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  • The most important SEO factors for 2019 & How to Leverage Business Growth from your SEO strategy Mar 5, 2019

    It's no secret that SEO has become one of the most important demands in the online marketing world given the uptake in mobile device and transition from the high street.

    With more and more users turning to Google to find a product, a service, a guide, advice, it has never been such a critical time for businesses to think about a marketing strategy.

    SEO or "Search Engine Optimisation" is a bit of a buzz word, effectively, it relates to the process of improving a website, brand and trust to increase organic rankings for target keywords (to put it simply). For most business owners, it's just another term, but what does it translate into?


    SEO translates into more business, more visibility, more sales, more exposure. And given the increase in desktop and mobile based searches, if you don;t rank you'll be losing out to competitors who do.

    So, you have a business, its quiet, you need to drive some new business in? be it sales or enquiries.

    Queue the drum roll.

    SEO is your first solution (there are other channels such as PPC (pay per click) and Social Media Marketing).

    So if you are already investing in an SEO agency or SEO Consultant or implementing an SEO strategy of your own, what should you be focusing on in 2019?

    Well, given that Google is changing fast as it introduces AI (artificial intelligence) into organic search it's looking at the bigger picture (in terms of user behaviour).

    Here are some of the key things you should be focusing on:

    1. User search intent - making your website and landing pages fit the end users search criteria, making your content and landing pages "relevant"

    2. Engagement and retention - partly entwined with point 1, you need to satisfy user search intent but to also make your landing pages engaging, drive up session duration and reduce bounce rates (for the most part, not applicable for all landing page types).

    3. Mobile friendly - you'll be wanting to make sure your website design is mobile friendly or "mobile first" in a design perspective. With more users on mobile than desktop, making a site mobile friendly is key.

    4. Improve site architecture and content silo - make sure your website landing pages are all unique and well interconnected. Make sure you clearly separate service/product offerings, reducing the chance of cannibalisation or canonicalisation.

    5. Page speed & above the fold rendering performance - make your website pages load quicker and make it so that above the fold rendering is instantaneous. Whilst not a particularly easy topic to deal with, it should be dealt with nonetheless. Convert website images to use WEBP (Google's latest image format).

    6. Improve click through rates - you can see this data in Google search console, focusing on increasing ctr.

    7. Reduce top level bounce rates and page level bounce rates - You'll want to be reducing the chances of people returning to Google as it makes it appear as if your website did not satisfy the users end search query.

    8. Focus on high quality content - be an authority, be descriptive, be relevant. Make your focus all about high quality, unique content that is well written, well structured.

    9. High quality link building - Links are still the crux of SEO but they won;t be forever, focus on high quality link building that is relevant.

    If you want more insights check out our latest blog on the most important SEO factors for 2019.