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  • Portfolio Finance Directors the rise of the part time role. Mar 21, 2019

    Portfolio FD's are part time Finance Director's who have more than one part time role at any time, it is a growing area of the senior finance market and offers a really good opportunity for interesting and challenging employment for candidates who are able to make a success of it.

    This area is not for all candidates however, you need to be able to be flexible and manage for periods when there is less work than you are otherwise used to. For example you may have to work two or three days per week for several months until you have built up your portfolio. It is also tough to work five days per week as clients typically need extra days to assist at times of the year such as Year End, budgets or fund raising and if your diary is full then you can't support your clients as they need.

    If you can manage this working pattern the rewards are good, average day rates are higher than typical interim or agency working around £500-£700 per day depending on experience and location and the work life balance is a good one which if you have other interests, ranging from Golf to personal business projects and of course kids, then this can be a perfect way to balance everything in a positive way.

    From the employers point of view they get a highly skilled financial professional at a cheaper costs than employing someone full time and often SME businesses can't attract high calibre professionals as they stage of development does not match the high skills and experience levels of the Accountant concerned.

    This area has grown since the credit crunch hugely and is now forecast to reach around £4billion pa by 2022 so the area is a real and credible alternative to traditional recruitment.