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  • Time to upgrade your office photocopier? Nov 27, 2017

    A photocopier is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any office. Through technological advancements, the office photocopier has become the central hub where: printing, copying, scanning and faxing is conducted on a regular basis, by all employees.

    However, there are many organisations that are clinging onto old devices that are no longer fit for purpose and are likely to hinder, rather than help the business. Whether you are a small business with one printer or a large business with a fleet of machines, upgrading your equipment has the potential to increase productivity and reduce expenditure. There are a number of indicators to look out for that show it is time for an upgrade.

    Lease coming to an end?
    This is the most obvious reason to upgrade your photocopier. When a photocopier lease is up for renewal, it is the perfect time to upgrade your technology without increasing your spend. Leasing is the easiest way to ensure you aren’t shouldered with depreciating machinery and spiralling costs.

    Reduced Productivity
    Are your staff spending long periods of time waiting for print-outs to come out of the device? According to research conducted by Sharp, people wait up to 10 minutes per day for pages to print – that’s 43 hours a year!! That’s before you take into consideration the increased number of breakdowns and software errors associated with older devices, which can create large back-logs of work, further reducing productivity.

    Today’s printers and photocopiers are far more efficient and can be configured to meet your current and projected future needs.

    Business Expansion
    If your business has experienced growth since you installed your current photocopier, the chances are that it will be no-longer fit for purpose. The more staff you have, the faster the device needs to be, to ensure that productivity is not lost. Additionally, technology has developed allowing companies to integrate their photocopiers with customisable business applications to carry out workflows automatically.

    Over 5 years of service?
    It is recommended that photocopiers and printers are upgraded every 5 years, to ensure that you don’t find yourself with increased maintenance charges, loss of warranty or discontinued parts and consumables. The cost of maintenance and managed print services is often more expensive for older devices because parts are harder to find, and thus cost more to source. It is therefore more cost effective to have a newer device.

    Lack of Security
    New photocopiers include password protection, encrypted hard drives and secure printing to protect you against hackers. A huge quantity of information is transferred between your computer network and your photocopier, so it is vital that your photocopier isn’t the weak link in your company’s security policy.

    No longer meeting changing business needs
    Today’s photocopier technology is a million miles from the technology that was being used just 5 years ago. Photocopiers now can be linked to your business’ applications to reduce the amount of administration required. OCR recognition enables users to search scans as text rather than images, you can set scans to go to certain folders within your service and your photocopier can even trigger actions within your business software to speed up processes.

    Energy inefficiency
    The energy used to power an older device is far greater than newer devices. This means they are more expensive to run than newer devices. Almost every new photocopier today is EnergySTAR certified, and most have additional energy saving features such as sleep mode to reduce the power used.

    When you weigh up the potential savings and gains from upgrading a photocopier, compared to keeping your old device it will no longer seem like an unnecessary expense, but instead a technological competitive advantage. By comparing the technology against your business goals, productivity and operations, you will be able to see the benefits of newer technology.

    To find out more about photocopier and leasing or renting one, why not visit Midshire are a leading office technology supplier, with offices across the country.