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  • How to turn browsers into buyers Jul 16, 2020

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    There are so many people who bought something online and then had to return it because it did not fit, the color was not right, etc. The fact that online purchases are so risky makes people browse the internet for interesting models and then go to physical shops and buy what they want there.

    Did you know that 92% of Retail purchases still happen offline?

    Google Consumer shopping survey shows that 30% of people completing a purchase offline do so because they want to see a product in person.

    How to make online shopping more convenient for buyers?

    In the modern world, technology can do anything. Chatbots help you respond to all inquiries that people send to get more information about the product they want to buy. However, they are not humans and cannot perform complex tasks.

    Instagram allows you to make live streams to demonstrate your products, show their functionality but such live streams can only be scheduled for a specific date and time and are only for people who are watching the session at that particular moment.

    There is only one tool that combines all the features, so much needed by customers: personal approach, convenient format, opportunity to see live, availability at any time.

    This tool is Eyezon.

    What is Eyezon?

    Eyezon is a tool, founded on a core principle of making online shopping more human for businesses and customers. It bridges the digital gap between the inability to see the product live and the convenience of online shopping.

    It is a service that allows that personal approach to each customer with live video broadcasts by in-store consultants.

    Co-founder and CEO of Eyezon Dragorad Knezi says that “the buyer can see the product and its quality in real-time. This is an opportunity to achieve the effect of offline sales in the digital space”.

    How does Eyezon work?

    Eyezon is a button that is located near the “Add to Cart” button and product pictures. The team customizes the button according to your needs. If your customers are interested in viewing the product live, they press the button that notifies the in-store consultant about the session. While your consultant is connecting, customers play small games to keep them engaged. When everything is ready, the stream starts, and your consultant can show products to customers, interact with them using text and audio messages.

    The most important thing is that everything happens within your website. That creates a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

    Such brands as Kenwood, De’Longhi, Panasonic have already noticed the increase in their sales thanks to Eyezon. You can be next. Request a demo today.

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