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  • How the nature of searching for services has changed May 6, 2020

    We are bombarded by adverts every single day, so it?s hard to stand out in the crowd in a competitive market. These days people are very savvy towards marketing and advertising efforts and dislike being bombarded by it.?

    This compounds the evidence that 88% of customers trust online reviews. This is why google reviews and top google search rankings make a huge difference in not only people?s trust and opinion but your authority as an expert. A sort of ?if Google thinks it?s good, it must be!? attitude.?

    Investing time in your SEO and google my business page can pay off huge dividends in your marketing efforts.?

    Not only that. It can bring leads to your company on autopilot!? A good SEO consultant can help with that.

    Google My Business
    According to google 46% of all Google searches are local, ranking in the top 3 of GMB can make a huge difference to the number of leads coming into your business.

    Search Rankings
    Rankings on the first page of google for certain keywords can be instrumental for your business.?

    As the first page of Google receives 92% of all search traffic. Ranking anywhere else won?t make much difference to your marketing efforts.?

    Google Result Page Rank Average Traffic Share
    1- 32.5%
    2- 17.6%
    3- 11.4%
    4- 8.1%
    5- 6.1%
    6- 4.4%
    7- 3.5%
    8- 3.1%
    9- 2.6%
    10- 2.4%
    Often people's first port of call for searching a product or service is search engines. Being the first one they see will make a huge impact on your marketing efforts.

    Rather than reaching out to prospective clients, you are all of a sudden attracting clients naturally.