberts, CEO of VUDU Marketing. McRoberts insists that "SEO is far from dead," but notes that "it has changed so drastically that people really need to think of it as less of a marketing tactic, and more of a branding play."

    Search engines are constantly evolving. These changing algorithms are exactly why so many companies are renewing their commitment to developing rock-solid SEO optimized web infrastructure. In a shifting landscape, SEO has become more important than ever.

    Here are 7 reasons why your business should consider investing in SEO:

    It Isn’t Broken

    The tried-and-true methods to improve SEO are still working. Even after Hummingbird, plenty of data shows that the classic techniques still apply.

    It Will Continue To Succeed

    Keywords are still fundamental to SEO, even in audio and video searches. It's unlikely that any changes in the near future will be so drastic as to negate the fundamentals.

    It’s Got A Great ROI

    High-cost marketing such as PPC advertising and email marketing may focus on revenue, and social media marketing may burnish your image, but cost-effective SEO optimization drives basic discoverability. It's the titanium-steel scaffolding that raises your online presence.

    Online Shopping Will Only Increase

    80 to 90 percent of consumers now check online reviews before committing to a purchase. When virtually everyone seeks products and services online, how will your business rank?

    Local Search Optimization Is The New Frontier

    Everyone has a computer in their pocket. Within months, mobile searches will outpace those done on traditional desktop computers. This shift has birthed a whole new category of SEO techniques to help companies connect local users with local businesses.

    Quality Content Matters

    Google continues to tweak its algorithms in order to provide consumers with the highest-quality content. Today, social media indicators have a greater impact in the algorithms than they had just a few years ago. Cashing in on these shifts by adapting quickly is what SEO optimization is all about.

    Keeping Up With The Joneses

    “SEO is a never-ending process,” says the team at Web Design and Birmingham SEO Agency Kalexiko. “If you’re not moving forward and improving your position, you’re losing ground to a competitor who is."

    Shifting algorithms are exactly why investing in organic SEO is more important than ever before. A smart SEO strategy is a fundamental need for your business to ensure success in online marketing.